Saturday, March 20, 2010


The latest BJP bid at changing its face will auger well for the Party , by incorporating new face in its team Gadkariji - Party president BJP has brought freshness in the party there is no question about that. From the day one Gadkariji seems to be a smart mover, his appeal to Muslim for considering sympathetic solution to Ram Janma Bhoomi case is appealing to neutral persons like us also . It need halluva lots of guts to ask for something that is tentamaount to acknowledging others ownership and greatness . Now the million dollar question is will the Muslim leaders give the mother of all the charity which Hindu brothers want . Charity which is greatest of all the religious act for all the religion . Now will Muslims show their magnamity ? If it means stopping all the disputes for ever.
With there spiritual centre safe in Mecca and Medina Muslims has nothing to loose . And now burden fals to Muslims to show their magnamity. Each one has to appreciate others point , from neutral angle I see Hindu brothers have suffered enough time to have pity on them . If Muslim Country like Pakisthan has never respected other religion so much so that even educated and popular persons like film actors who has benefitted mostly from Country is always seen to pulling the leg of the Hindu than will largest community from this country will not have some sentiment ? Not only that even the Hindus themselves have been criticising their own Hindu leaders in all available platform , who being a majority community and like elder brother don’t they also deserve some compassion? It will be wrong to opposse someone for oppossition shake .
Though I also hate some of Hindu ideology but don’t every one has tendency to see his own as best . But this days there is seen to be completely prejudice against the Hindus , only because one Muslim ruler by blood is in helms of State affairs . Should it create superiority complexion among Muslims and make them undmindful of others sentiment . See when the Tackareys starts war cry against the non Maharashtrians , didn’t the great prodigal son of the soil like Tendulkar also have not come forward to say that Bombay belong to all .
Does likes of Shah rukh Khan , Salman Khan , Saif ali Khan and Amir Khan who are so powerful should not also come forward to say against the dogmatic vies of their own Muslims before criticising others . The wrong beliefs that is eating their own Muslims like – uneducation , tendency to live secluded life , Polygamy and mindset to have excessive childrens that is the root cause of the terrorism which has resulted in tarnishing the Muslim image . They can really influence there own people and contribute the Country to great extent . For Shahrukh marital connection with Hindus and earlier film like – Swadesh is really appreciable but more in that line is needed .

I have nothing against the Gandhis but Country is more important . Today it is seen that a vested interest has grown around this family . That has made it detrimental for Countries future they seems to have mastered to servive in Politics but lack of check and balance seems to be harming the country . Contrary to the popular view the strong federation can alone make a stronger nation . This have been proved by Gujrat , Sikkim and Nagaland Govt. where prospered Publics have more national feelings . Thus eminent Muslims should work with Peoples like Baba Ramdevji for a great cause . For they should be obliged to God and their own Peoples for such tremendous success and must advocate for modernising Madrasas which will help every one . Or someday history will question them what have they done for their own Muslim brothers social transition which seems to be unfortunately today one of the main stumbling block to the Country .
Will be also not prudent for ones like Imam of Jama masajid and Muslim Board to show their spiritual leadership specially against the issues like terrorism and Muslim population explosion . Which is tarnishing the allahs image . Why always the Muslim leaders always is seen to wait for ISI and likes of dawood ibrahim to make next move . So much so that non dare to visit the Madrasas forget its reformation ; Govt. help which may go to the terrorists is the popular view. And unless there own influencial man teach them who else will . May be likes of King Khan may have worst stuation in day of the Judgement which Muslim also believe for not showing their brothers the light to their own brothers . Friendship with Priyanka and Rahulji is for Individual gain how it benefit our country?So time for each one to check his own community .
By living a loners life Muslims are harming their own cause . What contribution has been made by Muslims lately barring paving the way for their Bangladeshi brothers to encroach the Indian land and trying to make second Bangladesh in Assam . Time for muslims to show that they have great religion with them which is not controlled by terrorists . Terrorism in any form is bad but If a few terrorism has come out in Hindu also , we have to also see how long one will become victim , don’t they have right to fight back also ?
By starting the dialogue with the Muslim brothers BJP has made a new beginning . My good old friend Tarun Vijay editor Panchajanya New Delhi has been also made as the spokesman of the new BJP team. And many a times he patiently hears my staunch Hindu Fundamentalist bashing arguments . So today there are many Peoples also who are positively interacting with each other . Every one is good only we need to step up our coordination and interaction so that there is no scope for misunderstanding . But for one thing this new team need to gain others trust and to prove that they are different from those responsible for Godhra carnage which was a nightmare which we should forget .
Time seems to be right for a positive talk , this time Muslim leaders are also worthy of our praises to show their clear stand against the terrorists by refusing to even bury them who were responsible for the Hotel Taj massacre . Though the critics will term it as act done unwillingly due to excessive pressure from the media, but it has to be also accepted that our Muslim leaders also need our prayer support as they have remained cut of from social reformation for a long time . Today for the good peoples of all the religion to unite , Bharat Swabhiman party seems to be a good platform and alternative to congress party started by Baba Ramdevji . We should support any good initiative whatever his religion is , as Humanity is the best religion . See Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ dies for every one not for only few selected Peoples .
Only for lack of some soul searching which alone seems to be hampering our Muslims and Hindu brothers right now , they are quiet nice Individually and have absolutely no axe to grind. It is only when there is mob that some mistakes are committed they should think they are killing their own gods creation and their own concience each time they kill an innocent . And to many extent this may be politically orchested , as the sophisticated Politicians have lots of ideas to divide and rule .
It is also wrong to develop the pre- notion that all the Muslims and the Christians are against Nationalism . They are absolutely for the vibrant Country and if it means supporting a good opposition who understand their feeling they should have no objection . In the coming days if the general Country man thinks that enough is enough , we have never decided to vote for Congress Party led by one family for eternity than so be it ameen .
And why not only us even the Congress party workers also may be not against Bharat Swabhiman also . If properly told in the way of Baba Ramdevjis way , they will also hear the logical argument . After all they are also good human being and only for the lack of alternative they are silent right now . Earlier most of them have many a times made to drink bitter pill and were sidelined by the party which is increasingly becoming Party for rich and aristrocates . If they had respected a party which they thought had Gandhi name, now as it has been also exposed in the magazine -The Week issued in March 14 ,2010 that Feroze was son of Jehangir Fardoonji Gandhi and he was a parsi Gandhi and nothing to do with renaming by mahatma Gandhi and remotely connected to Hindhu Gujrati Gandhi. while innocent Muslims so far have been misleaded to believe that Feroze was a Muslim khan . While ground reality is Muslim are the most poverty striken and easiest political prey community. Today Baba Ramdevji who is real Gandhian in principal is preferable to pseudo Gandhi bakths who have again colonised our Country . Even if the Party has given us Independence it has seemingly finish it of by allegedly shiffoning off most of the money in Swiss Bank . As Party only seems to be run like a corporate house for bussines interest only .
Who knows anti- Christians and anti Muslim treck circulated in the name of the RSS may be also not the handi work of some Congress overzeolous activist . Today we have to see how much our Peoples have benefitted from successive congress regime . By seeking their own gods RSS are atleast in our same Boat of seeking thy kingdom , only need is that they know the truth and get liberated which is good for themselves as there original gods Brahma , Bishnu and Mahesh also seems to be identical to father son and holy spirit . So oneday they may also know the truth as eventually truth always triumph . Many Hindus themselves don’t believe the later addition of thousand of gods whose birth were as normal human beings .
The readers may read my another article Between God and god and it may help to clarify there view . The Hindus should also realise how swami vivekananda and Mahatma gandhi benefitted from Holy Bible . The large contigent of RSS and Bajrang dal have to just believe in themselves and develop spiritually also , they are far superior to Congress seva dal in terms of commitment to Social work and in term of numbers . Only was that they lacked managerial qualities and marketing abilities like congress party who have meet the worst enemy in form of Baba Ramdevji . Who is equally famous and grass rooted like Mahatma Gandhi and poised to finish his unfulfilled task .
By regular interaction alone we can tell them our point of view therefore some of my Christian friends should not make a mountain out of mole hole . as the motive has to be good because Gods love has to reach every one . The good news of the God is so precious that it must reach everyone and through friendship alone we can accept them to know the will of the God . What else should be appealing to us that Baba Ramdevji is always seen to praising Our father in Heaven I,e- param Pita parmeshwar . Precicely here other North eastern country seemed to have failed as they cant speak hindi nicely .
The coming days may see the resurected BJP if they play the cards nicely , as the present president is said to be quiet knowleadgable , rich and effuluent in all the filelds and the Maharashtrians right now seems to be controlling the countries politics . The problem with the BJP has been always seen to be unable to neither digest the Ram Janma Bhoomi issue neither being able to spite it out , as it was directed and produced by BJP during lean period . But BJP president Gadgari saabs appeal to the Muslims is a right move . If this proposal fails the Hindus should take use of other neutral leaders to apearhead the peace talk preferably a Christian who is not seen close to both . And even if it fails there is always 3rd option to take good help of Baba Ramdev who is said to be all set to launch the Bharat Swabhiman party which is seen as liberal Hindu face in comparison to BJP .
The outspoken Baba may be acceptable to even the Muslims and if he proposed to share the disputed land in Ayodhya in the ratio of the 70 to 30 to be divided for the majority Hindus and the Muslims . His party might also be voted nicely in Muslim dominated areas as he is atleast seen as different from those sadhus who are regularly exposed in the TV . And like Bajpaiji looks like father figure and will do corruption and surely recover the Swiss Bank money is what Publics expects as he have no family members to look for .

The intellectual of the Muslims can be also persuaded to support Baba , as by saying anti Hindu rhetorics Congress Party also instigate the Muslims and they become later victim of Police excesses and to a Hindu friend also communalism is very bad - had there been no CRPF and RAP all the Hindus have been killed . As initially the Hindus begin the quarrel but later the highly spirited Muslim brothers having more population and the weapons do the needful being the real life Sunny Deols. Best way today is awakening our own community members towards human dignity and vote for the change we believe in .
Patanjali Yog peeth branch of Baba Ramdev is seen to be different from RSS brand of nationalism . The Yogic exercise will also help the Countries youths as unfortunately our country is so Poor that we cannot efford play ground for the young generation . The chanting of Ohm may be seen as Yogic exercise not as Hindu way of life, only is while doing yoga one can remember his Lord and saviour in the mind .

Sound health and body is also important for all the religious followers , I hope our lord and saviour may not be against doing regular exercise even Yoga . Those who are saying against this are harming our relegion for God is a spirit and those who worship him must do so in spirit . Who can stop us from praying him in spirit . To excell in life there is need for sound body and mind and this definitely seems to be a cheap exercise .
As today one cannot challenge the nationalism of the Muslim or Christians and as such so far Baba Ramdev is appreciated for his neutrality and sincerity in approach . It is only few foolish Peoples who are spoiling the good name of great hindus by developing supeririority complex which is eating them first as it later make them to commit some whimsical activities as exposed sometimes in IBN-7 . By being loner one can never learn share his idea and develop is todays guru mantra , all the religion is complementary and need regular updating . Baba is a great marketers and his success is an example for others also , every one will wish him good luck for a good cause . Only in case of Cow slaughter in some place he need to convince it in a different way that beaf is bad for health as global warming is also increasing and milk good for countries economy .
Today Baba ramdev can be seen as Indian version of Barack obama for his terrific oratory , I liked his particular argument that those who are after wordly pleasure will never work for the Publics for they will always have their personal interest in mind . And those who will ask ticket from his party will be the one who will amass wealth for himself . And as the Alcoholic finds his friend by smelling he will smell the spiritual one and find the good candidates of his Party . May be opposition party in the Arunachal and other place may have finally received a alternative to the Congress regime , which in fact belong to one family only and worst than Brahmanical order of the Hindu manu wadi and seems to be stumbling block in non disclosure of money in Swiss Bank . Also a strong vested interest lobby around it seems to be taking Country towards slow death in the form of price rise and rampant corruption , which seems to increase in new form and much larger time each time it comes to power as if - the congress leaders may have done such courses in Cambridge and Oxford . Only publics of the Arunachal pradesh will expect the shamless Arunachal Leaders to be closed its door by the Babas Party if the Govt. change in the centre .
Now finally the Hindutva philosophy followers have a messiah for them but for a great cause good friends and patners are needed , and this time patners have to be nicely convinced of there good intentions . And given full security of all the religious beliefs of other religion in the future . As the Baba has the charisma and the guts to say even against the Hindu dogmatic views if necessary , the country may in general benefit if Baba say yes to jump in politics as today corruption in the country may need god mans to come to the politics to clean the mess .
The BJP may have to either completely merge with the Bharat Swabhiman party or make a post poll alliance with this party as both has more or less same kind of vote banks . Only Baba may be more appealing to the non Hidus as well . And till now a coordinated attack was also not made against the corrupted Congress regime by good Peoples , who was and are always in majority but never got a platform like one Baba is planning . Time to say – Jay Ho , Brast Netao Ka barbad tay ho .

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Jim said...

Really pleased with the sentiments expressed in this post. As someone who has grown up in Itanagar and considers Arunachal his true home, it makes me extremely happy to see such clear thoughts on future of the Nation and the state of Arunachal. I wish you power my friend and hope that you and those like you bring glory.