Tuesday, December 6, 2011


                                The Chinese threat is not so real as they are made out to be as both are super powers and responsible countries. And know each others capabilities ,and lately Pakistanis friendly move also should remove that doubts. After all China is a business doing country and must be seeing more towards increasing its business interests. But there is definitely rumors doing the round and the Govt. has to clarify it.But above all the need of time is a practical approach and one hell of a capable peace maker.

If we cannot fight the system better to make friendship with it,both India and China Govt.need to know it , right now both seems to be not clear about its strategy in dealing with each others . And more the Chinese threat is - The Country may have to be now more near to the Americans who have lately made a miniature Drone plane bomb which is creating havoc in the Taliban turfs in Afganistan.But the weapons have also limitations ,the best course is mutual trusts that can be only increased by increasing interactions .I am writing this article being a responsible Christian Leader being Adviser peace and justice Dept. CBCNI and a loyal country man .And a friend of China believing in power of Jesus Christ in doing unbelievable miracle.As many Chinese and Americans also seems to read this article I am writing this so that a solution comes atleast a discussion in this direction begins .As it is misnomer to thing that highly discipline PLA armies have no family to cry their loss.

And may be the CIA and PLA should observe this at least as good academic discussion , after all best and the most successful war is won without waging it . First of all I hope Nehruji name should not come for betraying the nation for giving free hands to Chinese from next year as the peace agreement between two countries is said to be finished by than.The geographical nature of the State like A.P makes it more plausible for coming to a short of understanding with the Chinese. As this may benefit both the border areas of the china and India both being far away from their capital .As this days the China desperately need the more supply of maize and Soya been crops, which Arunachal Pradesh and North East State of the India bordering China , can supply to their hearts content. Therefore opening border trade as first time peace initiative may be appreciate by locals and benefit both.it is pertinent to mention that already India and China have fought 1962 war over Arunachal Pradesh part of the North east region of India.

Thus today People to people contract may have to be encouraged as communication gap creates lots of distrusts .And Chinese policy reciprocated like no staple visa for Arunachalee in China with same to Chinese visitors in Arunachal Pradesh.The Publics voice that it wants to remain in India is more than enough. But they equally wants mutual benefits, peace and cultural ties with the China which are of same Mongolian stock. As the Indo Tibetan Mongolians as we are somewhere our roots are also in China mainland. Today Arunachal Publics know that it is best for them to stay in India only.This case is different from other State like JNK and Nagaland as it will be for Countries interest if the border trade is opened up. Hunger and poverty is the main reason for rise of ULFA and other outfits, therefore this new policy should help us.

The people of the Arunachal are very much part and partial of the India but the ground reality is with it nearness more to Lhasa than Delhi this cultural ties arrangement with China may be more practical. Today we need to grow up, as we have super power image and must leave our previous emotional and small views. By the brotherhoodness through cultural ties the Chinese and Indians may be bring more near to each other through an Arunachalee who is loved and respected by both; after all the main irritating issue for China only seems to be His Holiness Daley Lama case. They seems to see American hand in mocking them by pampering him.The China also could not be blamed for historical mistakes if any. The Indian Country man will be mistaken if they think that all of the Tibetans are Buddhists and every one there are up against the Chinese.

As a matter of fact majority of the Serb community who were none Tibetans are said to have invited communism and even being given autonomous later on by the Chinese Govt.And most of them are said to be more than happy with liberation from Daley Lamas rule. As the fact is also that there is too much stakes in the Hydropower sector in State of Arunachal Pradesh and the investors may be also confused after Dragons are not silenced by gun or love.Thus opening up of a border trade may be a good beginning. It is better to expose an issue than to hide it.Let Arunachal be a place for all the super powers to work in mutual respect and mutual benefit .

As per the local Arunachalee going by the Old records the Peoples Liberation Army should be more sympathetic to the locals, but the danger cannot be undermined if the war escalates. One was even saying this will be a good pretext to finish the monopoly of outside traders who may just run away for good. I fervently pray to God that the good senses should finally prevail on both the neighbors. And this time I appreciate the move by the APSU to visit Chinese Embassy in new Delhi even against some critics reservations. The Chinese bashing is not going to solve the problem as they may see us as an ant . The national party like BJP and Cong have certain limitations in maintaining a friendly agenda with the mighty neighbor. But for the sake of the future Publics peace and tranquility Chinese friendship seems to be need of hour. Why all the state will suffer for few Tibetan`s, critics opine? They also need to accept this place as their only home and distract themselves from old hangovers of being chased by Chinese as today they got better place.

Thus before a new political party completely siding with the China evolve , why not support our own regional party which can maintain an equi-distance from both forms of vested interests, this idea is doing the round in the present situation. And when we see who is better enemy for the Country it is seen that Chinese are much better than Pakistanis. The great Chinese has to be appreciated that they have never played cheap politics like contaminating river waters flowing through A.P.like Satlaj river by Pakistan with toxic nuclear waste.

This shows their sincerity and responsibility though they are in vintage position to harm our interests. In 1962 wars also they were said to be treating the locals with utmost respect. Whereas our own soldiers are said to have given unnecessary harassment ,even raping women’s where heard. Though People were so much uneducated at that time , and it might not have been documented .But after war also so many rape cases were reported to locals this is really surprising. You can’t expect the loyalty to the country by continuing with this activity. Henceforth any of this incidents has to be dealt with utmost seriousness.

So friendship with Dragons- is it not a better option in this global era? As for the Christian missionaries it will be definitely a better option to do mission work their also.After gospel of truth and salvation is spread their who knows one day they will also be a democratic country. Thus the best course for both the country even Americans will be to think upon a more lasting solution, which is practical and don’t hurt the self respect of others . As for this only way for reaching mighty China to interact with them is possible through the State of Arunachal Pradesh which is the key to corridor of mainland china.May God bless this peace initiatives is president of America hearing.


Tej said...

Yes it is good to cultivate ties. As they say, keep your friends close but enemies closer.

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