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The time to talk now for ruling Congress party of A.P:-

The time has come to talk out all the outstanding issues. The one who openly spell out his plan only he will be respected today and tomorrow and for ever.And the Publics also need the Congress and the Opposition like PPA to spell out its plans now.And if there is no coalition than the publics expects the Opposition to attack the ruling party with more intensity, thus the think thanks of the both the party feel the need for a historical talk as it is in both interest.After all the adamant nature of some leader may make them sidelined within the party itself as all party is now filled with visionary leaders,as there is need for the staunch congress man to have plan-B for future bad days. And than only the Opposition which have terrible opportunity this time can be stopped also by talking ,after all we must give also give Congress man one more chance to repent for old time shake.
               The latest report of Galo chintan shivir which end up accepting the need for fighting for the Galo pride in principal is good move. But if it is in fact than the elite must give side with the revolution and change also,as nothing can be accepted from the Contractors and uneducated ones who have wrongly become leader in our society earlier thinks some. Due to our earlier emotion, greed and fear,but basically due to officer lobby who always took society as their personal property and above all earlier HC.M.whims and caprises which went in favour of personal loyalists than state interest.But this time Godfearing Tukiji may be careful least he goes down with some unpopular one`s.As they may be good manipulator ,but may make the congress boat to capsize not only in their constituency,but may make tsunami wave everywhere. Though they will right now try their best to show their brave front in their constituency to show as if they are going to be uncontested but in great Galo land this have been seen to be boomeranged. As earlier some HMLA have completely seen missing from society after rhetoric rise in West Siang.

                 Today it is unacceptable in Galo society to commit same mistake as earlier as the common publics seems to have woken up now.As the God dwells in mission of emanicipacation of the status of Poor and destitute, thus unless we recognize our deserving leader`s even from minority community also society may not progress. As they seems to be more sincere for social cause now, so even if their relatives are compelled to discard them due to some political bully, they should not be abandoned by God fearing persons. And is it not also time to recognize their merit by whole publics also?Thus time to tell some senior leaders some hard facts also, as they have long represented privileged class only and seen pointing finger`s at other`s who question their fiefdom. As days of dividing relatives are gone none will like this today after lie have been exposed in earlier Dist Hq. issue. While their bank balance is seen to increase day by day, do have they any right to continue any further? When poor are broken with price rise and other difficulties and can they mock at opposition leader any more.As their close friend alone knows their merit and how they have made peace a try even with the enemies .

                       As society interest is today more important than any one`s own comfort, thus time to realize before money also become useless for some.God have showed me tears in the eye of one ex-Hon`ble C.M ;brother`s sometimes money become useless. As some Individual and party are exposed as number one liars now, though present top leadership cannot be blamed much for it; thus time to change for all better starting from top also.As the call for motivating publics in other profession like tea and rubber planting scheme is not taken positively by Publics now , as most of the top brass politicians is suspected to have earned by dubious means themselves; and seen having no right to sermon this alternative work as gospel truth.This is bitter truth so at least worst leaders have to be identified and sacrificed for maximum good to save collateral damage on Congress party.The urge for the change shows the vibrancy and lifelines of the society and need of time as well; the great Galo clan need to side with the more righteous once now.Before situation becomes like in Tirap and Changlang after all fall of Galo Hon`ble C.M within short time repeatedly may be showing God`s anger with us also what else?So time to fight for the Poor and destitute by making good leaders.How so ever rich and powerful one manipulator is , we have to stand tall in this historic time.As why only one forefathers name should be always quoted for addressing the Galo clan name,thus time for all to also make name and become immortal ourselves. And let us fight the monopoly of one family to rule the society once and for all be it any one ,and for me I don`t want to be seen as one family man only as whole society is mine.Thus the real fight between haves and haves not have to be taken to logical end. See some crooks are alleged to be manipulating everything and must be seen as threat to all, howsoever he is rich or manipulative, after all the Galo and Abotani son`s are pioneers of the society, and we cannot sit silence in view of blatant abuse of power by few.Who are stumbling block to much needed social change and coming of new thoughts in this challenging time.
                  Thus before the jan Lok Pal Bill comes in true sense, the Great Galo clan in particular is supposed to give side with justice and equality and show their real spiritualism. As to side with the truth is the sign of the real civilsation;some crooks may even manipulate highest power`s as critics apprehends so what?The fear of the society may alone control some so they should not be treated specially unless they really posses some thing praiseworthy of their own.As pressure tactics in the name of ruling party should be unpardonable.The individual mistake apart the most pressing issue of today’s time probity in Public life must be followed to some extent today as per the people`s desire. As the society interest is prime and non is above it ;after all many Congress man have become crore patis by society help.But the congress party can`t afford to be the place for MLA`s becoming crore patis by political force alone,as no where in Indian constituency it is written that we have to vote only Congress Party which seems to be a rich club now.The injustice will take society to brink of revolution like it happened in Goa election recently mind it?So the credibility can only be restored with alliance with party like PPA.So what congress is having power and money now.As in last election Goa Public also changed suddenly, one never know todays politics,and mind it their congress was more rooted than here also after all it was pure Christian bastion.But later party end up seen by Public as conglomeration of vested interest politicians and officers like here,so silence cannot be misconstrued as every thing o.k tomorrow.

                 Today it is pathetic for the community to side with the uneducated leaders; as they may be good individually, but have become a liability for society. As they have failed to make any meaningful contribution in this time of less Govt. fund.They seems to be lacking in front of Individual contribution and only seen to oscillate between two congress camps bringing disrespect to whole community. And playing excessive ruling party card to suppress the opponent ,this non will like even divine power above.As one cannot be stopped if destined, so need of time is requesting them to make honorable exit in time.And they also need our prayer support after all sacrifice is also not easy and who knows they may also show their magnanimity.And the one who does will be also legend in his own right.As world have suddenly changed so much that they will be doing lot of service to society by abdicating. As some have promised to some earlier also that this time they will not to contest. As for their supporters regular claim of help to medical patients, some educated chap may would have done better with the Govt. fund in their disposal. As need of the time was demanding Govt. to open cheap medicine generic centre in State assembly session. This way much of time could have been used to address more pressing demands by State,which is supposed to increase with new challenge ahead. As surprisingly some leaders is said to have started their carrier as labourer`s,and seems to have made good use of their position and power,they are appreciable but now society interest is foremost as things have become too complicated for educated one`s also to understand now. And some have to be accepted as good manipulator making selective help of opposition relatives to make themselves more popular. While their bulging property in capital area may be source of envy for other`s and threat to their community also.As they themselves are seen to be shoft on speaking this outstanding issues.So the blind support to rich and powerful is what seems to be eating Galo and all Arunachal publics interest as they are seen to avoiding controversial issues like communalism and insurgency. As the gaps between the haves and haves not have become all time high and increasing mistrust which have never happened like before,thus some have created dangerous situation with their never ending greed.
                 And mind it, in this time of civil right movement the highhandedness of the haves class will be unacceptable to majority haves not class.As for the future the things will happen according to God`s plan,I appreciate the PPA president Kamin Ringujis bid to meet H.C.M.After all what is harm in the talking; as the Congress Party may also understand today’s coalition compulsion’s. Today status for both are in win win situation, but tomorrow who knows equations may change suddenly. So the congress should also show magnanimity now, as gone is days of pride and prejudice .As none can negate the future prospect of underdog like the PPA as this is a clean party now, at least in the probity in public life sector. The interested party for coalition with PPA have to also accept some of its demands, after all the coalition compulsion is more for congress party now; as scenario is falling of congress in centre seems to be real ,and in case of passing of Lok Ayukta the sword of demo ogles will be seen hanging in the neck of the conglomeration of the most of the pro-congress lobby consisting of vested interest class of the officer and politician,that too in the one of the most corrupted regime of world.And the common publics will like to see non of them as there are better man who earned money and name by right way and preferred to stay in Oppossition.Barring some exceptionally good persons among ruling class also, who should take right decision in right time.Mind it the PPA coalition will be ensuring safe future for haves class especially long time congress loyalists and some Christian leaders to safeguard their interest if BJP suddenly comes in centre.As in case of sudden success of BJP chunk of Hon`ble MLA`s may run to BJP making the fight more complicated,as for PPA we have no problems with any one. As the eqi-distance party is best for all isn`t it?and as such rumour of political coup ready to happen within congress if this line of thinking is not adopted is interesting. And this may not be wrong also as ours is a tiny State depending on centre,that was always earlier congress dialogue also.

                   It is difficult to sacrifice in life and the present PPA leadership have played responsible Opposition role in the times of troubles. As in good times all want to come, but real man is who takes the responsible in times of troubles. And I openly challenge any one of critics to prove any allegation of gratification or bribery taken by senior PPA party member`s from any body.Thus talking will be good for all, even within the two congress camp as things will happen according to God`s plan after all, so personal enmity is foolish. The area of understanding between all the interest groups be it PPA,BJP and both suspected congress camp today seems to be negotiable this time and must be talked. As all the leaders who always used to make the camp fight with each other earlier are in suspected zone of both the camps now.And neither camp seems to like them, society and opposition party also seems to hate them for different reasons. This may be God`s will and natural phenomenon also to show the redundant leaders exit door by all.As they are the one`s who have always manipulated without taking much social responsibility and their money is irrelevant for other`s as they are neither co-religionists or philanthropists and seen to help only for vote as per critics .And tomorrow like always may be also ready to take advantage of the political change in the centre, thus more compulsion on the present congress leadership to show them exit door now, as some of them have been source of constant irritation to top leaders by polluting the political atmosphere seen as habitual offenders in changing camp. As unlike educated leaders they seem to be more filled with inferiority complexion and seems to know only chaploosi and quick Dal Badal character as way to promotion thinks some. So the top congress have to evolve a mechanism where every one is satisfied as today unless Public is happy Congress may doom like in Goa. So the answer is accepting peace and reconciliation by accepting neutral party member like PPA in their place,as than the civil society members will be also pleased ,see for one man why whole congress should suffer.As in this days of multi party system,unless some powerful opposition leaders are also not satisfied than things may be dangerous for Congress in the future mind it.As one man with strong will power can make whole society upside down also.So if one really thinks for Congress future better make this introspection as well,after all democracy is all about talking and some crooks who were earlier seems to be behind poll related violation to come to power,their time have elapsed.Will it not rise the eye brow of Christian sympathizer’s worldwide, in the place like mine where earlier this have been always seen to be practiced by some.
                  As for BJP also it may be also shy to take some rejected leaders this time after Kushwaha episode ;so non should be their to right now to cry for the rejected leaders. So even if they are rich but politically they may be meaningless, as non fear them even if they are back by ruling party now, unless they delivers,and they are seen to only give false hope and some Publics are waiting till election. And those uneducated who defamed Congress by using muscle power and vititiated the society atmosphere ,just appropriate time to remove them as they are one`s who have ashamed everyone.And filled every one with suspended animations and are impediment to new thoughts and seen helpless with only MLAD fund in their hand.How it can be tolerated today as some leaders have failed to deliver and seen completely misfit in this world of e-governance.Today one we must get the public confidence by merit and congress must show its repentance for earlier excess by making some symbolic sacrifices as well,as it least it should fear God.As already their were lots of church burning incidents to Congress parties credit in 1970`s, and how indirect persecutions can be still allowed somewhere.

                And mostly this uneducated leaders are alleged to harm society also, as it makes governance not an issue and make most important education policy meaningless as how new generation will inspire from uneducated leader. please don`t take it otherwise the present leaders are like father of whole society they must feel pity on future generation and must think of retiring sportingly like father does.They must also gracefully accept their limitations after all great man alone accept his mistakes. And not to say about the important points discussed in assembly where they must be finding it taugh.So much responsible post must be given to an educated person,after all why society send their son`s and daughter to Delhi and Bombay for further study. As today we need creative and dynamic leaders in all level`s, as it is historical time and more challenges are lying ahead for all.This is a common sense will a person who can`t drive ,will he not make accident? and for leader it become more important that he is at least a graduate today.The God fearing Tukiji may not be amused with his appeasement alone like earlier leaders. After all at his post one may have to see the God`s will to promote more righteous and deserving one`s which is best for all also.As time comes to select God`s will above everything even party discipline, as today God himself seems to be against Congress monopoly in whole country.So this time for some crooks ,things may not materlise like earlier occasion making IRBN gherao his hometown making other`s impossible for campaign in election, as a good Christian leader Tukiji may be a different entity altogether he may not allow this nonsense any more.
              Thus time that to prove by present HCM Tukiji as good beliver as in some place some smart one`s look at poor villagers with eye wide open as if he will eat them and make his choosen /purchased one`s to declare that he should be again elected unopposed next time.Than in that case should not all righteous seeking person`s not unite also.As all the believer have to sometimes go through test in life howsoever rich and powerful he is, to give priority to thy will above anything. So will Tukiji also do this time specially rise above even party for thy glory that will be interesting to see.For in some place where for long there is manifest injustice to co-believer also,time to may be help them?As many from those place have given him prayer support also and he may be promoted by God for this reason also.As when in some place Christianity have reached 30-40% and still indirect persecution is seen than a great son of God has to act.Or who else?Please take this as a classic case after all congress manifesto speaks of secularism and since ages this seems to be violated here.

            Thus nothing like talking with brutal honesty on all subjects, as this is God`s way to search the true leader for society, and Congress may well doom itself by not removing some cancerous tissues as Lord will be least bothered of party if his son`s are victimized somewhere. After all one party integrity may be at stake for crookedness of one person.It is wrong to think that all the senior leaders are not unaware of the responsibility in this historic occasion. When some old and redundant leaders seems not to be even knowing the meaning of the honorable exit and making the party to commit more sin. That too after false promise made to the opposition leader to leave after previous election and on this assurance some have not contested last time. And also during a time when the blessing is needed more for the Congress party and State in this time of troubles, it is time to address the injustice in some place.As the non Christians are also this time ready to show magnanimity provided same is shown in Christian dominated place by Christians.

              And in the eye of the pressure from the elites also to make at least 10 PPA MLA`s to win for State interest. And being a Honorable C.M now Tukiji may be ultimately convinced to act in this line also after all like father figure he have to first see the State interest. Since this is a question of social justice and so I should be excused of my statement ,as burden is now on the privileged class to show their maganinimity who have been always given chance by my community member `s earlier. And I accept both the camp to spare my place and issue from making it political issue, as their seems to be a hidden agenda on this issue in past, as some of present leaders seldom gives an open statement on unification bid also.Please take our case as an special case as any community are part of our own society and have right to live with dignity also,as claiming financial help just before election is wrong.It is again anti Christ work as it makes many backslide;as why only help in election time whereas the Christian villages are rotting.See non can satisfy anyone always only God will and the fight for dignity and self respect is more important may be from His perspective. Hope only the father figure like Tukiji and Jarbomji alone may know the value of justice and fairness and fear God.And know responsibility to bring the daily bread from heaven and fund from the centre for the State Publics. And may ultimately unite also to remove some weeds from the crops who may bring curse upon whole State for their evil deeds.
            Some crooks can they be respected as they seems to always enjoy sadistic pleasure of helping desperate patients by developing dependency syndrome of Publics in this matter and not allowing other important matter like job opportunity which could have rise their income and dignity. While not demanding opening of popular schemes like cheap generic medicine store and even remain absent in important assembly discussion, can today they be seen as good representatives?See unless all the Hon`ble M.L.A`s also are born again person`s can H.C.M alone can be blamed also?As permanent policy on land allotment, regularization of service,PDS,MIP Schemes etc. may have given more time to good leaders to explore other avenues. And this non action on this shows how callous Govt. is for Public welfare, as the uneducated leaders seems to be doing only what they are best are asking for easy money;now the Govt.seems to be undergoing famine for this weaknesses and lack of vision.

            But always not good to criticize other`s unless all request have failed made as humanly possible with utmost respect;specially top one`s of Cabinet rank and above can be spared , after all one will have never reached this highest H.C.M post if they where also not good persons individually. And also unless all chance have been given to local leader, praying for him also in fasting centre he should not be criticize. But hope my trespass will be forgiven for Public interest as I meant from bottom of my heart and try to live a more righteous life than them atleast in probity in public life field. There is rare time to work for the glory of the God and Doni -polo, few unfortunately realize this when in the high post, as there is less time to do good things in life so sooner the better. As the divine force seems to be supporting justice and equality above everything, and this have been long denied here in my place to the Christians,minority and Poor`s.Though outwardly Galo seems to be very effuluent but here two kinds of galo dwells.The love to Poor and down trodden is seen to be liked most by God. This is going by all scriptures of all the world religion, thus my comments should be sportingly and sympathetically taken.As in future their may be more radical one willing to put all the disproportionate wealth wallas in jail mind it. Earlier God seems to have used me immensely to predict the name of new incumbent H.C.M also this was by vision and professy by thy will,may be He also wanted to change the pathetic Christian condition of my place. But each time after availing benefit they forget us.This miracles witness name can be checked and asked about the veracity of facts by reading my earlier article-`God`s miracle witness by me.`in same blog. I am surprised there are better man than me also to be blessed by Him, thus unless I am not that bad I should not have been used so far also; may be I have to think that as a simple man.See one never know the political development this days,if my endeavor helps the unity bid, may prove good for State also.So all prayer support is badly needed even by good Gangi goers for this good mission.
           And if both great man-Makte Ex-HCM Jarbom Gamlinji and achi HCM Nabam Tukiji unite for common issue as per my suggestions,than both has to be appreciated for their real commitment for the society interest also. Remember for some great steps historical unity and forgiveness is also needed; as the State is going through worst calamity now. So for God`s shake they should unite as great man may have greater role to play by the God`s will.As if they have hidden agenda they will also have problem as eventually what will happen will happen. Mind it there are less good adviser`s this days,other`s only want to see top politicians fight each other by criticizing one against another in one`s absence. Who mostly Visit the H.C.M Tuki sahib in day and Ex-HCM Gamlin Sahab in night, educated or uneducated one ,Christian or non Christian, rich or poor? the two great man can easily realize the real enemy and decide. After all being son of great Abotani both have moral duty to sacrifice for society interest also. And must see that some may have pot of gold with them but curse of poor`s on them; so they may have to be united to remove the liers and deceiters and sponser new one`s if possible jointly in special case and place.By declaring most favour status(MFS) jointly on some. Specially time for both to really do something for the places like mine where justice have been really denied to Christians so far, as it will be divine to do good thing sometimes seeing above politics.And interestingly before Late Hon`ble C,M Kanduji died I have also advised him to do something regarding this in presence of Sri Kembom Riba of pagi village.If major contract work also denied to some community member somewhere ,even if they stay in congress party and 70% officers only from one community earlier transferred than there is a problem.Thus I challenge the Congress party to apply this secular manifesto in letter and spirit. If not allowing the coalition partner to push up the Christian leader in place like Basar and Aalo.
            Than atleast give congress ticket to co-believer, PPA promise to make a friendly fight in second case if the justice is given to minority leaders after all some have earned handsomely in this post.But what society have gained so far,as in future mind it religion communalism may be taugh nut to crack.It will be wrong to see my writing with anger, as all the records so far goes against majority in our place,and through truth introspection will come,or suddenly things will worsen.So great Abo Tani society members must talk out all the issues.For some Individual interest some majority Publics may have been earlier inadvertently involved in passive communalism also,this is also possible so appealing them to change.As time to prove this wrong practically by taking other`s as our own like earlier white Americans voted for black Barack Obama. I also appeal to hardened Doni-poloists to show us magnanimity, as I believe Doni-Polo is also all encompassing, where there is scope for love,accomodation and equality. As one man interest and obsession should not tarnish all the society as hatred will kill not only oneself,but all.Unless one community is given chance how you can criticize them and hope their will be very good Doni-Poloists who will accept this argument also.

             The infighting rumor between two titans itself will harm the State and it has harmed also,as no development is seen in front of Dam and inter Dist.trans Highway construction front so far. But also first love and forgiveness has to be shown first in the top corridor of power;may be the present H. C.M Nabam Tukiji has to show the magnanimity first by calling up the earlier boss, as after all he is also a Christian and have to finish God`s will by hook and croock.Who knows like cines tar Rajkumarji in movie- Saudagar Ex.H.C.M Jarbomji may be also thinking- only H.C.M Tukiji like-Dilip kumarji can put Mopin itti like holy powder pest upon his face like in movie-Saudagar in the final climax of holi scene.Much to the relief of both the camp who must be extra willing to unite them for avoiding 3rd world war scenario’s hope this come true; for me it will be my highest service to make this possible as Adviser Peace and Justice Dept. CBCNI.As blessed are those who are peace makers; for they shall have the kingdom of heaven. Specially in place like ours where the Publics are very Poor and are crying now,for them best war will be one won without fighting. As so much money is wasted in election which could have been really used for well being of Poor man, and both great man may be able to convince the present local leadership to retire gracefully with honour in time.As some are praying day and night for the wellbeing of State according to will of God as prophesy by the missionaries are predicting God is going to make our State as his own.So hope the local leaders will also like to side with truth and righteousness in this historic time.

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