Friday, May 14, 2010


Astadeshu Puranesu Vyases wachana duyam , Paropkaray Punyay Parpidnay Papay , the Sanskrit sloka meaning in the nutshell of the 18 Puran as per the sage Ved Vyas is - to harm other is the greatest evil and to help other is the greatest holy work . Therefore I want to challenge every one to join an ambitious project which will be practical and fruitful to clean the beloved State of corruption and nepotism which is going to eat us all one by one .
By corruption I don’t mean only monetary but fall of moral and health condition mental and physical . After so much hard labor at least we deserve healthy food ; but by rampant selling of poisonous vegetables and fruits we are compel to purchase the poisonous food for our family. without even knowing that how much we are harming our family by our ignorance . To help ourselves we few of my friends have decided to start something instead of sitting idly .This project will also empower the villagers in true sense of term and the benefit of the development reach them than only they can be protected from selling themselves in each election and help in electing deserving leaders .
This project will also help the Business man as the more richer Publics will increase the sell of the market . Presently outside Business man are the worst victim rich and powerful are doing there business outside and they are only becoming the target of the associations who seems to be send by the those leaders who made sure that their will be no AOP this year and may be even next year as well and making someone else as escape goat .
But blaming other is also not the solution all the good Peoples who were always in majority must have also waited for the right platform to bring a change . Therefore this movement has to be purely non political not against any party and people from all walk of life and Party is most welcome . As the Panchayati raj have been lately seen to be inadequate in addressing the grass roots problem as Govt . schemes like NREGA etc. are also seen to be misused therefore time to unite for all the good Peoples who want to do something for themselves and society .
But for every work money involvement cannot be denied . fortunately after great persuasion some good Samaritan Peoples have come forward . When I told my proposal sincerely to some great Peoples they accepted and have already deposited the corpus Partnership fund of Rupees 50,000/- ( Rupees fifty thousand only ) . The modus operand was to purchase the local products and do the marketing for them as the local have less time and expertise for marketing . The Partnership will be made after through discussion and agreement will be drafted in front of the Magistrate. The manager will be monthly audited . the Partners will be helped each other in time of crisis in terms of the logistic support as the team will have representatives from all the walks of the life . The emphasize will be in the export of the fruits , milk , milk products and Organic crop like Reliance is doing through Subicha to begin with fruits and vegetables that can be preserve for long time to be in safe side .
But In phase one we are starting a joint diary project in Basar and based on its success we will later increase our activity in other sector also . why Diary in Basar because it has best climate for animals most of the Zersy cow being from European cold country the unavailability of land in other suitable places like Tawang , Ziro and Mechuka which could have been equally good , and non competitive character of the publics in Basar make it suitable , besides local management which is the most difficult task have been kept to my supervision and diligently I have started the fodder plantation long time back .
Basar having largest natural fodders and having technical assistance of ICAR largest after Shillong . leave about other strategic advantage Basar strategically located between Aalo , Daporijo and Likabali where Highway is going to be broadened have other natural advantages like fertile land , non use of the fertilizer by the farmers , advance Galo community in farming and being consumer , no fear of the dam accident unlike lower riparian river area like Pasighat , Aalo , Naharlagun etc , awareness of the Publics , well educated citizens , organized society and close proximity with the train in Tinsukia after Bogi Bridge is completed etc . to name the few .
It is time for all the rich and influential Peoples to do something good for the Society . Specially for the Outside business man who are always seen as greedy and manipulative . this project will increase there image and besides they can be also ensured of fresh food for there own family .As the agriculture , horticulture and animal rearing has tremendous scope in the State in the view of the water scarcity going to be in the Gangetic basin soon owing to global warming . For which already dirty poisonous water of the factory is being used for irrigation which will shortened our life . Besides fresh food for their families the partners from all walk of life will be advocating for due recognisation from APSU , ANSU and other premier association for there Individual contribution to the Society after all they are for the State interest . Our party will be believing in grass root service and this practical approach beneficial to all the Publics should be an eye opener to all .So please let us do what our conscience permit and see a dream together of self reliant and prosperous Arunachal Pradesh .


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Dear togoji ,
Good for the State that few beutiful minds are taking their valuable time for its development . I found your Basar as very beautiful and peaceful and from all reliavle source come to know that you are absolutely bankable. Can you kindly send me the account No. of your Patnership venture . As I want to send my membership fee .
Sincerely pasupatithakur