Tuesday, August 14, 2012


                                         Mind it the things is going to be taugh for UPA next time after this sudden developments as the Anna Team have decided to make a head long collision with the UPA.And 96% support of the S.M.S of all India support this idea is something which have to be feared. As this are factual graphs against the UPA Govt. And the combination of Baba Ramdevji,Anna Hazareji and the Opposition NDA leaders will eventually prove deadly for UPA.As whatever the anti congress party difference may be, but the common hate of the congress party will eventually unite them believes most of critics.And before Lokh Sabha election they may well draft a common plan to finish UPA for ever.As for S.P,B.S.P and N.C.P also the Congress last line of defense C.B.I`s excessive misuse may make them to pull down this U.P.A Govt. who knows even before 2014 elections. The critics are anticipating an arrangement of all anti congress groups giving Anna team the responsibility of fighting congress man in there strong hold like Assam,Delhi and Haryana etc. where congress party are seen to be having an advantage now.As the critics are sure ultimately Baba Ramdevji and Annaji will work together as they have basically have common enemy.
                       As for the future P.M the J.D.U may be also convinced to wait for now,as Baba Ramdevji is seen to be a good peacemaker acceptable to all. Though even a congress Lokh Sabha member terming Narendra Modiji as a national sage is a point to ponder.And Modiji also accepted as most fit P.M candidate by majority survey is a point to be noted.Neverthless the sum total of the opinion seems to be against Congress man`s feudalistic culture.And this is a danger for congress camp after all Modiji is biologically more related with Gandhiji being from same Gujrat as Mahatma Gandhi himself was.And his statement in Urdu patrika recently that if he is guilty hang him was just needed by the Muslim to come out of that anti Modi syndrome that seems to have harmed themselves more. After all politics on hate is always bad and even if he was once responsible but like Rishi Valmiki his goodness have today far exceeded his past badness his supporters claim.And for how long one genuine man can be denied also?after all in Indian politics everyone have personal limitations. But Modiji is today seen to be in one man mission of development and deliverance and thus he is seen as a messiah of Poor who is most needed now.But mind it he also have to make a formidable alliance with Anna Hazare team,and have to win in Gujarat State election nicely.After all the blessing of all the civil society member`s may be the triumph card in future Indian politics.

                      And truth is also that from day one Modiji have been against the congress party,and may be only a counter attack alone can harm the congress party interest also,as others are seen to be shoft and that made Modiji prefered more by anti congress groups.And not only this even some critics are seeing him capable of removing Nitish Kumarji by supporting RJD.As honestly there was also a need for a breakthrough for Publics as the BJP was seen effectively seen countered by the Congress in the corruption front.As the poor strategy like supporting the Kuswaha in U.P seems to have harmed them.And banking on resourceful Modiji alone may have not let BJP to fall to that an extent for the need for donation to party fund.And in other angle even Nitish Kumarji may be acceptable by all for his equi-distance relationship with all.Never undermine the Bihari said a Nitish fan  after all many IAS and IPS have come from this State thanks for there excessive ratta making qualities.Thus real leadership clash seems to be within NDA only.And well then there is also Advanji also whose candidature may be not objectionable to JDU also.But one thing is for certain the talk is for a NDA`s P.M candidature and ultimately all seems to be not amenable to a honourable peace deal by mutually accepted baba Ramdevji who is like a father figure for them.

                 The political scenario of India is not clear now as to who will be the next P.M,but that is at least true that Publics seems to be now wanting an alternative as Anna Hazare team have promised. As even if 95% support for change comes down to 70% but that is also enough to go against the congress led UPA.As in politics even 5% swing is too much and so the congress spokesman have to be really be careful now.As for there high notes of speech they themselves may become buts of jock tomorrow.As even if the Anna team flops there is real danger still for the congress in particular as 96% popular opinion against congress is bit too much for congress to face.The big deep rooted tree can be pulled by an elephant only so the above understanding is also needed by all leaders who are against the congress party.As if this congress party again manages the magical figure then it will also stay in power for dozens of years.Specially for place like our`s where the more trouble in centre alone will help the opposition party,where the congress bad health is a good news .Though one who is also really good in real sense of term seems to be Rahul Gandhi,this is honest fact, and even if his relative may have a hand in Swiss bank money deposit case,need forgiveness now.As God is there to punish someone done more secretly, and earlier in my country when every one was mostly bad only, so has any one right to point a finger at each other. But one who says openly all the issues is also a respectable person and congress man have to learn to respect them now.And one who will hate this practice is the one who is harming himself and the country also,as by talking alone a way will come out for all.But problem for congress party is also honestly today the Peoples aspirations have changed and the Congress projection of the Gandhi family like a Greek god earlier will harm them now .As divine power is not accepted to be so desperate to plead for vote now,and mind it even if there was no civil right movement against Congress party, then also it would have been more difficult for the congress man this time.As the sudden reversal of congress fate earlier in most secure bastion of congress in Goa also have unnerved even the critic`s,and this is fate established now, as Publics today cannot be taken for a ride just like that anymore .And the change is a natural phenomenon after all the congress man have also seen there good time earlier, as they can be now seen as the siphons of the creamy layers like in French revolution time. And as the wearer alone know`s where the shoe pinches, therefore Poor man seems to be now fed up of congress blitzkrieg and big rally in election time only.
                                  As the poor performance of congress leaders have become talk of town everywhere and this is taken advantage by Opposition leaders. In fact this is also due to political fatigueness as like CPM the congress is also seen to be now in the wrong side of the history this is bitter truth as today non wants to see same thing .As the congress party seems to be still advocating for off dated feudalistic society and the Publics seems to be against it,as this is seen as main source of corruption and nepotism.As the time seldom comes to fight for self respect and pride of an Individual and society as the one like Baba Ramdevji have made about the coming election,in a way good also as introspection by all was needed also after all self respect and dignity feeling is more important and People cannot be made to be felt inferior to any family and feel helpless against the powerful Govt. also who have even lost communication with Poor leave aside solving there problems .And mind it today congress party is seen in the position of the East India company themselves,if they does not do something soon,it will be too late for them.And one of the way may be sacrificing Assam where there earlier mistake of inviting Muslim refugee voters which is harming the country now.And other is neglecting the tiny corrupted State like Arunachal Pradesh.As barring in most corrupted State like mine other congress ruled State may be not so much corrupted also,as to be against the Lok Ayukta bill .So congress adamant in not accepting Jan Lok Pal Bill and Lok Ayukta in toto is surprising as two M.P is not that important in numerical game politics.In the end the power is with the Public,not even connection with Rome will help.
                     Thus the tremor is now felt in the congress camp also,this is a symptoms of a collapsing party which is like a sinking ship now,and for which they are themselves responsible. As more they seems to have nexus with the Swiss Bank black money depositors,more it will unite the country man. As will the darkness stand against light as long congress misrule seems to have tarnished there party to point of no scope for repentance also. The history may repeat in itself was not Mughal empire weakened by a South leader- Chatrapaty Shivaji a Maratha.So the Congress have to make a lot of soul searching and have to done away with corrupted one`s ,as non action will show that top leaders have also hand in biting the slice of cake of 2 G ,3G spectrum ,Common wealth games ,Coal scam etc.etc.And best will be making Assam and Arunachal Pradesh at least as sacrificial lambs that too openly denouncing it for their past mistakes,as a great person and party also accepts his mistake openly.

              I had earlier conveyed Rahulji to become a missionary’s as so much sin have been committed in there Gandhi name by some psycho pants and they are probably unmindful of this.As when God is also seems to be against them ,non of dirty trick will also work.Like giving Rajya Sabha nomination to Sachin Tendulkarji as plan-A, or bringing back swiss bank black money through FDI may be as plan-B ,though rigorous action can have been taken against those names whose names have come up in swiss Bank ladger folio account numbers,as it is highly probable in that case they will have spelled out other names also,this Swiss Govt. like it or not.As why out of all the country why investment only in swiss country so genuine business venture explanation is highly doubtful .And who knows last but not the least the notorious plan to have limited war with China or sending a mission in mars with the help of the NASA secretly with the black money reserve just before election to divert from all issues can be Congress parties plan-D.So Opposition need to be vigilant,as like Devtas this group is real cunning and even in hell some of  its party spokesman may make excuse and blame other party.Atleast for NDA sometimes it is seen to accept its mistakes.See in case of the recent Assam communal tension it is out and out an effect of earlier congress parties well orchested plan to bring the Muslim refugees and mislead them that they are going to vote the party of Feroj Gandhiji who was initially there own Musalman person who converted to Gandhi.And why blame Swami Ramdevjis assistant Acharya Bal Krishna who is hailed as a Nepali .
                                The congress man have earlier used the Nepali as vote bank citing an old Indo-Nepal treaty and settling them in places like Vijaynagar and Tenga Valley in Arunachal Pradesh overlooking Assam Frontier and Administrative Justice Act 1945 which even forbades the real Indians to be settled here.And this is only for vote as what refugee want is only a secured place and what congress man want is vote only.And so now why so much brouhaha about Bal Krishna? He is product of congress policy paralysis only.See this man have done 100 times more nicer work then many congress cabinet ministers also. And things are honestly so bad in State like Arunachal Pradesh that the Opposition leaders may be now virtually needed to be pleaded to contest from Congress party ticket,and save them as in case of sudden passing of Lok Ayukta there may be finger pointing within senior congress party itself;as if I am not wrong there is already cases registered against some Hon`ble MLA`s of State.And now they may be one`s who are only lobbying for not passing the Lok Ayukta to the high command`s.

                        Honestly Rahuljis reviving the Youth congress party by internal election may also not help the party now.As this short of mini experiment poor result have been already seen by us in Arunachal Pradesh in earlier Jr. and Sr.Apang Saab`s case.Though both are very good Peoples but sometimes tricks just don`t work and boomerange at a time.This will divide the party more in line of old Vrs. Youths ,as when going get tough then tough get going believes some.As Publics tend to compare the son with earlier fathers performance and forget the fact that earlier the Publics were innocent during father`s time and condemns the new younger one.And this may be seen as worst desperation by critics like- condition of falling Germany in end of 2nd world war who desperately started the last line of defense mechanism to save the father land called Operation Valkyre, roping in desperately old and young to save its last crumbling citadel-Berlin after allies finally attacked from every sides. And later Allies were shocked to find teenager in German trenches crying; as the emotional Seva Dal and NSUI members may alone be last easy prey of congress stalwarts when all the nation has woken up today. Unfortunately for congress party the clock seems to have now started ticking backward, as most of the journalists can be purchased but opinion polls in term of 96% against Govt. is bit too much.

                         After all as Hindu saying goes Lion also dies after eating ten cows.Today Anna men are not wrong in saying-non of the political house can rope in that crowd without paying daily allowance to attendant`s in there party rally in normal days. The slum dwellers in Sahadra and Mulchand fly over areas in Delhi have definitely two party caps hang in there house to attend any congress or BJP rally for a free meal. But for Baba Ramdevji , Anna team and Modi camp at least free spectator is seen like in earlier Gandhis time and that is dangerous for the congress party now,that too when election is far ahead.As that charisma to attract readers and viewers can be alone be God gifted and He also now seems to be wanting a change; as monotomy seems to be against human dignity for which divine power also seems to be against this dynastic culture. And mind it non of the congress tricks can fight with thy will and destiny if this is there pack up time now as Rajesh Khannaji said his last word before dying.After all the congress man have also seen there good time and should be satisfied with it and should explore honourable exit period. After all only lazy and corrupted Peoples seems to be have joined the Congress party earlier where more then good work only heaping praises on Gandhi family- like Tenali Rama or Narad Munis seems to have served few only.And after election this shorts of leaders were seen spending there time cozily playing poker games ,it was only commoners who have suffered after each election. And some elites who could have praised Gandhi’s better, there tryst with destiny struggling for change everyone believe in have to be appreciated. As this was the Mahatma Gandhiji`s real will to serve other first and the congress man today unfortunately made Mahtmaji as there mascot for corruption and nepotism only.

                          And for the close Gandhi family sympathizers ,they should have heard my earlier suggestions for taking narco-analysis test of earlier pseudo good congress leaders to be promoted. As Publics can be duped but not the one in heaven; even if the good Rahulji reject the long established congress culture now it is too late.The earlier adamant congress idea that there is no scope for friendship in politics like Karna was tried to be befriended by both the camps in Mahabharata is going to kill them now .As the politics can never be run like a corporate house on the advise of the London return CEO`s.As politics is a different ball game and today even if the politicians in my state promise to be harbivorous,the Peoples will not trust them as they have become carnivorous/greedy to a point of no return. As there corruption and nepotism is prima facie exposed now.And foolishly they still refuse to make honorable exit,and mind it the congress high command may ultimately have to sacrifice them especially in my State barring few.As even if two M.P`s from this State protest ,but other Congress M.P`s may have to finally accept Lok Ayukta in India after all most number of Govt. was ruled by Congress party only,and as such this mistake has to be accepted by them only.After all the coming Lokh Sabha election is going to be mother of all election and Public definitely seems to have regained there past memory this time like character in movies like Karan Arjun.And thus Public may give a befitting reply to congress party now.

                          But for the sensible person and party still time to attend a fasting centre and hear God`s programme to minus his sin, as for rich and poor without personal penance there is no way out.As rich man may have tons of money with them but as a missionary says God`s commissioned fasting programme have to be completed personally, as some may be harming God`s chosen one`s unknowingly in some place and may be wondering why there is problem for them from everywhere now? As there earlier dabang posture may not even allowing an honorable exit for them now. Thus it is advised in Holy Bible first seek thy kingdom and glory first,then everything shall follow unto you.As the God fearing person would have also maintained down to earthiness even in his earlier good days and would have been not shy to quit before bad days also.And have already greatest platform in earth there religious organizations to keep themselves busy even after retirement from politics, that’s the best part.And for some congress leaders honestly loneliness and Public boycott of worst order may be waiting for them, and for this they themselves are responsible, as still there is time for them as great man also accepts his guilt and show sacrifice and only fools make an excuse and dooms with him all the family and supporters. As non will tell truth to man in powerful post,he alone have to take right decision`s and may be for all time to accept each other`s 70% point of view and already this process have began also.And one who shows this liberal view of this kind alone will survive in this kind of political scenario this days.