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                 The truth was earlier way of life in this Country.As the God have send simple doctrines and it was willingly accepted by the Indians.See the Hindu philosophy basically revolves around TARPAN which is respecting the forefathers, ARPAN which is serving other and SAMARPAN which is surrendering to God.
             According to the Vedic Philosophy the most important thing in the Hinduism seems to be – Cow,Guru, Deva,Gayatri and Gita.The main origin source /MUL of the Human being is seen to be in above /URDMULAM .With the GYAN CHAKCHU eye of the heart one can see the truth within him thus there is shown three types of eye in Veda.The enemy of the person is himself his PRAMAAD the narrow and parochial view stops him to grow.
                         See same Bali who was killed by lord Rama in the TRETA YUG happily gave his son ANGAD`S hand in Him.See the AGYANI man to him come first afraid and doubt as when their was report of coming of Lord Rama then VANAR RAJ SUGRIV he first asked Hanumanji about it only.And as Sugriv have nothing to be influenced he was advised to be made a friend by Lord Sri Rama.And both benefitted.This points are as told by ACHARYA MAHAMADESHWAR AVADESHANAND GIRIJI MAHARAJ.
           See this drama in the TRETA YUG where Lord Rama went for 14 years VANAWAS and the Lord Sri krishnas Gita Updesh in the DWAPAR YUG in the epic battle of Mahabharata have also great lession for the mankind.Unless this is knew it will be also difficult to know the powerful God`s word in the Holy Bible.
               Thus education is very important thing as said -`VIDYA DADATI VINAYAM.`as it will alone make one get that VIPRA RUP of the Hanumanji that good manner which made even the Lord Sri Rama to know His true identity and made Him to accept His suggestions to make the charismatic less VANAR RAJ SUGRIV as the friend.
                 Thus even the Hinduism have also lot many things to give.And in ancient time even in their weakness they had certain ethics like the polygamy was mostly practiced to increase the goodwill among the family,the lust of sex was not the main unifying thing.
                          This Draupadi pratha is now looked up with more suspicion now.But out here in this country their was even purity in this relation.Thus for all the era like in SATYA YUGA,TRETA YUGA ,DUAPAR YUGA the practice was good for that era.And any practice majority accept in this era will be also good for this era.
               Thus there is need of greater spiritual man to tell us about more of similarities even there is heard to be reference of testing of apple in the Hindu sloka thus the fall of the Human sense Indriya is seen to be due to the penchant for the worldy test like the eating of the forbidden food by the Adam.
              Thus as VANAR RAJ BALI eventually forgive the Lord Rama in the death bed and gave his son ANGAD under his care and requested Lord to enlightened her wife.Thus we need to be also not skeptics of a greater force as even if death happen in the hand of a greater force and scripture it is a previlage. And.And was their any way left for Bali also?
                See Swami Vivekanandaji was perhaps sure of oneday even confrontation of the use of Hinduism name to address this Indan country thus he sujjested  place in this side of Indus  as Vaidikas/Vedantists.As Hindustan in fact had to comprise of the modern Pakistan side also.
                                  This Swamijis view we see in the page -1 in chapter called –First Public Lecture in the East speech by Swami Vivekanandaji basically on Vedantism in Jaffna.Published in the Book called Lecture from Colombo to Almora Published by Swami Bodhasarananda. As he must have wanted us to go ahead in life,and thus had great expectations from us which is perhaps only possible when their is holistic approach in life.
                  Thus unless one is not sure how Swamiji himself inspired to write this article of mine by reading it  carefully.carefully. Pliz don`t criticize if some of my points are not that o.k to your liking also. And today when even the Islam followers in country is today coming to negotiation table for peace.
                  What will be not the better time for this country to give farewell to arms and take the democratic process of logical argument which will be perhaps alone true worshiping of godess Sarswati also?And this is the real philosophy of the Vedantism also.
                    The ancient sanatham Dharma seems to be revolving around trinity god.Brahma ,Bishnu and Mahesh.And beyond that perhaps non dare to write and research also.And since many years this country have been attacked from outside thus the spiritual leader`s seems to have been more jealous in protecting their beliefs.
                   And some secret seems to have also died with them but the story of the Samudra Manthan by great Rishi Muni in fact shows the need for engagement even with the Raksas.Thus there is scope for opinion of both side of thinkers in case of Sanathan Dharma e,i- modern Hindus.
            As the change is natural and sometimes sudden also as  we are presently seeing the  evolution and devolution of the religion happening in our State in our own eyes,as new religion called Donyi Poloism  is coming up in our own eyes.
                   And today the Donyi Poloists are also accepting that it is only more due to stubbornness pride and prejudice of their own  Priest that conversion is happening more.And another opined that the true Donyi Polo religion is in fact perishing as non seems to be trying to learn from each other and the Priest are quoting high price from the devotees.
                  All the religion definitely emanated from one true God thus the basic features of the doctrines is same only.Yet the changes have happened so slowly that we are unable to find its effect,the things in the TRETA YUGA have been now seen to be modified in other Countries.
                    The musical Instrument SITAR now seems to have become Guiter and even doesn`t it sound same? And the ancient  Hindu Pilgrim  practice-KAWARIA seems to have become like Carol during Christmass time.
                The wrong postulation of the religion is only due to monopoly by few class.In fact the Sanatam dharma had encouraged friendship with even disciple and divine power.See the relation between Sudhama and Lord Sri Krishna.
               As all are equal that powerful message Hinduism have also given .Thus it was time to ones again bring that and mind it other religion instead of harming is helping in the replenishing of the existing religion also.
            As there is so much peculiarities about religion which we seems to have diluted,see from God`s perspective one truthful man is enough for Him to forgive a place.Thus this truth have to be searched by all the means.
                 Thus there is need for more peacemakers to make the God`s work done without hurting other as by love ,association and friendship alone we learn in life .And for it we need fearless,truthful  and honest peoples.And who alone fear Him fear non else also in fact their was never difference between any class or society only DHARMI Vs ADHARMI.E,i-Good Vrs. Bad. You are in which category?
                     Oh you grand son of King Dadichi who was ones ready to even give alms  by tearing apart his body if the beggar was a divine person, why you have today become so stubborn?You the son of great Bhisma and Sravan Kumar who promise to serve the father till the last blood where have your promise gone.Was it not the religion of serving humanity and Poor way of life here from the ancient age?
           For which the Lord Rama and Lord Krishna took up arms against the evil doers and Lord Krishna promised to ones again come back if the righteous where punished .Thus arise awake and stop not till the goal is reached for you have a mission to fulfill and make this nation a God`s place as our old Sages have asked us to prepare to welcome the Incarnation/AVATAR  of the kalyuga.And  have you alone not gifted with 3rd eye to recognize Him?
            For non of the race have been gifted with such weapons of knowledge and you have to recognize the master with this only.Do I a small person have to tell you about your families greatness.Of your forefathers Lanka victory story thus should you now not you set up a greater target of victory upon death itself ? for a great responsibility can be alone fulfilled by a great race.
               Thus Up India conquer the world with your spirituality this is what Swami Vivekananda  command you.As he was sure about your success as you are so special to Him thus from time to time He have send His angels,god and godess to give His invitation so that you can share the nectar of immortality.
               If the old spiritual writing`s have been lost so be it,as we as a human being have no time.We have to just check what best is now left with us and begin from their itself as the peace,tolerance, accommodation  and  positive feeling for all alone will ensure safety of our life.


          RELIGION :-      

                                    Thus  spiritual understanding is needed to have more love to see others as our own . As then only their will be wellbeing of humanity.And believe that whatever will happen will happen for good as even the Raksas Raja Ravan ultimately felt happiness in getting death from the hand of the Lord Rama.
             Thus today the amalgamation and orientation of all the good point  is happening and as many a times it is happening so slowly that one cant understand its impact also.And believe it is happening for good and a greater purpose as when there is a world threat from negative cosmic energy our unity alone will help us.
                       And there is need to introspect more and get the best, see the Hindu old age tradition of worshipping their forefathers is very good.But again they have to see from the wider angle that they also came from the almighty God.The Holy Spirit concept which have come from Holy Bible to explain it I will like to refer the condition of the baby and animal before a natural disaster.They are seen to cry or run hither and tither.
                        Thus for whom where there is non then His divine majesty  seems to be helping and protecting.This Donyi Polo believe is interesting whenever a Child is born the parents and relatives are directed to immedietly claim .That he/she is mine as it is believed that if the evil spirit makes a first claim it becomes theirs.
                    Thus dedicating their life to God is it not a big and best thing for themselves,as even if they may have future danger but will He not care for them.As the 10th of everything belong to Him only.                     See the drug and wine addicted person if they are taken care by the missioneries is it bad also?
                     As we have seldom De-alcoholic center in our country.Thus other have to be also respected if they are seen doing God`s work of showing love and serving humanity.As by this only the world can be made a better place to live in.
               The greatness of this Country is it have accumulated good things from everyone and see soon human transformation for better will happen one like it or not, as in this modern time all the dogmatic and superstitious views are removing.
               And  so the things in the TRETA YUG like SITAR seems to have become Guiter and KAWARIA seems to have become Carrol.And KALPA TARU seems to have become X-Mass tree.Thus today there is seen hardly any difference in spiritual field also.                             
                The single minded fear and devotion to real God of all ages ;and strong organized network like Church really may help the nation also in jointly fighting against any evil.Thus for wellbeing of all best will be engagement or this world will never be able to bear the burden of everyones commulative sin.
                    The more positive minded Peoples gather is in fact more good for nation also but for this all have to think ourselves as from same family member.And BJP and RSS seems to be now postering this brotherly feeling in this country.
                  Thus in all era their seems to be a bit of spiritual argument and needed also ,in fact this is orientation of the best according to that era`s need that seems to have come up as religion we believe in .After all this is world of survivle of fittest.Thus we can`t also afford to hate the Christianity mistooking that this have originated in the British land when it have stood the test of time.
                                     After all from Adam and Eves point of view everyone is it not related also? Thus the pseudo religionist`s must try to reform some Peoples within them who is still acting like dreaded Dacoits.And for them also they have to blame their own PRAMAD /habit only which is only their own enemy.See their was man with RAKSAS PRAVATI/man with evil nature  in all the era also.
                And like- Acharya Binova Bave went inside the Chambal ravines and meet the Dacoits and made them to surrender and come to mainstream.This is in fact need of hour also for all the real religious man.
                  And this main religious directives and honestly non seems to be doing now.But now things are changing for good as the Publics are realizing that few are using religion for separation and misunderstanding and their days are over.
            Thus there is scope for lots of missionery work to bring light to one in dark though initially for it definitely their will be problem.And see many will appreciate this kinds of persons even from the Islam background also.
                      As everyone is today needing is long life and economic security and this alone can be given by the true messiah of the KALYUG only after all one who is doing this  is He not the officially send AVATAR?Thus see soon the economic need may also shape the face of religion.
                      As eventually even in Pakistan many will ask for peace and peace only,as how long Indian criticism can be alone made as canon fodder for its national growth?And thus the best religion alone will bring most number of cadres based on their conviction to do service to humanity.And as this issue like conversion is in the heavens list /subject thus all must mind their own business.

                        Thus competition of all the religion leaders have to be to undertake good projects and human transformation not religious transformation,as even if one change their religion who can guarantee their loyality to God?Thus the aim should be bringing the Peoples to light only leaving the Individual Person concern to choose whom he /she likes.
                 I think many will like this kind of sacrificers working for world family, even more then one like me only writing in the blog.But  see  you have to also do what you have in your hand as man have a purpose in life.And for one like animal the gospel is needed also.Thus one who is changing a sinner from worst to good is he /she not appreciable?As to meet the creator that happiness is different.
           Thus great man will never see how much his congregation is improving but he will see how much sinner is repenting .See this will be completely wrong to feel that by making one Christian only one can be guaranted the heaven, it may be utmost showing the heavens door.
                  Thus man being a rational and intelligent being ultimately take the way which he himself enjoy. Or their will be always seen side effects.See way the friendship alone was the way for connectivity between the Lord Rama and the VANAR RAJ SUGRIV.Thus the relation between the Christianity and the Hinduism perhaps can alone be based on it also.
                    As all have right to do what he wants also and non can be compelled yet in friendship one give lots of liberty to other like for Lord Sri Krishna was their any reason to be so much compassionate to his old friend Sudhama who was also an ordinary man?
                And their is also as Yog Guru Baba Ramdevji says the good person will eventually connect with a good thing only.Thus there is also a point here ,ultimately the Lord seems to be eventually using some good man in all the fronts.But for the sinners who stand no chance is it not o.k for him to also join Lord and Saviour  Christ whose every promise seems to be happening also.
           Thus if the conversion is also making negative energy into positive energy is it not needed?After all one can`t abruptly remove all the anti social elements from the India.Thus as this country have so much hunger for spiritualism and yet there is so less God`s true worker thus in fact we need more missioneries Hindu as well as Christians who are impartial ,neutral,logical  and rational.
              Thus from the divine angle also we should have helped each other also as all source of power seems to have come from above only.As diverse thinking alone make a man more knowledgable which later convert into action and for it will power will it not come from Him only?
                     And yet the other western view cannot be rejected which seems to says the  old doctrine was good for its own time but in new time and new era time tested doctrine is always better.As a single thought process will alone unite the country in body,spirit and soul.The Europe and America have in fact less fertility of the soil also yet they are seen not doing bad is what some claims.
                The spiritualism is also like making our own small god to suit our own need.For example when a thorn comes inside ones leg he bring other thorn to remove it.But after using it does he worship it?Thus many man made god and godess seems to have also harmed us.As it may be killing lots of time of an Individual,community and nation.
                 Thus only great man tell the futilessness /mortality of a man in this  large space and time and thus advise to make Him to realize the creator /atman in Him by first killing the self.As though the self e,i-me,my help but it also finishes a person thus there is need to make a balancing act. Thus the responsible man have to make a responsible comment in this Subjects of grave concern.
              As in modern times so far  earlier injustice and myth seems to have been generally nearly broken by God,so that real truth come to us.Thus we should dive in this nector of river without any argument, as we have no time to love also.
              Thus on merit from your own perpective pick the best whatever other may say.Based on logic and rational argument as postulate by our great Sages who have always laid a guideline for us.As after SATYA YUGA, TRETA YUGA ,DWAPAR will not new concept be send in the KALYUGA era?
                In fact even the Holy Bible seems to be showing the continuity by showing new Avatar of Lord Christ also in the Revealation chapter.Thus their seems to be need to understand all the religion to come at a genuine conclusion.
                  The man who is trying to bring distrust and vititiate the atmosphere and not allowing a good thing to happen is he is a good man?The typical feature of uncivilized person is anger and distrust at others point of view and enjoying the violence.See whatever the justification one make of his character his generation itself seems to be inheriting his forefathers restless gene also.
                  Thus is it not time to blindly accept it even if it kill you and damage all your property like Lord Rama even after killing Raksas Raj Ravan did favour on him.As in death there is said to be life and in willing to live there is said to be death.
                  And today this risk taking ability of the Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji, RSS and BJP seems to be showing that time have come for the nation to truelly accept the KALYUGA and its AVATAR and everything in entirety.After all this was what great Hindu Sages alone showed.
                As todays human being have asked God for more scientific blessings and we seems to have been blessed in this field only.But there is also need for taking interest in spiritualism as both are inter related in fact later is needed more.As Human being can`t  alone live to eat but have to eat to live after all was their no Puspak Viman /UFO in Treta Yug also?
                 Thus Lord Christ told Human being cannot survive only on bread and butter but on every word of God. To understand the truth is human duty as also told by great man like Swami Vivekananda which we never understood earlier or tried to understand also.And this is still left to our understanding as non have did much research on it on fear of some blackless.
           Thanks that today we are living in the world of internate and  also this is world of previlage for a more honest ,truthful and righteous man in this era to say what he wish to say.And till he have a point to help the humanity and not intend to hurt anyone I think all will welcome him as this Himalayan area we are living in is truly Devlok and is inspiring us to say something new.
                  And this way real time for the Day of Judgement /dooms day may have really come now.As ones all are warned then will not holocaust happen also?But this spiritual warning also seems to have a different connotation/meaning from the Holy Bible`s perspective.
               And  which may be meaning that their will be non left to be gospelled as Holy Bible honestly commission to gospel to all as God seems to be jealous and unwilling to leave any one in the way to heaven.Or after there is no God`s spirit then their may be no jealness to live also.Many claims greatest kick in his/her life is working for God.
                         As see earlier though their was so much hunger for spirituality due to poverty and road connectivity problem  it was only previlage of few.Thus for a more intelligent and God fearing man there is always concern for sleeping humanity as he thinks like Him.Thus in fact we need more spiritual leaders who have risen above scriptures also.  
                                  Thus time to remove all the veil of misunderstanding in Individual ,family and social level seems to have have come.And  by comparative study alone best will come see scripture have always encouraged one to sacrifice his weakest point to appease the master.Thus one who have problem with Tobacco he should only talk of sacrificing  it and this only will appease the master more.
              Thus criticizing other in name of religion can be alone made by an enlightened souls themselves who have no bad qualities .After all by not taking the best spirituality who is seen suffering more?Was their earlier disease called insomenia,Thyroid problem and Blood Pressure in human life?
                Is it not the disease of laziness and result of accumulation of sin which is definitely neglecting of advise of our modern Sages.In ancient time also divine warning was always made like Home Ministry sometimes release Advisery of imminent Terrorist attack.And non used to dare to neglect it also.
                     And see preparedness may be the reason for our happiness also as the guilty feeling or fear can alone be removed by doing a better work or making a detterent .Like the Americans have made Nuclear Umbrella around its cities but they have also heard to have official prayer warrior team for Pentagon and nation.Thus they seems to think first and always act first as when God is reveared then He alone gives this we have to also know as an Indian nation.
                Thus non of the intellectual discussion to evaluate a controvercial topic go invain. As a Brahmin friend was telling me that according to Purana even the Tri-Dev-Brahma Dev,Vishnu Dev and Mahesh Dev where created by a lady who was Adi Shakti/Durga Maa.And who again created the Adi Shakti?The question is definite to come oneday .And the answer may lay in the old record of a small religion group or monastery also.
               Yet more  important  seems to be are you changing for good?the way the corporate houses is fighting for a new tender does everything in his capacity .This hunger got to have been in a devotees life to meet God.And if there is passion and hunger then definitely he will succed when there is will there is way.
                             See non will stop you to make your own god and godess also yet it is transformation in you that is going to lead ahead in life.One who thinks and work differently alone ultimately get success.As need is not praying but adapting the behavior and character of the divine persons.Thus this evaluation of the ancient and modern religion is also needed to come at a logical conclusion.
                Specially when we are not improving in the Olympic Games after the Old women Merry Kom can show it will it not be good for the SAI to look for young Christian Children of the NE for other sporting field also.As I have seen the dedication of some Naga Children in the prayer and fasting and they can be surely made asset of the nation.
                   Even one of my local Town Baptist Church chap Mr. Kojum Taba have managed Silver medal in the common wealth Games in weight lifting.See can their be greater miracle than  this in this failed State.Thus there is need to make a coordinated programe with the Holy Church for the national growth also.See who knows the Church nicely will really appreciate it.
                  The Hindu AKHARAS are also doing fine in the wrestling field as they have also long story and spiritual aura in this ring.The soul of the Hanumanji and  Bali may be also blessing the wrestlers here like the Sumo wrestlers of Japan.As for the archery as I had also attended  the 3 month SAI course I see lots of scope in it.
                 As the story of the Anjuna is always their to guide us.Hopefully the ACHARYA GURUKULAM of Baba Ramdevji will order for Arunachal made local Bow and  arrow for teaching DHANURVIDYA/archery  to the students.And I am sure this will also make the student more concentrate in hitting the birds eye.I think I can help in this field.
                      The creator  seems to be slightly described in the mythological story of my Abo Tani Society of the State of Arunachal Pradesh North East India.Where it is said Abo Tani the first forefather had married the daughter of Sun God e,i-Donyi Mumsi and we are His descendents.
                 And according to some elders the reference is not basically about the Sun God but one creator who was shinning like Sun.Thus due to the absent of the record there is prone to be confusion.And our wrong interpretation of the ancient saying may leave us in confusion.See our forefathers where not that fool not to know that oneday the satellite and rocket will land up in moon and thus Moon god must have not mean Moon itself opined a friend.
                  Thus religious based fight seems to be creation of our ignorance it is high time some mistakes are also ignored.Who knows Indra Devta had  mystic power of controlling over  the rain and Surya Devta over Sunshine they may have been not perse celestial body itself. This may have been like great singer Tansen in the Mughal Court who was able to bring rain and burn the candle in its own  by his singing.
                             It is pertinent to mention that our Galo society is still now living like in the ancient Puranic era time.And when the Priest dance in ecstasy he looks like making Shivjis Tandav Dance.And some priest earlier even used to make rain fall also.This was by taking help of the malevolent and benevolent spirit.
              Thus there is perhaps a creator of all creations  whom we seems to have missed out who seems to be guiding and working among humanity  in the form of positive and negative spirit. But by knowing Him alone one will get popularity and immortality as He belong to all and have greater power.But are you seeking Him?
               Today the problem is while ones own is accepted other is not accepted.As the Abo Tani community of Arunachal Pradesh believes there is malevolent and benevolent god and godess.This is also like Vedic Philosophies acceptance of CHETRAPALAS God commissioned local angel in some place.
                 But all this have a local presence only and their power is limited.Man it is now upto you to search  all encomposing God as it is upto you to live in well if you don`t want to do so.And as human being always change thus our Donyi Polo brothers have also started worshipping the Sun god in their Gangi temple.
              Atleast a beginning have been made to seek the truth and as we all are in a same boat thus one searching God are in fact like brothers.Thus there is need for love and adoration and one who hate is ultimately seen to love whom he hate also.So it will be no surprise if the BJP become pro-Christians and INC party become pro-Hindu in future.
                       And all spirit working in all the religion seems to be ultimately His own doing.Thus non is small or great.Only by a good conduct one may gain respect as said silence is golden.Thus important is how much you have benefitted from your little opportunity with you?As all religion have high moral philosophy.The question is how much you have gained?
                 Thus perseverance,patience  and tolerance is needed as everyone have been not called and even if called have choosen the worldy way.Yet for one who have penchant for knowing sky is the limit .As one grow and covet to know more He seems to be interested to give more also and to make name and fame you can`t remain localized also.
                Thus great man like Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji only for passing in his constituency Banaras for two hour he got lakhs of vote why?As he have made a divine character also called AVA MANDAL that have gone beyond Gujrat, and for it he have managed every ones blessing also.
                        The one of the reason for the increase of intolerance seems to be sense of insecurity.And as far as the financial insecurity this is the common phenomenon in our nation .The best will be banking on Lord and Saviour as then there is always hope,and for Unachievers in this world also better to believe that we have better knowledge and facility to enjoy life then some rich man also.Which God have really given.
                   As many old fatty denizens even don`t know how to operate the facebook and they seems to have no aptitude left to gain happiness in small small thing also.And see their charity money will be also eaten up by some smart NGO as they remain surrounded by the evil Peoples.
              See I have seen tears in the eye of the Naga person when his charity money was wasted.I have been always fan of Naga , Nyishi , Punjabi and American community as they have definitely something about themselves.
                  The way the chap can usually learn Guiter only in his nascent stage this also happens with some in any field. See this new world of science and internet seems to be beyond  the understanding of the rich class also.Thus for them inspite of all richness gaining popularity is more costly also.Thus in this life  it is better to be thinking we have meat and we have teeth to eat so Lord be thankit also.
                       Thus the Youths must stop taking up the arm as those who fight with the sword will die with the sword.The personal aim should not be at the cost of making others as cannon fodders.As everything we do is being recorded by Him.And the divine ACR can help you to get new friend and fame from all that too from DILSEY with blessing from core of heart if you position yourself nicely.
                See the true God will never ask you to seek Him also, but is it not your duty to do so after so much he have done for you?it is heard in the 12 ADYAY /verse of the Holy Gita also Lord Sri Krishna have told His likes and dislikes.Thus time to open all the scriptures ancient and new to hit the Bulls eye to know who is the real God and what He want from you.
         Then only my dear your way will be revealed,and we are born in a fortunate era where all the facts and figures have been put in our front.Start this work from now on thinking that you may die tonight also. As this is also fact ,see the Maya have made everything upside down in this world it is only you who can correct this for humanity shake , as there is also blood of greatness in you.
              So arise awake and stop not till the goal is reached.And as Swami Vivekananda ones again said -`Up India conquer the world with your spiritualism.`So you great son of India also ensure your salvation while you are alive as soon a time will come your answer paper will be pull back by the examiner and your test will be over.
                                                        See does even the truck driver do not beat a Handleman black and blue in the time of training?Thus some rebuke by the learned man  have to be also accepted while we are here in this great country and are now alive as soon their will be no time to learn and repent also.
               See the farmer will alone know the kind of happiness when he is reaping the crop as he have slogged thus you learn the hard way in life.Believe it God knows you will not enjoy your promotion if it is given instantly.Thus many rich man engage their managers to handle the rituals but will it do?
         Either you spend lots of money for a charity cause or you really slog if you are poor to appease the master seems to be the Guru mantra for success.See even the ordinerary believer of the place like this State endure great hardship to appease Him as God is everyones thus on merit He seems to bless.This spirituality is the only way where there is no corruption and nepotism .
               See in our Donyi Polo religion practice also earlier  it was really difficult to perform all the Yagya /sacrifice.The poor man have to virtually go for fishing and hunting to fed the Priest /Nyibo and the Peoples who join to help the Pooja.Thus there is no easy way for success and by personally undertaking a fasting, I am sure any man can achieve anything in the world.
                   But will the rich and powerful can leave their egoism and follow what the Guru tells them?As it is improbable unless a real genuine man is helped they will also get blessing.Thus the country like America are doing charity in war footing and investing in right person.
                     And our own country can it be so bad to even stop the charity money come here?As many Peoples are in need of help.See to accept our weakness is also our strength.The man who have got onetime help from outside will oneday help other as well.And by helping other we seems to be getting blessing also.
               The benefit of being in this State seems to be the devotee seems to have always evil spirit as sparing patner for fighting which can be seen as joint Military exercise.And this fighting and exercise make one more stronger like learning higher form of karate from a Sensie.
                But out here in the midst of innocent custom and tradition there is also evil manifestation of large number of animal sacrifice also.Though in olden time it was divine ordained and unless permission come from above non could have performed this sacrifice.
                 And for the rich man who make lots of illegal  money this sacrifice also never use to come as easily also.After all the divine power was not for sale and was seen to be deterrent against the rise of excessive corrupted Peoples.
             Thus not by easy means but by hard way you gain in spiritualism as He is God of justice.Thus those Childrens are seen to be flourishing more whose Parents have been real good man and have swim against the tides in earlier occasion.
           As believe it you are not destined to die as a common man here.Your father and forefathers spirit must be also watching with great expectation for wanting you also to be mechanism of their salvation also.And definitely a theory which will jolt you first alone will make you think also.Am I saying something new is it not also said so about Hindu King BAGHIRAT who is heard to have brought Holy river Ganga with great difficulty?
                And see an icon you choose  will inspire you to act and later it will make you successful.The funda of success is stick to an idea ,unless you have a divine calling.And this is the hard part  also as everything is His own creation and in non of religion violence directly or indirectly have been allowed.
                  Who knows if all the good thing is followed their may be no need of following any religion also.As eventually Christianity also ask for behavioural change only, and as man always need an ideal so religion seems to have become important in the modern time.
            Thus there is need to have a holistic approach in life.Some of this views are for the senior and mature spiritual leaders .Thus a good Hindu ultimately also seems to be a good Christian as calling will ultimately belong to Him.And Lord He will never call someone who is incapable of also.
                      Thus the country which now waits only for serial like -KAUN BANEGA KARORPATI need to introspect to always make the family happy and a blissful .By criticizing about the life of great man your problem will never be solved.See it is most easiest thing to say something but to reach their status is difficult,more difficult then making some new god and godess in the life also.
                As only a lazy man make an excuse and he will never progress in life.As you have also the seeds of greatness in you thus take goodness from whichever place.Thanks that lately  Indian country man is starting to liking the  T.V serial SAWDHAN India which is a reality show and hope it helps us in living in reality.

                 Or uptill now we were only living in the world of the illusion seeing MUNGHERI LAL KI HASSEEN SAPNEY/seeing day dream.Can one really satisfy himself by seeing others love affairs?This is what Hindu movies have been fooling us for ages or rather way we get fooled.But our innocency will also perhaps help us but all the great man have attained sainthood by perhaps testing everything in life also.
                Thus there is need for balancing act and this a person concern can do it better,and in the present time with so may inspiring leader in so many fields ,the future of the country seems to be very promising.
                      And the Publics are becoming more honest this days which is lately seen by election of good leader also.As for long we seems to have been living in the make belief world and seems to have now woken up suddenly.As in country like America the credit card and pen card was used from long time back to stop corruption and soon the modern scientific technology will also perhaps bring discipline and control in crime.
             But for overall benefit and result there is need to make a behavioural change in person which can alone come by understanding true God.And by following a good leader like Hon`ble P.M who is also instrument of God as justice ,equality and prosperity is what He also want to give.And believe it Hon`ble P.M have also faced the hard life himself metamorphosis him in seems to be bringing out the best in him.
                   And hopefully soon the countries interest will come on Holy Spirit possessed persons who is really seen helping some Peoples.This can be construed as Lord Shivas 3rd eye or 6th sense.The ancient Hindu spiritualism also talks of controlling the 6th sense /all INDRIYA in life.In fact Baba Ramdevjis work is also one of this kind, as output of a holy man will be always good.
               As by his Yogic Kriya he seems to be bringing that will power in the nation to do great things.Thus mortal man should not talk as if he is the savior of this country and learn from Babaji.And should try to give the best benefit in the limited overs of his life.See even it is from political gain point of view the religion group like Christian and Muslim usually vote in group also as they have no much inter denominational division also.
                Thus in practical political world today political outcome is seems to be in the whims and caprice of God and minority also.Thus this country can never run by threat and, thus this article is an attempt to bring the point that all is equal and who is against other in name of religion and class is an animal.In fact the Hindu organization should boycott that man as this quarrelsome man was never having  the Hindu character also.
                  As the experiment in the earlier U.P State election have shown  the mistake of much relying in the Hindutva card.And this BJP party surely learns from its mitake.As go to the Jungle and make Tapasya /meditation this alone should be told to some who want to vititiate  the atmosphere in times of election.See in the majority Christian place like N.E should Christian`s alone should not be appealed for help?
                             And even myself is seeking apology if unknowingly I have hurt some.See non is great or small it is God alone who is great and are you near to Him?Then what is proof of your blessing from Him do you have any life testimony or  why Public have to hear you?
             As today they can also read and know what you know thus only a different person like His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji and yog Guru Baba Ramdevji have right to say something.See what little good ground  the top leader of a party makes the few charlatan seems to always finish it overnight.
            And rightfully  BJP party is now rightly seen sleeping with the enemy in the JNK where it have coalition patner.This shows the sincerity of the party to heal all the wound inflicted during the INC misrule.The INC party have in fact no right to say anthing atleast for 15 yrs.After all so many years have been given to them.

               As in place like JNK see any body could also have become spoiled brat.As with Gun totting terrorist in your door Kashmiris are not accepted to be good and welcoming also.As the modern Raksas/terrorist  are seen walking like Zombies half dead and killing everyone on the way as they themselves are dead and don`t know the value of life.
                Thus sympathetic engagement with the leaders their  is a appreciable move.This shows everything in the earth can be solved by love and friendship.As slowly and slowly if the peace comes will it not be good for all?And see soon the fundamentalists will themselves realize their mistake when they see their own childrens and grand childrens.
              And my present journal is also to make my BJP party always successful,which some inside or outside force is hell bent on making this not happen.Which is for their ignorance or superiority complexion or may be jeolosy or distrust of this good party by some for perhaps being filled with good cadres who are seen ready to make a greta stride.But many a times enemy is also within, thus even top leaders need our prayer support also.
                And the Indian Public`s relation with the BJP party that have  been so painstakingly build by Ex-Hon`ble P.M Atal Bihari Bajpaiji and Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji should not be allowed to be go wasted also,only for ignorant few   who may antagonize the God also. After all their is also seems to be blood of all forefathers in making this nation great thus can other be also discredited?
                                  See everyone have something to learn from each other and to give back also.Sometimes indirectly also as India also badly need good PR with the western country and thus can the minorities specially the Christians can be mistreated here?
                  In fact nothing can be said regarding ones future,thus criticizing other is meaningless.Even some mature Christian is later seen join a denomination called Truth Church.And promise to live as Holy Bible told.
                     And is it not like living a secluded life like Hindu Sage in the end?Thus everyone seems to be accountable in future for what he says.Thus never ever base your comment for the sake of your own interest or others interest around you as future is very unpredictable.
               Thus God alone will lead you nicely hear His voice and be happy though initially it will be difficult and for the habitual sinners like us Christianity is best.As this really seems to be the best religion for the Kalyuga as Lord Christ said I have come for the sinners .
                       I am sure  this recent religious discourse will surely help to bring an understanding in soul and spirit of all the Indians irrespective of his religion background,provided this is done in right earnest by myself first .So if there is any wrong on my part also please forgive me as I am trying my best to write this book with great responsibility and with lots of hope in mind.
               And my endeavor should be forgiven if it jolt you initially.As when you take a hard way the narrow road then alone you will appease Him.As God is really disciplined and knows the value of time and those who take pain for Him He will surely reward.
            And unless this book jolt you there is also no chance of taking a step forward for good also,this is the way God works like one willing to learn Karate earlier used to get initial Punch in the nose by the master.May be He is also checking  ones endurance and patience as the great power like- BRAHMASHTRA cannot be as easily given to someone.

                       See the leader alone attack from the front as there is two kind of person one who make history and other who see the history being made.Accepted if you work targeting the  worldy gain then  also you have to slog, more so in the divine world where you want your name to be remembered in eternity.See we have reached a point where we have to take a decision as it is now humanly impossible to solve certain problems.
                     See will it not have helped the Country if the Christian missionaries would have been helped atleast to preach in Pakistan side?The way the Pakistan Govt. seems to be hand in glob to make the terrorist come here.This could have been our counter measure and anti dot against them,and is their other way then this also?
                And this way their may have been a good solution for all also as terrorists are also I am sure one with hell of the problem child experience.In fact they should be needing more love then any body else and in this project Pakistan Govt. may also cooperate by allowing the Christian missioneries  to meet terrorist in Jail and organizing Healing crusade their also.
                After all it is heard the Pakistanis are themselves said to be fed up of terrorism and bad name on their country.And even if they can`t openly accept this proposal the good ISI who really think for their nations wellbeing should make prayer request to all the Holy Spirit possessed Peoples.And should even secretly invite some to pray and drive the evil spirit now working their in millions.
                   See by will power anything can be achieved as there is now need to do good work by some against worst thing he have done in the past.And if any senior terrorist is reading this article mind it they have also wonderful chance to change everything for good.As with God everything is possible and if they change see the effect on the young generation Pakistanis and by the time they realize their folly it will be too late.
                 Thus when one have to make Jehad why he does not blast himself with the AKA/master of the terrorist who have spoiled the Pakistan,and ensure all hell?As the true Jehadji will fight for the Poor,innocent Publics and downtrodden.
                     As can the Islamic nuclear bomb can be ever thrown upon some one else?Thus why not we all work together to fight the common world enemy e,i-poverty.The recent Pakistan and Indian cooperation for bringing back of the Indians trapped in Arab country suffering from civil war is a real good step.And hopefully this will be a turning point and in future the things will improve for good.
                See how long the Pakistani brothers and sisters can live like in the stone age, they have after all the same gene of Shah Rukh Khan and our both the nation`s common pride -Sania Mirza.Thus the great Islamic achievers are also atleast accepted to sponser a prayer warrior for the Muslims which can be to begine with will have to be atleast based in our State for security reason.
              See great thing can be alone done by peace,patience and love this must be what the Quran also says.The muscle flexing and   chauvinism will lead no where.The God must be searched for the national interest.As for India why the sky is limit for it, as it have officially never stood against the God also.As killing human being is killing reflection of God.And I wonder how Ullah will digest this Kafir themselves.
                 The horrible facts of Pakistan is now- without weapon of the Army and  terrorist even the president and prime Minister may run away to other country.And soon in the Aljajira T.V we may also see the ISIS conquering the whole Pakistan.
                Thus the time is very crucial for Pakistan as the clock is ticking backword for it.And thus hope the elites their will do something as the Mullahs have also become afraid of the terrorists and have stopped doing Ullahs work by not saying anything against them.
                           As Kafirs must be bad man even in the islam and who will tell that the terrorist are in which category?Thus the Sufism in Pakistan seems to have now become only confined to the music.And the great Sufi Saints must be crying inside their grave yards.
                  Thus to save the Islam itself the Lord Christ name is perhaps needed now.As in fact the followers themselves sometimes unknowingly deemeen their god and godess name.Honestly very less Peoples will be aware of good work by a Islamic follower.All they seems to be doing is sponsoring more Madrasas which is again seen as the hot bed of the terrorism.
                 After all when the son of God is accommodated then only the peace and prosperity is seen and if this is challenged the Islamic country need to show their new avatar.Honestly the burden of proof is now on them.If the Islam youth want to do true Jehad then they must teach the Poor Muslim brothers and sisters for one hour or go to serve the old and disease.
               As in no good religion the innocent Publics will be asked to be killed.Thus now it seems to be time to issue FATWA against the terrorists themselves.As they seems to be hell bent on tarnishing the Islam`s image and bring tear in the eyes of the prophet Mohd. Also who must be cursing his descendents.
                 And having said that non have right to even insult the Islam by making cartoon of atleast prophet Mohd.After all his contribution for the Socio economic development of the Arabs cannot be also gainsaid.And had it not been for him they may have been even in worst condition.
                   Thus the Pakistanis should now also jeleously protect some Christian surviving their as it must be also the Islam duty.As in Holy Bible also God is seen to promise that even if there is 10 devotee who are righteous He will not destroy that nation.See don`t become so much sinful that all the world in the UNO pass a resolution to nuke your country. 
               And this is possible oneday when one become periah for everyones survivle.And can a Hindu missionery also crack the nut their?As the Pakistani seems to have prejudice mind against them. Or can we trust some leader with the nuclear button in their hand in this sub-continent with worst situation?Thus hope RAO and PMO office is also reading this sujjestions.
                     See all the solution will come alone from a spiritual and scholarly person.Thus when badly insulted did not Kautalya on which famous Nobel -`Mudra Raksas`, is based made another person as the Emperor namely- Chandra Gupta Maurya.Thus may be time have come to indirectly distribute Holy Bible in the Pakistan by the Govt.As this is easy, nobel gesture and will be fruitful.
               In fact the Pakistanis are hungry for word of God and will surely grasp it.The Govt. of India should also encourage one to one touch between all the religious heads of the India and Pakistan to help in this crisis management.And may have to take unique step to stop hatred to percolate down by helping the family man of dead terrorist also.As how long this fire will burn we need to now do something different?
                                         See the practical advantage of peace and reconciliation movement  in the Christian country like Germany where we show fall of Berlin  wall.Thus time tested and cheaper method may have to be searched now as the fight is against the principalities of dark forces.
                 So secret intercessory prayer will also work their in pakisthan, thus  I request to all the Christian to give their prayer support for lasting peace for volatile place like Pakistan.When non is seen praying for a country we need to be filled with pity for them also.
                                   And for Pakistanis also more danger bell for them in future ,thus cooperating in this practical solution is in their interest.As one can`t rear a snake by accepting to bite  the neighbor only.Thus in Pakistan media also this sujjestion of mine should be rised up and I dare the member of the 3rd estate members to do so as even if you are killed you will rather get heaven sooner then the terrorists for sure.
               As neighbouring countries like Pakistan have been our countries pariah for long and may be now an unconventional method have to be find.As son of God alone can bring reconcialation as He did in the world war –II when even in the midst of the fighting during Christmass the soldiers of the Germany and British enjoyed tea together for sometimes.
               And is not China also not getting blessing for becoming the fastest Christian country?Thus both the side of the coin have to be seen this days .As it will be wrong to join a communist party in India which is in wrong side of history without accepting the facts also.
                   Thus it was time that we should have learn the hard way after so many death and distruction.As the religion /positive energy can be really used for national and international interest also, in fact when every one spread this formula in his  facebook or recommend this book to be read even by the terrorist.
                       This will soon become a issue and hatred will surely become a thing of past as non can fathom God`s work and power.Remember there is price for everything and don`t think that there is only bad man in Pakistan.Many are trapped their unwillingly.
                   And by now the Human nature should have enabled even the terrorists to be bored of this hatred.And mind it even if the Pakistan court pardon some terrorists , is God not their to see?And have Ullah been real their and convince of their fight, then this war would it have not ended on their behalf by now.
                   See the same person who is hated is he not your own?As it is said the Prophet Mohammad Himself accepted the Moon and Star as the symbol of the Islam from out of many Idol earlier prayed by Medina Public`s.Thus who is kafir in the world and who is not?
                The way the negativity and hatred is used by some rogue nation who is itself bleedding and pressed under its own weight.The world body also need to do something now.As  the spark neglected may really burn the house and world also.Thus UNO may also have to now commission a secret plan in spiritual and other line which is more practical to solve outstanding problems.
              As there is some place where there is more wine shop then the Book stall and arm shop more then the book shop.Thus now may be we have to put a coordinated attack against this evil before the Hiroshima and Nagasaki formula have to be resorted by the world body.
                  See as our forefathers like Mughal Emperor Akbar the great helped in making –Taj Mahal and red Fort.Thus the Muslim brothers should see our sujjestions with some respect also.After all today they are also enjoying the positive feeling for our forefathers contribution`s.
                    As jeolosy and violence have been also called as part of the idol worship /Kafir practice only.Thus this is time all the superstition and dogmatic view is removed, and believe it the process have already begined in the Pakistan also with Miss Malala yusuf Rejai defying the Talibans is working for women education.
             As there is also price for world peace nothing comes free ,when the innocent die and then if we are keeping mum believe it non of the nation may be happy and prosperous also.Thus their will be need for making a serious thought least oneday there is seen manifest danger to all from Islamic Bomb.And before it the natures fury on the rogue State may also come.
               Thus time to take the hard way seek thy kingdom and righteousness first which is in fact easier way also.More easier then terrorist carrying stinger missile and Bajuka in his hand for thousand Kilo meter  to punish India forgetting they are punishing themselves and their family first for this hatred.
              Thus pliz let us take bit of pain for them also who are misleaded and pray for their forgiveness by God then only this nation will be secured in the true sense of terms.And for it need is increasing our Umbrella to include them also as extended family as after all they are from same continent and Aryan race also,and also deserved to be rescued as the enemy in true sense is devil only.
           Hope soon Yog Guru Baba Ramdevji will do something for what he is best at and organize Yog Shivir their in Pakistan and make a spiritual beginning.See everything in this country have  a purpose and everyone here is being used as an Instrument by God to increase His glory only.
                  Believe it dear farmer friends of Country even if your crop fails please come to Lord and savior instead of committing suicide.Please be in the touch of the worldly spiritually development also and pliz don`t only be rooted in your old ways.As there is scope for all to survive in this world with God above you as there is always hope in Him.For His yoke is not heavy to carry only you have to trust in Him and enjoy everlasting life.
            See this divine words should it not be told to the suffering masses who have no hope left.As can the Govt. can it alone control Hail storm which destroy the farmers crop?Thus the dream of the great country can be never be complete without knowing His glory in fullness.
              As non can stop some great soul to stop loving his own Peoples as this is as much my country as it is to others also.Hope this same feeling will be with the Pakistanis also.And hope soon they will also cooperate us in this good initiative.As one will ultimately die in his choosen time and for the stoic silence the man in place like Pakistan is perhaps seen dying in each moment.
             Thus only the good work of the person should matter and it is also seen mattering now.Believe it this Country have come of age and soon even a North eastern person may reach the highest political post also.That alone may be standing ovation of the BJP to the man of that positive spirit also.
                         Not to say about the parties commitment to reach the last line of the Peoples.Thus many critics are accepting the BJP will truelly even accommodate many Christian leaders of the NE in the coming election`s specially their where so far Christians have been sidelined.
                      And the Indian country being the elder brother of Pakistan have more responsibility then them.And finally hope the younger brother will also realize his mistake after all Ram and Rahim is brother only and there is scope for AMAR,AKBAR and ANTHONY to live together peacefully in this continent.
                     Thus we must work towards peace with a idea as Swami Vivekanada have asked to make one idea ,dream and live that idea alone and promised greatness through that idea alone.And it is you to decide if my idea is good or bad.

   As for India it was the always the spiritual hotbed thus atleast their should be religion tolerance. And I am sure things will change for good from now as all the veil are being removed now.As the other side have never said anything so sometimes the guess is everything is o.k.
               But after this Bengal rape case of 70 yrs Nun,I am sure our country man will make a new introspection and will hopefully side with truth and justice.As there is limit to ones sin if we criticize other then we have to be also better then other.As going physical is very bad.
                See sometimes some may be himself in the upside down position and looking other in right position in wrong way.See the one who don`t pray and don`t accept Godhoodness  doesn`t love himself and his family also.
               Thus their may be once again seen flood in the Srinagar the Switzerland of India.As when God`s best gift is enjoyed by some community they have also some responsibility and duty also.After all can Dev Lok can be splashed with blood in name of religion time and again?
                                After all Dualism which is the natural phenomenon have to be breached and absolutism and single minded thought process have to be made first to find the atman.Which for a common man should be like positioning yourself with your surrounding making yourself more comfortable.And it can`t be at the cost of other also.
                And I am sure some passionate man will do all the things to educate other in the spiritual field as this Country have been always mother of spiritual activity.And  friends positive competition helps in the spiritual field also.
                            Yet you have to always keep your originality and change according to your own inner calling.As here only you will flourish as the little voice inside will guide you.And mind it ones there is hatred and bitterness then it is meaningless.
              See does not the main source of tree that is root don`t remain hidden beneath the ground?The power of the God is sometimes like this.Thus what we see may not be truth also isn`t it?As God`s power have to be searched and for it one have to come out from his /her comfort zone.
                   Like after storm the root of the tree is exposed thus in fact in the spiritual world also the God appears in exceptional case.See more then His darshan the Publics are seen more interested in political revolution and it also happens sometimes.
             And truth may have to be digged out as after all everything have a price.As Human being himself have complicated the simple gift`s given by Him and perhaps have to so work harder in spiritual arena.And today it seems to be an Herculean task to get His blessings for our past mistakes as we think we can never be same again.
                    But the more a religion doctrine and missionery is able to make a new believe and hope in you it is better and in Kalyuga we should appreciate this few great man.As see the forefathers had earlier long life and height also why so?as the religion was in fact earlier way of life.
             And now since we have messed up everything thus we need to fill ourselves with new spiritual feeling that will change us for good.Thus going to all the congregation and  taking permanent shelter in place where you feel fulfilled will be today the best way.
                   Even the forefathers have done this thus Judgement belong to God.Though some critics may find my argument very pro-christianity but in fact I am pro-human being.And advocator of his independent view.
                 Was not the King Baghirath`s bringing Holy Ganga was not a new concept in his own time?In fact there is so much different Hindu philosophy as all the Avatar`s doctrines in all the YUG/ era like SATYA YUGA,TRETA YUGA ,DWAPAR YUGA seems to have been amalgamated into Hinduism.
                           And believe it was never easy thing in the initial years their was Vaishnism and Shaivaism in fact initially their was inter denominational fight in the Hinduism also.As in fact Hinduism seems to be mixtures of many religion philosophy.As only one point of view was never tolerated.Thus we see Hindu,Buddist and Muslim Emperors in this country.
                       See God gives the best in all the era according to the new need.Thus Swami Vivekananda have said the Hinduism can accommodate with any religion based on Incarnation theory.Thus for the true Hindu the coming of other religion is never a problem.
                    See the presence of God was never disputed by any civilization .And as Hon`ble Supreme Court have also now declared Hinduism as the way of life.Thus don`t you think, the verdict have given legal authority to you to make spiritual discourse to find the real God also as legally this have been accepted to be the nature of Hindu and Vedantism have been defined as vid to know?
                        In Democracy leaders will be always criticized by some section of the society .But the majority opinion and welfare will count more.It is time we stop hearing gossip and read a journal written responsibly.As my ace leader Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji is one who attack from the front and I have to be inspired by him also.
                                 Hope the INC party will spare me and not oppose me for opposition sake.As for BJP this is filled with Rishi Munis and will surely give me protection after all without Him can anything can be achieved in this world also?As if I am daring to say something then a power may be also behind me.
              See why NRI follow the rule in western country nicely but some of them when come back here again spread dirt.Thus we may have to make it a prayer point also to clean India.In fact by making lots of intercessory prayer for other country even for the enemy country only, we seems to be blessed more.
               Thus we must research about other`s life also.As for a NRI he will accept that Americans atleast officially keep God above everything.And everywhere Praise the Lord and Halleluah is seen used ,like the Sikh`s make a clarion call-`BOLE SO NIHAL SAT SRI AKAL`.
                       The good leader will always ask prayer support for a good project.As the bad spirit the principalities of dark forces responsible for dirt have to be chased out.As here in this BJP party feeling is that the persuasion and friendly request will be surely be the success mantra, and as such little man like me is daring to say something.
                  And unless you tell and convince other how they can be accepted to change also?After all when all this years we have not changed for the national interest some new things should not be accepted?The change of mind is what makes a man great and one who transform in entirety is alone seen to be asset for the nation.
                   See the transformation and effect of great man like Bhisma Pitamah in the Mahabharata.Yet he also committed some Himalayan blunder.Thus the true religion philosophy all encomposing must be searched.And for it their should be no prejudice mind from the day one.
                As Lord Christ seems to have claimed that he have come to add to other religion also.After all son of God will be be not for everyone.Thus this western religion concept have to be removed first to know the truth as it is only you to decipher the truth and which will be good for you only.
                 And unless Peoples change how our Hon`ble P.M `s great plan for the nation can be accomplished?And for other thing I am writing is  this present BJP is not conglomeration of the haves class where everything will be tried to be used according to rich class interest only, like earlier in the INC ruled States specially Goa.
                 And as the inequality have been also shown as demonic activity in Shastra please give sometimes to the BJP.Hope they will not act anti Christian  as some critics apprehend in this State.Let the election time come I am sure in those place where so far the Christian leaders have been sidelined by the INC party.The BJP will give ticket to the Christian leaders from that same area and will surely ensure their victory.
               And hope in time to come even in the remotest area like Arunachal Pradesh, the Raj Dharma will be displayed by BJP in later and spirit.And the critics who say this remote State have been always used like colony by the national party High command will surely be surprised to see BJP cleaning it like never before.
            As I am sure this BJP party is filled with more God fearing and Country loving man then me also.And will surely accept ATMACHINTAN as very important part of religion and national life.                    As this have been directed to be made by great Rishi Munis /Sages in the form of SAMUDRA MANTHAN .
            So spiritualism must be discussed and above all practiced more actively ,least the more materialistic world make us away from God.Who alone is source of everything as we have a responsibility to this Janma bhoomi as it is as said -` JANANI JANMA BUMISCHA SWARGADEPI GARIYASHI` the birthplace is more then heaven thus it must be cleaned of all the impurities.
              See more duty we have towards ourselves and society more our Country will prosper.And so we need more introspection least our old pride of our family,tradition and race make us more adamant and prideful.And we have mindset to think  let miraculous Holy river  Ganga itself  clean herself.And surely that will indirectly also inspire the childrens to leave the old and ailing parents.
                Forgetting Holy Ganga`s curative power may have been made redundant by our carelessness long time back.And it may be only in T.V serial Her greatness are now shown.And so Smty.Uma Bharti madam the present Hon`ble water resource cabinet minister of India have rightly voiced her concern regarding too much festival organized around it ,when the devotees go berseck to pollute it.
               As in fact present Hinduism is based on this environment worship.And the day there is increasing global warming then what will be its future?Thus who know`s the big Peoples may be only used by the divine power.Thus we all need to support a good sujjestions.After all our Hon`ble P.M have taken up clean Ganga project as priority and will it not inspire cleanliness which is needed everywhere. 
                Believe it mother of all spiritualism is also loving each other as we all are reflection of God and all His creations need to be respected.As there is some reason for creation of everything as all are in fact mutually complimentary and our duty is to know and finally meet the master.And believe it unless this main duty is done the hard earned money of the Country may always end up in the Swiss Bank for the others to enjoy it.
                  Thus we have a responsibility towards our future generation by changing for good whatever way it is possible.As ones integrity comes by change of character and unless there is change  non will trust also , as an Individual,family and society.
                 Thus as the Indians have already have everything and only need obedience to Him let us hope the future of this country is secured and let more spiritual persons also possessing  Holy Spirit may born here to make it more powerful.This must be the thinking and prayer of all the Indians as by alligning with the God`s latest advisery alone we stand to gain.
              As in future we will have perhaps more sins to come and He have asked to wait for the Kalyug Ka Avatar/incarnation in Kalyuga Era through His Sages/Rishi Munis.And the returning of the Lord Christ in repture is shown in the Revalation chapter of the Holy Bible.Thus perhaps we should commulatively ensure His coming in this Holy land only.As we can`t fail our future generation who have much expectations from us.            
                                      My hand is trembling as I take His name as I am a mortal man a sand particle in the time of the seashore of the universe.Thus forgive Oh Lord if I make a mistake for non can fathom your greatness.As you and you alone can even destroy the soul of a person not to say about his spirit also.
              And how can we miss Him in any thing we do as He have made every beautiful thing for us to eat ,see and smell.See if you wanted hard yet testy fruit then there is apple and if you wanted shoft then mango, can anyone could have imagined this varities of fruits made for us.
                Thus He is truelly great and everyone is in fact praying Him and Him only in their own way.Thus it make us all the more imperative to find His true desire /comfort and will and acceptance from us.As it is our duty to do so if we want to save ourselves from death like – Parikshit the grand son of the Pandavas tried.
              See death comes by PAR ICHA which means it comes without the desire of the person as said in the Hindu Sashtras/doctrines.And thus when the SANDHI VICHED of the word /separation of word is made of the word PARIKSHIT then their comes PAR which means without  , and IKSHIT  word seems to be DIXA AND ICHA fused together.The Hindi meaning of DIXA  means training and Icha means desire.
                 It is heard that the Brahmins tried their best to make Parikshit face the death boldy as their was prediction that he will be biten by the Shesh Nag and some even tried to protect him from it by making a huge fort.
                             And after biting and death of Parikshit by cobra and being challenged by his relatives to kill all the snakes and the Sesh Naag/snake by a big Yagya.The sesh Naag have blamed the Devtas only for the death and he have to be spared.See In Hinduism all short of the spirit have been called as Devta.

              Thus in Sanatam Dharma also there is seen to search the way for immortality which seems to have been the true reason for worshipping the real God who can alone have given immortality.And as Yudhistir among panch pandavs alone is claimed to have gone to heaven thus only most holy one is claimed to go to His divine abode.
            Interestingly the word YUDHISTHIR also seems to mean one who is ISTHIR / patianceful  even in the war /YUDH.But in the present world non is that Holy .And one have to believe that nothing have happened by itself in this world ,everything have owner in life and ownerless Sheep will be ultimately eaten up by somebody more powerful.
                      The Yama is also Deva /god in the Hinduism  they have their assigned work by God and the day the Adam eat the forbidden fruit he is said to have invited the death.This topics about death what is soul and spirit have been really nicely explained in the Holy Bible.Thus by studying all scriptures with open mind there is seen a story so complete and convincing.
                 The Lord Christ tells Lazarus is sleeping while for the world he was dead  thus for Lord it seems He can resurrect any one as death is like a transition period for Him.And in Holy Bible also claim is that in the day of the rapture when Lord will come back in His glory the fortunate Holy man will go to heaven with the Lord in his present with physical structure intact.
             This one can see in the Revealation chapter of the Holy Bible.See unless one get the divine blessing and start to understand the series of events from the Genesis chapter of the Holy Bible till last chapter then one will not understand the God.
                 After all for few man who have been already cursed they may never understand what they have lost in life.As one can make a lots of noice but do he have a affirmation of salvation in his life?That is for you to question and there are some stubborn man like the thief who was crussified with the Lord Christ in His left side,who have no hope left.See God is hope and hopelessness shows we are dead and are slave of the Devil.

                 Thus the loyality of devotee pleases the master after all is their other way also?And see creation can never take creators  place also, the God may have earlier considered our mistake but now that we have known Him can we call Mr.X as Mr. Y as it is only few Lazy and whimsical man who will say against the great time tested religion?
                 Thus in this new world where his great work is seen like never before it is also better to know Him.Or can anyone have imagined that one would have fly and go above water in this century by few great man.As the Holy Bible have promised that more good peoples unite and pray more God`s power will work.And few unbielevers will still call it hypnotism.
                  Whereas the funda is that the modern development`s like Internet and T.V seems to have united all the good Peoples also ,who seems to have assembled like in huge Church.As said in Holy Bible where the good man assemble it itself become the body of Christ.
                 See the true God will display His power openly in the broad day light after all He is the living God.And His promise is said to be always fulfilled as He say seek thy kingdom and righteousness first and everything shall follow unto you.
                Thus to search Him is the real duty of man and other thing to ponder is some other god may have also done lots of miracle in their life but have they resurrected?But nevertheless all region  more specifically Hinduism have in fact helped in prepararing to wait and recognize Him.
                                   Today also truelly time seems to have come to not eat the forbidden fruit as Adam wished.See when one knows the master and His needs can anyone deny that person?After all greatest wrong  in thousand years to happen will it be not having that perfect spiritual master to lead us near Him?
                     Thus for a good family man why to take risk of not knowing the master,that feeling will automatically come to a rational man in a democratic country also.In fact blaming the preachers for conversion is wrong non can in fact change a person and only the moron will follow a preacher like the Rats followed the Pide Piper of Hamelin.
                    As whoever calls Him He will bless Him.In whatever form one wants but their have to be beginning of process of behavioural change in man and who changes for good alone will learn of His greatness and who want to change non can stop him also.
              To some the theory of my God Vrs. there is also wrong thing.See all with great respect as everything is His and His creation only.But to know the fact you have to also read the Holy Bible where the truth about Him  have been told very straightly.
                   See in the beginning the earth was dead and void only the spirit of God was hovering above the water.This is as said in Old testament so human being have to also welcome the spirit of God.And same is said in our Donyi Polo religion of Arunachal Pradesh .
                    Here the JImi silence is at first shown to reign in the lifeless world.And as the civilization in the Arunachal Pradesh date back to pre-Vedic civilization and is seen even before Sanathan Dharma thus this analysis seems to be right from both the angle.
                     As the Galo language seems to be mother of Sanskrit language also and there is seen its similarity with prakrit language .See the Rishi Ved Vyashas sloka-`MA NISHAD PRATISTAM SWASATI SAMA; YATA KROCH MITHUNA KAMAWADI,KAM MOHITAM.`
                  The famous sloka believed to be curse on the hunter spell by the great Rishi  is genesis of epic Ramayana.Here the word MA have interestingly same meaning No of prakrit language and my Galo community language,and the NISHAD also have more or less same meaning –local aborigine hunter in both the language.
                 And even the Ohm in the Galo language seems to mean poisoned arrow indirectly seems to mean Lord Shiva who took poison.See the devotee who have no conviction and outlook will be of no use to any one,and they are one who are keeping on changing their denomination and religion and vititiating the atmosphere.As they are never fulfilled as one can never attain a hypothetical thing.Thus free discussion will be good for all.
                            As the fruit of knowledge of good and bad may be not adjactly the fruit in strict senso.But it is perhaps directive to stay within our limitations,and not to hear the advise of evil spirit/Lucifer.
The problem with human being with spiritualism is like this as popularly said in India -`one who have eaten Pera of Delhi have also repented and one who have not eaten also he have repented.`
                       The absolute peace will come by thriving for God or in old age only when out of desperation will be compelled to accept his ill fate.Thus it is seen one like it or not Dharma /the divinity will come to any one.One can`t escape this as oldness and our helplessness in future is inevitable.
                      The man can`t live without God so howsoever painful it is in the beginning we have to adjust with Him.Then only like Thames river our legacy will be also perhaps always clean and secured. And if you can`t do this atleast do the main thing which he have commanded from all I,e- helping the poor and destitutes.This may be better then to pray in Holy Church and temple without resolve to change also.
                           As Swami Vivekanadaji said-`CHANDAL BHARAT VASI,DARIDRA BHARAT VASI; SABHI TERA BHAI HAIN.As there is spiritual and national reconcialation in the practice of charity , so this should be done.Not only the Maharashtrian should be for Marathis yet Bihari brothers also need to change and adapt.And others also need to see them with respect if their locals are not becoming MUTHIAS and not carrying luggage and working hard like them.As His Lordship seems to be first saying  at first make a peaceful reconcialation with my creations.
                         As for long the NE Publics have been really deprived as if justice is not done any Govt. will it last also?As every voter count for a good leader and party .As one community may have scholarly ability also and may matter more in this new I.T world also.And in the country where the artist,creative one,and elite is not respect that country will never prosper also.

                As the best Govt. is which reach the least and interfere the least in business matter.As if there is more race related attack then non can feel pride of the nation he is living in.And so far in any development plan  for  NE Public,the rich class alone seem to be seen as beneficiary.So much so that earlier even CBI have been seen to be manipulated here.
                  As God seems to be not supporting everything for the sake of class and politics also.And seems to be with the minority more and more so the poorer section of that community.Thus we must have a holistic approach in life and think like Him to get His divine blessing.Thus in coming time in election BJP is accepted to treat the Christian candidates nicely this alone will be perhaps befitting reply to its critics.
                 One never know how much N.E Peoples are praying for the country also.Thus sometimes there is even seen sudden reversal of fortune in election time also.As the INC party seems to have been only trying to mislead the Publics.
                Only for the lack of Hindi fluency of the NE Publics their seems to be a communication gap, or this country may have been blessed earlier also.Thus if critically seen other may be seen more closer to Him as for one in any place it take no time to progress if His true will is researched.And seeking God have become way of life in N.E.
                  And always remember that by the good conduct of the believer alone other one will respect his God,god and goddesses more also.As if a Guy  respect Him truelly , then he will follow His ways.And one who is convinced fully will think like Him who like father in the family will like all Children`s to be equally prosperous and live life nicely.
               And see from God and Human beings  point of view , only and only love alone will count.And so better make true repentance while alive,as mind it in death bed one is really seen suffering for not availing the good time He have given to us by His graceness.
                      Thus to keep Him above everything else is our duty and compulsion also.It is upto you how to appease the father in heaven.And never leaving Him and His desciples  may be best way of being close to Him.As by closeness one gets many favour as there is change of ideas and character.According to Japanese research the husband and wife soon develop same identical looking face if they stay together for a long time.
                                                 And see as the disease and ill person need a doctor and search for him we all need Him.In fact one who have better idea will get a better Doctor this is the same case here.The materialistic world contrary to giving happiness is also source of all the pain.Thus as one go to dealcoholic center for therapy.
                   Thus he have to also go to God and one near to Him as wages of sin is ultimately death and solution for life and salvation lies on Him only.See even the scientist`s who made anti dot against the dreaded disease believe in God and through His mercy alone have gained such wirsdom and intillegence also.See even an ordinary man without educational background can get salvation as His divine majesty  sees the heart.
                As the true democratic practice of devolution of idea can alone make the nation great and this is God`s work only.And even the contachious disease like Swine Flue may be result of curse of God as a community for joint failures for not accepting His wishes.
                    Thus this subject of excessive corruption and nepotism and non acceptance of a genuine leader is also most important subject and have to be solved in war footing.As good God He must be wanting a  good man to share His burden.
              And for it He have to also know about what is written in the Holy Bible where it is clearly written who He is and what He want.And there is practical example of great man and country seen prosperous in today`s time also.Who have lived and slept with this nobel idea.
                   See according to Holy Bible due to rejection of the messiah by the Israilities , Gentiles got the chance of salvation.And when the Lord and Saviour was crucified the piece of cloth of the temple torn apart which the theologians says that the God seized all the power of the Synogoges and temples and gave it to the Lord Christ and His followers.This was for great sacrifice made by Him thus when He have certified about His greatness then who we are?
                      See today also  the greatness managed by the Israil country inspite of odds is due to its first in everything-first thought ,first plan and first strike against the enemy.See the successful war for the Golan height ,West Bank and Gaza strip.
             Thus the victory belongs to God or who else gives this smartness and highest form of preparedness.Now many believe that a God`s spirit is alone stirring the passion of the citizens of this country to be the best.Thus at this challenging moment we can`t also as a nation fail in not welcoming that power to guide us to make this nation great.
              Thus who is badmouthing a genuine and logical postulation of the thing may be rather anti national and charlatan who is playing in the hands of the enemy of the Country.As all the plans and policy will fail if He does not give good rain in right time.Believe it this country is still depending on monsoon.Thus in fact more of God`s loved one should have been incorporated in the Govt. important post also.
                   Like earlier in the days of the King Solomon`s temple in Jeruslam the Levites where alone allowed to go inside the Holy temple sacred sanctorioum where the Ark of the Holy covenenant was kept.And if someone  without a good intention went inside it he used to die.
                   Thus even the Levites where tied with rops to pull out if they were dead.Least some one who went inside to pull it out also die along with them .Thus today also the father of the Catholic Church have that symbolic rope tied in their body.
               Thus brothers and sisters His greatness cannot be fathom.Thus it will be wrong to criticize for the values He is standing for.As if you criticize His missionery also you are attacking Him.Thus pliz don`t commit this mistake as God knows His workers are needed for some.
              As one have the right to feel himself as smart but no right to feel other as fool.And least to the God who have always loved the humanity with everlasting love and have always experimented to make the world better.
                  And in the time when the humanity was checked to find the best man to be launching pad of His majesties son`s birth.And His majesty find forefather Abraham of the Israil race as best then was it not our own forefathers fault for not waiting on Him and remain sinless to get His favour?
               Today also we may bring curse to our future generation if the same mistake is done,see what we do now is going to be the history in the future also.You can be either argumentative like the Sadusis and Parisis in the time of the Lord Christ or you can be a silent lamb as 12 apostoles did following the master.
              As don`t you also keep silence in the front of the political leader?then  will you make noise in His divine presence?And mind it wherever His name is taken then He is present their.That party become His party and anyone connected with it will become blessed.For Jehova,Ullah and Bhagwan whatever name you take have you tried to appease Him in the way He liked to get the optimum blessing in this life which is very temporarily.
               My true nationalism alone is making me to write this articles which I am sure is fact.According to Holy Bible the angel told Joseph in the dream that don`t be ashamed of the baby born without your relationship with Merry as He is send by God.
                     See when Lord Christ took Baptisma the  spirit of God in the form of the Pigeon is seen to have ascended on His shouldier and voice from Heaven come that -`this is my son and I am happy with Him`.
                 Each blood of Lord Christ He shed in the cross was for we Indians also.As the divine power discriminate no one.Thus is it not greatest foolness not to accept His divine mercy and graceness also atleast in Individual level?after all we as an Individual will be responsible for our folly.
                      As when we have managed divine forgiveness of God , we can progress in the life as an Individual and as a nation.Thus for national interest point of view some facts have to be put forward, for my majority country man cannot be made to suffer for few jeolots.
            And for some who still doubt see the story of the doubting Thomas one of the Apostole of the Lord Christ who even if was an apostle wanted to touch the hand of Lord Christ where the nail was pierced and Lord complied Him after resurrection from the crucification in the 3rd day.
                      See from the Hindu point of view also Lord Christ fulfill`s all the quality to be seen as divine ordained. He have birth in a nobel family and have inherited good  PRAGYA and He have also undertook great KARMA in His life.
         Even if being son of God He never unnecessarily misused the power ,and the power he used only for the benefit of the mankind.Can anyone even rise the dead?He just called out Lazarus to make it happen when his friend was lying dead in grave.
                   And Lord He died for everyones sin and resurrected and see 300 man and women who have seen this happened and become His desciples and witnessed where later heard to be mostly killed by the Ceasar`s army.
              Life must have been very precious for them also.And if they have been really not witness to a great event must have never testify this also.And today also why many are becoming His witness is it not for a real divine feeling working in them ?Thus unless you become a sparrow you can`t talk to a sparrow is the point here.
         The Christian preacher`s are saying something because from their perspective they have something to speak.And by listening the word of God alone one develop faith.And through faith great things can be done.Even a normal human being feel himself respected if His word is heard and this God and His missioneries surely seems to hear.
           The ancient Hindu Philosophers have also told the importance of grasping all the good advise,the Vir Abhimanyu`s mother committed a mistake by sleeping when lord Sri Krishna was speaking perhaps thinking that it was unimportant thus in Mahabharata Vir Abhimanyu had to die.
              Thus as claimed in the Holy Bible the word of God is more then bread and butter is definitely seen to be their in Hinduism also.See today also all the place as mentioned in the Holy Bible is there in the Jeruslem.And after His birth alone the Roman calendar have started.
                The carbon dating of the Red Sea scroll of the Cairo Museum have revealed that this last piece of the Holy Bible verse written in the papyrus tree bark was written some 300 yrs. within the cruciffication of the Lord Christ.
              And see the panel of the Vatican incharge of compilling Holy Bible under instruction of the Pope have only put those stories when the story was verified by atleast 2-3 Apostoles biography who where personally with the Lord.To be sure to write the facts what actually transpired when Lord was walking in the earth, as one version can alone be not believed by the commitee.
                              And even the worst thing have been never hidden in the Holy Bible like some ancient practices which is condemnable from today`s point of view.The Holy Bible is constitute of two portion Old testament and New testament.The Old is basically about the prophesy of coming of the Lord and Saviour.And God`s preferring the Israils for welcoming the son of God.And the New Testament is basically about the birth and life of Lord Christ.
                Some theologian`s believe that the day Israils also accept the Lord and Saviour the Holy Spirit send in the earth to help the believer will sieze  to work.And due to it only today in open ground the Christian Preacher dare to invite all the ill and disease person`s to see His mercy ,graceness and healing power even to the non Israils -Gentiles.
                  And world have also seen the amount of the pain Israil`s have to endure for being His special and for trying to deceive Him.Yet only who believe Him  will only get healing why? Because the repented one must be differentially treated .As the one hell of stubborn person will always do wrong.As Lord Christ have said the seed falling in the rock will be eaten by the bird and it will not grow.
                 Thus God`s missioneries are needed to till the land to make it suitable for the crop to grow.And see if it have been not for the gospel of His Lordships love, sacrifice and forgiveness  then all the criminals in the jail may have created havoc for the nation thus it is time to say-GOD TUJSI GREAT HO.
             See the artificial MAYA JALL created by the devil will be never of use even to the actors and actress who are its directors and producers as some of them also get illness, sick heartbrokenness.Thus they also are in great need of God who are themselves trying to deviate us from him.
               As in this crucial time the devil will even try to show that God was also an  alleign Extra terristerial power which the Hindu Sashtras have the ability ,capacity and knowledge to disapprove it .As the Devta Kuber was seen using short of circular flying Chaucer  e,i-Puspak Viman in the Ramayana era.
                 As this have been what asked from the good Hindu to do to fight for the DHARMA not alone worshiping an Idol which from God`s angle may be an escapist act.As the Kingdom of the God is also the Human heart where He wants to dwell and for man with good heart there is no need to seek religion also.
              The wages of sin is making us to look for Him invain and spend lots of time ,money and energy.And for a man with the righteous outlook their was never any problem.Thus please even if I am not Mr. perfect please try to be perfect and get blessing from Him.As it is previlage to appease Him when we are alive.                         

                                     ------------------------ To be Continue soon


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