Friday, February 13, 2009

The state of the Arunachal Media

Recently when I went to submit an article on COSAAP and other controvercial articles , I received an empathetic no reply from the editor of Echo ; he later wrote a personal latter to me citing his inability on the ground that the articles were too good and controvercial which may attract the rowdies. In that matter our Yomgo Calling of West Siang Dist Arunachal Pradesh is more good and our Galo Society is far more better for its readiness to accept any controvercial issue. It seems the establishment have fed the journalists like anything which have made them tools for saying those things which there masters wants to hear alone or have threatened them with dire consequence if they don’t toe there line .
If the moral concience voice risers are themselves such corrupted then what to say about others ; and need not to say why they are not flourishing as the media because they are not giving what Publics wants to hear ; today media are controlled by someone or others who are so powerful and are allegly having nexus with the ultras also . So if really someone not releases article on controvercial matters exposing the corruption of the higher ups than things are not suppose to change for this man with real guts as editor is needed like our Editor madam Smty. Hoksum Ori of Yomgo Calling who deserve to be given Governors award . But you can’t expect more from those Itanagarites who are living in make belief world and never want to leave there previlige position . Look why Times of Arunachal Pradesh which can be rightfully termed as His Masters Voice is unable to do much about its master because of its never say against your master attitude earlier ; had it been showing its impartiality when the master was in helmns of power than today condition would not had been that poor . So this is a warning to other press like Echo etc. which parties are said to be shy of publising even articles of Readers Forrum and if they do they modify it to soot the Govt. Baba where is now the activ Journalism ?


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