Monday, December 27, 2010


Beware of the net awards it’s a business out and out . But it profits some corrupt officers and politicians also who will get psychological satisfaction of winning it before he is caught as most corrupted person later on .
Recently a very good officer time and again got invitation to get the prize which he was least interested . Later to his amusement his friend had organize a big party to show that he had won that coveted award .This days some foreign award promise of cash money are giving some sleepless night to innocent Peoples of interior places as they ask money for parceling the prize . And who knows many innocent net Jens from our backward State may have already become its easy prey also .
The results not a single advertisement in Net can be trusted anymore ; now for me if I get any proposal for giving me best blog award my best readymade answer is .If I have won award please deliver it personally I will deduct your delivery and travel expense from the Prize . The western Peoples should stop thinking India as fools it seems they have not seen the Indian movie such as – Badmash Company where Foreigner was cheated. And one thing they seems to forget in this field we are more smarter than them also after all India is still devils last bastion .

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