Friday, May 14, 2010


The great man have sacrificed they have not become one overnight. The perfect example of a great man in Arunachal Pradesh was Late Tomo Ribaji he was a deep rooted person who was ahead of his time. He wanted to bring a harmony between the nature and the locals of the Arunachal Pradesh. He can be seen as Geronimo of apache tribe of Red India tribe of America who fought with white settlers . The present issues like green bonus and environment issues were muted by him long time back. He Successfully saved the Society from worst form of premature corruption and guided it in the worst transition phase .
The development does not mean monetary alone , it has to be development of Individual dignity as well as well as pride in society we live in . And Tomo Ribaji just give us that –even more than that he was instrumental in friendly relation with all the tribes of the Arunachal Pradesh and later Assam . As he started his carrier as circle officer he was able to interact and unite all the Abotani belt Peoples in particular . Later he married From Nagaon Assam this made him the unofficial ambassador of the state. There was hardly any Assam Arunachal boundary problem during his time .
Wherever he went he is seen to have made permanent impression with the Publics as he was really charismatic person every body thought him as there own .This was the time when Abotani belt Peoples were living in absolute harmony without any discrimination like true sons of Abo Tani our common forefathers addressing each other as achi , abo and ane etc .This can be said as golden moment of the Arunachal Pradesh as later more Peoples from outside community was also included in this social circle .
He along with Late Bakin Pertinji started Peoples Party of Arunachal Pradesh a regional party in late 70’s . It is said Indraji tried her best to persuade him to join Congress I Party but he refused to bujj and as such Indraji is said to have send Sri KAA Raja to destroy his political career . He made sure that PPA Govt . fall down and started persecuting the PPA and Christians . It is pertinent to mention that at that time incidentally most of the Christians and the APSU activities were PPA sympathizers . Therefore they also had to suffer worst persecution in their life .
And as most of the Officers at that time were also non tribal’s therefore there were absolutely no sympathy towards the PPA members from this community as they were misleeded by Congress Party that regional Party will sideline them. And also that time they seemed to have been very much patriotic without thinking that strong regional sentiment will make a strong nation. And Apang Saabs sycophants also abused the Govt. machinery to there fullest satisfaction minted money like any thing till the SC banned the Saw Mill where always seen to be against the old man . They made sure that both the great Persons in there own right late Tomp Riba and Late Todak Basar fight among themselves .

Though many suffered the worst phase of their life during PPA time but they had a divine influenced by Late Tomo Ribaji . They still cherish those moment , it was time when they were filled with spirit and really felt that they were part of history being made . It is unfortunate that today when the PPA Party seed grown by them have become a fruit giving tree many of them have become uninterested in PPA in spite of the fact that PPA means so much to every Arunachalee .
Today there have been tremendous improvement in civil rights and corruption has made the life horrible which is going to eat us very soon therefore it has become number one issue . So If we not hear the voice of our conscience which our leader tried in his whole life one day it will be too late . But things like the success of party also dependent on God and Publics and one day who knows good time of Arunachal publics and PPA will come once more . And we will get the perfect time to give standing ovation to the great man .
But today it is good to see the ex- PPA family members doing good , it seems God sees the truth but waits . Those leaders who have been seen to be very interfering in others work are eventually seen to have a private agenda and are removed by the Publics soon. But old man was different though he was Hon’ble Chief Minister for 21 days and during his time he got tremendous chance to make money but he refused to take commission from outside Businessman . And due to his Gandhi wadi in letter and spirit he suffered a lots . It is said that when he was asked to fight against the S.C ban of timber as Hon’ble M.P he had replied that ban should have happened earlier .
But as the saying goes truth always triumph today he is our ideal . We have to accept that unlike today when there is civil right and respect of Opposition Party has increased as at least they don’t disturb the Congress candidates for procuring ticket , earlier worst was against him namely – the Apang regimes abuse of power , less takers and sponsors of regional party and KAA rajas adamant stand and that precisely is inspiring today’s PPA members as there will be never any worst scene than that.
Though Tomoji had also certain limitations as his counterpart was in his peak of Political career and he being financially unsound had to do all the work himself . But one has to really appreciate his energy and stamina . There is hardly any Village left by him which he did not went personally . Today’s Youth leaders are born in a lucky time which is legacy of sacrifice made by civil right leader like Tomo Ribaji . They have to only get inspiration and motivation to do for the Publics if they aspire to be a leader .
Though Later Publics compelled him to make a humiliating compromise with the Govt.but he cannot be blamed altogether he always respected Publics demand . But he was never happy ever after and went for heavenly abode prematurely ; But left behind him legacy of high values for the present leaders , his memory will be inspiring the Publics of State to fight the issues like corruption and nepotism for ever .

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