Saturday, March 20, 2010


The good gestures by the Govt. that it is now ready to fund even the Christian School who are doing charitable work in the line of the Rama Krishna Mission this is a good news . How long Govt. can undermine and violet the Directive Principles of State policy by sidelining schools run by our own Peoples.The Govt. is right now asking the whole Christians to unite under the common umbrella to avail its benefits .
In State like Kerela this is directly given to the school through the departmentr of the education as it become difficult for Christian denomination to decide which one to give more based on merit . In our case the ACF- Arunachal Christian forrum have been entrusted this work and in the board meeting it seems His Lordship the Bishop of the Itanagar seems to have been made as its Chairman . Now our leaders are expected to trust each others and cooperate His Lordship who is a right choice . If we fail it will be our commulative responsibility for mistrusting each other . Any Christian from any denomination should be not that bad as we have all come to Lord and saviour to rectify ourselves . And if we don’t like any person we should prey for him so that God change him .
But in our state may be to begain with it may be better for another say 5 years , to have a symbolic unity among all the Christians least others see that we have disunity , whereas we are same body of Christ and thus need to make a coordinated approach in many matters . Each denomination leaders should just control his own group . Fortunately all the ACF leaders now are very understanding . It is the magnimity of His Lordship Bishop of Itanagar Diasis to accept this responsibility , as true to a Christian character he have become child for glory of God . But after 5 years Kerela style may be preferable to ACF also as the board member may be not as good and understanding as it is now and many technical problem may also later come . Those who are doubting this system for them time will naturally come when every denomination may like Kerela style . But meanwhile utmost respect and trust have to be given to all the ACF Leaders who also needs our prayer support . If we don’t respect our leaders who else will . Before criticing our leaders we have to see have we ever lived like a Christians also . How many times we have taken pasting programmes etc .
The Board should be needing absolute maturity in giving justice to the deserving schools who are really doing yeo man service . They should respect each others points and discuss this whole issue with brutal honesty in front of the board meeting . It will be wrong to think each others as spiritually inferior , fortunately my Baptist leaders and Revivle fellow believers are ready to show there honesty and are ready to cooperate the mechanism by which the genuine ones are selected . The criteria may be charitable school ,years of service , quantum of staffs and the result of the students for previous 5 yrs . etc . If we don’t make such a rule than later misunderstanding may crop in . The deserving ones should alone get so what 80 % goes to a particular denomination we cant afford to antagonist God himself by disturbing genuine schools . As the matter is now regarding benefit to deserving charitable school the Catholic brothers can be sure of their benefits as they are seen to be fulfilling all the criteria . The money meant for the school should be in no way divert to other institutions .

The recent fire accident in the palin which is very unfortunate , it should also wake us up to need for rewarding the right NGO’s and Charitable institutions . The way Americas are selective in giving their help to the genuine NGO’s . It is to be really appreceated that the catholic Missioneries are really doing yeoman service by running maximum numbers of the charitable Schools and the Colleges and in right way . As they have no dirth of dedicated full time fathers and nuns to do the needful . It is unfortunate that for a single incident we should not criticise any one .
To some critics the Arunachal Christian Forrum inspite of its dedicated leaders is right now have neither the resources , infrastucture and acceptability among all the christians to share this responsibility as Govt. plans to directly give this power to united Christinas is near impossible in our state . This may be true but with Gods mercy everything should be possible . I have been always of the personal opinion that for another 5 yrs.
We must be united for our greater interest as middle course is always better , this is with due respect to someones who are also thinking for the glory of the God and may have different idea right now. But being Christians confrontation is never an alternative .We are not expect to criticise each other in the back and say straight in the front , this is world of forgiveness and prayer support , never judging against other . Catholic , Revivle and Baptist are our own - all the denomination must participate positively for the glory of God .
For those who want the power of financial distribution to go to dept. of education for them fact that we don’t have a central structure system of the Christians unlike other State may be point to ponder ; in which field atleast catholics are better in this regards as they are under Bishop and other point being that the charitable institutions need to be run for the Arunachalee interest , whereas there are many commercial private schools . Today many school are seen to be for a commercial personal profits and the Govt. may use this procedure to divide us in long run . Not that Christians are divided but this are technical problems which need to be really addressed by the Arunachal Cristian Front may be we will need to make a strict criteria as I said so that only the meritious will survive .
There should be no quots for any denomination we should be more happy if more soul are saved and educated generation comes up within quick time . As education is universially proportionate to receiving enlightenment of God. Fortunately most of our ACF Leaders today are really born again Christians and have no vested interest and take all the denomination as their own. Therefore it may be more prudent if we let the present system run for another 5 years and see the situation . Meanwhile all the representatives should never shy from speaking out there point of view as we are in one mission of saving the soul . There will hundred reason to argue once case like we are the ones who faced worst persecution etc etc. but that is not the Gods way . Remember to become king become servent first .
To my Individual view even after reading in a Hindu School I have become a Christian therefore there should be no fear from Catholic side to any body . Only through education many Peoples will be enlightened and glory of the God will increase that is also truth , therefore money should reach the right persons who works . See in Shillong how much education has improved the standard of the living , our State is poor so it is our previlige that Catholics are setting up schools every were . Those who are destined to become Baptist or Revivle Christians will become so whatever may be the condition .
Therefor there is no scope for murmering in Christianity . By becoming arrogant and developing superiority complexion we should not become stumbling block to the Gods scheme of things . I appreciate His lordship Bishop of Itanagar accepting the post though their may be some critics in his own catholics . And meanwhile he is accepted to be a peace maker against the odds before the Christians become ready to accept any other system .The other leaders also owe to show utmos regard to Bishop as in other state it is highly improbable that you can meet a Bishop just like that .
Instead of asking the Govt.for white document of all the money which have been given to other mission school so far ; we should not fell into temptation and get ourself divided that too for few mans vested interest . As we are Christians we should only appease our father in heaven who in return will ensure that every one has ample in time to come . Thus there is absolutely no reason to have apprehensive and work unitedly with more deidacation .

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