Saturday, December 19, 2015

Regarding the RKM Centenary Celebration :-

With Pegu Sir
The 1988 RKM Batch -Son of the soils
before presenting group song

The senior teachers with the organisers

My Rakhi sisters -Pritha Dutta,Dr.Nimisha Rawat 
and Sister Meena Das from L to R.

With my sister Nimisha and  Gamba Padu( Riba)
3rd from Left

                                          This was the ground we played with my 1988
                                          Subroto friends Mardo Ninu and Oni Apum

                  The Ramakrishna Mission School Viveknagar Aalo is suited in the West Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh India.This have been earlier conferred with the best School award .And have the distinctions of Subroto Cup Runners up in 1986 and 1988.I was fortunately the member of 1988 Football team.
             The School was opened in 1965 in the thatched Kacha house in the present football field of the School.His Holiness Swami Nageshwaranandaji was the first Swamiji of the School.And the first student batch was – Sri Reli Loyiji ( Comm. 1st IRBN Govt. of Arunachal ), Marnya Eteji IAS ( Secy.Education GOA) ,Gamli Paduji ( Secy.Supply GOA), Huzar Lollenji ( Secy.Fishery GOA), Reke Bagraji ( H.Master), Tejum Paduji ( Director Higher Education GOA).
              The others were Binduk Paduji ( Deputy Director health Service GOA), Radhika Angu( Deputy Director Social Dept. GOA) .Lt. Jombom Padu , Lt.Hogmar Ete , Lt. Mardo Padu etc.The School Cock was Sri Tasin Taring , Lt.Tage Ngomdir and Lt.Kato Ngomdir and Sri Marte Ngomdirji.The first teacher was Sri Mukhopadya patirji and Sri Raghunath Shindeji ( Seniour  RSS Pracharak).
                       The current ongoing centenary celebration of Ram Krishna Mission School Vivek Nagar Aalo of the West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh from 17th Dec-20th is a real refreshing moment ,meeting my Ex- Alumnis of the almameter Ramkrishna Mission School Viveknanagar Aalo West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh specially the Alumni of 1988 batch is real great, it was like  meeting the relatives in heaven.
                     That moment will be our treasure for our future generation as for a moment we become once again the child.Seeing the ground we played and seeing the school class room we read made us nostalgic. And the Jagjit Singh the reputed Gazal singers song INSTANTLY come in the mind -` YEH DAULAT BHI LAIN LEY, WOH SHAUHARAT BHI LAIN LEY, BHALE CHIN LAIN  MUJSE MERI JAWANI ,MAGAR MUJKHO LAUTADEIN WHO BACHPAN KA  SAWAN , WHO KAGAJ KI KASTI  WOH BARISH KA  PAANI ` .
                 The best part was meeting my most beloved sisters namely –Meena Das , Nimisha Rawat and Pritha Dutta in flesh and blood that too after a long gap .As my love for them have been platonic from the day one since they choosed me as their brothers and tied me Rakhi.I have really tremendous emotional feelings for them and honestly this relations have what bind me more close to the Hindu community also.That was perhaps the vision of Swami Vivekananda who wanted a united India also.
              As for me my Hindi Poems writing ability in my childhood also seems to have attracted them but their was definitely a call of a divine power perhaps.We may have been real brother and sisters in the previous lifes as my sisters are also very much sentimental about this relations.Though some of my class mates have been pulling my  legs  from the day one but I am really sincere in this regards.And today`s generation may not even understand this also.But a relation that was made when we where innocent are really respectable.
           And my sisters are in fact more successful then me and I am really happy for them.The other important moment have been meeting 1988 RKM batch namely -Lemli Loyi , Er.Durik Kamduk ,Er.Komba Taso , Sri Minli Tato , Satyajeet Bhattacharjee , Teli Ngomdir , Yomto Ete ,Tapor Kotin ,Amber Limbu.Smty Ritu Dubey,Smty Jayanti Rajkumari etc. 
                   On the morning of 18th Dec. the oldest 1966 batch seniors shared their earlier experience of RKM School when the school started from scratches.Hope the current students will learn from this values of the Ram Krishna Mission School Vivekanagar Aalo West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh.
           A School magazine was released to commemorate with the occasion showing the old pictures which reminded our childhood.On the inaugural speech Most respectable Sri Boken Eteji  99 yrs.the man who persuaded then His Excellency President of India to set up this school told at length how he brought the RKM School.
                       He was given an standing ovation by all and meeting Achi Marte Ngomdirji , P.K Roy Sir and remembering great Grammar perfectionists like Barik Sir, Ram Sir and meeting ever green P.T Teacher`s like- B.D Mishra Sir and  Pegu Sir and other old teachers  was really a great total recall  moment for us.
                   As their echoing order still is very much heard in our ears namely – CHOTTE , BETE LAST , KAMOSYA , FINAL MAIN DEKHEGA etc.Seniour like Er.Gaken Eteji Secretary Govt. of A.P appealed us to be ones more be Children for atleast 3 days in the campus.And similarly Sri Marnya Ete ( IAS) Exalted the students to achieve unbelievable feets in life.Seniour student like brother Ujjual Chudhary and Achi Kanki Darrangji ( D.C ) asked for rising above mediocrity.
                 Another thing we were longing was to have lunch in the Old Dining Hall and Swamiji and management of the Alumni meet made sure this desire were fulfilled. The test of Mission School simple Dal Bhat after a long time was real mindbogglingly .The earlier hunger in the school days was real too much today we wonder where it all have gone?
                        And my class mate Lemli Loyaji who have written an indirect satire on a friend in the current Magazine for which more then me someone else was responsible he really seems to enjoyed it most.With Dal in his glass he seems to have re-enacted the old days.As elder brother of 1987 batch Achi Choje Lamaji says -`We the RKM Alumnis are atleast bind -` Not by blood but by atleast Dal,` See their was time savoring it was like drinking nectar as then virtually food was so much a time pass in a boring moment of life.
                   And thus the eating large number of Puri in an competition ones a year was an interesting event for us . In the evening of the 17th Dec.-to 18th Dec. their was batch wise introduction and cultural show in the Gumin Kin Hall in Aalo.The Alumni`s doned with the blue jacket where the logo of the Alumni 2015 was put looked like Gari Baldis shouldiers.Wow that was incredible and glorious experience to be ones again united and being like a Child , away from the future worries.
                   The friends who could not make it seems to have also repented after all can we ever meet again ?Yet on those days they were reportedly hooked to the facebook and watsup.Inspite of State political crisis ones like Achi Talo Putum have also made it here.Meeting friends like Satyajit Bhattacharjee who flew in from Dubai, Ritu from Kanpur  who complemented my another Rakhi sister Sangita Sharmas absence also was a great.We made sure to take as much photo so that in the end we get bored with each other and don`t cry when we parted.
                     And seeing some like Achi Sanjay Bengia,Er. Nyido Takaji after long time was a great feeling also,this school has really united everyone .Hope this RKM family will ones again repair the  broken wall of this State currently going through a great political crisis.And perhaps in this moment of worst transition period in the State this Alumnis can alone work to bring a lasting peace and togetherness.We can definitely make it happen rising above our religion and class  as Swami Vivekanadajis blessings are perhaps always with us.
                The good thing about having both the RKM school experience and maturing in Christ is like having two mothers.In the end when you have benefitted from both and you become a better human being.And when the world respect you for being different you feel good.As right now we perhaps now desperately need a peace maker who makes peace between two different views and who is equally loved by both.And thus this short of experience alone helps in the nation like ours where there is too many diversity.
                      For me honestly both was necessary and both is adorable as it have preferred me to be adjusting to the very challenging world.The call of God is from above you can`t help  if some one is got called by Him to follow Him way He wants.But the Ramakrishna Paramahansa`s philosophy is equally right.When he ask us to  see the elephant in totality also.
                For a man who loves humanity he may need not have religion also and he will stretch it untill it cover everyone under his accommodating heart and for it he have to be a great lover.In fact Lord Christ himself have said Love is the greatest philosophy in life, many a times we only see the difference and never see the common features of two objects.The religion is no exception ,see there is even no time to love then why hate?
         The best part is when the world have accepted you as you are even if it took some time for others to know you.We the dwellers of the great country must follow the Ganga , Yamuna and Saraswati culture of mutual respect and regards in true sense of terms.And this is perhaps the essence of being an RKM Alumni.
                 Honestly I still miss Anup Jalotajis Bhajans in my school days that’s very funny isn`t it ?And made sure to bump in the prayer hall in the evening of 18th Dec. with great gentleman Bhasker Pegu Da presently ADC Dhemaji Assam and sister Prof. Sweta Pegu.
                  Our love for the others and others love for me should not stop till JAB TAK JAAN HAIN.As till death do us apart if I love someone with an everlasting love then this itself gives you the kick of the life, as God must have plan for you to meet a particular man /woman in life.And you can`t help about it isn`t it ?but little time we have we can be further accommodating to others also. And this report we get from every Ex-students who are really contributing the Country in their own way is really great.
                           And even if you have bitterness in life in the nascent age but this experience are the ones which later shape your characters and make you different from others. And perhaps make you to trod a path less travelled and put a foot print for the next generation to follow.Hope the RKM friends with Swami  Vivekananda`s philosophy will try to be always united  make a difference in our and others life.And this should be the motto of our uniting after a long time also.
                        As the great souls are commissioned to do so and the right time seems to have already come for us to work together.As united we stand divided we fall and thus ones more time to remember-` ARISE AWAKE AND STOP NOT TILL THE GOAL of removing many maladies of this State and Country is made by us, so that the soul of Swami Vivekananda may be made more happy by us.



theglobalindian said...

Lovely meeting you at the golden jubilee meet and being a part of the history there. It was sheer reliving our childhood. Saddened by the poor quality of roads in Arunachal, at least Likhabali to Aalo and within Aalo sectors.

kem said...

Really after gone though the write up on Golden Jubilee a real kind of emotions touched my heart.a real feelings of nostalgia

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