Monday, June 21, 2010


The Political leaders should not have the misconception that they are the soul owner of the the natural resources of the State and think of later run away to other state after their tenure . The rivers belong to Peoples since ages and its land along with jungle , and the people the real owner has to have a final say in commission of dam and compensation matter. So the report of less compensation is highly condemnable. Whereas it is heard in the Gergamukh project in Sibunsiri river the publics of the Sibe Rite area were paid nicely by the NHPC .

The less compensation will bring doubt in the mind of the Publics and will help the believe in common theory that most of the compensation money was spend in kick backs and deserving company like NHPC where knowingly sidelined . The Govt. also need to make a all party commitee on the question of commission of dam and compensation as this are sensitive issues and if not later present leadership will be alone blame , later Bhopal gas tragedy like situation might also happen in our State . Already publics are unhappy with the non transparent way in which the Dams MOU signed . According to a friend cabinet decesion was passed to sign MOU with the corporate houses by taking local MLA into confidence but it was not done so in some areas , this are gross anamolities . This itself shows what kinds of our leaders and companies they are who are not careful with the legality of the agreement .

Lately many leaders are said to be running heather and tither with files for making Hydro power in their own District . Now who can stop them as rumour of million dollar made by some will definitely prompt them because in congress party to be in power you have to be able to feed the central master that seems to be the mantra . But what about the Publics are they really willing to part with their ancestorial land . The silence of the publics should be not taken granted of ,best example is singhur Tatas Neno project in west Bengal which is harming the CPM’s once believed impregnable Fort which none thought will crumble .

It would have been better if less Dams where made another pertinent question is some ancestoral additional land has been also taken by Companies to plant trees as the ministry of Environment require them to plant three times more than the Dam area where forest are damaged . The innocent publics who are traditional owner of the land is helpless as it have been sold in connivence of some panchayat leaders it is heard . The future has to be seen weather Apangji and Kanduji will be seen as a great statesman or shear bussiness man who made the best bussiness out of their opportunity at the cost of the Publics .

As for the people of Basar we are atleast satisfied that though we will hardly see cash as no Dam commissioned so far but atleast we are secured from natural disaster like Bhopal Gas tragedy as it is lying in secured area .

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