Friday, December 31, 2010

The solution to the Muslim Fanatics

The solution to the Muslim Fanatics :-

Thought the Muslims are seen to be the most notorious Peoples , the God seems to have blessed them also immensely . Like Shah Rukh khan , Salman Khan and Amir Khan . Who seems to be right now enjoying more than what the Muslim Jehadis is suppose to enjoy in heaven after Shahadat after dying for Jehad .
Those intellectuals have but bigger responsible may be they have been so much blessed to save their own peoples . It is pertinent to mention that today Muslims are the least educated and the poorest section of the society . The human beings greatest gift power to think have been also given more to their leaders by our father in heaven . But why they are surprisingly keeping mum , the Muslim brothers in fact need real life heroes not reel life heroes to save them .
Is it not time for them to criticise their main enemy D. Company and the Jehadis who have made sure that the Muslim remains a fool and long only after violence and war . The intellectual Muslim should go open against the dogmatic views and declare fatwa against the crooks who have made ignorance as a business . They must work overtime to modernise the Madrasa than only the Khan brothers will be remembered in history or they will be seen as duplicate Khans appointed by the Britishers . Mind it how much they sleep with the film actresses and how much articles is written regarding them in film fare , in the end in the day of the Judgement they may have to face the eternal condemnation .
Today in the era when the congress seems to be fighting their last loosing battle .The party which have made fool of the all Muslims by trying to emotionally blackmail them as real blood brothers of Gandhis from Feroz Gandhi point of view who was in fact a Parsi ; can privileged Muslims can still afford to be friend of Priyankas and Rahuls which definitely don’t confined to it as it effects the fate of millions of their Poor brothers and sisters . As Congress are Old timers in it and God knows how much corrupted they have made even of our pastors and Evangelist in elections and have become perfect machine for ticket to hell . Not that I am against them personally but monotony seems to have harmed everyone even Christians are no exceptions today , instead of giving due recognisation to God for some the priority always seems to be Rahul devay namah .
It would have been good if Soniaji would have openly declared herself as a Christian and direct for helping Church before election . Before the People realise that why Swiss bank account not disclosed as if they are blackmailed by foreign agents why don’t the Gandhi family take a honourable exit from the business of putting Gandhi topi at others at the cost of the kit and kins as the excessive corruption is number one agenda of God as well. Thus British made Khans not Chengiz Khans descendent should not be excited like always to dance to their tunes before each election.this is so shameful as they are unmindful of their power like Giant khali in TV show – Big Boss .
Accepted that the RSS are bad at a time but they are also the one who are fighting for the nation often , only it is that , their way are bit different and in present time may be more pleasing to God . As the corruption is one of the reason which is hampering the little voice of God to reach Indians and disturbing it to know the will of the God . The graph will perhaps show that 90 percent corruption are made by congress Gandhi topi clad guys . As if there is one time corruption and retirement policy is practised in Congress camp with Netas caught left and right . Can Rahulji answer this before the cumulative sin of all the congress tirchi topi wallas come to the boss . Before that better Gandhis seek for God’s kingdom and honourable retire and have happy marriage life like others . As after peak of everything time for downfall starts .
As don’t worry God will take care of this country you take care of yourself ; as there is fullness in life of following Gods will and marrying a wife . If you really mean business than help me cleaning my Society and repairing the broken walls like Prophet Nehemiah as vibrant A.P will alone save the country . For Arunachals strategic location and capacity in future which is at present run by your spoilt sons is all set to finish the Country . As each time when the party changed in Delhi had not all the badmass company changed their sides so like lord Shiva discarding Ravana why Gandhis help bring one time revolution in A.P if they are God fearing and real Desh Bakth .

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