Monday, December 14, 2015


                                                  .. The latest political turmoil in the State of Arunachal Pradesh is interesting as His Excellency Governor of State have directed for conducting special Assembly Session on 16th Dec. 2015 .And permitted the new Speaker to allow the passing of no confidence motion against the earlier Speaker.
                        It is wrong to misunderstand BJP, if the issue become very important then it have always stood for the Publics.No matter what have been price specially with the party President Sri Tai Tagakji this is seen.The problem with the Arunachal Publics is also lack of trust in their leaders from the other party like -BJP who have been so far never given any chance.
                 And in a way can a Hindi movie buff suddenly expect the Villain like Sakhti Kapoor to change in the 2nd Half?And honestly due to the poor Congress leadership , the case of the Public`s perception towards the Arunachal Pradesh political leaders seems to have become something like this.And this responsible old leadership refuse to budge and still seems to be making many excuses.
                       But mind it this is also insult to the present leadership only if they are feared then respected. In fact they are yet to show their true leadership as so far they have never fought against the odds. Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modijis charisma seems to have lasting effects on the current Publics who seems to be accepting one like him.Specially some present senior leaders here in this State of Arunachal pradesh seems to be stinking.
                And thus the present leaders need to change quickly as the future is so unpredictable for them.As by siding with all the syndicates to harm their adversary will this tactics only work?Thus soon like in Mizoram this State may do away with the Student body politics also.As the Publics seems to be fed up now.
                            As earlier also if their was fair election many better leaders must have won the election claims many; as critics are now citing that the modern technology has become the basis for real development, and here the old face seems to be falling behind for their inability to cope and still try to futilely hide their inadequacy.And their earlier all illegal means for winning election and becoming Hon`ble C.M and Ministers seems to have been decoded also.
                 And even if given chance the young generation leadership may also not be able to completely remove the corruption and nepotism practice instantly, but nevertheless must have expedite the developmental work.This is the official survey report by some sociologists of the world over who see enlightened and educated more suited in today`s time,and uneducated the pariah for development not allowing little outside investment unless they have a share.
                     See even if one is in power and position but if he is uneducated what message he can give to student`s as Chief Guest?Can he say don`t study and your society will reward you?Thus this Taliban practice of winning election by surreptitious means by hooking with other greater evil force must be fight tooth and  nail by all.See the audacity of attacking the constitutional post of His Excellency Governor`s seat.This is tantamount to anti India activity as the Governor post in this State is given exemplary power under Art.371 (h).That too by the constitution of India.
                      And he have rightly called for assembly as the general Publics are really lately  seen suffering and if there is mid term poll election.It is going to be due to the Congress party infighting and conglomeration of the vested interest groups clubbed together in this party like crabs in plate.
               And their inability to become united, as when for looting only the leaders have united then Congress ideology is meaningless and farce here.The Congress Highcommand will have to now perhaps suffer for their rejecting the spiritual , honest and educated leaders in their camp,as now non can be trusted and may sooner or later run to greener pastures even if their promise to madam Soniaji is telecaste in live.This is believed by many now.
              As making the fearful officer to hear their view point is easy but  who will respect a person who himself manipulate to become chief guest in some party.And raised the stake for the coming of good leaders so much that the Publics groan and tears reach heaven.After all great man like former president Abdul Kalam Azad had he not said-` More then building and roads we need educated leaders `?Man how long the core issues can be subsides.
                  And the corrupted ones use the innocent Nyishi community members to grab the land allotment of adversary and de-promote the opponents relatives.This have happened to myself and my family, man being a Arunachalee and above being an Adviser Peace and Justice Dept.CBCNI-Council for Baptist North East India.And even when I have been always advocating for Nyishi brothers thinking them as co-Christians imagine.If this can happen to me what not will not happen to innocent Buddhists in the Bomdila area.
                    Thus what Kaliko Pulji said is not devoid of merit also.He have infact warned the community not to miss the heaven.As talking big thing inside the Holy Church is easy.But one have to practice it in letter and spirit.Yet when the young generetion meets then we the parents have to accept them as they are the future.As love is above everything thus soon my Nyishi Nyamte will be saturated in my family as our BAHU.Thus one have to always see the future.
                       The person who calles himself friend and Kimbo need to know the value of it.Do I have no right to have small plot in D.Sector Itanagar and do god like person even if he is related to an opposition person has he no right to promotion on merit? And who on earth give any community right to supersede his 10 senior officers in promotion?
                Thus if His Excellency have to take over the reign of power for law and order problem he is accepted by all to give VRS to ten top most corrupted officers, promote top ten officers in planning Dept. to Division post.Make sure the Zonal Chief Engineers sit in their respective zones and the other other District Publics barring Itanagar are not allowed to do direct contract work for the end of justice.
                  Thus the present Govt. if come back to power will have lots of answer to make in future as the washing is needed from top echelon of power .And already divine power seems to be angry with it.And this earlier divine warning was always neglected by Tuki camp even if myself was earlier seen to be used by thy power to prophesies political fate of three Hon`ble C.M and three cabinet Ministers.My life testimony have been already written in this blog  as -God`s miracle witnessed by me` .
            See one can try to manipulate by money and power for one time but not always.Interestingly same Hon`ble Tuki sahab who benefitted from thy blessing in the Aalo healing crusade when prophesy came to Evan.Christopher have he now become so powerful to neglect the divine will?See in last month also I had warned in his face book.Thus even if he survive the current political turmoil but is he not facing rough weather`s?And will he have any respect left from his own Christian supporters also in times to come?                       
                 As when His divine will is not complied with then will their be no terrible consequence?This Hon`ble Tuki Sahab have to have earlier itself accepted.As even if he survive he will be like zombie taking all to poverty and suffering unless real confession is not made.See only God and His will is above manipulation and it can never be purchased also.
                       See some Peoples need to know the story of Raksas Raj Ravana and his team, who until defeated by Lord Rama in Ramayana,may have never accepted their deeds as that of Raksas.So never commit so much sin that your own party members soon start pointing finger at you.As putting money inside JCB Tyre in election time may be a smart move from ones  side.And making innocent clan youths praising you in the face book.But what is gain when your own is about to kick you out and hate your presence in your back .After all how long the divine displeasure of Lord story can be suppressed by attacking other more truthful one?
                             See criticizing a person in absentia is an easy thing, but writing an open comment with much elan is gift of God.And if it turn out to be truth very soon it has to be seen with respect as then it is truth.See few days back I wrote an article claiming that in my family when it performs Uyu PUJA the rain starts falling  in Basar town.This is accepted by all and on 11th dec. it really started raining when my cousin Kenmar Basarji started PEKA UYU sacrifice to Deities.

                        And interestingly it only stopped on 12th morning when Christian celebrated CCB-Christian Community of Basar celebrated 11th Pre-Christmass celebration.Thus other thing we need to observe is when the angels also respect the Holy occasions we must respect each others spiritual views and sentiments also.
                          And see no matter how many money is offered to BJP Highcommand by Mr. Manipulator  everyone hopefully specially RSS in the end will like to follow -`SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDARAM`philosophy.As this is the basis of Vaidantic  philosophy.Did the Mahabharata did not started when Dhuryodhana`s even refused to give even 5 villages to Pandavas?
                        And against DHARMA non will like to come up as it will be like facing Lord Krishna with Chakra in his own hand.As had he not promised-`YADA YADA HI DHARMASHYA GLANIR BHAWATI BHARATAM , AVYUTANAM DHARMASYA ……………………….SHWAMBHWAMI YUGE YUGE.``And when we call every part of India as Bharat Varsha then any place here is it not part of Bharat?And thus any party will also face the same Congress fate if the unique development in some most corrupted place is still neglected.
                          As CHANAKYA SAID - RAJASYA MULAM NITI , NITISHYA MULYAM DHARMAM , DHARMASYA MULYAM VRIDHAM/ enlightened one.Thus spiritual person is above everyone.And the poor have been termed as god JANTA JANARDHAN in VEDIC philosophy, and what will be its true leader then?
                              Thus the willing successful person , camp and party in this worst political crisis in the State of Arunachal Pradesh have to from now promise to give ticket to atleast 20% spiritual leaders in coming election.With all their sincerity then only the divine omni present God may perhaps bless this time.   

                    For all remember life changing movement and history making time is very short.Don`t allow other to become great at your cost even great man make a greater confession, accepting ones own mistake is also a great work.And for my co-workers pliz do what you believe in , even the personal visit is more effective.As convincing the person ideologically will be also more effective but for it you have to leave your comfort zone also.
                                   Thus please join great party like BJP and believe in great vision and dynamic leadership like- Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji, as this is history making time.As initially the great leaders had also no money and power.See the good person will never wait for a proper time to voice the genuine issue thus Baba Ramdevji is perhaps very fond of me.
                       Ask Sri Naksang Tsringji Ex-PPA Gen.Secy. to believe it.And even if not from party loyalty point of view also a layman will only want any party to rule for utmost only three terms.And in south in Tamil Nadu in each election there is seen new change of party in each election.
                             Many are saying it is time His Excellency Governor of Arunachal pradesh take use of Art 371 ( H) to save this State as when Constitution itself have permitted emergency in this State then it must be followed, as that exceptional situation seems to have arrived with about 21 Hon`ble MLA pitched in Delhi since last couples of months and with their constituency Public`s under the mercy of god.
                Sometimes trying to postulates to much goodness also doesn`t help the State and nation .And the Publics in the State of Arunachal Pradesh are accepting the Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji to blitzkrieg  if mid term election is declared here; and even if the Bihar election have gone to UPA the Publics here are atleast are sure of political change here.
               As the Congress policy of creating dependency on the centre have today harmed all and themselves also ,this idea is not as easily going to be removed also.The lazy congress leaders who used money and muscle power and made lame excuses to be in power  is to be blamed now for its future nemesis. The State Publics perception  that now that the Adhar card finger printing and eye retina test  is going to be making the election clean is not devoid of merit.
                  As when Hon`ble P.M is in helmns of power he then he have the guts to take risk for the betterment of the Publics.Thus even if the Congress leaders make a facelift they should not be taken in BJP this majority demand of the Arunachal Publics cannot be undermined .As some of them have commented what not derogatory speech on beloved leaders like Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji that too in open Public platform?Atleast that man the BJP will be not foolish to take specially if a divine warning have come against him. 
             Regarding the Chakma Hazong issue , and concerning giving of Citizenship to them the Publics need to accept the weakness of the Congress party more.After all this years was BJP in power?The attack on the BJP is meaningless and neither there is now feeling of the regionalism in this State,thus only for sake of saying we should not say anything.The worst enemy corruption which is effecting your current life who is thinking and saying against this?
                    Thuss present Publics here seems to have been spoiled beyond recovery and so for that the Congress leaders themselves many may even not dare to contest in coming election think some critics.As from their past record ,so far they have only survived by money and muscle power and with the change in the wind can they continue that miracle?
                And as such many is yet to undergo real political litmus test in life as today everyone cannot be purchased and one have to have real oratory skills to attract the Publics.If you can`t talk senses you will be termed as dumb , and if you commit mistake in speech  it will have side effect as days of dadagiri and purchasing all Voters are gone.And this is also a new phenomenon and mind it those who are saying only money is needed for leadership ,that have class member are also may be fearful lots inside their heart.
                 The campaign made by the Congress that BJP is anti Christian is seen to be worthless allegations. As question will come then why not the will of God prophesy was not followed in last election in one constituency?As the prophesy of the Evan. Tojo Riba was said to be laughed at by the Congress party.
                       And still now many seems to be living in fools paradise even after congress face dire consequence for neglecting this divine warning.Thus this party need to be told that will of God is above everything as Holy Bible says -`Never insult the Holy Spirit`.Thus unless the Congress party officially discard the divine cursed leaders their may be no end to this political crisis.
                       Honestly only an educated , more enlightened and spiritual leader who will like to win the election by the fair means may later not sell the community also.As atleast APST status of the State local inhabitants can be now jealously safeguarded by electing more honest leaders.
              Or the present trend of money culture may one day make a group who may even pass a Cabinet decision  to jeopardize the future by giving outsiders also this APST right which scene  cannot be rejected either ,If the Publics don`t realize it now.Hon`ble MOS ( Home ) Kiran Rijijus comment regarding beef shows how the BJP party is committed to the North East sentiments. 
                              The problem with this State is even the good leader may have to be initially sit with the bad ones but hopefully in the end everything will change for good.And hopefully ACHA DIN will come here after official battle line is drawn.And many critics are expecting Hon`ble P.M Modiji to atleast pay a one time visit to Aalo town of the West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh.Atleast in case of sudden declaration of election , as he have already come to Pasighat and Itanagar town.
                                               And who knows some of the senior leaders realizing the changing mood will have to take honorable exit , as egoism is pointless as non can as easily fight against the anti incumbency politics.And with the one camp of the Congress seen as vocal as never before and seems to have come prepared this time  does the Day of Judgement have not truly come for the Congress leaders from this State?
                       Had Tuki Govt.had it been in Jonah`s Biblical days then shamefully the person concern on whom the divine curse had come, he may have himself have volunteered to jump down from the Ship for sake of other.As he would have been perhaps aware of later bad name of his family also.
                        As money and power is temporary only if this is understood by some, after all in history very few have perhaps got divine warning and got their names in Raksas list also.If only some shambless of shamness was on some whom earlier also many warning was given before myself  coming up openly in Public domine.
                Man , this days the world is changing so fast that nothing can be taken for granted in future and non may be as advising and open and give another better option by advise.Provided If one with not obsessed with power and position and not filled with egoism are not ready to hit on their own Leg by their own axe.
                     After all how can the doctrines of the great Sashtras  which says-` seek thy kingdom and righteousness first then every thing shall follow unto you`,can be inferior to a mortal man`s potentiality  and party.Thus better realize this fast before worst ordeal comes that have been my personal experience in life.

                        And mind it the great spiritual leaders have also underwent great suffering`s and God alone keep account of their earlier sacrifices. And when He is with you then who will and can be against you?Is both the camp hearing? See in Mahabharata both the warring camps gave most favoured status to Balramji you know whose brother he was?

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