Friday, July 20, 2012

The Big question about future Arunachal Pradesh politics:-

                               Though the critics are doubtful but not the Opposition Leaders in PPA and they believe sometimes God shows miracle, and he will definitely support the right leadership with good mission and pure intention. As with the price rise and new challenges the condition of poor and destitute have deteriorated and specially the condition of senior citizens.As tomorrow grim danger of their neglect by younger generations have come due to economic reason.The PPA promises to trace back its senior supporters and cadres if it comes to power and have a viable plan for senior citizens. And it is also for there interest that they are vocal in there right and side with right party which will protect them.As what Congress Party seems to know is only abusing the young man`s and spoil there future.And attracting anti social elements,market brokers and unmerciful types who have to just appease Gandhi family.And see the effect of curse faced by whole nation,as by political blitzkrieg the weakness of bad governance can be hidden in election but not from God.And this is due to lack of opening of earning source by off dated and redundant leaders. And mind it for deliverance in development God is more sincere to send his best in some place where Publics have been made hopeless;this even some opposition leaders is not as perfect as prophet Mosses also,though who himself was also a murderer but must have been choosen to take his Peoples to Promise land by lord.And if it so, our endeavor should not go invain,as God alone sees the pure heart and unfortunately we have no mechanism to show our dedicated heart like Hanumanji.
                            In coming time when non seems to be happy with the present Govt. be it Hydropower Developers or the Land owners, it seems ultimately the covert or overt support and vote will ultimately go to deserving party like PPA only, which can alone bring peaceful reconciliation for all for its good connection with both section-rich or Poor,old or young,educated or Uneducated,extremists and liberalists etc.As everybody is fighting in quick transition period in place like our`s, for which everybody needs to have pity and pray for us , instead of fishing in this trouble waters.And see PPA alone can be made to align with whichever party coming to power in centre or State also.Though we had wish if PPA was given absolute majority as never in history a chance comes to fight for pride and glory of the Individual Public as it is now coming in Panchayat election in april 2012. As ultimately with lots of congress parties lies in many places exposed now,the staunch Congress Seva Dal members have to also realize ultimately ,that- they were not born in congress office,but in this society only.

                   So every one is ultimately accountable to society and as such whimsical leader`s in earlier occasion`s also have been marginalized and best option for them is now political retirement as they abused the power too much during there tenure.This pride and prejudice the tribal system in fact never allow,and as such the intelligent one`s will surely make a smart decision and an honorable exit before coming election it is hoped; as after all non will be liked to branded as anti society for ever and seen as Raksasas by history.As the opposition leaders have to be atleast appreciated for modestly not disclosing all the excess done by them so far.And soon they may be compelled to do so in all the national media also.I personally given clean chit to present Hon`ble C.M Saab and more particularly ex-HCM Jarbom Gamlinji in Dist.Hq.issue in Basar.As I personally heard Gamlin Sahab making last ditch request to Late Kanduji in lunch table in Urban Hotel Basar to not short of mislead the Publics ,as it was constructed by my brother,and there was party for new construction so I was incidently present.This was just before addressing the Public rally where Basar Publics were assured Basar after election.Thus Gamlin Sahab alone can clarify who was the one who behind this bad jock which was never to be fulfilled.And as congress ideology seems to be redundant now and party seems to be in wrong side of history as ideology like- dynastic politics have become long extinct which non likes this now;as Poor man have to be really dependent on each other in place like Arunachal Pradesh it is better Public play safe side this time,unlike other time and stand with the all pro-Poor man party like PPA and there leader`s.

                                 This is without questioning the ability of Rahulji but unfortunately new pressing problems seems to have made the Publics less interested on him then his father Rajiv Gandiji,today Publics have become too mature.See even during Kauravs time king Duryodhan personally invited karna and made him king and thus non will give a damn unless one shows his magnanimity.As everyone is blessed by God in one field or other,one may be blessed with money but no respect/acceptability and vice versa to other may be.See the mahatma Gandhiji become one man army because of his use of ahimsa.The greater challenge ahead made his mission more lucrative as eventually there are also many peoples who also want to contribute substantially in historic occasion, as today a decisive battle of Aar Ya Paar is poised to be fight between the haves and haves not,as in State like Arunachal Pradesh and Assam this seems to be consequence of long congress mis-rule.And for this also congress Party seems to be suffering only see the latest congress non belief of democratic procedure exposed in Hon`ble S.C hearing in Smty.Duter Padu case. If Rahulji want`s to be real P.M he need to make real soul searching making new allies and removing older folks,as ultimately the God`s blessing is only the pathway to success.As if innocent Publics right is snatched then it will be definitely tantamount to make direct confrontation with God,as some of his regional satrap is doing with great imputiny in Arunachal Pradesh.

                                        And as this wonderful opportunity for opposition has come, unlike earlier occasion which never happened in our State also;the repetition of Goa lesion to be taught to congress party cannot be negated here also.As situation is worst here with the conglomeration of the vested interest rich and powerful more oppressive here and there prima facie manipulation and greed exposed with prima facie proof of buildings and real estate seen everywhere.And first time everyone is seen speaking against them,and some rich also accepting their excess.Specialy after recent dangerous attack on the Editor of the Times of Arunachal Pradesh Smty.Tongam Rina the Public anger have increased ever more.We need to see the positive side of the success of our struggle against oppressive congress party.As after each attack the congress citadel have been weakened from days of Tomo Ribaji`s time till now,as the innocent and foolish looking people have now large magma boiling inside their heart and only need a match to explode. The PPA members are exhort to start humla bol above this corrupted Govt.every where from Village level to District level. As the congress party is now a divided house from booth level to District level they can`t do anything,as they are just paper tiger and taking help of opposition and Public silence.

                                             See one cannot be accepted to be biased to others just like that ,if you sit in the room thinking that Peoples will not support you it is wrong, either one group will not and one group will be their with you.So go forward all sons of the Poor man pressed with injustice for years.As Bit by bit Lord also begin his mission by 12 apostles only,all the sacrifice you made in life it will prove meaningless if you don`t go berserk in coming time, as this is your chance to come out from your cocoon of unsuccessful and deprived life. Friends this world is not for pessimistic Peoples, the optimistic one`s who have overcome hell experience in their life by Grace of God and having strong family values are the one`s who are going to make the difference. As they know that the real leadership is who is going to bring the change Publics belief in,and the person with indomitable will power will ultimately find a way out,mind it corrupted one`s are now more apprehensive of future danger themselves.And are now trying to give a brave front only,when they themselves are confused of future.As the Publics only see them as one with bag of money and as a critic jock`s-unlike other time they cannot give duplicate currency also.As Individual quality is what Public`s are evaluating now,as simple congress leader is now not seen to help the Public,whose earlier passport was only shouting slogan and appeasing there leader.And today non of the muscle tactics and money power can deter the genuine leaders now, who just have to stick to point.Come what may and say what we should give a damn.As today Public`s want to change, in there heart of heart,removing this veil will be initially difficult no doubt,after all the long congress rule will have some initial effects.But is it not the interesting challenge to make the history?As everything is possible through Lord`s power.

                         The rich and powerful one`s are spreading negative feelings that one cannot do anything without money and muscle power as they have no other points besides this bullshit talking. As the concept of ruling party itself seems to be now the disturbance for Arunachal Publics and its enemy number one,as mind it this will make situation hell here,as there is now immediate need for introspection and make the Publics psychologically prepared for future problems.And this slogan –Vote for ruling party, is weapon of 5% haves class to oppress the Poor and destitute. As this Govt. is taking Public`s to man made disaster as-today there is no AOP fund left, special package of central schemes have to be tendered now on central Govt. directives because of all the opposition party pressures, the only Govt. fund worth mentioning MLAD cannot be also denied to an opposition leader now,the FRD funds are under intense question now ,the Govt. job`s are seen limited and whatever is left the Hon`ble High Court is strictly monitoring it also. The Hon`ble S.C have directed the prosecution sanction to be given within 3 months to any person in corruption case.Thus unlike other times ruling party now cannot bail out any notorious suppoorter,and its supporters excessive richness in poor state like A.P will make its own downfall as in coming time there is accepted to be a democratic class war.And good if the peaceful reconciliation is allowed this time by liberal and mutually accepted Party like PPA,or more radical one`s may take chance next time.And naxalism and terrorism may grow like in Tirap and Changlang.And in this world many interested groups like pro-poor,pro-labour and pro-Christian etc.are also working now and they may side with any one and may give devastating blow to some.

                             Thus in view of also the sooner and latter passing of the Lok Ayukta which is highly probable the rich and powerful one`s are to be one who should be afraid of haves not class now,as their innumerable buildings are mute testimony to their unending greed. As it will be not always easy to prove that all have been earned by the shares and debentures in company only; and the best of worst crooks have to be guillotined some day or other. As the other part of the country where congress party rules is not that corrupted, and they may ultimately support Jan Lok Pal Bill and later Lok Ayukta Bill also to the peril of Arunachal congress party here.So the prideful one`s who earlier walked with chest wide open whom they are fooling now.As in this age of anti corruption issue;taking away even the tarnished PPA leader with them may be better for party in future.As the corruption and nepotism is the greatest issue now and quality will overcome over quantity soon it is hoped.As at least better to have no MLA instead of having a black sheep with us.As when the world thinks the Arunachal publics are still fools,this Publics will disapprove it this time once and for all.As the PPA is leading its fight for the Arunachal pride and self respect; earlier systematically finished by most of the earlier leaders in connivance with vested interest conglomeration of the officers and business community. As today Congress party stands exposed as it have made the worst haves and haves not class in this State, communalism and nepotism of highest order,no progress in boundary problem with Assam and non address of violence in Tirap Changlang Dist.And in searching a honorable way out for Chinese threat by arguing for trade post to be opened to increase People to people contact to benefit both country Publics of far flanged areas of India and China,which alone may ease tensions between both countries.

                                PPA is also emphasizing giving chance to-young,dynamic,educated and visionary leader`s particularly of the have not class in this party.Than only may be long congress party injustice may be mitigated.And expecting the repent haves class to also support us to show their real repentance. So we need not fall into any of the loose talk of the rich haves class as they are the one`s now desperately need to support this popular movement, to finish this class injustice one`s and for all to show there human face.As only an honest man could have taken State to new heights in this days of glasnosts and perestroika –openness and accountability as first coined by Mikhail Gorvachev, or mind it this society may also disintegrate like earths while USSR,as it is also based on lies and deceit and upon its off dated and redundant leader`s.I wonder the excessive corrupted one`s, are they not going to settle down in same society later .The goodness of the haves not class society have been earlier presumed as our weakness by haves class.As the series of litigations against them or the Naxalism movement against them, is it what they are waiting for?See if the liberal person and party is not supported now, tomorrow mind it more radical one will come up.And even the goondas and anti social types will now rather throw stone at them after this new developments. As earlier fight was between the Rich vrs. Rich candidate only and so themselves get enlisted as mercenaries for petty money,now they are seeing that half constructed and non constructed project in their village by the haves class must be completed ,and this is only possible if they side with genuine opposition Party.And the stage managed act of Garibon Ka Devta image by some senior leader`s have been exposed; as Lion`s share of Govt. development seen to be going to there belly only.Today the smart Opposition have all the links with the national media paternity also.As the smart supporters of the opposition party will also win all the heart and soul by peaceful means only,and play with their superior mind.As they are today no mare innocent voters as hard facts in life have opened their eyes.And as 95% are haves not class it is accepted that they will support their own leader`s as this is historic time; as they know,if they don`t join in this historic occasion they can never forgive themselves.
                       And mind it this division within the family on economic line is also a congress gift, and in protest of this though I also belong to a rich and good family always lived like haves not leader myself, and today find the election victory as the best mode to stop other undemocratic revolution. As even if 60% of haves not class support is gained enough as today non will get 80 % support also, as after aggressive circulation of tracks and letters the haves camp are also reportedly shaking up.As after all truth always triumph as said by mahatma Gandhi who may also dislike present congress party,who will also not accept this Gandhis view in our State.And as earlier non dare to challenge the mighty ruling party headlong like –Er.Geyum paduji and family,whole Adis who recently gheraod HCM`s bunglaw after Tongam Rina attempt to murder case and my PPA party so they seemed invincible earlier. As sometimes when water goes above neck non cares about the might of the enemy.As the Congress party have missed the bus,it is now too late for them.The need was to make the system full proof to make the class equality in the land of free tribal society where all are same. As even if the old leader`s wants’ to change now People seems to have lost trust in them. Thus a revolution alone can bring much needed satisfaction of bringing a social reconcialation now.

                See the best party for A.P is neither congress or BJP it is our own PPA, you just have to keep writing to the prominent villagers in your letter pad and lap top which is very easy also even if you have no money to move. As unless we love our own how we are going to progress in life as the rich and powerful have no time for society, so have to throw hefty money during election. And mind it the election money also is not going to be easy to be served in todays vigilant opposition time.As the dedicated Opposition cadres will use their brain and video camera as their weapon, as game have changed today. Honestly Late Tomo Ribajis PPA initiative was much before time.Today perfect time has come as the fruit bearing trees have also a gestation period. As the regionalism is in our tribal blood and PPA ideology and Gangi ideology is akin to each other as both seek to find Societies old pride. And the Christian community is indebted to PPA leaders also for earlier help during persecution era. Thus 40%free votes is not a mean job,as even if many may not openly show their support but in D-Day they will really vote for PPA at any given time. As 5% swing in election also have a tremendous impact in whole area then what to say about majority who identify with PPA ideologically now. The congress man are now living in their own make belief world of old pride. As today peoples have completely understood politics and want to give back devils its own dues; thus today rich and powerful one`s life are becoming more vulnerable, and they should honorably exit now, after all most of them have only become rich by surreptious means so God seems to be against them also.As after so much good achievement later shame for them if history sees them as Raksas kind of Peoples, as more today Peoples are silence more tomorrow they may go berserk so danger bell for them.
                        And thus we are requesting the serious candidate to join PPA and do similar homework in their respective constituency before panchayat election in april,as honestly the odds are against congress party in coming election.Thus this is just the perfect time to send one letter each month to prominent Peoples 3-4 times before personally meeting them in Feb. and organizing last rally before D.Day.First telling present political position, then telling congress mistakes than what PPA wants to do and later inviting in the party.We need to tell that congress will never fulfill devaluation of Panchayat Raj Institutions and each time Mani Shankar Aiyarji seems to send to State to make fool of Panchayat institutions by showing a future dream that next time will be better.And new group of Panchayat leader`s are this way seen to always taken for a ride,man this is a great insult undermining Arunachal Public`s.And not only that manipulative congress party have never given due recognisation to the film stars like-Sunil Duttaji and Rajesh Khannaji,and only seems to have send them in danger zones.See for the fight for the truth and justice Arjuna have to fight his own relatives also,so never mind.

              And GB`s need to told that due to administrative order they cannot be removed now and should not fear,and why suspected monitory transaction in MOU in Hydropower deal was not used to enhanced their payment as they demanded earlier to Govt.The COSAFF need to be told fact that only Hydropower money was earlier used to bail them out.And today fact is Hydropower Company is also pretty upset with this Govt.As for some leader`s who want to create dependency and eat up Poor man`s self respect by helping only during medical problem.The Govt. must be demanded to open up cheap Generic medicine store like in Tamil Nadu Govt. pattern, if it really mean business. As there is need of coordinated approach this time in all the Arunachal Pradesh also to demolish the congress party which is like sinking ship.And fortunately the congress house is a divided house from booth level to central level and even the Gandhi family are seen to be uncomfortable this days.As may be earlier they never faced any problem and coming danger is unnerving them,as the civil society members is disturbing them in centre also. Thus in coming time they won`t be able to back up the ruling party in State by logistic support as they earlier used to do.Thus this is the perfect time to work together to make history,as if you have reached so far,why you should not fight for last decisive battle to become immortal for ever to become real-Braveheart.As the freedom fighters who made compromise with Britishers just before getting freedom become buts of jock`s in their rest of life.Please don`t become fallen angel from grace of God,as coming revolution seems to be thy will only. And for the misguided candidate of NCP, TMC and BJP best to join the PPA.As earlier candidate having fearful relative doing job of Govt. servant’s alone seems to have been encouraged by Publics unknowingly in this meaningless platform.
                         But it is time to make a headlong collision with the ruling congress party as this is the real identity of an opposition party to tell their weakness which is easiest thing,and that it will be better fighting from party like PPA which have a strong history and leaders who set ideal like-late Tomo Ribaji and Late Bakin Pertinji.As the central high command of any party will give no money and it is foolish to doom with the leaders who don`t want to take 40% free vote of the PPA.As this corrupted Govt. can be alone removed by fearlessness and divine blessings which PPA have.As PPA and Christian earlier persecutors also have to be ready to see their own fate tomorrow.Plus every publics also now want the congress attacked to be intensify and admire State like-Sikkim ruled by regional party which also give a damn even if the Gandhi family makes a visit in election. As after prolong misrule the anti incumbency is also set to be happening in our State like in those place.As after much needed samudramanthan alone we will regain our prideful position back.Thus an opposition leader who is going to make an effect in life have to be appreciated also.

                Historically it is seen that all serious believers wants to invest in right mission only ,see the company owner making shoe Late JRD Tata joined Mahatma Gandhis mission and later become a reputed industrialists starting Tata groups.As he might have rightly understood the importance of that time, that- richness can be earned later but not privilege to work for a good mission to clean all past mistakes. After all human being is not an angel but in historic occasion can he afford to be a laughing stock when he was never after money in his earlier days and is seen silence in this historic occasion. See even if you don`t join this mission also some one else will,and things which will happen will happen as God plans and as His prophets are predicting now. Remember great is not leader but ordinary man who join good mission and don`t take any credit also like-Garibaldi who worked for unification of Italy.Why because God sees everything done secretly selflessly for greater good , see why the ex-PPA and Christian Children’s are seen to be hale and hearty today also?Where as many persecutor`s have perished,and there family members seen suffering. See the God bless justice and equality mission also which PPA is now trying for,and lately He seems to be giving it this way-fast track justice way,after the ruling myth shown exposed in Smty.Duter Padu case in Hon`ble S.C.

                              Thus this positive attitude due to spiritualism and family background makes some one leader and some a simple supporter. The blessing of God is many fold, of all the blessing the knowledge power given by God cannot be also neggeted,as said -`pen is mightier than sword’. As some uneducated man have been earlier seen to lost 2-3 times before winning, as there is need for economic management of time which the educated one can alone know also.And if one is bit spiritual more merrier as Holy spirit to guide in vision and dreams to make his victory possible for His glory. And for those Hindu and Gangi follower`s who also want to appease Donyi polo also for them to side with the better spiritual person’s.As there great man like Priest Kachi have also advocated this.As we all are at least in same boat from the perspective of seeking God,and for that matter like more closer brothers than others ,specially against them one who is trying to let us fight and belong to non of the either camp.And if there is still ill will then you will allow one class leader alone to take credit in this historic revolution time.As things will happen according to God`s plan one like it or not it will happen even if the leader is criticised.I also exhort the Christians to give their full cooperation to genuine leader of Donyi-Polo in other place in PPA stronghold. As this party mutually liked by both community alone in future can maintain real peace and brotherhoodness in the State.The criticism of great man and party is easy but difficult to do like they have sacrificed in their life.Don`t Assamese flock to have glimpse of Bhupen Hazarikaji when he was dead, though some who help him earlier alone may have get real satisfaction.

                The gossip against the leader is a common issue so was initially Gandhiji also laughed at by some for marrying a smaller and uneducated wife.But if one is really committed God ultimately bless him and the gossip will also help him in a way.As in all the scripture the main important message is serving and helping other`s and more so to Poor`s and downtrodden.Even Rishi Ved Vyasa writes-``Astadeshu Puraneshu Vyashyas vachana Duyam,Parop Karay Punyay ,Par Pidnay papay,``.see an educated and visionary leader is getting free publicity of his ideology and mission,along with nonsense criticism by some.So the saying when things get taugh then taugh get going.And this seems to have come for present congress Govt. in A.P-`Vinash kale Viprit Buddhi.`And see in politics open opinion like mine alone will help; not hearsay and conjectures as it will rather make one accept unknowingly other`s superiority when he someday really comes forward ,this shows the free crowd gathering around controversial Narendra Modiji as the critics are basically subdued persons of one`s popuarity.As great man alone face the problem headlong, that itself is enough, as Public`s of all walk of life desperately need a breakthrough and sooner and later they will support the one who will give real delivery. Thus eventually the initial critics is ultimately seen to be number one supporter of the future leader,who are always talked upon for a good or bad reason.After all politics is only business where leader need popularity this way that way. As more one is hated unnecessarily the God also seems to be hell bent on using him if he is following thy will,after all if His hand is upon someone`s head who can stop him .And as only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches,so todays Poor publics only want deliverance and ample chance given to redundant congress leader`s so far. And ultimately majority Poor will like a solution only and they will support the best formula, and only an opposition leader can give it now,and will speak out from his heart with pure conviction and logic, as he has toiled in life to understand the Poor man`s problem.
               And today Poor man really wants to hear the vision of new youth Vrs. old leaders plan for them in the joint platform speech organized by the NGO`s as they know the party like Congress only organize huge rally surreptiously earned from Arunachal Publics only.And earlier there was no force to control them for which they flourish at other`s cost. And as long as there is reader their is leader we have to accept that; and unlike earlier Tomo Ribajis time committed youth are now taking advantage of the modern gift like face book and twitter. It will be wrong to think that talking does not make sense and all the man are crooks. Only thing is everyone have to be convinced of their past glory as prolong rule by the corrupted have made some even to fall down from this most important human dignity feeling; or mind it even if tons of money is given to the voters; society will not progress. And what else leader`s are for ,not to make the life worthy to be lived with human dignity and pride to share and participate in development process.

              See all the uneducated and corrupted leader`s technique have been exposed now.They only try to appease the potential opponents relatives ,whereas forgetting that their own relatives today may be dying to work with good and visionary opposition leaders also.Or using muscle flexing to compel prospective opposition leader`s and their relatives. Like in old Hindi movie the Dacoit kidnapping the relative and asking him to come to Kali Mandir backyard after doing as they direct,man this is old fashioned,absurd and will make a person more unpopular. Thus positive development during modern era have to be brought good use by youth ,educated and dynamic leader as we are in better position than old who will think themselves from dynosour era. Earlier Tomo Ribaji had to visit the villages 2-3 times.Today we have to only use our-will power, knowledge and shameless character of contacting other`s through modern means,this is difficult but not impossible.Bhaiya when corrupted one`s are shameless why we should not be also shameless to bring a good revolution for poor man`s right as directed by all the religious books.

                            See for a good man at heart it is not important that he is introduced also, his speech is enough to be understand that he is a good man,after all there is 6th sense power in everyone the transmitter will immediately receive positive vibrations. And when God wants to use a person he have also used one murderer like Prophet Mosses. As at least he also supported one thing closest to God`s heart to search a secured future for his own Zew clan who was enslaved by Pharaoh’s soldiers, one thing appreciable about Mosses was he was brought up by Pharaoh’s sister and could have left a good life for himself.Thus fight against the excessive corruption and nepotism is God`s mission only, so changes seems to be happening this days very fast as injustice have also increased,thus time to be with his mission as he alone know `s good leaders personal sacrifice`s for Poor brethren’s.And danger bell for Congress in coming time as some game changers have truly arrived, of course with thy grace.

                          And see He will show miracle, as money is also something if unless other candidate doesn`t throw difficult to throw also by rich candidates. And if there is one sided excess demonstration by the rich and powerful then Publics also tend to be angry specially earlier if he have cheated any opposition leader Individually and all Publics lied by his political party. As none like an adamant and prideful person and party this days and their will be definitely price of over confidence. Only earlier their was non to dare to tell this weakness of Govt. openly,that made them easy to make election like mopin festival to make the back door entry of corrupted and manipulative leaders.See earlier also many leaders have been taught good lession in many constituencies. And in any case for young leader he can go to anyone`s house just like that without money.And the senior`s due to there egoism have to only go with tons of money which is difficult this days . See the section of Publics,who greet Hon`ble MLA is only 5% of total population, the same faces he will get to see again and again enough to keep him in fools paradise. And smart opposition have made inroad their also as they are even ready to share the booty looted from older dabangs for secretly giving to the genuine leader`s, after all need is to know them personally and mindset of all the community and class as deep down in heart everyone have a good soul only.Thus in the fake end of the carrier it is wrong to get bad name by some senior`s ,as the Arunachal publics are good at suddenly making some one lost in oblivion also,as the inner democracy is in our tribal practice since ages.
                And the earlier succefful tactics against slower opposition leader cannot be construed to be all time perfect method, as it is difficult to undermine younger ultra modern one`s. As some present leaders have themselves become old and it is honestly time to retire gracefully before finishing all their future interest in life as not only loss of money but loss of name as well may be awaiting them in there waterloo which every one have to face in life.As more popular some is they have remain restricted to few coterie. As some critics hope the muscle power against Christian candidate in prolong injustice place will be never allowed this time by some unavoidable power`s of N.E. who will see this places where co-believer`s have never been given chance earlier as rarest of rare case to interfere if there is injustice again like earlier occasion`s ,specially in coming panchayat election in april 2012.As though as Adviser Peace and Justice Dept.- CBCNI, I have tried all the peaceful means to bring a peaceful reconcialation.

                And this desperate plea after opposition leader like me who have sit for fasting programme in prayer centre also as advised by a missionary and after my request to my adversary to retire honorably as Lord wills and as ruling congress Hon`ble MLA gentleman have also earlier promised to retire in principal this time in my favour.And hope he is also not accepted to sell his support to the highest bidder if he comply that promise undmindfully.And he need to keep his own word like a true man,after so much earlier cooperation by the Christian believers also this is also our community right.And also for showing magnanimity to new generation also it is his duty,as responsibility and respect can alone be shown by sacrifice only.As the senior`s have gained so much from this society, thus in this historic occasion they should not be seen as Individualistic person like Britishers taking out diamonds studded in Red Fort before they move out. As honestly some seniors have earlier rarely shown their large heart, and mind it for the politicians more respect the publics are now showing them.There is all the chance that tomorrow more will despise them if there evil deeds are exposed, as at least in case of my adversary I had helped him also win when he was earlier repeatedly loosing election and was in verge of suicide if he had lost 3rd time,and wanted to become Hon`ble MLA only once and enjoying it for 2nd time. So hope he will keep his promise and that grave situation of confrontation will not arise as he is also prideful person from a pride karka clan who are good at keeping there promise.

             And today historic occasion have come as the corruption and nepotism have crossed all limit ,and the belief in uneducated leader have dwindled; as they will be probably never be made as Minister by educated Hon`ble MLA`s from other zone also.And may not be able to speak in Assembly and give substantial contribution to society. And their huge property in the capital area seems to be creating communal tension for the whole community. And only educated leader have been able to be seen bringing substantial development like bringing agriculture college in their place, and give more jobs than other leaders also. So it is time to tell honestly they have outlived their utility and are unfortunately seen as parasites on society with the help of some psycho pants who also seems to be doomed to be suffering from illness themselves due to overdose of- wine, bear and liquor supplied by there boss regularly. See even the peacemakers tried to pacify the Kauravas to give at least 5 villages also to pandavas also,but this was not heard, as they may have been destined to perish. And see later all the world supported Pandava`s in that decisive war in kurukshetra after all eventually everyone likes to be seen in right side of the fence,see even the Bibishan was seen with Lord Rama isn`t it?

                       And as such it is hoped after reading this article, the righteous one`s in their own community also will obey the God`s commandment if necessary to go against their own relatives to show their maximum loyalty to Him rather then any one.As all the good advise to old leaders is only for their respect for old time shake, this if seen as our weakness instead of goodness their own misfortune. See there is so many God`s modern Templers in different form operating in N.E also.But their necessity should also not come,I hope any human being can be ultimately convinced for good cause without use of violence ,that is my personal view. And if he doesn`t hear and remain defiant even after promising to retire this time for an opposition leader like me ,he is like an animal a power obsessed person, worthy to be shoot also. As today society cannot suffer for one man`s single power obsession whos seems to have secretly antagonize the divine power, who seems to now interested to collect all the bush disturbing the crop and burn it.


kem said...

Arunachal have no democracy its a Mobocracy. big money culture has became a habit of people. being soon feeded state it has to dance when centere beat the drum

Anonymous said...

Talk less and work more. We already have enough Asshole Politicians who can do the talking. Development of a political culture is what everyone should work for.

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