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                                               The great commission have been given to all to get perfect spiritual hood and get the divine mercy and more so to the RKM students as the Swami Vivekanandas philosophy seems to have said stop not till the goal is reached, this goal must be more a total achievement even kingdom of heaven in the end.
                                         And when the aim and goal is good others are just natural part of it like the dream of a AKHAND BHARAT VARSHA.Thus the true Hinduism should not be misconstrued and from the Rishi Munis point of view it seems to be to discover Him.And interestingly even the most seemingly unpardonable sin from the Holy Bible e.i- Idol worship seems to be also forbidden in Hindu worship.As their is hardly temple of seemingly original God e,i -Brahma the creator in Hindu religion also.
                        As the world is narrowing down and best is coming this days thus this can be I suppose seen as SAMUDRAMANTHAN process out of which the Nectar /AMRIT have come in the tug of war between in the Devta and Asura which is in fact the introspection of highest order through logical arguments.The need is to take the real essence of the religious doctrines to reach Him.
                                        The world is divided between the ancient , medieval and modern era and here in this modern era we have the democracy to evaluate and this alone will help. Believe it very few will alone live in this ancient age mindset and their time is also ending fast.As instead of arguing on ideology and philosophy the person concern will give great disservice to himself , his society and nation if he is harping on the personal life`s of the person.
              The irony of this great country will be if the most important point is made as meaningless topic.See the elephant can be never ignored in the class room for long.Howsoever corrupted Britishers where they never lobbied for 2nd chance with Mahatma Gandhiji as some Arunachal Pradesh leaders may do to join BJP and try to get the BJP ticket.And when the honest are made shamful by the shameless then will the God and His will be naturally clear.
               And believe it in this matter Hindu brothers are more Godfearing after all only more righteous party like RSS could have earlier given chance to Hon`ble P.M as Gujarat Hon`ble C.M when he was no one.And Hon`ble P.M true to his self could have openly declared in world forrum to reach the least e,i- poor,educated and minority leader.
                  As the Karma will also come from His grace as in this new world where we seems to be in the fake end of the Kalyuga the wrong doer is this days immediately seen to be suffering  also.As the Human being have become too smart now destiny is truly seems to be in his hand.But in the end the bad is really seen to be suffering today also.See the condition of the Congress party in the State of Arunachal Pradesh .See the human happiness index is to be in fact measured by the sum total of persons achievement in every walk of life.After retirement non should punch and spite on a person.
                    Thus man will always need God and it is our privilege to worship Him when we are alive and best will be perhaps bringing a behavioral change in us.Howsoever some criticize RSS I personally  feel they are more better then some pseudo secular who even don`t respect the will of God and laugh at the work of the Holy Ghost.
                  As we are mare mortal and howsoever we felt bored earlier in the prayer hall of the RKM hostel yet this devotion time seems to have enriched ourselves with the divine spirit to live and to enjoy life.And prefer us to know the truth that will liberate us, in fact the seed of your greatness have been already showed in your nascent stage in RKM/religious institutions and Sunday Churches.
                 Thus it is really important to know the creator to get His full divine blessings after all their must have been a creator and after closely evaluating all religion it seems earlier forefathers where really Harvivorous like in the garden of Eden.To achieve spiritual perfection for which Swami Vivekananda must have said growth is life and retardation is death is but our compulsion.When the good Peoples of the world unite then great things also happen.As then the world become a Holy Church and Temple where the positive energy meet, unite and make God bless the world more.
                     Thus the true discipleship seems to be Inversely proportionate to the  blessings of God.Thus can earlier someone have fathom that miracle man like Dynamo will be walking above water, and fly in real life?This is the fulfillment of the scriptures where thy Lord`s kingdom and righteousness have been first asked to be seeked.And today more we see Gods channel more we seems to be benefitted.As more better man have been united today .Thus even the modern science can help in divinity  and to fight with corruption and nepotism as Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji plans.
                Believe it so man great and sacred man have waited for this days when great ideas and thoughts have been so common and easily available in the social network cites like in our generations. Believe it their was time for this some had to cross the seven Seas also like Swami Vivekananda himself have to cross the seven seas.And in his days also minimum one month was needed to reach the British shore by sea root.
                   And today even if you have not accepted the good philosophy but you are already practicing this unknowingly as unknowingly we have become autoprogrammed to do good. See the happiness of the Shopkeepers when Christmas comes , or the youths when the Valentines days come.And the parents when their kids got admitted in top colleges like –St. Stephens and Loyola and the ill person get admission in the Vellore CMC.
               Thus we must thrive for the best but above all from where everything comes we must salute him ,but we must respect our roots also.As when you have firm feet then only you can do great work.But mind it the culture and society is also dynamic the role of God can never be undermined as He can do anything and ultimately His will shall prevail.
               See after 28 yrs. when the Ramakrishna Mission School Viveknanagar Aalo was again seen by us we all must have felt nostalgic and melancholic. See howsoever it seems deplorable to new generation we have a emotional relation with it.Like the story of Garuda who used to take permission from Lord Vishnu to see his old tree where he was born and for which Vishnu Bhagwan was also said to be surprised.
                                   But when you want to give the best gifts to your near and dear ones you do something different isn`t it?as In the childhood we used to commonly write  in others autobiography -` I have a pen that is blue and I have a friend that is you`.Thus the rolling down of tears was but natural in the end of the recent Alumni meet of the RKM Students in the centenary celebration from 17th to 20th Dec. 2015 when all the memory flashed back.
              Yet when we want to meet in the heaven and take all the loved ones with you then you have to make some bitter choices in life.As nothing come free even the God who loved the world so much that He had to send His only begotten son to die for our sin so that those who believe Him will have eternal life.
                          The God loved the world so much and give his only begotten son to save all what a mind boggling idea if Barrik Sirs grammar have to be used, see the east and west must fuse for a better and secured future world.As Swami Vivekananda also dreamt, and he by using word must have been very emphatic about it.
            As non is complete man as man is social animal.The concept of Holy Spirit send as our friend is really promise filled with hope for the desperate sufferers.And man oneday wine and Apong can never protect us , it will emotionally and in the end the cost will be poor health of which many is dying.Thus appreciate the goodness and virtues of a person as your childrens are observing you.
                 And so all the good man of the world must unite.And this peace and brotherhood can be perhaps alone make by the Ramakrishna Mission School Alumnis who could be that bridge in this turbulent time of society in worst transition period. See even the orthodox Hindu ideology may one day harm the Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modijis grand plan for the great nation.
                                  As can a community believing in 32 crore god and godess ever unite truly always and will their be always anti incumbency for the other party to be benefitted by present NDA Govt.?Thus the peacemaker and game changing plan of the Swami Vivekanandas vision and philosophy can alone today save this nation as there is now need for someone to be accepted as everyones , harmless and who are peacemakers.
              Thus the RKM friends have a great commission as we can really become a catalyst for change in bringing peace and prosperity for all.In fact the Ramkrishna Paramahansas philosophy importance also seems to have been established during a time where the middle way has to be adopted between the pro- nationalist and Imperialism  idea.
                  The Holy mother merry the holiest of all gave birth to Lord and Savior Lord Christ in her holy womb and on remember of this great moment on 25th Dec. is celebrated as X Mass in world over and I wish all Happy X Mass.See there is seen no better perfect words then in the Holy Bible to define His greatness from today`s point of view as an elite will want.As logic and truth can alone can quench the trust and hunger of hungry soul.
                As the western scholars have made lots of logical and rational experimentation before coming to a conclusion.And today can be seen better Vedantists in true sense of terms and need not to say why they are more developed.For a nation to prosper their is need for a think thank group, who plan good ideas to face the  future problem.
                        Say when my earlier idea of solving Ram Janma Bhoomi is not possible can Belur Math not act as the peacemakers.Let the underground be given to Islam brothers to make mosque and overground to the Hindu brothers.After all by seeing the nature of their last rite it seems to be perfect solution also.Because a way have to be found or this nation cannot be kept in suspension animation.
              This is of course if the Hon`ble S.C atleast don`t partially comply the Hindu sentiments who have seldom taken undemocratic means to voice their anger.And when some call spade a spade can he be criticised.And for one from RKM background he will be always outspoken.And honestly Hon`ble P.M have also broken the myth that outspoken leader are not successful.  
                 Thus important is accepting what you accept from your inner conscience as you never sit in a bus with no break. Thus be a lamb and get used by God the way He wants as He wants submission we don`t make much ifs and buts when we are in death bed isn`t it?This present philosophy of missionary may be better for all as all want young servant isn`t it?And see from time to time it was the divine power which was influencing all great saints from the time.Thus it will be pointless to question the divine time tested power followed by many.
                             And the Hindu Sashtras is very intelligent enough to divide the era as – SATYA , DUAPER , TRETA and KALYUGA etc.See from the Rishi Veda Vyasas time the Human being was directed to seek thy Kingdom and righteousness first e,I –to wait for the true messiah thus God is for all and everyones.
                  As the father /PARAM PITAH PARMESHWAR which may be Brahmaji perhaps know`s our latest needs thus instead of talking as if we have meet Him better to try to convey message to Him through his true massengers.Even great philosophers and spiritual leaders have written vast books and journals so that humanity select the shorter roots as in today`s time is money.
           And specially Swami Vivekananda have been very particular about even testing Ramakrishna Paramahansa who was his Guru.And he even become as Hindi writers says - GURU GUR HI RAHA CHELA SHAKKAR BAN GAYA.See  if you feel ashamed of God in Kalyuga then later when you have a dreaded diseases and illness then who is in the loosing end?Thus respect the Guru and Gurukul but regard Him the saviour.
                    See the divine philosophy of the -`Love thy neighbor` Is it not sounding like VED VYASYAS immortal verse -`ASTADESHU PURANESHU VYASHAYA VACHANA DUYAM , PAROPKARAY PUNYAY PARPIDANAY PAPAY.`Thus even the son of God He have rather come to enrich the religion.In fact taking goodness was the real essence of the Vedantik philosophy based on rationalism , logic and truth.
               And this is a natural phenomenon for a mortal human being for survivle also, and yes human being will receive what is best for him according to his own time and situation sooner or later, and mind it non like a bad and spoiled son.And thus for the best you have to also use your brain nicely or so much distractions,temptations and interference in todays time.
           See can some unique national problems like Ram Janma Bhoomi issues can be solved by itself if there is still a dead lock?And thus from  dependency on a single thought process which seems to be the effect of the localization in a particular place since time immemorial we may  have to surely go ahead and for that a global mindset have to be developed.This is natural and unstoppable or we may have still evil practice like -Sati.Thus change is for good.
                As our forefathers must have suddenly oneday discovered the importance of fire and may have started worshipping it.As it saved them from wild animals right?But honestly as the earlier Rishi Munis also wished we have to ultimately find the PARATMA which is the true meaning of life specially Hindutva.And yet the importance of the old worldly master never diminishes as he was always good when our challenges where less and left us at junction when we could take our own decision.
                        But when you see the truth then earlier the forfathers must have been left with the creators in the Eden Garden isn`t it.As this story of seeing the creator is more or less accepted by most of the ancient religion.Thus in spiritualism there is no scope for egoism and thou is holier mindset is wrong ,everyone is our own.Make yourself the smallest and love others with an eternal love is the Guru mantra.God is a spirit and those who worship Him must worship Him with spirit.But as we are imperfect thus to teach us Lord Christ was send in the flesh and blood.
                 I believe true Swami Vivekanandajis followers will always end up in the right platform the bus on the way to heaven.They will be not ones like others without reading most of Holy Book will make whimsical decisions and make passing immature comment like when they have grown up.See to accept ones weakness is first step to learn as some smaller boy may have spiritually become more mature also.
                      And it must have been Swami Vivekanandajis  his own desire to see us being sited with the Holiest of the Holy, had he have been alive for such a long time.Thus best is praying God and asking His plan for you.Only believe Him others are mostly deceptive and eventually everything will happen according to His plan and will be for best.Man himself seems to be creating lots of boundary wall.
                   Thus sending Christian missionaries in Pakistan may be a great idea to calm it down and share the blessing`s of the God.See every institutions have to think upon some new game changing plan in life.How so it seems funny, see great man and country does not do different things , they do the things differently.And the USA definitely become super power by sponsoring some one like Mother Teresa and Missionary of Charity, and whats the harm in learning from others success story?
               See the great dead souls will like us to excel in leap and bound and in any though process will like our holiness and righteousness to grow.As the divine power is only interested in your inner purity how you get will be immaterial to them.Thus in fact religious intolerance is not doing service to anyone.Thus in my last article I have tried to show how earlier great Hindu spiritual persons also did something different.
                    That way even Ramakrishna Paramahansas doctrines are also not wrong when one live a Holy life ,specially during the time when the world was living in the laws.Yet this is equally truth that the real development started after the coming of Gospel as many Arunachalees are still regretting for killing of British officers in Siang Frontier.
                           And surely state of Nagaland and Mizoram is very developed and Arunachal Pradesh is still a rich State with poor Publics believes many.See my father honestly accepted they earlier used to wear leaves/bark  in their childhood but he  think first of putting 4 of his pro-genies in RKM School and all become officers.Though today the performance of the school may have fallen down a bit, as there is time for everyone also.
                 And interestingly what ever happens is due to others effects also ,even the Belur Math and its Mission compound must have been ones triggered by the commission of Sre Rampur University right?Thus the change is natural and must be for good and knowingly or un knowingly all learn from each other.
              We want a united India , prosperous India and powerful India then in the leg of almighty God we have to leave our ulter ego also, or only speaking and boasting without evaluating will it be auguring well?Can Christian Institutions can be blindly doubted of pro-sympathetic to Congress party , remember what happened in the Mt. Carmel School?
             And by the time our GDP increases a double digit ,will we like if the Americans and Europe make colony in the other Planets also ,and save themselves from global warming side effects.Which seems to be like Biblical warning in the Nuas time .
          Thus Swami Vivekanandajis role is like John the Baptist paving the way for the coming of the better things like-Lord Christ immortal divine and life changing gospel and as best have been already written hear in the Holy Bible ,the great person`s seems to have been using  it`s content only from our forefathers time believes some.
                      Even Mahatma Gandhijis non violence philosophy is like taken from the love thy neighbor doctrine of Holy Bible only.After all he himself accepts trying to become Christian in Natal South Africa.See his autobiography -MY EXPERIMENT WITH THE TRUTH.Thus as he said we must hate the sin not the sinner thus contrary we must try to take the good point even if it is from a small boy.
                 The great nation cannot still live in hatred that Britishers  have persecuted us after all so many good things have they not done also isn`t it?Educating great man like Baba Saheb Ambedkar by them had it not helped the nation in many ways?And see the Lutyans buildings in the New Delhi also;thus we must see two side of coin.And see even if you don`t take Holy Baptisma have you right to live in God`s world criticizing and Blaspheming against His proclamation.See non of the sensible man will do it willingly.
                And see howsoever unnerving it may be to the human being addicted with the comfort zone.But great things are done in pain , this one have to accept isn`t it?And see the world will go according to His plan and solution to dreaded problems like-ISISI is also coming from his favorite countries isn`t it?And see the falling down of the Berlin wall, can the hatred between India and Pakistan can it allow this kind of scene in future?Thus as practice makes a man perfect thus goodness have to be marketed aggressively also,as perfect practice makes a man more perfect.

                     And thus what Swami Vivekananda also wanted was salvation from yock of bondage of sin and  honestly Swami Vivekanandajis soul may have been more happy if the stride was made in this regard.From good to better , as he may have said BETA CHICAGO ADDRESS IS AN OLD MATTER NOW.
                 And in any case was the clap not for accepting the Biblical and Biological facts that every one are related to each others from Adam and Eves point of view.See had Ramakrishna Paramahansa did not intermixed with others also then he may have not motivated Narendra Nath to become a great man,as ignorance is not a bliss in fact this is a curse isn`t it.
             Today the global world have united us so much that we have the privilege to know the truth yet the lazy one who alone are spiritually malnutrition are trying to make others fight in the name of religion.For little knowledge are always dangerous ,and those who are still living in the ancient period kind of society and mind are first harming themselves.
                 In the most challenging times in their life they will be caught helpless by death and destruction like Vhir Abhimanyu of Epic Mahabharata time in the Chakravyu of life.Thus start the good work from now itself as we can die any moment ,remembering Rabindra Nath Tagores - YADI TUR DAK SUNEH  NA KOI, TUMI EKLA CHALO RAIN PRINCIPLES even if you are alone initially.Start the good fight as your enemy are yourself.
            Thus for all evolution is needed this is natural also as by being ignorant we can`t boast ourselves to be greater then other isn`t it?Thus to help the readers about the creator and our Countries role as commissioned by Swami Vivekananda I have earlier written my journal- `UP INDIA CONQUER THE WORLD WITH YOUR SPIRITUALITY,`in my blog.
                 See the hate will be very much catastrophic and the person concern will do great disservice to his own community also if there is made religion base hatred. As the love is the main essence and even if one don`t respect other ,can a great philosophy can be denied also at least from academic point of view also?
                    See the story of son of God even forgiving his own tormentors in cross is not marvelous, see how long we will only fear the worldly equations only and give disservice to the nation? As can son of God alone could not do that miracle and change our lifes as He is doing in many family , society and countries?
                Thus the Christianity is it not a world religion? and as the Human being is basically bundles of thought so ultimately best from the current view will and should be taken isn`t it?After all we have to make a better world as soon as possible.See the Lord Sri Krishnas philosophy -` YADA YADA HI DHARMASHAY …………….` this also talks of coming messiah isn`t it?
                      Thus we should not be so stubborn that we fail to identify true God and His will .See after DIGAMBARI , PITAMBARI will SWETAMBARI will not take avatar in the Kalyug?See unlike todays time their was no religion bifurcation in earlier time it was only the fight between the DHARMA and ADHARMA .
               And today  we human being have we not segregated ourselves from his graceness after evolution of the nation state and its defined boundary?As instead of TARKA / CHETAN we seem`s  to be ready to go physical in the name of the religion,god and godess.In fact when the Holy Bible is seen in detail it give no less credit to the Hinduism and other religion also.
                           See the Hindu mythology Kalpa Taru tree had it not later become Christmass tree?Thus those who want to see the similarity between the Hinduism and Christianity can see the story of the tower of Jerrubabel and Muni Sukracharyajis trying to make a parallel heaven.It is said in Holy Bible till the tower of the jerrubabbel all the forefathers language was same this shows the fact that human being evaluated from one common forefather.
              But when they tried to challenge God he changed their language, the forefathers quarreled and dispersed in other part of the world.Is it not convincing and logical after all even the Nepali looking Peoples of the North East are they of not the same forefather e,i-Adams family tree.
               And interestingly at one point of time the great modern Hindu Saints seems to have interacted with the Christian missionaries also.Did our own Swami Vivekananda did he not studied in the Presidency college?And later went to America ,did he not a made a clarion call- `Up India conquer the world with your spirituality.`
               Thus spreading love and friendship not our duty and above all to find the truth to get ourselves liberated and for whole of his life Swami Vivekanandaji was not he himself seeking truth and even said to have visited Rome also isn`t it?Thus their may be now time for paradigm shift as the great Indians can never be moron.
              See he never started a separate religion and the kind of passion he have put in the Indian mind specially RKM Ex-students unless the truth is discovered we may not be happy man also.As we are perhaps programmed to be different and enlighten others also .See the Holy Spirit and His work can never be criticized .Thus please let us help the villagers of the Doji Jeko village of the West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh India Aalo where 13 house and one Keba dere recently gutted to fire.
                      In the day of the Judgment be the one to get the eternal life,even if your body ultimately meet with death and destruction, as this is a risky business and for it you have to perhaps develop that passion of Swami Vivekanandaji .And perhaps you have to also put star antenna in your own house to re-connect with the divine power in the celestial body.As human being are basically made for that only to seek the master and worship him the way you and He like it most.
             Thus make a comparative study and choose the best for yourself so that this country also benefits as one born again person is alone the greatest asset to the nation as personal richness is for yourselves and soon your inglorious bastard son`s may finish it also. Be the kind of king like -DADICHI giving your flesh and bone atleast spiritually to the beggars and hungry masses as you are also RKM product like me.
           Then perhaps their will be no beggar left in this country.And also please help the man fighting in the modern Kuruckshetra zone for the sake of righteousness and make your name registered in the book of life of God, as when everyone laughs at other He is perhaps sympathizing on that Guy.
                   In any case what is thy plan will happen yet it is human privilege to work with the master when alive isn`t it?And dear readers please finally believe you was the change everyone was waiting for .Thus finally Praise the Lord ,and wish you a  very special Merry X Mass and very promising Happy New year 2016, you mean so much to me and if you like this article please take it as my only affordable X Mass gift to you o.k.

                  As Lord  and His Disciples have also loved you so much with their  everlasting love and want you to also know that happiness is under his protective shield.Thus seeing their noble intentions way you have forgiven the Christian missionaries.So hope for sake of love, affectionate and good intention you will also forgive some of my misdemeanor also as I have myself many weakness only for this love I have for you all.May God bless you. Amen.

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