Monday, June 21, 2010


The Bhopal gas tragedy was a horrible incident , we need to learn a bitter lesson from it; in our prayer we need to also remember for the victims and its families atleast once . Better likes of Arjun Singh redeem himself before comulative curse of the whole country make him find no place in hell also . The point to ponder is Isn’t the foregn company may be still not using off dated and 2nd hand machine in our country which is dying for foreign investors and does one wrong decesion of a leader effects all the country.

The worst in the country is People always trying to get political milage even out of such incidents . The country may see more of this kind so long as the national feeling is kept in back as for the country God alone is its owner with every thing in the country exposed to be diluted but Congress party so far manipulating all the election. As because oppossition are not united and BJP seen to be not flexible to see others point of view .

In this context the last hope may be in Baba Ramdevji , Bharat Swabhiman party like other issue it is time he spearhead this Bhopal Gas tragedy incident as he have been always sceptical to foreign investment and have the moral right to do politics in this matter . As there is allegation that the Union Carbide is still running in the name of the other company DAO of whose councel is the Congress Spoksman . So with such strong lobby in their hand it will be difficult to tame the corporate house and as such they always seems to make the agenda after the election . Now see the blame game when the judiciary – Police , CBI , legislature – Law minister and the executive – District magistrate and Chief Secretary are seen to blame each other .

And the man behind it Mr. Arjun Singh in the eye of the storm have maintained absolute silence as if his loyality is more to a man than God . Another question that should come to the Publics are can all the decesion of the Gandhis can be accepted as right . Though the name is not specifically mentioned but it seems the critics indirectly seems to be hinting at Late Rajiv Gandhi . For the Gandhis according to critics have been also responsible for lakh of death directly or indirectly in Partition of India , during emergency suppressed civil rights , gave refugee to Dalai Lama which prompt invasion of India , though operation blue star and operation Rhino can be seen as inevitable but even here critics say Akalis and the Ulfas are also creation of wrong Congress policies.

But operation Bajrang where many IPKF jawans died and lately Bhopal gas tragedy exposure may be later term as Rajivjis brain child as the press is after later like hunting dog . If the truth is not unearthed and the Victims have the right to know the fact and PM manmohan singhji have done the right step to call for joint Parliamentary meeting . The Gandhi family are no immortal they can also commit human error and not always reliable that have been exposed but we have to go ahead also forgive and forget . Aren’t we also responsible each time giving mandate to the Congress only because it manage immediate needs of the publics sidelining the deserving ones as if country belong to them only .

But having said that the sacrificed made by the Gandhi family cannot be also denied and more so the wrong committed by father cannot be passed on the progenies . This is a moment of challenge for the Nehru Gandhi family will they confess to the Country and step down honourably like the king in england for the greater interest of the country before political fatigueness which is presently going against the CPM happens to it . As it is also fact that many alleged goons likes of Arjun sing have thrived on them . And country have suffered teribbly in terms of dependancy syndrome on the family who may also make historic blunders like Simla agreement . But the oppossition should attack more on present Govt. misdoings than previous as there is skeleton in each others cupboard and for this each one will be Individually liable if confession is not made to God and for the Politicians to the Publics after all tremendous power have been given to them by publics .

But for now the congress which seems to be the richest party for them it may not have immidiate problem but the issue may prompt the Country to call for transparent CBI and Judiciary and later may help the disclosing of all the Indian money rotting in Swiss bank as the issue like extradition of Quutrochi kingpin of the Bofors Gun deal etc. may rise once again as the graph seems to be completely going against the Congress party. And than if most of the seniour congress leaders are suppossingly caught with their money deposit in Swiss Bank. Than it may be end of the party as it happened with Mughals and other great families . Thus keeping mum on this issues will also hamper the party the position of the Congress party right now seems to be between deep sea and devil .

Thus for the Congress party time may have come for making a genuine confession to the nation . Only for some power crazy senior congress man misleading Sonia madam who is seen to be a very brave and outspoken person and being from Christian root must be God fearing least the wrath of Poor mans curse fall upon his family. May finally gather strength to say spade a spade for there is power in truth . Or this way that way the party may loose its credentiality as enough is enough with the lies of our leaders . The man who may gain from this whole episode is Hon’ble PM even if the congress servive those who wanted to project Rahulji as next PM may have to wait for the political cyclone to subside .

The aam admi in India knows to what extent power crazy congress cadres can go for them politics is their life sustanance damn it even your own man dies in this kind of man made tragedy lately - dam break hypothetical futuristic view did not deter the congress party in Arunachal to welcome the Mega Hydro project . Before pooh pooh this allegation why the central leadership take no step regarding allegation of 250 lakh crore money siphoned and hide in Swiss bank by the creamy layers as per the allegation made by Baba Ramdev we are waiting for white paper document on it . Some saction of the Publics may be already wondering weather or not the the top leadership are not blackmailed by Corporate houses ,CIA , D .company , KGB etc. who know of their shaddy deals and blackmail them to do against the State interest time. There is also point in what oppossition are saying Congress are not always right is what Bhopal Gas tragedy has shown .

It should be high time we elect right leaders to lead the country isn’t it time to give Nehru Gandhi family members a decent farewell and to support a change we believe in which will never come if we wait . For them also may be time has come for honourable exit as after peak of once achievement once downfall have been always seen . When there is least acceptance than the party have been seen to come back more powerful see how earlier Atal Bihari Bajpae failed to come back and who knows just oppossit will happen ; with the Bharat Swabhiman rally in Bihar termed as superhit by the critics the BJP is working with new confidence . They seem to have learned their lesson well and may be step ahead than congress to project a minority like Shah Nawaj as P.M candidate .

The neutral publics view is more important in politics undecided publics are seen to be deciding the politics than the pro congress or pro BJP as every one cannot be never purchased .Don’t the Gandhis have been also given enough chance and it has rather increased countries dependancy on the leaders , don’t some of their cooteries running this country as a corporate house getting back enough more than what Gandhi did for the country . Is not the Gandhis knowingly and unknowingly toing their sujjesstions only and sidelining the honest and deserving congress workers . Does not congress seen to be against right to free expression after seing the protest on , Red Saree novel written by a Spanish writer . And failed miserably in the front of price rise and Chinese supremacy in frontiers .

The BJP and the Congress will always praise their own policy . But there is also something called political fatigueness . That is boredom with leadrship the present CPM Govt. in West Bengal seems to be its victim . The time for the Congress cadres to pray that it thus not happen with the party . As Narendra Modiji the man congress hate most is taking all benefit of the flowing current in BJP’s favour . And this issue may be of immense help to him as congress may have to maintain status quo regarding not rising Gujrat riot case .

In my State unfortunately the Congress man is always seen to be thinking the world as Dunia Meri Mutthi main . As for Hon’ble C.M he is atleast not a cowboy shooting gun carelessly but in the money front definitely it is seen to be confined to few during his tenure . If he is sincere in fiscal management he should release a white paper document regarding the benefits State received from the Corporate houses for making Mega Dams and stop the threatening of the Social activist who are filling RTI and asking for compensation for the Publics . But one thing atleast the shamless state politicians are seen to be ready to sacrifice its party ideology if the need comes .

The problem with the Congress party seems to be they have been seen to be excessively dependent on the money and muscle power e,i- corporate house as it seems today the Gandhiwadi and the congress ideology is not enough to run the show without the corporate big houses and the BJP also inspite of its popoularity in certain section of the Peoples is helpless to be its alternative as small time bussiness man and shopkeepers BJP’s support base have certain limitations . The good for the country will lie either in having a mission partnership of BJP and the Congress who are always seen to be oppossing each other for the sack of oppossition for atleast 5 years . But this is near to impossible .

So the best may be in giving Baba Ramdev’s Bharat Swabhiman party a chance and since he is a holy and pure man and earned in a clean way and doing good samaritan work the Country should give a resounding and magnimous kick in the ass of some son of the bitch by taking help of his present popularity so what his Bharat Swabhiman party contest from temporary symbol . Mind it congress party members , by not washing its hand and telling who was the one who called Arjun Singh to leave Anderson responsible for 20,000 death the party is digging its own grave ; for in politics the hush hush campaign is more deadly . And lately oppossition also seems to have matched the Public relation tecknique used by Congress party .

The Indian Publics seems to be waiting for either Arjun singh or Sonia madam to clerify the Country regarding Bhopal gas tragedy and Arunachal Publics more particularly waiting regarding commission of numerous mega dams in Arunachal Pradesh that too below Chinese encroachment allegation . Like always after each scam and accident which seems to be happening mostly during congress regime it could not blame other this time , more so this time as the country seems to be saying enough is enough with congress tantrum as the wearer only know were the shoe pinches and the poor alone know the curse of price rise and the Arunachal Publics alone know the fear of living below a dangerous man made bomb the mega dams can they really hold million of cubics of water ?

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