Tuesday, November 29, 2011


                                           The time for the Arunachal to go places has come in the field of agriculture. More particularly in the place like Aalo , Basar and Pasighat which is going to be future business destinations. The place which is fertile and scientific knowhow and technical backup in the form of the ICAR in Basar and Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry college in pasighat is available. Mind it supply of the organic crop is going to be future business of the State and these places inArunachal pradesh has ample opportunity. May be Gods blessings also to the hard working peoples of this place who need not regret the past guilt of loosing out other important developmental projects. As soon with the probable passing of Jan Lok Pal Bill and the stationing of CBI permanent office in all the State by the order of the Hon’ble Supreme Court the easy money will be thing of past. And good time should come to this place.

                                 As per the scientists soon the plains of the country is going to be devoid of rainfall and population is going to be doubled and as such NE is only going to be the vegetable bowl of the country. Hope soon we may finish the selling of contaminated vegetables to some extent in the country. Specially the rich man eating in five star hotels deserve our fresh organic crop and vegetables. Theentrepreneurs who are interested in this line can contact me. The NGO`s like-`WORLD VISION` need to ponder on this project as being adviser Peace and Justice dept. Council of Baptist Church North east India ( CBCNI). I may help this NGo to reach the Christian believers also in my place who are particularly economically deprived lots. We should remember Holy Bible verse in Old Testament –` Seven years of abundance , than will come seven years of famine’. The Christians have been always doubted of getting foreign aids which is certainly wrong. Our economic life style may have give this impressions.

                                   After all our Lord and saviorJesus Christ broke five loafs and five dry fishes and feed them to multitudes and order the remaining to be collected. Thus our Lord is Lord of miracle and also lord of economy we see here, we desperately need his miracle and mercy here which will be later good for the society and the Country. See Lord selected the hated tax collector Jacheus as his host on his visit to his place. May be Jacheus was a laborious man in his eye. Thus our farmers should be hard working and should adopt modern farming methods. The importance of agriculture has been defined directly and indirectly many times in Holy Bible. The organized Christian Churches should come forward in this mission. As society needs more of live example of success story and Gods miracle to boost alls confidence .The unvirtuous mans will fall to any extent and will be bad example to future generation by begging for money in election. As the God is against selling of ones right therefore through labor only one should prosper. .

                                   The private entrepreneurs are accepted to come in this field, and the good initiative has to be started by our own local entrepreneurs. Like in Mizoram where the rich officer sons and relatives instead of joining politics have gone in this field in a big way, we are also waiting for prodigal sons of the soil who sincerely wants to do something for the society. The new communication facility and the advertisement avenues make this business more lucrative. And it would have been good if I was a rich man to invest in this field . The sons of the nova rich Arunachalees whom the Publics are looking forward with great expectations they should not fail us , as they must have inherited richness for God`s special purpose. They should not misuse it as in this State 95 % money seems to be earned by dubious means. As even if one pretend to earn money by his own merit .

                                We have to learn from the Apatanis who seems to have learned from their earlier bitter past mistakes, namely- thelesion’s of pride killing of maximum number of Mithun in the enemies house front , which used to be reciprocated and finished only when other was totally broke. This practice seems to be retained by Galos in the form of pushing up of the candidate with excess money in election. It is not helping any body, only may satisfy the ego of few powerful once who may have outlived their utility. But to them I challenged -`Do you want to be written in your graveyard ,like this man feared ruling party till his whole life or he only worked for his own interest by the future generation. And with the Arab spring effect seen everywhere the new generation Youth may designate their burial grounds.

                                                      The reason for my starting blog 6-7 Yrs. Back was also to help the local entrepreneurs in marketing this products in small way. what I am preaching I must do also, my formula has to be more effective than others . And with the new policy changes which may compel the contractor centric public of the State of Arunachal to be more focused to the agriculture and horticulture. I feel my vision was not wrong. last time I chanced to hear the seminar on the water shed management in ICAR Basar. I liked theconcept of preserving the water in special polythene shed in pond in rainy season .I openly challenge some new generation guys to sacrifice and set a example in investing in Organic sector to make our mother land more rich. Forget that the present Publics are going to be forgetful like earlier occasion. Only Blitzkrijing during election will do no good as the critics are predicting dooms days for opportunists who want to follow earlier stories.

                                       Now some game changers have evolved one like it or not and Publics questioning abilities increased. And with the truth of gospel of salvation for mankind in some good leaders side they cannot be underestimated now . And even if one wants to contest my humble appeal -let all the political parties keep some issues above personal and parochial view. Can’t we not work together in these field for our motherland rich and poor alike to give better society to future generation, as some rich mans sons may be tomorrow poor also .And are we not contesting for making our place more wealthy for all to reap the benefit . But is it to only keep the monopoly of the son`s of rich officers and politicians who may have benefitted from our silence.And as clever old cunning father dupe his all sons of secret property kept by him till he dies , are we going to be put Gandhi topi again?

                                         The repented souls has to be also welcomed and respected and a popular support must be build up in their favor even if their parents have done anything wrong earlier. This is the last chance for seeking forgiveness before a revolution sweeps across all the State. This days you never know about the future.i appreciate sri Kasap Bagraji for choosing my place for starting a new plantation in my place ,more prodigal sons of the soils should follow suit.


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