Friday, July 13, 2012

God Particle:-

             The discovery of Higs Boson God`s particle have confirmed the creation of the world by God in friction of seconds as said in Holy Bible.I had always reservations of Darwins theory and Big Bang theory and other theory of creation of universe.As God must have really created the world with the help of the tiniest particle or how many kind of animals and plant and word could have been possible to be created within 7days.

          As there is definitely a power which can come and go any where.This I realized when I was dying inside an operation theatre long time back.As then I was not a believer and all the evil deeds in my life flashed back in my mind within fraction of seconds when death was so near.And I regretted for not being repented man before I die.Friends death is a horrible experience this make tears come out for last time as one knows he is dying and helpless.And one goes through terrible amount of untold pain and misery. And for those whom no tears comes it is said their soul never get salvation also.Thus time for all to do good work when we have life, as for more evil one`s even heaven seems to refuse them shelter.

            Thus for one in coveted post time to think his assignment as a responsibility rather than an enjoyment and power opportunity. As one above is their and everyone is accountable first in this life only as one have to cross gate of kingdom death also.So please keep everything below divinity.

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