Saturday, March 20, 2010


The law and order problem in the capital area needs to be addressed with immediate effect . The Congress Govt.which is now in helm of power cannot make further excuses . Once again question like why vigilence department was not given to our Hon’ble Minister Home may come as their sems to be acute lack of coordination in the Govts approach .
The leaders need to be extra vigilant in their personal conducts , unless utmost need arises he is not expected to merry and flirt around . Than only our Leaders are accepted to have Public following with them . The present Hon’ble Minister for vigilence who ever he is should immediately act and show his calibre , he need to call for the best of the best to unearth this repeated crime of the similier nature which have made our traders live in fear owing to unpredictable future . Fortunately for him due to weak opposition party , now his resignation is not seeked .
All the angle has to be seen , it is to be found if there is any one lately who could be more vindictive towards the outside traders . The CBI should be the best answer to unearth this crime and if not even the Scotyards I,e - Scotland Police may be called for . I have a retired FBI friend who is working with International Justice Mission may be his expert advice may be of some relevance . May be the Govt. need to announce a good amount of reward for one who help to unearth the mystery and make narco- analysis test of some suspected criminals howsoever rich and powerful he is.
It will be not difficult for the Govt. to trace the suspects who may have hand in it , the fearful traders may say their names in privacy for they are not expected to say so openly as they have been also used and abused so much that they may not trust any one . Govt. just have to see some previous accuse who are roaming scot freely and making their past criminal record credential to get work from engineers . May be fed up of such things may be Govt. in some state depute encounter specialists who commit custodial death . In our state this frustration may increase as the accuse get Bail so easily due to the lack of Judicial seperation in our State where the Magistrates need not fear the Hon’ble Chief Justice High Court as there ACR is given by Chief Secy .

The Bussiness community also needs to be vigilant and protect themselves as the present batch of leaders mostly Bussiness man themselves are only seen busy in their own personal affairs and being paper tigers cannot be expected to do much . Eventually every thing comes to election of good leaders and as God help those who help themselves . we may have also Individually failed to help ourselves by electing good persons and good leaders . See why each time in capital area a leader have to be from a particular community . By having this mindset arent we are not lossing out to the miscreants from the day one. May be Itanagar Bussiness community may have also to declare prize on informer and depute Independent CID to unearth the facts for their own future good .
But accepted that for a responsible Govt. to come there has to be a mass revolution in State which is difficult but not impossible . Meanwhile the Govt. need to immediately authorise the DC and SP capital complex to show exemplory valour in booking the culprits and refusing the Bail . As those murderers and bank looters cought earlier are moving around freely ; therefore publics may expect strict officers in this region . Only the duvious and psychopant officers who help the Govt. in election and talk big to the opposition Party members only have been seen to be pampared so far by this Govt .

Good news is that this time all the oppossition leaders are trying to make a coordinated attack against the congress party from the day one itself . Because we need a new mindset and approach in tackling this menace which may later spill over to the locals and unfortunately howsoever sincere some of our seniour leaders are today they have become impediment to the new thought as they are interlinked in their idea and commulatively responsible for the mess . So will it not be prudent for them to stand down like our Kanduji has promise by next election before Publics awareness increases , after all there is something called honourable exit.
The Govt. may also need to play carrot and stick policy with organised crime doers even the outfits also have to be engaged in meaningful dialogues instead of the equi distance equi relation may be need of the hour like Nagaland Hon’ble Chief Minister Neiporio did. Guru mantra is if you cant fight them befriend them for mutual benefit.This incident seems to be handiwork of petty criminals as decsiplined organisation like NSCN have seldom done so earlier without proper warning . And if any indescipline lower rung cadre has done so than this is tarnishing the image of the Party which is seen as party with a difference , party with a cause . The outfits also need to take care of fake cadres who is tarnishing its image .

The Bussiness community should also participate in social organisations for benefit of whole society than only there image will increase as that of a friend . They should not confine there active participation in election only and their own festival as it is also for their own selfish interest and instead ahould participate in local Social issues with good NGO’s like Panjabis does. As Singh has seldom seen to be a king in issues of social concern . A spiritual man is spiritual man they should generously contribute for Charitable institutions like Missionery of charity Mother Teresas group looking after orphanage in Naharlagun .
Frankly they also need to make lot of soul searching as whenever there is any good programme like healing crusade and Christian leaders visit they have been seen to be least interested . And some saction of them busy making mandir in park area to the Publics inconvenience . And as the report of their richness in there own place comes which makes their image like that of the British east india Company . Therefore they also need to introspect their own fault and henceforth try to improve their image by having right kind of friends . Another place where they can gain goodwill is by investing in field of mutual interest .
Fortunately I am adviser of the peace and Justice department of the Council for Baptist Church of North East India CBCNEI . And this Peace and Justice dept. usually try to bring a amicable solution to this short of problems through reconcialation . It is time for the Young Outside Bussiness enterpreners in Itanagar capital areas to have a pro active role in this short of organisation where there community will only benefit as they have to live here eventually ; so pointless making much connection with other groups from out of the State . As CBCNEI is a powerful platform and will be able to direct the Society in right direction towards peaceful coexistence . It is time for the Bussiness community to contribute positively to this Society if they think that they are part of this Society .
Most of the locals here in capital complex are Baptist Christians and are expected to hear their senior leaders like Dr. Lama who is currently Gen. Secy. Of the CBCNEI and who is from our own State and should take special interest in this matter . Thus like minded peoples may interect with me to organise peace and justice mission in Itanagar for the benefits of all the relegious community . While in Rome be a Roman is the best option ; in most of the violence against the outsiders it is seen , there non incorporation of the local custom and tradition may be also responsible to some extent .
The locals also have to realise that it is only for peace and tranquility that outsider are staying. This has helped the state and Itanangerites in particular as unfortunately this is such a place which is neither beautiful , nor water available and climate soothing . The Bussiness community also need to develop there Public relation I,e- PR this can be done by making someone as goodwill ambassador for them . One having connection in media and have the platform to guide the Govt. and who is not from their community .
So far they have only trusted wrong persons and later got cheated . In my Individual capacity I will always work positively for my society and being the General Seceretary State level of the PPA- Peoples Party of the Arunachal Pradesh I will make sure Party endorse my view . Sometimes Opposition are more helpful in shaping the policy of the Govt . I may be contacted in And my movile No. 9436229344.
Unfortunately due to Party descipline many Congress friends honestly tell me there inability to criticise the Govt. and praise my endouver to guide the Govt. in right direction . Today the Individual benefit has to be seen , why to help those institution and Govt. which is of no use in the state . See in Nagaland it is regional party but outsiders are also flourishing . Best example is Dimapur town this is the ground reality as outsiders there are flourishing. But in Congress and BJP ruled state rich locals mainly Politicians and Beurocrates are only seen to be benefitting only . Who are also seen to be marketing abroad and the poors to whom less money reaches only can expected to market in the State which makes the conditions of the local traders more pathetic and worst if such kind of incidents happens.
Thus time for the Outsider Bussiness man to wake from Kumbakarnas sleep least similier things happens again .


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Indeed the capital complex now a days is no more at peace. some measures has to be taken to nail these criminals

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