Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Do you know how much I have cried for you , for you was part of my body of Christ , yet why you fail to know how much our Lord and savior endured for you in the cross . Ironically the place today we seems to have forgotten is our Tirap and changlang District of Arunachal Pradesh . For which our politics and greed is only to be responsible . It is time we make an introspection of highest order as we cannot always blame others . Before boosting ourselves as Christians we have to see are we even a good human being ? is what many Peoples are questioning us now and before God vomit us out we need to change .
Whenever a new govt. had to be made in Arunachal Pradesh Tirap changlang Public's were always assured in no unterm word that Tirap and Changlang is an integral part of the Arunachal Pradesh . But did our Leaders really looked after its problem after they get the coveted post ?We were silent spectators to the worst exploitation of the Jungles by the timber mafias earlier . Do we know that according to the Comptroller and auditor general report today Tirap is the poorest District in the North east .Per ca-pita employment of the districts are only 4.3 % in compare to whole of other Arunachal pradesh districts.In the state Secretariat Office of the state capital Itanagar there is only 0.34 % employment this data are from reliable sources .
This article will be rejected by some community and region of the state who are now in the vintage position , for them it is a great prospect for future richness if we have those districts with us . It is easy to criticize others but how many of our ministers have lately visited two forgotten Districts ?
when there is injury and bleeding in ones body does he not stops it by any means and if the sore has become a cancer what we do with that part of the body ?Does our cumulative greed also not responsible for this state of affairs . Was there any christian in Nepal than how Mao Wadi come up from no were . Do we have a sincere approach to stop this growing rich and poor haves and haves not gap ?
How long the Govt . will overlook this issue pray that one day this problem don’t spill over to other part of Arunachal Pradersh and situation like in Uganda and Somalia happens where even massacre was done inside the holy place. It will be foolish to live in make believe world and don’t try a lasting solution for future . Leadership does not mean only increase the MLA Lad fund but make sure that it is properly used , even opposition Party is integral part of the Govt. . Therefore I object the undermining of the constitutional provisions only to fill the leaders coffers . Do you know that - there is said to be no AOP for the year 2010 -2011 and than what is the value of being having a Chairman of annual planning commission in capital and Planning Officers in the districts .
And interestingly congress MLA's who have win this time is said to be given Rs.50000000/- ( rupees five crore ) , others Rs.3,0000000/- ( rupees three crore only ) and worst even loosing congress MLA's also Rs 10000000/- ( rupees one crore ) each. This is a great injustice to all the opposition Party . Are they from other planet and worst to the opposition MLA’;s specially from Tirap and Changlang district who have more financial need . God knows will the local MLA's ever consult the Publics , NGO's and the Officers to use this funds for development .

But to fight for justice the locals Publics should also rise above there parochial view specially in whole Tirap and Changlang dist. They should rise even above there party affiliation and should protest this injustice . As the Govt. policy is seems to be disturbing the equality clause of the fundamental right which may be even challenged in the Court of Law as unconstitutional . Many a times the opposition have better ideas to tackle the problem but why they are always sidelined this steps will not auger good for democracy .
Kanduji should initiate healthy discussion upon this issues . He should make sure that one community or the region have no monopoly over the funds in the Govt. department . A white paper document has to be released to show that injustice have been not mated out to other place as the Govt. seems to be basically surviving in minority goodwill . But in reality Govt. is always seem to be scared of some communities and region. The Christians from other districts should show there magnanimity to follow the love thy neighbor theory in letter and spirit .

The Govt . of India should also try there best to solve this problem . It should not make this to prolong as if to confirm the report that it is making our place as laboratory for rehearsing the hypothetical war with China .If there is brutal honesty from all the side why not there will be no solution , it is already rumored that lakhs of crores are used by the Indian army which went unaccounted for used by RAW’s in the line of CIA used secretly in the name of national interest which may even went to the hands of the corrupted Army General , GOC and Brigadiers etc. who will want the problem to persists ; this are short of stories that the countries enemy will take advantage of. I don’t accept this theory personally as our military seems to be very discipline and must be taking every region and People of the Country as their own . But if this violence prolongs than there will be all the reason for the Public's to doubt this allegations .Some even allege that army use one faction against each other carry them in there military vehicle therefore it is time they show their new sincerity in solving this vexed issue .
But as each of us are also equally responsible one way or other. we need to stop blaming each other and find out a viable alternative . The Tirap and changlang Public's need to be more vigilant of their rights in Govt. affairs , the armies must stop the infighting . The warring faction must come to the negotiable table for the shake of God , themselves and future generation .
The Council of the Baptist Church in North East India the apex body of all the Baptist believers will be always ready to be Peace maker if called for by all the groups .It is our fortunate that Dr. Lama is presently our Gen. Secy. CBCNEI and he is from our own Arunachal Pradesh .His marital relationship with Nagaland should also help us . He can be contacted in CBCNEI Mission Compound Panbazar , Guwahati Assam 781001 . Phones : 91 -361 -2515829 , Fax : 91-361-2544447 .
There is a strong feeling within leaders of CBCNEI now that warring faction mostly being our own Baptist Christians we need to really try our best to let better sense prevail on them , least we have no answer to the God in the day of the Judgment. And if our believers also don't respect the central leadership who else will . so at least we need to try for brokering a peace and want every ones prayer support for this en-devour Brother Atungo Sitri the President of the Peace and justice Dept. of the CBCNEI seems to be specially send by God for this purpose. Now that time is right , leaders are sincere and peoples prayer support with us than how can this be not accomplished ?

As for now the leaders of all the Tirap and changlang should unitedly work for the interest of there district and by talk and lobby put forward there demand . And we should have the magnanimity to listen to there view ; if we are serious about a lasting solution . Things cannot go that way cine die when in ground reality we have no control over those places . We may have to accept that Public's there have right to put forward there demand and if it is the root cause of unrest there than we need to address it in letter and spirit.

To a friend of mine issues like - separate Union Territory should be the subject of discussion as they see no other way than this as successive Govt.in State have failed them . If both the outfits are ready for a peaceful dialogue than any issues can be decided by the present Govt.. After all we are human being and through composite dialogue only solution will come . To come to a lasting solution may be we have to look the whole issue from their perspective . They may expects us to be sympathetic to there cause as they have suffered such a long and are living in such a geographical isolated region far away from Itanagar and definitely feels they have distinct identity of there own as they have little or no resemblance with the culture and the tradition of the other part .
But we also should not forget that personally we have to fight the weakness within ourselves if each one does so society will be a better place; we cannot blame others for the mess . If we blame the senior leaderships we have to also see that today have we not become more corrupted than them ? You know , guilt is a form of disease which is source of all evil . We have to accept that all are sinners and have been already cleansed by the holy blood of Jeasus Christ . You cannot help others if you doubt yourself s . Thus we can be again normal human being howsoever sinister ones sin may have been .Since we are all son of God and his own nature is with us we have been given free gift of righteousness if we think ourselves his son. we can change any time so both the outfits should not wait for a moment and refrain from committing more mistakes. Take it that it was for the manifestation of Gods power that we committed so much sin but had the courage to come in his light .
Recently in the International Justice meeting in the premises of CBCNEI we were in tears after seeing the documentary , ` When my God died ,' here worst form of child trafficking was shown . Nepali girls are seen to be mostly sold in other part of the Country for prostitution. And to my and other CBCNEI members embarrassment we come to know from Madam Haseena of the IJM that – even in Arunachal there is worst report of Child trafficking specially in tirap and Changlang dist. Where minors are force to join in one of the warring factions. Also according to her child labor we practice in state is also worst form of Child Trafficking .As for the young ones they have all the right to live the best moment of life the way they want for one day they going to miss it terribly . My advise to Youths is to read 1John 2:28-29 of the Holy Bible.If both the faction refrain from making any more recruit specially who are minor and does not no ABCD of the issues they will have obeyed Gods order and it will be the first beginning to get his graceness .
Nothing can be said about future today's sentimental issues may be of little relevance tomorrow , time may also come that People will favor globalization rather than separation . Most important issues seems to belong to God and what ever it has to happen one day it will happen , one like it or not and that too without much sacrifice . See Russia has to sell the Alaska to USA after 2nd world war as they were having financial crisis than . The Quebec referendum I suppose is an another example where whole Peoples were made to vote for referendum weather they want to stay in Canada or not . So for the shake of God we the Baptist leaders are appealing to all the warring party to stop violence and fight the enemy within ourselves to be worthy son of God.

Meanwhile let us explore new ways to bring peace by exploring other arenas besides peace talks . joint venture in Business sector anywhere in north east can be a good beginning . where our future generation of both the faction can interact with each other , friendship and trusts will grow. Surely we owe so much to our future generations . The best test of food is one earned in an honorable way and best happiness in life is in having secured future . As it is always seen that eventually only the Outside Business man are benefiting from our death and destruction . See in Dimapur of Nagaland most of the shops are run by outsiders , can't we have a mechanism to let it run by our future generation .
If the future generation is ready to do so in promised land like Arunachal in peaceful way I am personally ready to give any logistic support at any given day if it helps in stopping killing of innocents . The problem with the Intellectuals is that we fail to take a meaningful and practical approach and out of overwork initially we become impatience and frustrated very soon and latter thinks that this work is not possible .The readers can also see my another article-` Paradise for the Investors ' in the same web . Contrary to the popular beliefs all the Galos also are also not rich and worst in spiritually arena . Though there is no dirt of local resources and human power but our own rich Peoples have never meaningfully invested here My place Basar has tremendous future prospects It is located in the west Siang Dist . Of Arunachal pradesh.. The Govt. has proposed to upgrade it to be a District , It is going to be nearer from tinsukia and dibrugarh after Bogi Bridge is made .
The broadening of Likabali to Basar NH 52 road is going to start very soon . Basar is also the Hq. Of GBCC I,e- Galo Baptist church council where we have mission centre in Nyigam village . GBCC have a mission Partnership with the Chakesang Baptists of Nagaland . Therefore it will be a wonderful place to start afresh in a neutral place , as there will be non to sabotage the peace process .But it should be purely business ventures of mutual beneficial concern than only local will appreciate glory of God . May be today business and missionary work has to go hand in hand that may be the reason the Britishers and Americans succeeded so much .
Let us once again remember that we are son of the great Chengiz khan who united all of the Mongols and invade china. We have tremendous expectation from the Naga brothers who are class apart for there bravery and love of God . Only they have to do now is act responsibly like elder brother of whole North east tribes . Together we can do miracle the whole lot of cities in country is waiting for us to be conquered by us , After all we have the same blood as Japanese and will make any other company run for there money . Let there be healthy competition between two warring groups , they can change themselves according to new need and act as corporate houses like Tata and Birla where they stand to gain more power , status, recognition and acceptability and above all help in the increase the glory of the Lord and Savior .See my other article – ` social Transformation in Japan' .
The Recent appeal of the Kaplang in his e mail for taking whole Naga Publics cooperation to push forward the peace process is really appreciable . He stop short of saying Hello to the President of India and the Issac Muviah his counter part which every body wanted to hear . Lets pray for the day when one among the great make the first move a personal call following the Holy Bibles philosophy . In any case from my point of view both stand to get Novel Prize if a joint declaration is made to that extent . Let God give our leaders the power to show there magnanimity to bury all there differences for the shake of God , themselves and future generation .


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Togoji if we have another five persons like you than whole North East problems are going to be solved .

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Arunachal for Christ..halleluja..bring the NSCN-christian culture to AP

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