Saturday, March 20, 2010


Today the best leaders in the North east whom even the India is respecting is Hon’ble Chief Minister Sikkim P.K Chamling and the Hon’ble Chief Minister Neiphoriu from the Nagaland . Now who is the best is the million dollar questions ? while other States leaders are busy merry making marring new wifes ; whereas the responsible leader in this states are taking there States to new height. Situation for other States kind of, India missing gold medal in each Olympic games . The in dept study of the rise and rise of two great leaders of our time may help our future generation . The prodigal son of the sikkim Hon’ble Chief Minister P.K. Chamling started his political carrier by supporting the chogyal the Nepalee king , went through the worst persecution from the Nar Bahadur Bhandary the than Hon’ble CM . That whimsical leader who seemed to have smelled that this Lepcha - oriental and raugh looking Client Eastwood type face was poised for a big moment one day .
At that time anti Lepcha and Bhutia movement by the Nepaleese majority was at its peak the young man loved minority as his own and soon gain their confidence. The young MLA’s articulating and creative approach from the day one have always attracted the Sikkim publics though he was neither rich or even handsome a special trait of minority Lepchas as all the great Lepchas from Denny Denzongpa to Baichung Bhutia have inherited this genetic trait . But his goodness and simplicity could not be ignored any more backed by less but honest community of minority Lepchas he soon gain prominance . It is said that he once he come in the Sikkim state assembly with burning candle . When every body shouted that he has gone made and was going to burn the Sikkim State assembly ; he is said to have said that he was searching for the democracy in Sikkim and that for the moment it was lost in darkness .
True to his comment that once there forefathers were rearing Cow and Yaks and they now need to rear the Human beings , the Sikkim success in the Tourism is solely his credits . It will be prudent for the psycho pants and greedy Publics to praise for leaders of some other state , but truth they also know as most of them did not come a hard way and their future is unpredictable specially in places like Arunachal pradesh. As by earning money by hook and crook they have come and won with money power basically . as they never tried to create a ideology and lobby they cannot expect the Publics to support them with heart . And with their money they cannot expect hundred percent guarantee always.
Some exception leaders may be their but who are also seen as same side of the coin as they have no guts like Neiphrio to change fence . And as such one thing is for sure for most of the present leaders , if they don’t deliver now- they will also soon fed in oblivion like Nar Bahadur Bhandary . Today even most of his own Nepalese despise him , as power is nobodies personal property and can any one really stop the deserving ones ?
Next time even most of the national party in the centre may rise their hands above against some shameless party members of some state who keep running around moment Govt. fall in centre . Why so much power hunger ? It is the will of God and the luck which determines ones future this is besides hard work which everyone is trying. Didn’t God blessed David a small boy to defeat a giant Goliath . If somebody is destined no body can stop him ; so better have friendship and be friendly even if one is going to contest against each other .
Another person who have tremendous impact in our North east and who can be called as Barrack Obama of the N.E is the Hon’ble Chief Minister Nagaland Neuphorio who begin his carrier as the the Congress Legislators and resigned from Home Minister post and formed the Nagaland Peoples Front- NPF and won the previous election in Nagaland . His timing was great he smelled the potentialities of the regional Party in coming election . The Jamirs popularity was noose diving but none had the guts to tie the bell . His strong credential being a born again Christian image and in maintaining equi- relationship with both the Outfits NSCN - IM and K . That could have been the best step one could have taken in that situation .Today Nagaland is said to be fastest growing economy in spite of the fact that it has minimum natural resources .
Both Leaders are great in there own way and it is difficult to decide who is greater ; may be tomorrow if Novel Prize comes than both are equally deserving and both’s style beneficial to our state . I have personally attended the North east Donner meeting in Ashoka Hotel New Delhi and seen the kind of respect to the Chamlin by the Capitalists ,Secretaries and Under secretaries of the Central Govt . It is to be seen which of our leader will evolve from there comfort zone and achieve greatness like them ? as there are many challenges in our state to be addressed . Like Unrest in Tirap and Changlang Dist. , Law and Order problem in capital complex , bribery for job appointment , lack of clear cut policy for labour promotion and land allotment and worst of all goonda gardi in election this has to be seen as opportunities by some daring leaders to show their own charismatics presence as civil right movement they will work for now when they are in vintage position will also protect them one day .
Both the leaders being the regional party leader are expected to help the regional party like PPA in Arunachal pradesh . In the force able future it will be our previlige to invite them to give saline to our dying Govt. institutions . As they have taken their states to new height time for them to think for the whole North east as one of their own and let their political enlightenment clean all the mess in our state .

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