Friday, February 13, 2009

The Election Merry go round Chair

The Merry go round chair is ready for the aspiring Chief Ministers , no more dirty bussiness is accepted this time from all the senior Politicians who have earlier come united only to oust the earlier Chief Minister Sri Gegong Apangji whose comeback cannot be alltogetherely neglected as he has also proved his metle earlier . This time in fact the leaders owe lot many things to the Poor Publics who have great many expectations from there leaders as suddenly issue like unemployment and price rice have demoralised the publics . This time Leaders are expected to conduct free and fair election without the misuse of the State machinery and the active participation of underground outfits as they have already spoiled Tirap and Changlang District for there vested interest . It is very heartening to know that some of our leaders have covert nexus with the Lord of the Jungles . The brutal honesty can be shown by accepting the result modestly as excesive involvement of money will not only spoil the State voters but it will also finish themselves in the long run , this time many senior whimsical leaders may become bankcrupt as the things are not like earlier ; today Publics are judging instead of being judged earlier.
Earlier Some senior leaders who were not fit to be even 2nd class officers where elevated as M.L.A., kudos to the Apangjis popularity and whimsicalness and extent to which he made his sychopants happy by elevating many tom dick and harries which later on proved his own nemesis; may be this time lots of his products will themselves see there own fall now that they can’t blame other , good thing is today some of the small chaps who are more ideologically committed who knows nitty grity of Politics due to there openess knows to play isue based politics , they knows how to use the media, are more knowledgable than senior redudant leaders laking creative idea. Things have taken U turn today unlike earlier when Apangji made easy prey of late Tomo Ribaji and Bakin Pertinji more older leaders but he also become helpless in the face of Delhi university greduated Sri Jarbom Gamlinji Hon’ble Home Minister who though is rumoured to be notoriously difficult to meet in odd hour other than his office where atleast he is regular whenever he is in Itanagar : But he is seen to manage the show during elections may be kudos goes to batteries of his Pocker Partners , class mates and matrimonial alliances . And like him some of the smart chaps who are supposingly contesting this time are also from not only rich but from good family back ground and there family connections power have been proved in earlier Panchayat elections were rulling have meant nothing for them. Today Publics are realising that money alone does not matter , it is this rare combinations of this qualities which make the candidates deadly. Today though Peoples are greedy but recent Panchayat election in places like Basar have shown that they are also fed up of the corruption as only the rich and powerful are flourihing – jobs going to the son of the rich man , contract work confined to the registered contractors and with the ongoing COSAAP strike who were earlier blind followers of the Govt. things are difficult to predict this time and above all with the establishment of the

Court , coming of the media and latest technology like Movile days of uncordinated revolution is gone, the good Peoples who were always in majority earlier are united like never before. In this situation many senior Politician will think thousand times before contesting as money has become difficult to earn due to RTI and aware Publics . Today there is all the chance that the money will go waste and many senior Politicians may ultimately end up in Tejpur rather than the assembly if there is election, as Publics wants to punish them for spoiling the whole system where only rich and powerfuls are getting jobs and other benefits at the cost of Poor mans and they are seen to have enjoyed for long .
After Obama thing everyone is expecting a leader who is different , for them man from other religion or community will also do , provided like Obama , though a negro after getting the Presidential post he dare to send Vallentines gift to Pakisthan Talibans by reigning Missile in Taliban’s headquarter in Swat Valley , today leaders should be brutally honest in showing his political will and during time of crisis should be able to give a decesion this way or that way : earlier leaders were seen to play divide and rule tectics avoiding the controvercial topics as if they only come to mint money living Chakma and Hajong issue to APSU and other groups which were disturbing them . Nevertless today common publics have learned the rare tricks of there leaders and this time may chit there own corrupted leaders , finally giving devils there due. Today there is too many smart voters and every one of them cannot be purchased , the Voters today knows that if they have to eat they have to eat in large amount ; after all it will expose one day or other as asociating with rich leaders makes them vulnerable as villagers suspect them of surreptiously taking money and refuse to cooperate them for many days and smart chaps have also learned the bitter lesons that by saying against the rich candidates only they will get some money. Many good candidates are accepted this time whoes families have long treck record of being the best among the worst some of whose relatives not only being good officers but helped others thus they were never accepted to make that amount of money and retain there most favoured status , and there relatives did all the contract works nicely and as such Publics don’t doubt them of making huge money at the cost of the Publics so they have retain there integrity even though they are rich and influential in this category comes likes of Sri Eken Ribaji of Basar . Publics have realised that only the Crooks make good money therefore Publics may be telling some Politicians to contest and misadvising them, some leaders also who are real fearful from there core of heart are trying to fool voters by saying that no body is contesting against them , but surely this may boomerange later on , if eventually someone contest Publics will get the shock of there life ; some comments prove deadly latter on. Who knows the Publics are seeing any help rendered by MLA from MLA Lad as there due right , though some Leaders are giving say one thousand rupees to the sick and destitute , that is offcourse commendable but it will have been better if they have created source of earning and job opportunity for the future generations this is what the young generation are thinking , as today meagre amount is meaningless so this time rulling candidates who have only image of being rich are expected to part away with truck loads of money .

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