Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The BJP game plan now:-

             The BJP game plan seems to be working,as the NE State in particular may be indebted to the party in the future for their taking great risk for P.A. Sangmaji.However the Sangmaji ought to have earlier openly formed the North east Democratic Front or a regional party in his State as visualized by his critics, instead of becoming toy in the hand of the Congress party.As his last moment change earlier on subject of North East Democratic Front formation have harmed the interest of the regional party prospect in the N.E.But in future he may realize his folly.

               The blessing of the God is surely with the Christian dominated Publics of the N.E ,the burning of the C.M office in the Maharashtra recently can be seen as a bad omen in future; after all the Bombay is business capital of India and if goes out of Congress hand than things will be very difficult for them to recover. As also N.E especially the Assam and Arunachal Pradesh is suspected to be source of hepty congress party fund,so Sangma`s betrayal by his own NCP also will do regional party in N.E more good.As earlier TMC and NCP are seen as the impediment to the success of regional party in N.E.The new development may be future coming near of the TMC with NDA as honestly the CPM is ideologically off dated now and their backing Pranab Da ,this may benefit NDA only as Mamta Di have future.And the exit of the JDU may help the Narendra Modiji also to look new formidable ally in the RJD,after all two sword cannot stay in one Mayan’s, in politics nothing can be said;as lately Lalloji is seen to have lots of praise for Modiji.

             So though the Pranab Da may have immediate benefit but Sangma may be the tip of the iceberg which is poised to make a big hole in the Titanic Ship like against the Congress party floating like rudderless now.And if God bless who knows there is last minute sudden reversal of fortune for him also.If the NDA accept the Mulayam Singh Yadavjis candidature as P.M to pull down the Govt. And in that case the JDU,NCP,CPM and TMC may be secretly convinced to vote against the Congress as non BJP and non Congress have more loyalty to the 3rd front; this days things are changing so quickly that none can predict future.

            As for now good work of Bengali forefather`s like- Swami Vivekananda,Rabindranath Tagore and Aro Bindo Ghosh seems to helping Pranab Mukherjee in his tryst with the destiny.Even if he may have also hand in slice of cake after all Finance Minister may have been not completely un-known to corruption left and right below his nose as claimed by Sangmaji. This Presidential fight nevertheless seems to be paving the way for Aar Ya Paar Ka larai for Congress party finally, as than next time they will be compelled to release their last missile called Rahul Gandhiji who may be compelled to launched.To fight the battle once for and all as time comes for a decisive battle in one`s life to fight to finish or survive as politics is servivle of the fittest.Thus the think tank groups of NDA better make a Pentagon like Office now to counter any missile threat on it.

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