Friday, May 14, 2010

The American interest will lie in having a base in Arunachal

The State of Arunachal Pradesh can play a important role in the World politics in the future . The American interest will be also best served having a base in arunachal which is near to china . As the Countries relation with the China is fluctuating. For the future threat is going to be from China nothing official about it . Even today our ambitious neighbor is keeping mum in the issue of the encroachment of the Indian land and seen to be always siding with the Pakistan. So the Indian govt . may have to make a study of this feasibility if it wants to safeguards its frontier. A base in the State may not be unacceptable to the locals as well as they will also have lots of opportunity .
If danger will be from china it will come in any case one like it or not . The American interest will also lie in diverting the Muslim rich Country to invest directly in place like arunachal where there is tremendous scope in terms of Animal rearing , tourism , organic crop and hydro power potentialities . As with time if the Arab petrol reserves finishes then it will effect the whole world . As the Arabs are only dependent on its Oil reserve ; terrorism may spill over to whole world in the guise of refugees . Therefore not only finishing terrorism but their rehabilitation should be an important agenda and herein CIA and Pentagon seems to be failing in visualizing future threat .

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Gary said...

As an American, I consider it totally ludicrous for the US to have a base in Arunachal Pradesh. The US already has sufficient bases elsewhere in Asia to monitor Chinese military activities, not to mention all the US surveillance satellites, which can monitor every square inch of land on earth. For the US to establish a miltary base in Arunachal would be an utterly foolish waste of US resources.