Friday, February 13, 2009

The Prodigal son of the Soil Sri Moji Riba

While the world is envieng the prodigal son of the soil Sri Moji Riba / Pakku who is from the Dari Village of Basar circle of west Siang District Arunachal pradesh for recently he have been awarded Rolex award for best documentary Director but few knows the pain and tribulation the hero has gone through in his life , his father Legendary Tomo Riba went through wort ordeal in life for the shake of Poor Publics and it seems God has ultimately blessed the family today he deserved to be cynosure of one and all Arunachalee and surely he must be acknowledged by all as he has earned his respect. Like father like son the guy Moji was destined to be great , the family has gone through worst hardship in life in his childhood days and that seems to have made him like the rock of Gibralter filling him with never say die attitude his teyst with the destiny begined with a local Galo movie called , ‘ Ane Ge Nyode ,’ and later , ` Between God and me ,’ which give him first recognisation . The family and friends have more expectation from him and surely he won’t fail us that is our prayer from all the ex- PPA members which is like his second family .
The young generation need to get tremendous inspiration from him , who has shown that sky is the limit if hard work and persiverence is put into any work. Today the young generation should not only pin there hope on Govt. job . In this global world there is absolutely no dearth of recognisation if one show real interest in whatever he does besides merit alone counts there . Like Japanese Film Director Akira Kurusevas movie like Five Samuries etc. his unique presentation of the subject may soon catapolt him in the big league because today the Bollywood is also now ready to accept unique movie like ,` Last of the Mohicans ,’ a Hollywood movie made on American Tribal Red Indian Peoples . while it will be real difficult for the North Eastern chaps to be accepted as Bollywood actor but in Direction field he may soon be in majore league like Subash Ghai etc.the rumour has it that Mr. Perfectionist Sri Amir Khan is in touch with him . The credit for his success also goes to her mother Smty Minoti Riba who seems to have inspired her against all the odds . Her Sister Smty. Moni Tsring who is an ADC , brother Mori Riba ( Bussiness man ) , Modon Riba ( Teacher ) and little sister Smty. Popsi Gamlin can be also no less responsible for his success as I have seen them closely through all the ups and down and how they use to support each others and last but not the least off course Nyanya Pakkus wonderful wife , the couple represent a perfect symphony of two Society Minyong and Galo’s better we learn from there fusion. A good family ultimately deserve perfect happiness in the end for everything is good if the end is good may God almighty bless Moji Ribaji with more of this kind for seldom we read about our achievement in Newspaper only our failure and downfall covers the front page most of the time. Hope the State Government will confer him highest award for his wonderful achievement I wish him best of luck in his life .

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The legend is that the river changes its course under influence of external agent like rain/eroded soil etc but returns to its original course one day also he who sow good seeds always bears good fruit.-Mokar Riba