Friday, July 13, 2012

The Miracle Unlimited:-

       The greatest miracle God has made is you only,and you have been given all the power to become real jadugar.Remember there is nothing you cannot do,as you are true reflection of God Himself.The real son of the God disapprove all the critics,that too when they think that one is down and out.As he knows it is better to live one day nicely to be remembered than to live thousand day without any cause.But if one goes to appease Lord he will definitely hurt some one also initially specially corrupted one`s who are seeing their own interest.

             As loyalty to Lord is not so in worshipping him only.But to show his will in letter and spirit.As today the powerful politicians are impediment to new thinking and change and thus have to seen as main enemy of Lord.As the God fearing person will fear non and will only like justice and equality of God`s commandment to be respected every where.Remember the courage of David a small boy who show giant Goliath as good target for his hugeness, as in any case target could have hit him.And Lord ensured it hit in the critical part.

            As there is nothing Lord cannot do,the positive belief in self is the only greatest power and standing ovation to presence of holy spirit for whom nothing is impossible. As God has given something to everyone so just continue doing your homework.And even if some enemy laugh at coming at their house for friendly advise one should not bother if one is complying the will of Lord. And blessed are those to some whom knowledge have been also given .As some knowledgeable critics says,` with knowledge comes popularity and through it power and through it later money`.Thus nothing goes in vain tomorrow if you invest what you have been given right now,so see why the rich man have to spend more money to influence other`s? Whereas the popular one`s are managing support for cup of tea.Can anyone have imagined how popular scholarly person like P.A.Sangmaji would have become later though beginning with less property.The more harder life one has seen in life ,more he is filled with the will power.And the conviction that God is their to support him, and more so he develops this attitude than non can stop him, mind it.As sooner or later many will start recognizing his faith.
            As there is nothing in the world as popular and powerful point to influence others by making other join one`s mission for service of glory of the Lord.And mind it,he is not the weak man, but best who works with lord and convert his personal programme as Lord`s mission .As Lord alone is the source of removing all the problems as Lord`s special mercy is with him. As he is the one to influence the H.C.M and Cabinet Ministers for you as they themselves are banking on Lord and Savior only.And one finding favor with the Lord will rule for many many years,one like`s it or not.So it is well possible even the top politicians will be tomorrow fed up of regular faces.And instantly like some one in first appointment fixed by Lord.Thus through honesty ,talent and guts nothing also is impossible.

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