Friday, December 31, 2010


My advise to all the citizens who want to spend their New Year nicely is by sponsoring a healing crusade like Brother . Tamchi Kusuk who is single-handedly sponsoring the Nazareth Healing Festival 2011 in Chitwan Nepal . Need not to say Peoples will wonder why brother Tamchi is so rich . The testimony of the Nova rich believer is that the day he decided to not cheat the God by paying his thanks and tide nicely he have been getting showers of blessings and wants to testify this to others .He says loyalty to god is the best Business .
And as mark of his obligation he have been always sponsoring the Healing crusade and says that it is the best Business . And it is good for the State as well as the State is also facing worst leadership crisis and need the blessings from outreach mission works like Nepal which is really suffering as thousands have died their in Political power struggle .For those who want to be part of this Gods ministry in terms of the logistic , monetary and prayer support this are the details .
Main speakers are going to be my Old good friend Senior Pastor Bulon Dutta Founder President Siloam ministry , Assam , India . This is going to be organised by Chitwan Christian Society P.O Box No. 49, Bharatpur , Chitwan , Nepal Convener Pastor Gunja B.K . And the Prayer points are going to be –
1. Let the name of the Lord Jesus may be glorified . 2. May the blessing of God rest upon the Speakers and the interpreter .3. May the Holy spirit come upon the gathering and let there be a great revival.4.Pray for the participants and the delegates . 5. Pray for the pleasant weather . 6.For Mr. Tamchi Kusuk . the sponsor of the healing programme , for his good health , business success , for his entire family members , for his financial.7. for the political stableness in Nepal and 8. For the divine protection from any anti social elements. God bless you all ameen.

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