Tuesday, December 6, 2011


                                              The battle between the BJP and the Congress is going to be the epic battle no less than like the Ramayana and Mahabharata . All the search for committed friends will be on by both the party and young Rahulji is doing his best .But so far common mood due to price rise seems to be against Congress. In world their has to be also neutral persons like me universally accepted who proves to be friends of both and can hammer out a peaceful solution. Isn`t our Holy Bible says -`Blessed are those who are peace makers`. Fortunately for me Tarun Vijaji BJP national Spokesman, Baba Ramdevji in real life and in face book I suppose Rahul Gandhi himself has become a good friend.

Thus it seems God wants me to extent his mission to this powerful Peoples also as he may have given me platform of Adviser peace and Justice Dept. CBCNI not for sleeping. As for BJP I have already send my inclination to help them sending a healer and a preacher if they really want to win the election. After all Lord and savior can alone do miracle, but for this they have to repent. As lord and savior may have been a Asian God not foreign God as many of BJP supporters believe due to anti British hangovers. The Congress becoming epitome of scam but always have been seen to be quick in seeking Gods forgiveness. As politics is called as the last refugee of the scoundrels but BJP is mostly seen to be disciplined cadres .Only they seems to be not seeking God`s kingdom till logical end .

                                       But as ultimately victory lies to the God this time what they should do instead of churning out poisonous formulas from dirty mind? Is go for prayer and fasting to the God and savior .mind it if God wishes even third front way come up for a long time.As both the national party also seems to have reached a saturation point. Is our Nitish Kumar Bihar Chief Minister also not deserving person in any way? If the BJP and Congress realizes this sooner the better .For us who ever respect our God we have to respect him. Did the BJP did not also lost bitterly when they where expecting to do 2nd time wonder under Atal Bihari Bajpayji.Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ is living God and God of miracle and wonder come one and all to be beneficiary of his marvelous deeds.

And the responsible lies on us also to bring a short of understanding between both the groups being also the same race of Mughals I,e -Mongols that rule this country. Who made Tajmahal and Red Fort.As this country belongs to every one of us; this is our common legacy and must be maintained by all.This days the politics has become increasingly violent. Do you think those Peoples having black money in Swiss bank will keep mum before the election. they seems to plan to keep both the groups always to be in suspended animations so that they are never caught. Though both the Congress and BJP have been harming the Christian cause at one point or other, and also they never meant what they say. The BJP seeing the Hindu interests and the Congress busy with minting money and God despised both form.but Christian duty is to rectify them and also being a common friend my personal responsibility as well to warn them. Why not God be given one chance by this both power obsessive parties before this Country become Kurukchetra.

                                    Honestly this is not with a vested interest that all acknowledge me, and give me no first attack status and to my party that I am writing this .But today definitely Country needs a highest form of repentance even by the political leaders. Definitely this was not the politics which great Gandhi and Nehru also may have envisaged. today they may have felt suffocated and died. And even the leaders are you enjoying this suspended animation? Only other day I wrote to Rahul Gandhiji why he don`t become a missionary leaving India to God.He will take care of everything. Do Gandhis have to prove anything more?And so is the BJP leaders as they also seems to be slave of their ideology. We need a new place far from madding crowd to discuss our problem. And where else better place than in my home town to show Country like china that the State is under us. Besides in the right occasions my Civil Society members may also come to bless this dream for prosperous India.

A honorable solution may be need of hour, before both of party finishes out of hatred . Today see in the U.P Politics the semi final of the Lokh Sabha elections, many of the publics may get mad, due to sleepless night by the parties campaigning for each other like never before.As this is going to decide the future of the Country. One party may doom this way that way.Even the Gandhi family who have also done everything in life, having nothing left to show in regard to their potentialities and capabilities. Why not finally give in to a system that is transparent like the United State of America President direct election for the president post and like to P.M.post as some demands .As from some corner still suspicion seems to come that govt. is also hiding something regarding Swiss bank issues and trying to play smartly this topics again and agin .In the FDI issue I have my personal support as poor farmers in my place are also living from hand to mouth.

                                       As the manipulation by brokers are clear.But this should not be used to stop the Jan Lok Pal Bill , Citizen Charters Bill etc. timing definitely seems to be wrong. Even the Peoples representation Act disallowing the non graduates should be passed by the Congress led UPA.After all this is the party which have spoiled the test of the publics to great extent. So much so that they may fear to change their image now, but God`s will has to be respected nowadays he seems to be instrumental in bringing Arab spring and similar revolution everywhere .The progeny of the Gandhi family are expected to be more sacrificing as though Congress has successfully branded BJP as communal .But BJP has also shown Congress as corrupted .And the publics has all the right to ask ultimately who is the Queen Bee getting the ultimate benefit. As price rise and corruption have become the hardest part for the Publics.

Also the BJP filled with the locals who have every right to be sentimental, how long they may be denied from testing the power ones. The best way for a honorable reconciliation can be national Govt. where both the party first time meet together to form the Govt. unitedly.Remember than only may be important laws can be passed and than only some black sheeps can be removed . And the good will for this sacrifice can be started by both the big national party by helping in evolution of the minority right in my 29th Assembly constituency Basar West siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh, as this may be beginning of a new chapter for the modern India.Why not we can write the modern magna carta of the political history of India after discussion with brutal honesty after lots of introspection to make this Country great.

                                                As the congress tall claims of minority rights also seems to be meaningless in my place as my Christians have been persecuted for long here, as we want to pray the lord and savior to solve the catena of issues like our own and other pressing issues of country like –price rise ,supply of power and surplus food supply which we may can do- due to abundant water here and chinese threat etc.Here with the Gods mercy we may play a good positive role being close to all, but does our leaders have time for this besides their egoism? Time and again my State has been used by both the party, now may be time to reach the least and the poor as God commands if the national party feels it so.As for long parties have run after magic figure and played number games may be time to go to the God`s loved ones this time.

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