Friday, February 13, 2009

The New World Order

Its Obama all the way , within 5 years the man in helmns of power of the most powerful country in the world is all set to finish the Talibans for good as he seems to be man of commitment , after the Kentucky Fried Chiken is made of Talibans than will next come the turn of other groups like Al-Quaida and finally D.Company may be things of past. The elevation of Asif Ali Jardari as President of Pakistan who is the ex- husband of the slain Prime Minister Late Benajir Bhutto perfectly matches the scheme of things of the America and world body which is fed up with Pakistan sponsered terrorism . The terrorist centre of the world is Pakisthan nothing official about it, now that finally World has accepted Indias views and soon after fall of the Talibans pressure is expected to be too much for the other Insurgent groups they may be also later compelled to make peace deal with the Govt. of India like NSCN long time back ; because when Muslim Fundamentalists who are more committed and are the real source of all the terrorism they are showing the signs of cracking up than what to say about others . So it is time for the terrorists to pack up there luggage and become real bussiness man , as likes of Dawood and Paresh Baruah have made corporate houses in many countries and it is time for them also to make a honourable exit for it seems days of terrorism are numbered as most of the groups are seen to now ricruit tenagers only as there cadres.
It is good news for those who are willing to join the Indian army because they may not be killed in the line of fire after say 5 – 10 years where most of the Terrorist groups may be mostly finished or will make a peace deal . It seems American victory first in Afganisthan and than in Iraq slowly and slowly, plus globalisation and enlightenment seems to have even left its mark among the Fundamental groups who are seen to be felling short of cadres . see the recent annhilation of LTTE one of the most desciplined outfit in Sri Lanka. The America need to do something in the similier line after its victory over Japan during 2nd World War. After Japan was defeated later USA Army put Martial Law in Japan and changed the syllabus of all the Japanese Schools may be this may be needed to do with Muslim Madrasas were rudidant and off dated preaching are allowed without giving the kids chance to expose to the modern Education system . In other Holy Books also there are certain portions which are not made accessible to small Childrens as they are not in a position to understand its critical meaning ; therefore this teachings are kept away from small Childrens like Reveleation Chapter in Holy Bible. The Holy Books have divine meanings , therefore its interpretation is difficult , plus who knows some points may have been written seeing the peculier situations at that point of time. In Holy Quran if the Muslims were exhorted to fight agaisnt the Idol worhippers and infidels because may be at that time they were like Rakshasas , today many Idol worshippers have proved to be better in terms of Social peace because . Why Holy Quoran may be itself so popular because Prophet Muhammad was able to bring lasting peace between the warring Tribes of Mecca and Medina , therefore genesis of Muslim religion is not necessary due to the sword as popularly believed . Today Muslims need to intropect why very less Peoples from other religion is accepting Ullah as there saviour . Sura al Bakra says - Jehad is fighting against once own weaknesses , therefore Holy Quoran has lot many to give in this new world order provided proper interpretation is made out of it and poor Muslim childrens are not made as cannon fodder for Political gain of some monosters who have even politicalised Holy Quran now who is true Muslim it is for the Musalman to decide .

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