Monday, June 21, 2010

The Laughter side of the Non Tribal bussiness man

The non tribal Bussiness man who have become part and parcel of the Arunachal pradesh so much so forth that they are said to be going to there house only for once in a month . To the extent that some of there own friends joke that sometimes in letter itself their wife becomes pregnant .

As sometimes they don’t visit the palace altogetherly and get the son but nobody complains. With due apology to them one of the teacher of the Hindu community recently in a Sumo trip was taking a dig at his own community that where as the Muslim could manage 4 wifes his community Peoples could not manange even ones and so living far from the madding crowd .

May be god has blessed the Muslims in a magnificient way four times power that of the Hindus may have been given to them is what that mischivious teacher was pondering to our great interest. Some of the non tribal Arunachalee domicile here has also interesting story to tell . One of chaps Nandalal whose father was a cobler in my home town Basar he unfortunately died a unhappy man , when he went to his hometown in Bihar for marriage . He was shown a very pretty woman but after Suhaag raat he come to know that his beautiful younger sister was made his actual bite in the fish hook which he could not remove for eternity . And he had to drink the bitter pill of digesting a behenji type ugly better half to his shock as his wife .

But for some anti Dawri activist it may be a good reason to cheat upon those who are after rich dowri for marrying there daughter and demanding exorbitant price , the non tribals who have aclamatised themselves in the North East State have been seldom made as the target for all short of fooling and goondagardi by their counterpart in UP and Bihar for they appear to be cheapest scape goat for them . But some chaps also end up become oversmart here in an open Society which is far from their home town . One case of simple constable telling himself as officers in SSB in Basar have been heard . Later even confining his wife in the house least the wife sees him washing the officers cloths in Basar .

Some non tribal some of them who have earned disproportionally from this remote State it is pay back time for them . They should now invest in Bussiness ventures which is usefull to both them and the locals least they become target here also . Sardarji are worth respectable in this regard for Singh are definitely king and others need to learn from them . Be Roman while in Rome the Biharis who are very laborious need to learn from this .The way they dress and talk should be identical to the locals or their may be some misunderstanding with some youths .

The locals need to learn from their labour as lately our Society seems to have become very lethargic due to the dependancy in the leadership we need to develop our self respect and know the dignity of work like the Biharis who earn ransom amount by being thela wala and Muthias .

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