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Mopin can be today called as mother of all the Arunachal festival , as it is now the only festival which every one waits eagerly and participate . Tomorrow it can play a majore role in uniting all the brothers and sisters of the state of the Arunachal Pradesh . For the growing ups Young generation , it has become a short of modern Valentines day and for the seniours it is time to pray to Mopin god for rich harvest .
There is absolutely no question that it belong to all the Galos in particular and the Arunachal in general , after all once we must had a common forefathers and Mopin earlier must have been performed by all the forefathers who were common relatives than , only that earlier it must have been not celebrated in the present form. Therefore it must be kept above politics and petty interest .
As earlier - goddess mopin used to come to a particular house in a vision and dream through priest Nyibu or directly to the family members . The indications were very strong to be denied and that house used to organise this puja and People also seems to have benefitted , who waited for mother’s blessing with pure heart . Later seeing its importance the Galo Leaders specially in colleges started the festival every 3rd april to 5th april so that we get commulative blessings .

Those Galos who try to advocate that it belong to non Christians only are harming the Mopin and themselves , as it is time for waiting for the blessing of the Mopin goddess who is goddess of harvest with pure heart by all the galos . The Mopin who is said to be a cleanest god of all the galo gods are also Gods creation if we believe that everything is created by God. And also if a strong lobby comes out to seclud the members of other community they may be also not interested either in this stuff . But that is not the case and that every one wants to unite for greater Galos unity so this issues need to be dealt with sincerely. God will perhaps never like us to be unhappy and poor and enjoy the life .We might be bad ourselfs so develop a image of jeolous God if we are dedicated to God in our heart and soul we will also glorify by our deed where others don’t dare to go.
There is certainly some facts about all the religion ,if we want others to share our view than we have respects others also . In foregn Countries many of the foreign cultures have been incorporated . How can we be pseudo christians, didn’t most of the Roman cultures have been not incorporated by the Christianity. And as Mopin is completely different from other god and godesses which represents war and violence there should be no problem participating with it. So long as we use it as good opportunity for a friendship and peace which is what God must have wanted. But both the community leaders must teach both their community members .
And in case of the Galo who are class apart it will be purely nonsense to still remain in this controversy as Nishis have gone far away in this regard which is beneffiting its community . Now one has to accept that Christians are part and parcel of the Galo community , and in many way they have preserved our Galos culture and tradition more than anyone . Christianity is a personal relationship with Christ we are owner of our life but soul belongs to God . And being a Galo by virtue of Social order it is our birth right to inherit all that belong to our forefathers as it is our common legacy .
But one cannot also blame some Individual who are directed by unknown forces and some who wants fullness of their life by searching for higher level . Both the camps are right in their own way, but truth must be somewhere between two thoughts . Being a mortal human being we should appreciate each others endevour as every one useful to society must be appreciated as our Lord and saviour has also commanded us to love thy neighbour which itself is greatest reason for peaceful coexistance .This is part of the series of verses of the New testament which has mark deviation from the Old testament stand .

Some issues belong to God we should not have superiority complexions in spiritual matters as it belongs to God alone and this equally hold good for both the Parties , if we only criticise each other instead of rectifying oneself we will face worst temptation personally and do Society no good . We have to accept that both are beneficial to the Society in there own way ; those who are questioning why one being elite and knowledgable didn’t work for the upliftment of ones own culture traditions, may be indirectly undermining the Gods power to use any one in whatever way he wants and indirectly promoting communalism which will only benefit few one .
Also as this issues smells of superiority complexion and may create problem in long run . I appeal both the Parties to be tactful in this issues . As nothing can be said of future after all Nagaland and Mizoram were also once enemist States . Our lack of knowledge in scripture od Holy Bible are responsible for such issues . Sometimes I wonder Holy Bible is not written for the Non believers as what they are saying and expects from Christians is precisely there . As Lord and Saviour said don’t gospel to one who is not interested , love they neighbour , those who come first will become last , Don’t judge other etc.etc .so that it only belong to God to call any one at any timee .

God seems to have made spritual arena pool proof least it is taken advantage by someone which will prove detrimental for the general Publics . The word of the God is double edged sword before cutting others it cuts ones own souls thus danger bell for those who is misusing it . Therefore Christian brothers should glorify the God in our good act and deeds . Even though being the son of God didn’t our Lord and saviour showed his magnimity by acknowledge other great peoples contribution as well by saying – today all the scripture has been fulfilled in me inside the Synoguge a short of modern day Gangi temples of the Doni Poloists.
The positive and healthy competition will ultimately benefit the society therefore may be it is Gods plan only that we have a different beliefs .But it should be in the way of helping others not criticising others or campaigning like politician .
But both the relegious community should show their magnimity ingiving chance to each other in all the affairs . It should be like meritious Barak obama a Negro given chance to become president by white majority in America . There are some places in our places in our Galo belt where so far only certain saction has benefitted . After all there is something called justice and equallity , the GWS should play a pro active politics in rewarding those who are uniting the Society . By next election may be time for the enimist to show that they don’t lack compassion in our certain galo assembly constituency. For God also promise to bless those who are peace makers .
The Christians also cannot condemn our past roots as it has inspired us to many extent for realising the greater enlightment . Interestingly according to mythology also our forefathers have also seen to leave many of the Old practices to sooth the new need like- Togu cutting of ten Mithuns by forefather Takar Tazik seems to be later addition as Mithun was said to be initially given by Donyi- Sun god to Abo Tani – our common forefather along with Donyi Mumsi Sun god`s daughter whom he married .
Therefore God has made cultures for us not us for to be sacrificed in the altar of culture . As our forefathers themselves has made gredual changes according to new needs . thus those who make issue out of it have personal axe to grind which should be unacceptable to great Galo Peoples whom Britisher Hamilton has quoted as most advance tribe . Have we still inherited some of the anti Britisher campaignng by the Congress party for quick Independence of india including the Christianity which congress man thought was a foreign religion which in fact was made for the salvation of whole mankind .
As Mopin is our common legacy passed on by our forefathers since ages therefore it belong to all of us and there should be now absolutely no argument in it . And the Galo Bane Keba the apex body of all the Galos has to fix a fine who fight upon this trivial issues . By trying to project that Mopin belong to only one saction , some are doing more harm to the Galos unity and integrity .
I also appeal to the Christian brothers that God is more interested in your heart and devotion than external expression and are far greater than us. And will like us to be happy and by following culture and tradition within limit if we share our happiness we are doing the will of the God who must have send Mopin also for that purpose as every thing is Gods creation . Remember culture and tradition is dynamics , it will automatically change itself to sooth the new demands therefore we should just enjoy it as happiness is godliness and Mopins main motto got to be that in todays context . Like the farmer hoping for rich harvest we should prey for peace and happiness to God who will see your heart and mind of which you are only owner .
This time it is heard that the Mopin community Itanangar have invited even the christians to become the executive members in the central Mopin community that is a good move . We can learn from each other by appreaceating each others . some of my friends where saying that fed up of financial mismanagement we have been called for management the money as committee are fed up of corruption . Though this may not be the reason , this are the friendly way to incorporate someone- I appreciate it ; small things do matter in life and we should develop that courtesy to unite each other .
Remember development is a team work and for it absolute cooperation is needed , only is we need to show our sincerity in respecting each others sentiments . Like offerring the meat of the sacrificed Mithun for eating which have been dedicated to the Mopin Uyu this may be uncomfortable to some Christians . After all some of them will like to retain this fundamental principle of their religion to refrain from eating something offered to Idol god .
To my point of scripture again need to be throughly studied to see the middle way out ; as in Galo there is prayer of malovolent and benovelent god in our Donyi polo system , unfortunately we failed to identify them saparelty and clubbed them together under the same name UYU which literary means devil . The Gangi , Donyi Poloist and Galo Bane Keba apex body of the Galos needs to give seperate name to god and devil as it will auger well with the Christians . And this should pave the way for greater unification after all don’t both the community relish the cow slaughtered by a Musalman without any complaint .
Also my appeal to the Christian friends that it is the bad speech what comes out from the mouth that is more bad not the what you eat . The idol worship termed in Holy Bible cannot be compared with the ritual celebrated in Mopin in stricto senso. why because it is not replica of the prayer of human or animal idol which God was completely against but it is a short of burn offering practiced in Old testamament . And it is like waiting for a spirit like waiting for Holy spirit; remember God is a spirit those who prey it must prey it in spirit . But neverthless the Mopin Community should show their magnimity in avoiding small controvercial issues which can be easily overcomed .The way Christians are extracautious with the guest in Christmass .
By mutual understanding and peace only we can celebrate the Mopin without bitterness pleasing to the goddess Mopin and soul of our forefathers . which should be only Mopins main aim and God above us must may be pleased that he made everything in right way . Because in Mopin only we can take our relation to new level by discussing those points where there is scope for future discrepencies and enjoy the most appealing carnival ponung dance in the State where for which many girls have tirelesly practiced their dance for so l


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togo..the moment you decided to become christian you lost any right to discuss ane Mopin or Galo. you go singing for your naga and mizo masters, dont lecture us Galos. or go to dimapur for fasting

Togo Basar said...

Dear Criticiser I knew that there will be some critics , after all deeep down in heart most of the persons are communal as they have been systematically infused with superiority complex . But as the saying goes one has right to think himself as smart but no right to think other as fool . Any way it shows that you are taking interest in articles . But be careful as society have lots of expectation from the intellectuals who are the last torch bearers of the society . Sometimes being brought up to develop single line mindset and being blind we may be directly and indirectly helping the corrupted leaders who have been always sceptical of the religion . Why religion as it talks about equality , justice and self respect and was instrumental in French revolution and other reformations . I also respect my roots and pride in my forefathers achievements , but I have right to prefer to go ahead and prosper in every field and follow my point of view . It would have been better if my Society was all encomposing and seek God diligently ; but I wish you all the best for its positive reformation . But God has also not made our fingers equal so let us stay together and work for mutual benefits ; we can always criticise for criticism shake but that is not good isn't it.Therefor myhats off to the peace maker .

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Genial fill someone in on and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.

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