Monday, December 27, 2010


The issue of Swiss money show that even if the British were ready to leave India the rich Indians were preferring to keep us as slave . Who knows even the Swiss bank money is being used by the ISI ,CIA and the Europeans secret agents and many Indian depositors have been cheated and even murdered and assault .The kind of secrecy surrounded around the allege hiding of Rs. 350/- lakh crore as estimate by Baba Ramdev in Swiss bank is mind-boggling .
It have been decade after Mohar Singh dreaded chambal dacoit has surrendered and have been accepted in Society . Lately seen proposing me friendship in facebook with big moustache photo in his profile . But our own elites and aristocrats who seems to be worst than him still refuse to budge . The first Person to surrender to Baba Ramdevji should be seen as a Pioneer a truly repented man like Dacoits did to Binoda Bhabe in seventies. And surely he will have a name in history of the Country . As it will stop trans- border terrorism to a great a extent as the terrorism seems to have a direct nexus with the havala transaction and the black money in Swiss Bank .
A plausible solution should be Gandhis taking stern action against the Congress leaders having slice of cake in this . And more the delay the doubt of finger will be also caste on Gandhi family . As more and more famous Personality like Kiran Bedi have joined Baba Ramdevs revolution which has become a Public uprising . A solution can be investing in my state Arunachal Pradesh where there is no tax to the locals in the sectors such as Tourism and Organic crop this way this may do Country some good also . As lately Poor Publics in Arunachal Pradesh are in the confusion regarding their loyalty mainly due to the wrong Govt. policy which went against Patriotic Citizens like Orchested defeat of M.P Kiran Rijiju . The development which seldom reach the Poors and down trodden therefore the Good Samaritan Investors must come here to rescue us . this may be 2nd best option .
The readers can also read my article – Investors Paradise written long time back . I am ready to give as much support as I can for the nations interest. After all the Countries interest is more important . And if we can solve it by bringing up a practical solution than nothing like it . As said in Sanskrit – Janani Janma Bhoomi Swargadapi Gariyashi e,i- Birthplace is pious like heaven .
The new resurrected India must come up openly against the Swiss Govt. and threaten it with missile hamla if it does not open up its secrecy . If the Congress is not serious about its disclosure than it must have most of the money kept their the India’s Publics should openly question this . The Swiss bank issue is a human issue UNO must take up this issue . This must be kept above politics as so much Poor are suffering in the Country .The Congress could not deviate from this core issue . Each time why congress leaders are only caught with corruption and removed promptly as if it is pre plan . And in case of congress Arunachal leaders why seldom no action as if the poor media and poor opposition so far have been taken well advantage of so far .
Had it been in Israel the State would have gone any extent to decode the secrecy may be even kidnapped the Swiss Bank manager. A bill should be passed in Parliament acknowledging Baba Ramdev for his mission and to improve the link with the Western Countries subject to its sincerity in disclosing the Swiss bank facts . Those who repent should be acknowledge and one who disclose name of the traitor should be rewarded with Bharat Ratna like award after all this are the source of terrorism . The Election commissioner should be made to take action against the Political party which does not comply this agenda after election. As only action against Arunadhoti Roy will not help , those responsible for her outburst should be also taken care of before it become too late.

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