Friday, May 14, 2010


The beauty of the Indian democracy is even if a corrupted leader after finishing off all the public money if he survives he need not run like Idi Amin and Mussraff to other Countries .He will continue to live with much élan . This is encouraging the other corrupted ones to find out new ideas to dupe the Publics . Now the last hope for the public in the Country is Baba Ramdevs Bharat Swabhiman party in the centre and the PPA in the State of Arunachal Pradesh . As it is only a strong party with strong ideology and political will . Who will represent true opposition party characteristics to guard the publics interest , as each time with each successive regime corruption seems to be increasing many fold and benefits only reaching the rich and powerful .
Will that revolution come in arunachal only time will tell . As for now With the rich and powerful mostly trying to be the blue eye boy of the ruling party the last hope is in some fearless guys like Ojing Tasing , Goken Bam , Kaling Jerang and Naksang Tsring etc .
And if more of them comes up The PPA Party cannot be stopped any more as they seems to identify the Party and if rumor is ripe are planning to shift to PPA with many dynamic leaders with them . Today when the future of the Politics is getting confusing , it is also surprising to see the interest of more youth in this regional party with difference . Why more NCP and the TMC cadres are ready to join the Party ? the reason seems to be most of the cadres liking the PPA’s ideology and seems to be frustrated at their Parties senior leaders siding with the all the wrong policies of the State Govt . and deviating from opposition duties .
The realization that there is need to put up a formidable foe based on party ideology rather than individual charisma seems to be increasing as previous congress tactics seems to have given opposition a good lesion . If Party which have scope like PPA is properly guided than only something is possible is the common feeling cutting across party line . First assure a leader of party ticket and later make him redundant as voter get confused if ticket not given is the Congress modus operendi . And who will be foolish to accept this any more , when he knows other person have been also assured of ticket by other senior congress leader ; whereas fact is in Congress party only gandhis can be assured of party ticket .
As some frustrated TMC and NCP supporters see the same thing in future ; they are openly saying that whenever it comes to rising corruption issues they are stopped by saying that they are alliance in the centre ; as if few MLA’s already given the slice of the cake of the mega projects like Hydro power etc .They feel they are in wrong party as unless one fight for his own region than what is the value . Besides regionalism espionage by PPA alone can motivate Publics to work for State interest they are said to be saying openly.
As recently the dynamic duo Sri Kaling Jerang and Sri Naksang Tsring filed an RTI regarding the commission given by the Company to the Political leaders for construction of mega Dams and they say that the pressure start to come from that very moment . And since they want no nonsense party when it comes for fighting for the Publics and regions cause there fore want PPA to give them full freedom in this matter . In case of PPA full chance is already given to such type of the outburst as unless we talk and do Public work how can we excel .
The parties symbol issue is also not deterring them as they say even in Nagaland the regional Party didn’t won by cock symbol it’s the ideology that matter . They believe PPA present symbol Maize or even rice if given won’t dampen the Parties interest among the Publics so long as it rise peoples voice and Party will always represents States identity and prestige more so when the rice and Mize are today more identical to the farmers for there utility and in future it is supposed to be more popular with the Christians and the Buddhists as well .
They say even if it hurts senior leaders and officers interest it will be meaningless as eventually the will of the Public will be respected who are overwhelmingly against corruption and may also punish TMC and NCP which is already seen as the regional party of other state and keeping mum at present regimes misdeeds. The PPA seniors should welcome those kinds of sincere quality workers in our party as eventually it is fighting for the Public cause for which our leaders are elected and youths from 25 – 45 yrs. Age may be more dynamic and active in compare to others who don’t come openly to work for Party and waiting for perfect opportunity . Give a damn to those opportunists if it the will of the God even if we don’t toe their idea our good time may come .

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