Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Who was and is Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ?

                                         The Christianity is a world religion and Jesus come for all ,this is not a English religion .The place where Jesus Christ was born was neither in Asia, Africa or Europe. Plus there is no picture to show the color of Jesus God is a spirit and thus who worship him must worship in spirit .Even the nature prays him see the symbol of the star , use of trees and sheep’s in Christmas. The wind heard the Lords command thus even the nature was under him.

                                   The great man like Swami Vivekananda inspired from him and advocated the prayer of unseen God.The three Magi’s who came to witness the baby Christ where said to have come from the eastern side 3000 miles away .The expert see it as the modern Iran, the place from where the 3 Magis come.And as the Aryans who started Hinduism are supposed to once lived their, therefore the magis can be seen as highly spiritual Hindu Sadhus. The Jesus was born in the mother Mary’s womb in a unique way to bring Gods gospel , but in fact he was not born .He was living all the time in the past and will live in future .It is wrong to argue why God did not born in our community as this was also subject of discussion during those days by rich.God`s will after all is final , as he is the owner of the world and heaven.The miracle of God is unparallel he could rise the dead one`s and did whatever it was only possible by son of God as he claimed himself.The 500 witness who show the resurrected Christ and affirmed this all were killed by Roman Emperor. Mind it none will like to die for the false testimony. The success of the super power Americans can be attributed to their sincerity to living God.The birth of Christ was long prophesized by the prophets like Isaiah.

                            The Gods story was definitely known by all the community and religion followers since time inmemorial even in our folksongs their we find this .See years of separation seems to have brought slight changes in the story of all the religions , as after tower of Jerubabbel incidence all the great grand fathers separated. This theory is proved by many similarities between all the religion and Christian religion. Like Holy Bible, in Hinduism also,their seems to be believe that their will be kalki avatar wearing white dress in Kalyug.The story of tower of Jerrubabel is akin to the Muni Sukhracharyas challenge to the Devtas to make parallel heaven. The Nuas story is somewhat same with the Hindu forefather`s Manu`s story being saved by the fish in great flood.
                                          The father son holy spirit concept of Christianity is akin to the Brahma ,Bishnu and Mahesh trinity god of Hindus.Even the Buddhist philosophy of not killing animal is akin to the Christian doctrines - `you shall gospel to all the creatures’. The concept of the kalptaru in Hindu is akin to Christmas tree.The philosophy of Puran is akin to ,`love thy neighbor`.Namely-`Astadesu puraneshu Vyasasya vachana Duyam ,Paropkaray Punyay ,Parpidanay Papay.`Which means the summary of 18 Puranas is to help other is holy and to harm is greatest sin.Some time the Hindu famous Shirdi ka Sai Baba priest seems to have evolved from a Christian healer.As in hindi Christian is called as Isai.

                         Today even the world seems to indirectly worship the living God. See the happiness at which People celebrate the new year which is a Christian festival along with Valentines Day. As the new year is basically extension of celebration of Lords birth in earth as the world runs on Roman calendar. Therefore this world is only depending on God`s mercy and graceness knowingly and unknowingly. We need to be liberated from the bondage of our sins which seems to be separating us from God. The peoples in India still seems to be in fools paradise that the Britishers used Christianity for enslavement of the Country .While fact is due to our own weakness we become slaves today also. Friends more than original daily used products, in fact we need true and living God.This merry Christmas may bring a new change for you. Praise the lord.

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