Friday, February 13, 2009

What is hampering the development

A few great Peoples who have ill reputation of bribing others to toe there view have earlier motivate the Peoples towards lust and carnal desire for money to an unproportion hights making the majority Peoples to wait for election only , hope the coming election will be not that expensive for honest leaders, who are not as ill reputed as earlier leaders who were known for there excesses in there hey days when they gave a damn to any body, in the contrary the young face are expected to get sympathy, specially when today it has become impossible for senior leaders to controll such a large population specially through money alone and limited fund and the Acts like Right to Information Act making it impossible to make any further gaflas .The coming election is expected to be a waterloo for the Leaders who have earned disproportionate money through corruption alone and have the audicity to advice the poor Publics . Who knows Publics may be eveready to empty them of there richness as they have increasingly realised that those crooks have earned richness by laying hands on there share ; by letting the Poors to do MLA lad work in there name and taking the profits giving meagre profit to Poor Publics so if later there is enquiry regarding the non execution of work also ultimately Poor Publics will be the Victims . This time things are also expected to go in favour of the Honest leaders, because of the reason that the Publics are also fed up of the corruption and bribery specially in job sectors as there Childrens even the meritous once life are in jeopardy, now this is too much enough is enough is what all the parents must be thinking and definitely Old leaderships cannot shrug away from this responsibility after all they are the once who were in height of power once and have aggravated this to a gigantic proportion and as they were master manipulator themselves they are seen to lost the moral authority to control this. Whatever may be the fact, earlier leaders had tested the nector of the life and had a field day enjoing the life like a young man never to retire like our cine star Devanand Saheeb . Those were lucky ones , one who were born at a time when others were so foolish fighting among themselves and become there easy prey for they were easy prey for divide and rule, for the present leadership things will be never same again , as today the media have become very strong. So today the Old timers like Laloo Yadav and Mulayam Singhs have been shown the exit door for good due to the watchful eye of the General publics, besides the the judicial activism of the Supreme court and the taughness of the Election commissioner has made there life more miserable as earlier they were doubted to even manipulate the Vellot Box .
In Arunachal also things are expected to be taugh for leaders who have been elected earlier only because of money and muscle powers as the Peoples have increasingly realised that they have made Bussiness out of Politics and use to gubble up even the M.L.A and other funds ; they have left nothing for the aspiring contractors and above all failed to make a perrenial source of earning for the general Publics and are a total misfit being not well read and lacking creative mind to usher in a revolution , only duping Publics with promise of future benefits and money which will hardly go in the hand of few loyalists who don’t have a command in Society. The unemployment has reached a gigantic proportion and Youths are ready to go the Robinhoods way.
The most potent reason why earlier Publics used to take money from leaders was that they used to be feared and they were seen as unturstworthy for they were No, 1 crooks in comparison to Late Tomo Ribaji and Bakin pertinji, and besides out of fear they could not do anything to show there anger than to part away with some of there earning, now the time has come for Jaisi karni Waisi Bharni, as I had predicted long time back that some leaders are poised to become like Devananda spending all there ill gotten money to maintain there stardom , earlier they never knew where from so much wealth came from and probably will never know were it has all gone as well; if they have hurt so many peoples they deserve to suffer after all so much public money was wasted that could have made our Arunachal as Switzerland, so in coming days no amount of even Swiss bank connection can save Old leaders who try to be New wine in an Old bottle; only Publics had to be aware of fake currency and there great breach of trust forwhich they definitely need to be cheated as well is what majority Publics are thinking .Gone are the days when Pt. Jawaharlal sacrificed his Legal Profession to choose Political carrear, today Politics is filled with crooks so why mercy on them is what the general feeling which is definitely a point to ponder for the relatives of the power crazy and obsessed senior leaders as the ground is fertile for another Freedom movement this time though fight is with our own Peoples. And as such ground is fertile for making of a honest opposition leader after all what ever little development happened were due to the active participation of Opposition leaders like Late Tomo Ribaji and Bakin pertinji we need to salute them as a ideal for evolution of future leaders who can check and balance the entire system .

Sincerely Your’s,

Adv. Togo Basar.

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