Friday, February 13, 2009

The Death of a Congress Man

The true Congress man seems to be denied entry in Party if he has no God Father or financial back up and good Guys are refraining from joining this Party as they don’t want to live in supended animation . This is like today good Guys refusing to join the Indian Army as captain and prefering Bussiness Management courses. Though Rahul said Youth must be given priority but he didn’t said under what age the youth will come , earlier even old man were seen to take this benefit. For a Poor man even if he is in higher echeleon of Politics its difficult for him to get the ticket as it is difficult to penetrate three layers of sychopants that have encircled around Sonia Gandhi through whom only entry pass is tons and tons of money , chaploosis of highest order and Chamchagiri . And central party seems to look Arunachal Leaders as easy prey , last election also one Hon’ble MLA had to part with his one crore rupees for party ticket and failed to get it is heard .
Therefore what Lechi Lazy has done seems to be right as equation and record says that BJP has an edge in Non Tribal domoinated area specially in Capital and other District Head Quarter. It is surprised to know that when 3 Leaders are asking for BJP ticket from Itanagar 2 are only asking from Congress-I. Neverthless Folks might be seeing Rajiv Bhavan for the last time jocks a friend of mine , as the election is coming nearby . Those ticket loosers may bent there frustration on the building for they cant say anything to the Sonia Gandhiji or Rahul Gandhiji to whom this party really belong and truelly this party seems to be a Dynastic Party as said by by Narendra Modi who exhorted the Indians to remove monopoly the way Americans did after fed up of voting for Bush family and Clinton family .For the Poor Candidate once again time to drink the humble Pie in the name of most famous Congress- I quote , Sawal party Descipline Ka Hai and those leaders without mass based Public supporters they may be ready for becoming perfect son of the Bitch themselves if later on they are elevated as Party Observers in other place .Therefore it seems days of Tomoji and Bakinji seems to be once again coming back as no one wants to be feel unsecure as this time lots of resourceful persons are planning to contest this coming assembly election and are seen to migrate to green pasture unlike earlier days were they used to be knowingly get cheated by a senior leader .


Anonymous said...

Get ur facts right its Lechi Legi not lechi lazy, for a person cant be lazy with a tale of "from rags to riches"/,if he aint hard working.

Anonymous said...

Ur totally right,sch errors sud not b committed when giving statements,lechi legi is a incredible human being and one of the most prominent leader we have seen.he wasn't educated it was not his fault,he was orphan but he managed to run the state so harmoniously as compared to educated leaders .