Saturday, June 2, 2012


                                                                       The politics in Arunachal is not going to be same as earlier, as one incidents after another is making Publics to be aware of their real rights .The latest report of ouster  of the Congress MLA from Aalo 30 Assembly Constituency by Hon`ble High Court order  is a good lesion for some Congress man- who think themselves as smart and others as fools.As today in this days of even liberation of all the Arab Uncivilized place it is an insult for great Galos to witness this injustice secretly. After all after Zews the  Galo clan  can be rated as most intelligent and definitely this incident may be the turning point of the Arunachal Politics. with the Publics in the future emphasizing  on merit irrespective of any community or religion, as many are heard to say their own have ditched them.Who are not fit to address the most pressing issues.As the communal ism in Itanagar seems to be increased by their large property their. And the liars and false promisers may be hence forth thrown stone at in election, as some of the fund in the projects are not going to come back and doubted to be eaten up by some big eyed persons .
                                    Even the great Nyishi tribes  Publics are said to be ready to show their liberal character henceforth, after availing one time HCM post.As many spiritual one`s are saying enough is enough to do with the communal act which alone benefit an Individual and may lend one perfectly in hell.That too at the cost of the whole Great Nishi clans who are seen as stone age man.The honest one`s in Nyishi and Naga community  are heard to be  preferring  to fight for co-believers right in some places, so far where their right have been denied socially and politically taking it as mission work.As the long injustice have made the minority loss confidence in themselves. This chance should at least not come for great Galo community, who should take everyone of the society members as their own and respect the merit .
                       The Hon`ble High Court judgment will be a land mark in the history of the Arunachal Pradesh.Where the  ruling party tickets earlier meant everything , and all the official mechanism doing all the bit to help the man of the moment. And one should appreciate once like-  Er.Geyum Paduji for his lone battle, whole Society owe an apology to him for this injustice. As said rise of evil is directly proximate to silence of the good man`s.Hope the criminal actions will be taken against the Officer concern also for the manipulation of the postal vellot papers to set a good lesion.The Govt.should decide to side with the victim if the congress party really mean business to given justice and equlity.As this party says something else in its manifesto and does something else.                                                                
                                      I remember seldom going to Er.Geyum padus house many times after his wife was declared lost by folly. After all this is the time all the elites have to be with the righteous persons .I have earlier also criticized this incident in my blog as the violation of the civil right is unacceptable to me. One have to win by democratic means only,and leave the tendency of joining a person only in good times, as unfortunately today some Galos have forgotten their great tradition of forefathers valore. As their should be no place for crooks in this most civilized Galo clan society even appreciated by British Anthropologist Hamilton as most advance clan. It is pertinent to mention that this is the constituency in A.P which was pioneer of APSU and PPA movement ;and also later where the most money and muscle power was once used in the earlier election. This resulting in Sand witching of  the genuine candidates like Sri Ege Eteji in between deep sea and devil I,e-between two Chief Engineers. The God have sometimes unique ways to give justice, the persons responsible for starting  worst election expenses where also made as tools to enlightened the Publics today, as seen by this long Court battle between Smty.Duter padu Vrs.Sri Gadam Eteji where Smty.Duter padu (Ete) has come triumphant as Rani jansi Ki Rani.
                                                     As for senior officer like Er.Gaken Eteji a year back he was heard to have  candid enough to accept his partial guilt and feel the need to  united to elect a better leader,so one should also be able to forgive each other and work for societies better future also.After all great Galos cannot be seen to promote uneducated and visionless leaders and that too from political party with   unfavorable ideology, who only resort to power and force to piss in our head.As unless we love our own roots and region as envisaged by PPA how we will develop, and the God may have also made Galos clan extra intelligent for becoming pioneers to others also.Thus time to speak the truth as the regional party like PPA alone can work for all the satisfaction, especially the well off Publics of Aalo has to be with the truth.Remember the truth speakers are the real prodigal son of the soil and they have long life also due to fearless character.And their sons and daughters have been also seen to be successful like all the PPA progenies today going places. See when the Sikkim Govt. have reached Tista river Hydro project I-V,we are still wondering about our blue print for future generation`s development. This is because we are still slave of our custom,we should henceforth appreciate one who speaks the truth and bring the change we believe in.

                              After all days of hidden tactics is gone.The time for transparency and openness to come and this only new groups can do. The time for lesion to be learnt in my 29th Assembly Constituency  Basar also where each time in election, from no where some local goons by name of Talibans keep arising.The days of kushi kushi are gone and all the prodigal son of the soil are expected to record this incidents in their movile video so that the miscreants and their boss are punished adequately. And the true Galos are accepted to render their all cooperation to remove this evil force once and for all.And act as leaders and  please don`t wait for the Congress party to sink.As the greatness of civilization is fight against evils and equal opportunity to all, the great galo prospect cannot be sabotaged by one mans political obsession.We need great man`s to inspire our future generation.The days of  muscle flexing  to compel the relatives of the prospective Opposite candidate to join ruling party is gone.This  will make the Publics more infuriate and the Opposition leaders will be fill with more will power and attract Public sentiment .As enough of enough of this East India Policy when the local Raja`s were  made to lick their shoe`s before Britishers where about to be kicked out of India .See some Oppossition leaders  have joined politics only to root out this evils by some  class XII fail team of looters,who even seems to not spare the BPL CJI sheet.Where they are tactically fit only for chprasi ,and as their all shaddy deal are exposed now ,where they only seems to appease the powerful ones for their own end.And making the general Publics in lurches who are broken by unprecedented price rise.
                                          It is surprising to see how they mislead the hard pressed Peoples ,what they want to prove now as if strong Lok Ayukta as demand by the general Publics come than who will save them.Some Crooks try to misguide the Publics to join ruling party only for their benefit as they themselves seems to  be parasite without any plan for bailing the Publics out from this mess .And using politics as platform for lies and false promise and excuses as if they are not fighting their loosing battle.As honestly things are too late for Congress .As the Govt. policy decision today cannot be not denied to any one ;like MLAD to Oppossition MLA also,Medical Insurance scheme to any political cadre as this is Govt. money.And more than that we may open Generic medicine shop everywhere if given political power to PPA.Please stop as if giving development from own pocket.Today honestly  for creative leader sky is the limit.Like the regional party in Sikkim and Nagaland going places as good food takes time to cook also, and one`s it is served everyone will jump for it.
                   As who knows tomorrow who will be in ruling party also.And in any case some underdogs are having a distinct identity of their own, representing all haves not class from day one and have raised against the backdrop of family and clan monopoly to become real popular leader especially among educated,enlightened spiritual persons and haves not class.They are already in majority,in their family party in worst period ,majority have turn off, Than why not today in this good day coming for Opposition leaders Publics will not flock. After all they have earned for it due to their patience and perseverance, for good vision for Poors and destitute ,can a God gifted leader can be stopped by Contractor types ?And who knows unknowingly they may be doing more service to young, educated  and dynamic leaders by severing them from their rich relatives also. As the Publics respects the one who play ideology politics in letter and spirit, as this days none can imagine the power of the Public sentiments.As the fight is all set for majority 90% haves not class  against the haves for all the economic injustice and lies so far ,for which the proof is evident.As Poor`s also have stomach to fill their hunger and will hate worst is audacity of some to tell lies one after another. And tomorrow even if this 60% from haves not class rises than what will happen.
                                            As today most seems to accepts that some present batch of undeserving  leaders are even slowing down developments coming from centre and private Investors and sometimes making it go away also .As it is heard that none of even good projects proposed  is appealing to some, unless it benefit them personally and their family members .May be basically due to their busy schedule  in tender and contract work,fearing helping some in central schemes and pilot projects where say Rs10,000/- comes, it may attract others and eat their busy personal  schedules ,lack of political will to do visionary work ,lacking motivating power may be due to inferiority complexion and above all the lack of  moral right to lead others  as some have earned by duvious means themselves, and have no right to give lectures thinks many.Than brother why in this responsible post as the quantum of help to others is find to be far exceeded by the personal benefits.One have to however accept their all the smart move is only to come to power once again ,which was also not so as they have earlier promised to some innocent relatives of some prospective Oppossition leaders of their last time chance.But howsoever one acts smart I believe soon this goondagardi and political musical chair expertise will be thing of past.And cloud in the Zhoom field will go away ,  and this PPA maize will definitely sprout once again.As the God`s blessing is with us and nature is with us , today when great Gandhi families  bastion`s are also crumbling, than who is this imposters who seem to earlier won only appealing their  Political boss?


Anonymous said...

Dear Achi Basar
I tried to read your blog on Ete's removal but could not follow much. I am told you are an honest, sincere and God fearing man. While I do not have anything to contradict your views, it will be of great help if you could kindly avoid using competitive words like 'most civilized' 'most intelligent' 'great' etc when speaking/ describing about/a a community/ tribe. Because no one actually is; everyone one is same.

Rajiv Gandhi University

Anonymous said...

My respects Bibing Togo,
It’s a kind of appreciation that I intend to convey here. Consistently blogging for the last half a decade is, I must say, clearly not an easy job unless one is too passionate and tuned by a higher level of motivational pull. Flower claps for you, Achi. The last time I visited your blog was in 2009 while I was struggling to figure out the insurgency problem in our state, vis-à-vis and the reaction and solutions from the native point of view. And tonight we are here, again.

Achi, I have reservations over your works, even when I visited your blog in 2009. I was not in favour of the solution you had suggested to curb insurgency in Arunachal. I am not sure whether propagation of Evangelical ethos or proselytization into Christian way of life curb insurgency at a whole. May be your suggestion was that of an impetus from below. But again I fail to understand how a violently patterned organization, whose majority itself are Christians, be taught to redeem, especially when they are more Christian than us, atleast in terms of the chronology of proselytization (You might disagree here). I was so sorry to be informed that systematized way of insurgency in Arunachal (as well as other insurgency affected states) is still taking place through the medium of organized churches. I personally believe the solutions to insurgency problem should be seen outside the purview of religion.

Achi, even as I read the ‘Fall of Congress Citadel’, my reservations continued. I was more tempted to write having seen the comment of Tajen Dabi from RGU. When one quotes ‘Great Tradition’ it simply means the presence of a ‘little tradition’. When the Nishi brothers boost about Nishi Elite Society, then it is pertinent that a non-Elitist section of Nishi brethrens do exist. Who are these non-elitist has always remain in oblivion, and neither will anything be answered concrete about them. The same applies to ‘Popular culture’ too. Why are Katakali and Bharatnatyam, etc. alone the parts of Popular cultures. Why aren’t Mopin and Dree a part of it? These usages of Popular Culture are literary gadgets to give meaningful ways of discharging the ideology and concept of we above and you below. These are skills of saying someone ‘stupid’ by actually twisting the term within a lesser disparaging limit; of course used by healthy writers, Lol! Am Joking Achi…!!!
Please continue writing. My respects once again to you, Achi.

JNU, New Delhi,

Anonymous said...

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