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                  The coming Healing crusade cum prayer crusade in Basar of the West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh from 5th February to 8th Feb.2016 is perfect time for all to repent .Specially the sinners like us who really want to change and get His divine blessings. The Holy Ghost is really wanting to help all sinners who repent truly from their heart.
                The Christians are called one for a specific purpose, they are said to be body of Christ and anywhere they pray become a Holy Church.And see had their been only sinners and no way for their improvement ,then imagine the fate of this society and nation?
              The divine commission of a Christian is to tell the love of God to the Poor and destitute. The man with divine mission is a missionary and man without God is his mission field this is as told by brother Evan.Marsen Laye.
               And so we must be a nationalist as Hinduism seems to be advocating by its -`VASUDEV KUTUMBAKAM` philosophy.As in India their is so much of religious tolerance.And this is hallmark of Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modijis reign also.
                 The basic philosophy of the Christianity is that -`the man as made by God in His own imagination is most adorable thing and can make great stride in his life and thus he is revearable more then idol also.And more so the wife made by the bone of man must love,adore and submit to her husband more.
                    And the mass prayer e,i- the commutation of the positive energy by the body of Christ which is the real Church, is due to the conglomeration of believer triggering  that passion in all to change for good.Even for the sinner who unmindfully join in as the Hindi saying goes - `KARBUJA KO DEKH KAR TARBUJA RANG BADAL TA HAIN`.And as your own Yog Guru Baba Ramdevji tells good man naturally take a better argument.
            See as Dharma Raj Yudhistir of Mahabharat fame told the Yaksha that the most surprising thing in life is everyone knows that he is soon dying oneday but lives as if he is not going to die.See you can also become as truthful as Yudhisthira if you accept your weakness and submit to God.
              See eventually first hard step you alone have to make and if you want to avoid prayer and fasting then you have to really sponsor a truthful man.Who may not done a Sanyasins dress and could not seldom come to T.V but who have a telepathic effect / AVAMANDAL glow around him.
           And as the God have given the brain only to the Homo Sapiens thus to find anti dot of negativity specially -death and destruction is everyones duty also.After all in Vedic principles also their is reference of small power like – Chetrapals and Devtas below His divine Lordship from time inmemorial.
                    The knowledgeable one instead of making petty argument will make an introspection and take the best.The good family gene called PRAGYA also helps as for meaningless gossipers they are in the losing end.And their pro genies may soon come as rotten like them.
               Thus Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modijis clarion call -`NA MAIN KHAUNGA , AUR KISIKO KHANE DUNGA,`Must be everyones official stand in the real life as the wordly lust may one day make you in confrontation with the divine power.No matter even if your own reject you initially please try mto change.Thus this coming Healing crusade is important also.
                  As for a great stride you need a divine blessings so even if you could not take your own to the promise land please make sure they reach very near to it.Thus the BJP party is appreciable for earlier giving free and full support to BJP honest leaders in Goa.And was the truth did not triumph there also?
               Thus as evolution is needed , in spiritualism also it is needed to imbibe the character of His divine Lordship, the closest relative of the God alone will logically give a better lesson and inspire much needed behavioral change.
              See need is not merely giving lip service,but need is true practitioner of His word and will as much as possible ,or those who come first will truly become last in spiritualism as Holy Bible says as it is upto His discretion to call.The change is the hardest part and here we also need to beg apology for some of our past misdenemours.
                 After all we have been made so dependent on each other but see Man not only need bread and butter but the daily word of God as told by Lord Christ.After all as God`s spirit is working in man so he is alive and relishing the food isn`t it?
                  Today in mutatismutandi their is seen near unanimity between the story of all the religion that earlier forefathers only eat plants , trees and fruits.Thus the story of Adam and his family driven out from the Eden Garden seems to be very probable also and see the first food of baby mothers milk is also seen resembling with the Soybean isn`t it?
                See there is hardly disease and illness to herbivorous person.Thus for all school of thought Holy Bible is a good explanation ,as see even for anti Cow slaughtering agitating groups, the cow seems to have saved our forefathers and animals in the great Nuas flood by its precious milk the reason for which we have to revere it.
             The sensible man like Lord Budha will have always seek this truth and Swami Vivekanada would have raised volleys of questions had they have been born in this era also, as ultimately ones ill effect of bad Karma can alone be removed by practicing religion perfectly which suit you and convince you from heart.
                       And see in the ancient Hinduism the King was seen to be the first exponent of Dharma.And in Holy Bible the King the man with highest power of all have been even refrained from taking wine also.Thus the most important point of all will be surely not sidelined by the BJP if it really want to be party with difference.
             And hopefully from now on important occasion and matter will be discuss with the prayer tower and spiritual ministries with large sincere prayer warrior with proven record of prophesy praying under them.But for one in the worldly life word of caution only full time spiritual workers can take so much spiritual responsibility.For a house wife her real ministry is family ministry also as spiritual man or woman are also subject to intense temptations.
                   The analytic and logical explanation being practically used by the educated Western Peoples though originally coined by great Hindu Saints in the form of story of Samudramanthan, not using this common sense have been perhaps our loss only.
              The critical subject like religion and test of the Holy spirit will be alone given to those who really slog for it.The emotional feeling that what will happen to my religion is fallacy, if their is ancient god and goddess they will protect themselves.
                This is what the mind of the missionary as many have to later cry with the prayer seeker after dreaded disease or illness comes in their life.Thus others motive for little excess have to be perhaps also respected.But non also force one to join even Baba Ramdevjis Yog Shivir also isn`t it?
                  And great Holy man in any religion is truly reverable as so many benefits others have got for few.Thus story of great man like Subash Chandra Bose stirre us isn`t it?And the truth finally comes and it has to after all-SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDARAM , in fact God is one only and all the scriptures helps him to be reached provided you make a rational and analytical study and take the best from all.
                Thus issues like self realization in spiritualism should be not given political tone and seen as conversion,as non can stand against thy will.If it is His will one day anybody can be called and call one alone will know His master.
                   Congress party seems to have suffered in last election for this audacity to mess with His power.Pliz see my earlier article -` God`s miracle witnessed by me,` .Need not to say why JAGAT GURU Baba Ramdevji have been very fond of me when JAB WE MET in Itanagar.The true Brahman is one who have found Brahmatva e,i- the Universal truth.
             That is one who recognize the Savior and messiah whom all party and nation needs will be truly Gyani/knowledgeable and will try to learn from all.See if the Holy Spirit possessed person like Her Holiness Mother Teresa alone can do wonder.Then imagine what not can dozen like her can do?
             And did not this nation benefited for few great souls?Thus the nation really need this spiritual great Peoples and believe it the angry is not for coming up of Holy spirit possessed great man.As who will not like his dear and near family man healed of dreaded diseases?Believe it spiritually the work of the Human being is praise and glorify Him thus on 25th to 28th Feb.2016 let all of us say Praise the Lord.As when we are shy of him when alive and yet cry after seeing T.V serial then we are the most unrealistic lots.
                Thus the unproductive and frustrated Publics also need to be shown the love of God, as this love alone is the best medicine .They can`t be thrown in Bay of Bengal ,then only their will be happiness for all and the prosperity of the nation.
            And believe it benefit and well being of the nation everyone need this is the main goal of RSS also.Thus believe it their is no diversion of view as some critics try to postulate.This may be rather clever trick of some Congress Seva Dal member to try to do so thinking them still as moron.But believe it the Institution may have today come of age and better upgraded in every field according to new need ,howsoever their wardrobe looks ancient.
            Thus in todays time believe it their is even recognition and appreciation of the god believer in the party like BJP as so far non have atleast discouraged me in the party even if I am perhaps worst among best only for this writing ability which may also lead me to serious troubles unless great man like you stand for me.Like my family members says this days please pray for us also,so hopefully in this new era everyone is also willing to try something different.
                 It is only against the turncoats, insincere and fake ones the Peoples are against of.After all that is natural also as many spiritual hungry man have been already cheated by few , see change of attitude is a natural phenomenon and if it is coming from above Baba who can fight it also?
                 Thus it may be that DAG SACHMUCH KA ACHA HAIN after the dirt in the soul which the spiritual detergent can alone wash.See the Holy Ganga brought by King Baghirath may have been for his relatives alone, you may have to unfortunately bring your own Ganga also.
                 Or when you also are dead tomorrow you may also curse your successors also for not working for your salvation.We may be forgeing the buggage of ill manner , indiscipline and evil character passed on to our successive next generation and think everything will be good.And this is the scary part as when the man will seize to bread?
                         Thus good if one accept something in life which can also purge his seven generation forefathers of great sin and save them from Hades/eternal fire.Check out the best as this party want to even ensure you place in heaven.As many of you may have failed in life but this may be the last chance to do something tangible and which non can seize from you also.
                         See had their been no abolition of Sati system during the time of Governor Gen.William Banting then what would have been the state of society? It is false allegations that this BJP party is against thy will which power wants more then us to improve our life.As non can be afford to make enmity with  all and so far all seems to be rather proud of religious man in the party.
                      And surely standing for the righteous man like Yog Guru Baba Ramdevji in the Ramlila ground seems to be the reason daitre for the divine blessing to BJP.As their is today seen two kinds of Christians –theoretical and practical and many great souls are perhaps already following His divine commandments. Thus unless one is as good as other can he also gospel? This is also a point to be pondered by Christian missionaries as well.
               In my life so far going by my personal experience  in this regard of religious tolerance it is seen  Congress party is seen to be making this policy like– ULTA CHOR KOTWAL KO DATEIN.The party which don`t even respect the work of Holy Ghost can it survive?thus it has lot many introspection to make in future elections.
                And perhaps may have to sacrifice some of the constituency also.As only the excessive evil soul try to postulate that politics and religion is different, forgetting for few excessively corrupted He Himself seems to be coming.And will all like to finish for one whimsical man?
                         See the will of the God is supreme , those who have enjoyed untold power in earlier occasion must accept that they have also seen good time in their life.And leaving their egoism and proud only in the lap of His feet and mercy their may come the way for honourable exit or later this may also be a rare commodity for some also .
                   Thus run to the Healing crusade in the Basar on 5th Feb. 2016 in the Lt.Todak Basar General field before the things become more challenging for some ,as non can seldom fight against the will of God.As when His mercy and gracefulness is not welcome in the society the worst like terrorism comes up.

                 The soulless Jehadis walking like Zombies who are curse to the womb on which he was born that scene have to be also removed by any means in future .This Basar Healing Crusade programme seems to be unique chance to drive in all the bad dormant diseases in you like cancer , Aids and T.B inside the body of the Terrorists who deserve it more .
             As they love death and destructions so much ,may on that historic day may Almighty God bless them abundantly with this so much ,that world become more happier without them.Praise the Lord ,May almighty God bless my Country.

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