Friday, July 13, 2012

The Future ahead for P.A Sangmaji:-

            The future of the Indian politics is unpredictable as non can predict it with surgical precision about its future, as even for self also Peoples this days don`t want to sit for fasting programme to see thy will. Thus nothing doing as all the prediction may be biased this days as even spiritual leaders seems to be lazy. But their is some common sense now, and for national reconciliation it was time the North East leaders would have been seen more symphatitically .But the fact is that the Tazik look of the Akbar the Great have refrained even Jodha Bhai to be attracted to her initially as shown in movie Jodha Akbar,we can`t still do away with our typical Mongol face isn`t it?And it is difficult to become leader in this primitive society in N.E, as the Peoples are so much deep rooted and the leaders also get burn out to be close with Publics here.
            As unless familiar nothing doing here,as eating and drinking with Publics will make you more popular even if you are a film star or a successful professional .So ball game is different here and some sincere one`s are still trying to bell the cat.Thus North east leader alone know the sacrifice of looking after this important frontier`s. Thus it should have been time to give chance to P.A Sangmaji for national unification and make national reconciliation possible like in Americans where Red Indian movies are today very popular. As burden of accepting N.E Peoples is more with the mainstream Indians and this place have been earlier looked down upon. Specially with the Chinese threat from this side.

            And the place where Poor and destitute and minorities are loved ,mind it -there is no famine and natural calamity also.And relatives of the Mongols are the one who earlier started the Sufism and may be still carrying some mystic power with them.Thus who knows Sangmaji may be next Jahapanah on sudden reversal of fortune, and other`s may have to bow down and say,`Jahapanah Tujsi Great Ho`.As this days through talent, honesty and guts anything is also seen to be done .And more so for a Mongol co-brother all the self respect race member may be ready to commit hara-kiri for him like the Kamikazi Japanese Plilot in Midway battle.Who knows already process have began with the headline against UPA in Times Magazine.As there are loyal race members everywhere, as the bond is strong with the Mongolians. The BJP have at least taken a praise worthy step to remove age old Brahminical dominance by accepting S.T this time as president candidate; at least the BSP should have supported Sangmaji this time if they are really against castes in India.As this can be seen as first step against their Manuwadi vichardara.

           But for the innocent Publics of place like Arunachal Pradesh,very difficult to deicide political alliance specially in some place unless substantial maturity and sincerity is shown by the central party.The time for NDA to clear its PM, as even if Public are fed up of Congress party the lack of leadership of NDA will harm it.And in that case paving the way for the 3rd front leadership will be better.Even though Advaniji is still very energetic person but there is a perception that time for old one has gone.And as for Modiji also if he does not finance the NDA haves not allies, it may be end of his dream. As only for his probable financial secure position only he is preferred by some , or the one`s like Bhai Arun Jaitlyji and Didi Susma Swaraj may be also not bad bet to lead the NDA.
                 The P.M post interested person should be the one to run extra mile to meet the persons those who matter most, after all God help those who help themselves also stands correct. But time also to be extra vigilant as the Congress party seems to be good at trapping opposition parties opportunities before hand ,as their think thank at least seems to be too fast in election time.And may have been responsible for smartly using even Abdul Kalam as president for becoming political speed breaker for NDA.Its only seem to be -God,natural phenomenon of boredom and liking change against prolong monotomy,political fatiguness,mistrust,Poor opinion of Jr.Gandhi in compare to his father and anti incumbency factor that seems to be against the Congress party right now.So better NDA decide the leadership soon as for congress at least they are seems to be happy being slave of Gandhi family whatever critics says about royal palace intricacies.

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