Monday, December 27, 2010

The Wastage

The Wastage :
Our Lord and savior made five pieces of bread and three pieces of fish to be given to multitudes . And remaining he made it to be collected to be used later . Thus Jesus was God of miracle but not god of wastage . Earlier it is doubtful many wastage were made of our State fund by our senior leaders in A.P . As the innocent and whimsical leaders must have been seen as easy pray by outside business man than.
Some is even said to have been looted immensely by Rishi Munis , bollywood , Marwaris and Doctors who become their money keepers . It might be possible that many have been blackmailed by luring with girls and their photo taken In questionable posses. Unmindful of the small camera fitted in Hotels our leaders might have done anything any were a friend believes . As they mostly used to stay in virtual intoxication than it cannot be overlooked . A Hon’ble minister was once made to give prize in Asiad games Swimming competition it is heard . It is said even after giving his prizes he was hooked to bumps of the Foreign Lady swimmers and as such after the event the chief Guest had to come out of the Velodrum with great difficult as their was none to escort as the guard had to attend to the Chief Guest of the new award winner .

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