Friday, May 14, 2010

The Child Trafficking

The Child trafficking is selling of the minors for the profit .The Person who have harmed a child may not even get a place in hell .This is absurd and madness . we were so unaware of all the chaos and the mayhem happening around us until I had the chance to attend the seminar on Child trafficking .Recently I had the the chance to attend the International Justice peace Mission in 28th of Feb 2010 in the office of the CBCNEI I,e- Council of the Baptist Churches of the North East India as I happen to be the adviser of the Peace and Justice dept. of the CBCNEI . And we were immensely moved to see the horrible condition of the child trafficking in India . the documentary , ` when I lost my God ,’ made every one of us weep .
We come to know that THE CHILDRENS ARE KEPT IN MOST HORRIBLE CONDITIONS AND SOME GOOD SAMARITAN FELLOWS HAVE COME AS Guardian angels to save them . but for security reason they have to work secretly as there is lots many risk in it as People earn hell lots of money in this illegal business.
We had to make our own opinion and subjection on how to control it . according to me I suggested that as non of the accuse wants his family to know his shady deal why not disclose that to his relatives that his beloved one is a monster and is resorting to such crime . Other point I emphasized was let us develop spiritual democracy to introspect ourselves as unknowingly we are still influenced by our dogmatic beliefs . vivid ill treatment of the women in Hindu society even by great Peoples have been depicted in religious books . and lastly regarding the employment to the victim I said why not show them nice movie like Amir Khans , Three Idiots as the International Justice Mission IJM members complained of many recovered victims lack of interest in particular work like candle making and stitching .
I come to know that in our Arunachal Pradesh also Peoples practice worst form of the Child Trafficking by keeping the Child as child labor . Today the report of the ill treatment become so much that today Assam side does not want to sent there Child in Arunachal Pradesh . Now the social Department should do something regarding it and evolve a mechanism so that they can be monitored and if ill treated immediately send back . I was also surprised to know that in Tirap and Changlang dist . the small kids are forcibly made to join the outfits . It is results in death of there Childhood . I strongly appeal to the both the Party to make a joint declaration to that extent stopping it as it cast a doubt in willful joining of their cause by the adults .
There are many NGOs for taking care for the lost child till there Parents are recovered . The victim can contact Ato popo a local NGO in the Arunachal doing good Samaritan work in this field .

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