Monday, June 21, 2010


The repeated price rise seems to be have broken the back bone of the poor . And Darwins theory of servivle of the fittest is quite distinctly seen in our Country . Today time to ponder for the Publics wheather the coming of the Congress party is directly proportionate to the price rise as alleged by Nitin Gadkariji in patna ralley.

The party seems to be banking only on the rich capitalists during elections , as its ideology seems to have little taker with the Publics and each time after election the capitalist seems to be dictating the agenda of the 10 Janpath road and their seems to be a hidden agenda to benefit corporate houses by any means ; even interfering with Judiciary , legislature and exucutive . see the shocking disclosure of ex CBI boss in Bhopal gas tragedy .

As the lobby for the rich seems to be gaining ground and each time they seems to be making agenda of their own choice , time may be fertile for choosing some one like Baba Ramdev who like Obama may usher in the change we believe in . As Gandhis have been seen to be too good for India yet not doing something regarding 250 lakh crore rupees rotting in Swiss Bank as alleged by Baba Ramdev . This are critical questions which may soon be rised by the Publics . In the quest for the change will the Public tomorrow see Nehru Gandhi family as part of the problems only time will tell .

Some crooks who often makes Congress party as its ladders seems to have always planned new tectics to do corruption to pay back its election sponsers . If the comparative study of which Party made the largest corruption need not to say the party will get the man of the series award is what a BJP friend fumes . With largest numbers of selfless dedicated cadres BJP stand to be not under the influence of the rich and the powerful if it comes to power . May it also get one chance again after all for common man like us we need only deliverance its all the more same you have congress or BJP in the centre .

But for it BJP must have tachit understanding with the Baba Ramdevjis Bharat Swabhiman party or it may dint into its vote bank. But ultimatelty same philosophy may prompt them to cross each others line is what the nationalists believe and see Nitin Gadkaris lambast at Lalloo yadav after he said Tantrik should have no role in Politics as first step in this regard .

But for dislodging Congress party a lot of miticulous planning will be needed as most of the good People who are in majority has to be united . This time or never if the opposition fails to unite in centre politics may be never same again for 20 years to come . Baba Ramdevji may have to be convinced of tacit understanding which is feasible as he may identify BJP more than Congress . What is needed is to let Babas party campaign mostly in congress strong hold and BJP giving ticket to less prospective candidates in those areas .

Both the Bharat Swabhiman and BJP should also try to unite oppossition under the burning issue of price rise and non disclosure of the master mind for the release of Anderson by Arjun Singh than MEA , lack of judicial activism , CBI helplessness rise by the Bhopal gas tragedy may be linked with non disclosure of asset in Swiss bank as demanded by Baba Ramdev on behalf of the Publics. This is the last chance if the Oppossition does not mend their differences than non can stop Gandhis from becoming like Mughals our Mongol forefathers .

Baba has restrain himself from criticising other this is good as eventually this may help him to be a acceptable leaders for anti congress unification of all the parties . The BJP may have to also explore other acceptable leader for the P.M post . A Muslim leader like Shah Nawaj may be a best bet and may not be also aversed to Nitish Kumarji also who is uncomfortable with Narendra Modi . And this may take out all the congress air of secularism card which they make time and again before each election . The Varun Gandhi name may be less prefered to the party cadres as it may be falling into line of the Congress party against which family first policy. The BJP was always against .

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