Wednesday, December 1, 2010


                                                                   The bachelor word seems to have been started by Imran Khan . A friend of mine told me that two persons had made every ones life hell for remaining unmarried one Salman Khan and other Rahulji . The friends and family are said to be fed up . As Biologically there is a time for progeny and both refuse to budge . This is a bad jock as marriage are made in heaven both the good Samaritans who have too much responsibility should also sincerely give time to themselves as whom they are seeing today they should think God has send her for them . As I had also same problem for a long time and this is my sincere advise being Human as Salman Bhais motto of Foundation says .We have limitations God will take care of rest and must also give time to ourselves and fulfill parents wish . Though homeminister is a bit too much but it is also a good learning experience . For chronic bachelors like Rahulji he will need lot of prayer support .
                                                                                   None realize the helplessness in this situation as one remain single for so long his interest may diminish in all the affairs ; and  when there is time for this things Dil hai ki manta nahin and later fear and apprehensions creeps in and girl may sing - Kaha Se Aap Jamane Ke Baad Ayen Hain . But atleast for duo danger bell is yet to ring for a month . The friends and relatives may have to make prospective wife’s as p.a and personal secretary as they may have virtually no time ; and being famous personalities they may have no good friends either to take them for a look . Only if they make someone like me as their love guru who had also same problem for long time than there is a bit of scope . After all one like me  who was in Delhi for greduation  and from North East  knows double of others . But Arunachal Girl will they like ? The God seems to be not giving wife when one is not ready ; so both should make themselves psychologically preferred and pray to God this is step one . As issue is not the dirt of girl but to like it .

                                                                                                    Financial soundness apart one has to be able to be committed to the family if we don’t give time to our own family also we may fall in life ; see what happened of all the successful film stars like Devanandji and Rajesh Khanna they have failed as father and lost their family trust .There are more vital element in life as later party or the cause will not come to cater for their day to day need specially emotional need of the family member which a good wife can alone give  . And when one is old no amount of money can save him from boredom . Thus sooner the better don’t think too many girls too little time or wait for perfect girl the one you both are dating think she is the best and destined one . For Salman and Rahulji honestly a Village girl may be better as they have little time for family as high profile wife will seldom give time to family and they are already busy it may be emotonal atyachar for each other . they may face  worst situation  than their present condition ; as they have already lost much of their valuable time like me . I love both dearly so I am advising as God also seems to be warning them to act normal and give time to themselves and their families both cannot run away from their family responsibility . Am I wrong ?
                                        Check Atal Bihari  Bajpayi for the end , mind it Old age is said to be very challenging . God bless this two good person who are seen to be doubted for bad reasons and barring their party and friends excess are still seems to be white sheep among blacks .

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