Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Kaka`s movie:-

                The super hero of seventies Rajesh khannaji is really a legendary man.His superb acting in combination with the melody king Kishore Kumars song are immortal.Hear the song,` Jindagi ke Safar Mein Gujar jaten hain Jo Mukam,Who Phir Nahin Aten….`and -`Khilte Hain Gul Yahan…`The song is so relevant in ones life; sometimes I wonder it seems to be tailore made to show his hidden love for actress Mumtaj whom he had to suddenly leave after entry of Dimple kapadia.As love is so much complicated equation sometimes and great man seems to have their own personal experience on it.

                 Some creative man seems to have a painful love affairs, a private life which non seems to know also.After all so much energy and emotion this will never come to a normal man,even Amitji after Rajeshji is rumored of having something of this.And like all the great man it is highly probable that this great man have also kept some relationship as really holy.What I loved about kaka was his simplicity and down to eartness;I remember meeting him for couple of hours in my presidential tenure of the Arunachal Student union Delhi in Lossar festival organized by the uncle Prem Khandu Thungon camp.This is benefit of being universally accepted by all the camps.On being asked he told his all time favorite movie was-Aradhana and kati patang.I wish kaka all the best of wishes from my side and family side,as sickness should not demolish his spirit as he have been cause for so much happiness to other`s in his life.

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