Saturday, December 24, 2011


                         The saying goes science is lame without religion and the religion is blind without science. In my earlier article I wrote how Jesus Christ was all encompassing and Christianity can be seen as complete religion having good parts of all the religion. As Jesus Christ affirmatively said in the jews synagogue(temple) -`Today religion have been fulfilled in me.`Today let us check how scientifically Lords existence and his doctrines are proved.The place where the lord was born is still their, even heard that the name of the governors like Pontius Pilate engraved in the Jerusalem stone monuments.

                           The Roman calendar is based on Lord`s birth which we all celebrate as Christmass day on 25th Dec to this days .The world is today divided between two times based on his birth one before his birth and one after his birth.The dead sea scroll kept in Cairo museum found accidently by a Sheppard have been undertaken with the carbon dating experimentation since long and their age of the scroll made of papyrus plant have been nearly verified as the same time when the Holy Bible books where written by 12 Apostles.

It is pertinent to mention that all the books and all the chapters written by the apostles where not accepted by the earlier leaders under the instruction of the Pope.only those stories which found similarly mentioned by about 2-3 authors where accepted as fact and where included in the holy Bible.Thus the result is adjact documentation of what happened during that day in the view of Mathieu , John and Luke gospel of epic Holy Bible.And thus we get that many historical facts are the adjact word and sentence of what Lord and savior said during his time himself.

You see most of the believers from advanced developed Country where not ready to accept the Bible preaching in toto unless they made total introspection before accepting the Lord.But the justification in a scientific way is forbade by Holy Bible .And also has some limitation`s, as eventually it is the graceness of the God that he anoint some at the cost of others.The anti Christ groups have been equally active siting Extra terrestrial elements and UFO role in writing Holy Bible.And some even made controversial movies like-` Vinchi Code`, to defame the gospel. But the power of the God cannot be denied also , see howsoever we criticize America and Europe we cannot deny that after 2nd world war it come become more powerfull. The critics will still criticize by saying Britishers ruled India because of the superiority complexion infused by higher spiritual realization. But here also their was injustice to our own Indians by rich and powerful by our own ,like the sati system earlier prevalent in India.Like today also for the swiss bank black money issue our own Peoples may be also responsible.Thus we need to see that God has send missionaries and pastors to benefit us also.

As it is said seek thy kingdom and righteousness first and everything shall flow unto you.Shame that Today many Indian money is rotting in the foreign bank .Or who knows some may have been blackmail to invest in Europe. Therefore the time may have been also come not only to discuss passing of Jan Lok Pal Bill .But to seek the higher spiritual realization after all Hinduism support this experimentations .See the concept of the Samudra Manthan this is in fact atma chintan self introspection.So an atma chintan of highest order may alone change us as an Individual , family , society , country and world.

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