Thursday, April 9, 2015


                    The problem is non seems to be having surety of salvation and one having it will be always silent as his character and radiance /AVA MANDAL will alone speak.And thus see all the great man also don`t make a comment upon a subject which they have not with them.As it is not easy to drink the cup of salvation as before it you have to carry the burden of cross.
           In fact the true VEDANTIST`s is seen as more practical as he knows his spiritual limitations.As Salvation is not cup of tea for any one and they don`t talk it usually about it also,thus even the Christian missionery have to look inside himself.As the word of the God is double edged sword before cutting other it pierce you first .This is as warned in Holy Bible.
             Thus the old Hindu Sages  seems to have not written much about it either.As till the advent of KAL YUGA the Hindu Sages seems to have been waiting for a Messiah also.As some critics claim the Lord Christ`s birth was predicted by Hindu Sages who some say come in disguise of  three Magis who were well apt in the planetary movements and seems to have been Aryans.
                      As only the Aryans could have been so accurate in predicting the planetary movement so their claim seem to be not wrong as the eastern side of the Jeruslam from where they come modern day Iran is also occupied by the Aryans only.
                  And interestingly the present Indian Aryans where also said to have migrated from outer country some 2000-300 years back.Aand thus it make some wonder weather Lord Christ is not the messiah the AVATAR of the Kalyug as the Hindu Sashtras have been always claiming of a Kalyug Ka Avtar/incarnation of the Kalyuga era.
             Though salvation is really impossible as shown by Yudhistirs righteousness practice in the Mahabharata era.Yet with His Lordhip`s graceness salvation can be your also.This in fact seems to be the Holy Bible message and have to be also accepted as a logical postulation as from God alone it will come or from His direct relative .  
                     As God claims Lord Christ to be His only son this was in fact based on His good KARMA /work also.And also It is purely mistake that those who have been born in the Jeruslam alone will get salvation.As any one who will seek Him will find Him.This have been also accepted by great Hindu man like Ram Krishna Paramahansa.
                      No doubt being the grandson of God`s most loved one Abraham who was the forefather of Lord Christ He have a special love for them.Thus theologians say that the Israils are also seen to given untold misery for rejecting His divine will of giving them salvation.And only for their non welcoming the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ as messiah Salvation chance came to the Gentiles e,i- non zews.
                     After all instead of accepting Lord Christ they were instrument of His crucification.Yet it is seen the JEHOVA never also punish the Israilities to the point of no return.Isn`t it not surprising that even if living in a harsh place without water there is seen no suicide of the farmer in this country of Israils.
                                      Israils depending on Mosaic laws where neverthlessly very intelligent but if Holy Bible have not come by the divine inspiration then other Peoples will have not flock to it.The real funda /mantra seems to be connection with God and His work then only slowly and slowly enlightenment and  mutual appreciation seems to be coming.In fact there is a positive vibration that does the trick there is never seen so much bonhomie with the devotee as it is seen in the Christianity.
             And for rich and powerful sparing more of his money for noble cause and for poor being honest  physically torturing himself in the fasting programmes seems to be the Guru mantra for being near to Him.And in Christianity this have to be begine by taking Holy Baptisma in Lord Christ`s name remembering His sacrifice and promising to do same thing like Him.As Lord Chrust Himself did this.
           Thus a promise to be different  and loyal to lord  till death do a us apart is needed.Something like this was also seen in earlier Hinduism see great promise of the BHISM PITAMAH.Thus unless one is really changed from inside he can never atteract Him.As his majesty by His divine power knows all the human being inside out.
               And for some sinner even this promise alone cannot save Him so Holy Bible have told there is great power in the sacrifice by the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ  in cross for our sin.As their come a time when non of the worship,sacrifice or Puja was able to remove the sin of the human being.
                       And as the God loved the world so much that  He have to spare His only begotten son.So that those who accept Him will have eternal life.This means if you don`t accept the masters sacrifice also then nothing doing.
            See this seems to have been last test of the God to check human beings goodness and loyality towards Him.As there are so many Peoples in the world yet so less who is really dedicated.And this is not brain wash there is definitely seen fulfillment of all the Holy Bible doctrines in the life of the believer and His congregation.As Holy Spirit as friend  is really felt to help you in all the step.
            Thus this affirmation of something better to come make a believer to stick to this religion and when you have found a result can other`s criticism effect you?The problem in the country seems to be basically due to prejudice mind created basically by the Holly wood and Bolly wood movies .
                              As many ordinary Indian may see the western Peoples as always kind of interested in the sex only.Friends when Swami Vivekananda was helpless in Boston and slept inside the Box he was given shelter by an American Professor isn`t it?

                                   The points put below will show that what we perceive to have come from foreign land e,i- Christianity and salvation topic is perhaps gift of our own old Sages also.This will perhaps make this issue to be more easy to be understand and accepted.
                      As this is such an important issue that must be discussed for the interest of the nation, the way initially Hon`ble M.P Subramaniyam Swamiji was disliked for exposing all the scams.This also happens same way in religion field,as initially non is interested to accept the good point here also.As the devil have made us dependent to him only.
                   After all historically even the Aryans have been seen to be migrated from the outer country only.And had it not happened perhaps Ravan Raaj may have been still their in this country.As Dravidians may have been curse on this country thus Aryans and Mongols may have been drawn here by divine power only.
                And day the present generation rebels this may be ejected out from this pious nation also .As there is surely a force working in this land of the great country from day one, a force as if waiting for a greater force then themselves.Thus this is a spiritual land and here the piousness /Holiness of all spiritual leaders and their views need to be respected. As they are also instrument of God.
                      Or later in old age their may be much difficulty in trying to do right thing in wrong time.See as this country also belong to the freedom fighters whose dream of true Swarajya need to be brought as only standing obation to them.And this great country is also part of the world which was created by God this also we have to accept and as such even His creations have to be respected.
             But Swami Vivekananda never wanted the great Indians to be confined in the Snake and the Peepal trea worship.See the greatest Satarical writer like Kushwant Singh who wrote a story -`Mark of Vishnu.`need to be appreciated for bringing spiritual revolution in the Sikhism.Man like him is also needed and have he died so far also?And the latest movie like P.K is also seen to be godsend.
            Thus I am sure henceforth all the great and successful man will refrain from being misleaded in the name of religion.As there is nothing like basic structure in constitution  which cannot be changed specially in religion field.As Swami Vivekananda said all outer features of the religion seems to be changable.
                But not inner thing like soul and salvation which is same both in Hinduism and Christianity.Thus in the Hinduism since SANATAM /ancient  time also the aim was waiting for real God.See the story of ancient Hindu Prince Prahlad and Dhruba.And see those who try to appease god , godess and angels today also .Was not Panch pandav`s last of descendent was not  bitten by SESH NAG by the order of the devta?
             Thus the knowledge of the religion is very important see if you are seeking for salvation then you have to seek the most comprehensive and important justification only.And you should be not concerned with from where you will get it.In fact by criticizing other religion some  may be themselves limiting their capabilities.
                 As such there is hardly difference also in name of religion as more or less engine is same only.As we have never tried to see beyond like frog in the well /and have never will to go beyond the comfort zone made by us, so feel like there is diference in all religion and diference is good if it makes you think.
                        As Vedantism Vid to know is alone needed also and mind it even the medicine used for healing Laxman in the TRETA YUG may not work now also.As human being must have changed so much by now.And thus we have to find a answer to all the problem basing on this era or time only .And so pliz think like a father loving all the childrens equally.This is the way God must be thinking about all of us also isn`t it?Without prejudice mind isn`t it?
                     Think specially also about the old ones in the death bad whom everyone have left.Yet this is also fact that he is suffering for his own mistake also.Thus we should not take too much liberty in our Young days and should not take Lord`s silence as His weakness also.As when He can die for your sin His Yama /angels can also punish you for trying to make Him die again also.
                         As see when He wanted to give us such big thing only the animals will be seen interested in coveting something else.The Lord Rama seems to have tried to explained this to His subjects by distributing Pearls to the monky warriors which was not received by them.Thus this MAYA JAAL artificial world need to be broken to be with Him.
                        After all their will be price for achieving salvation also.See one who will like to survive will alone die this we see in Islamic country where all the so called good peoples are scared of coming up and so their life is in more horrible condition.And many are thus indirectly becoming instrument of others bad act also.

              The great Hindu philosophy have clearly divided all the YUG/ Era  also like- SATYA YUGA,TRETA YUG,KALYUGA etc.The Holy Bible also don`t deny the earlier presence of god ,godess and angels also in earlier occasion before the birth of Christ.
             And  a Brahmin friend was also telling me that right now 1st phase of Kalyug was going on which consist of 3000yrs.And he was also accepting already about 2000 yrs.have passed.This also is matching the Roman calendar which started after birth of Lord Christ.So where is difference?
               So can a Scholar who have graduated from unrecognized College can he later blame any one?Thus it is time to appreciate the  best in all.Even the great man like Baba Ramdevji himself why he seldom not talk of issues like religion?
                     Because he knows that very less Peoples have been authorized in this field.After all great man like Him will He be not aware of development going around?The great man like him knows fully well the risk of playing with fire also as the Holy Bible says that -word of God is so powerful that before cutting anyone else will cut you first if there is any mistake.Thus it is time to ask other- have you seen God or atleasy felt His presence?
                             Or for one who have not, this preaching about Him is perhaps meaningless also.Swami Vivekanda`s question will also silence the rise of the fake ones.Thus man who claim himself to be sinner and smallest of all  is he not more respectable also? As atleast he is accepting human weakness and accepting one` s limitations.Is it not showing ones humbleness and will it not attract the divine power in his side?
                                As this days the Publics are very smart as for me I already surrender myself of my weakness, so they should be considerate to me also.As this spiritual field is belonging to Him and Him alone we are mare instrument.
                 Be humble and He will definitely exalt you more, you need not even write about your profession the clients will surely flock to you as it is happening to some.Only try to be honest in everything as mind it non is interested to work with man devoid of love and His graceness as even if many lost their life in the MAHABHARATA mind it they died a happy man.
                   As they where fighting for the Dharma ,and it is also not that all the Christians are good.This is in fact seems to be the reason for not making other coming to Lord and Saviour also.Yet human being will have always some weakness also.Yet God and His only son and His Holy Book is always perfect.And they alone should be seen mattering to a rational human being.
                   Thus I like something about BJP is promoting the Holy Peoples in its party who are an inspiration and less evil doers.But so far target have been their own co-religion member also, let us see what offer they also have for others in the party specially in NE .In fact after lots of anti RSS campaign by the INC leaders out here some seems to be made skeptics of BJP which in fact may be hypothetical assumptions also.As so far party have been not seen to be partisan.
                 As this spiritualism is an endeavor to directly finish the darkness I am sure great party like BJP will encourage issues like salvation seriously.Even if a good religious candidate looses also their will be benefit in saving some good Publics for this opportunity of not having to compromise with the sin for lack of good leader for sure.
                Thus the party eventually gains only thus I see BJP party inviting even medam Kiran Bedi as a masterstroke for party interest in preserving the long term interest.Thus sometimes only money ,short time gain and material gain alone should not be seen.And this risk taking ability seems to be making the BJP party different also.
                   As the big brother like Yudhistir of the panch Pandav who is said to have ultimately have reached the heaven, his presence may have  always  benefitted the Panch Pandav brothers.Thus surety of salvation with some is very important  issue and if one have it good for all the nation also.
                 If you have this then you are true enlightened spirit.And if you have that will be manifested in your work and People have to appreciate you as other will feel secure with you.See the complainers who have no point to put forward and no life testimony to tell is pariah for the nation.
                 And in top position they can`t be tolerated for a moment also.God have promised salvation in Holy Bible have you read it?If you are shouthing for the sake of shouting then mind , it is wrong.The BJP party will I am sure respect the real man with wisdom who have also many answer for all the questions.And the man who is near to heaven is he not  have that divine glow in his face to take the party to greater height?
                   Thus may be time to refuse the bribe offered by Dhuryodhana like Character.And even if he was given soldiers of Lord Krishna was their loyality and heart was not with Lord till death?Thus the Arunachal Pradesh leaders from INC background may be not easily taken in BJP like in earlier occasion.This is the majority hope of this States Public`s.
             And even the INC party may also kick some out also one never know as is their any way left for this party also.As in this State of Arunachal some leaders excess seems to have invited divine curse also.As unless God intervene in favour of the destitutes in small issues ,how the ordinary man will have trust in big issues like Salvation?

               Thus I am sure this BJP party have the burden of taking all the nation towards the path of salvation also, as we seems to have already loss so much valuable time for misinterpreting the great man`s saying for our own ignorance.
                   Thus Ramkrishna Paramahansaji  may have to perhaps quote the story of the blind man touching the elephant,see for blind man elephant may seems to have a different shape and size depending on which portion he touch this he told.
              Thus let us now evolve from it and see the elephant in totality and go to logical end of spirituality which unfortunately many seems to be not doing and seen suffering.As only the excessive corrupted and manipulative  person seems to make brouhaha that why intermingling of politics and religion?
               See God is the owner of this world  and in each thing He will be needed to be involved.As when everything is clean then only He can be seek truthfully. Nothing comes easy you have to sacrifice your worst weakness one by one that makes a great man reverable more so one who is living in the worldly life they are no less then the great Sages living in Ashram also.
                 As for me I can be seen as mare Clerk who is alone perhaps writing and jotting down what master is telling me so pliz forgive me also if there is small misdenemour from my part  also.Yet the religion is not an easy subject and one who have reached in the top that is one who have surety of salvation have alone something to give to other also.
                     Thus who have committed so much sin like us it is better to always confess his sin in the name of the Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus who died for our sin.As it is better to be modest and accept the weakness and excel in life with the fear that I can also die anythime.That way we the N.E Publics may be better Hindus also as in fact true Hindus by seeing the ancient practice where always seen to have this character.
              As see the story of the King PARIKSHIT who was descedent of the PANDAV`S and was tried to be safeguarded by any means by the Brahman`s from the SESH NAAG`S/ snake kings biting.This story even not known to the North East Indian Publics who are mostly Christians seems to be knowing in their heart and soul and thus seems to be interested in this salvation topics.
               Thus all religion philosophy is to help the Human being. In fact Christianity is much beyond the religion also as this plans for you for future journey and for it like YUDISTHIR the eldest of the PANCH PANDAV`S of the Mahabharata era one have to be good from the day one.And for one like us we are atleast vocal in our confessing the sin.
                                     See why the word of God is not important?Did the Bhir Abhimanyu the son of Arjuna of the MAHABHARATA time did not died for not hearing how to come out from the CHAKRAVYU war formation.See the greatest threat to you in the future is going to be your old age and death.
           Thus all great man have tried to find its anti dot in their life.And even if given freely most of the man are least interested.To remove this attitude what you do?go to a cancer patient who is going to die and try to feel what he is feeling,So the concern for others problem alone will make you realize truth also.As fortunately for you worst is yet to come and will you wait for it?
               But mind it the nation can be alone become great by knowing His interest as He is the giver of everything.And atleast this praise I am doing in my life as in this temporary world it is our previlage to prase Him also.As even by doing this alone one may be forgiven from all the dangerous test one have made to be undertaken in the life.
            Meanwhile never accept me to be Mr. Perfect also after I am seen writing something good.God should be kind enough to give me long life so that in my Old age I reach somewhere near His and world`s expectations.
                  As for now sometimes I feel shame that many who even don`t go to Holy Church are seen better then me.Yet with your love and prayer support I may be soon able to be a better man and of usefulness to you also.Praise the Lord May His grace be always upon we Indians let all of us end up in heaven by atleast following His will and doning His character which alone all the angel,god and godess will also perhaps love and respect.

                      The world is changing so fast and all the conventional and orthodox thoughts is being challenged now , that very soon I am confident their will be a very different world .Thus for some fring elements very soon I am sure their name and fame is going to be numbered.Thus for most powerful ones in the political field also their  Honourable exit in right time seem `s to be need of hour.
                 Believe it earlier also most of the Publics where good only for the system failure all seems to have been made helpless.And even for the present leaders some of them may like the scenario where FWD clerk earlier President of South Africa   have privilege to receive Nobel prize and enjoyed honourable  farewell for helping Nelson Mandela.
                   This was  the clever arrangement by the peacemakers who wanted to save the Johassanberg from witnessing civil war.This also shows the Chrisitan culture and duty for which the whimsical leader despise the good person forgetting it is in fact good proposal for himself and his family.
                 Thus  if some of leaders  accept their weakness in this strategic and crucial moment they may also get something like this arrangement for peaceful exit  .As world is changing so much that after 15 yrs. our batch may be also be counted as offdated.As kicking the old leaders will leave a bad precedent we need to forgive other , if other also repent.
                  Thus for some leaders ,adamantancy , is it good for them also?As the acceptance of reality is also a trait of a great man.The good God also seems to be managing important events of a helpless poor leader if He loves you.
                   Thus earlier  I had a one hour personal meeting with Baba Ramdevji in his  Itanagar tour before the last election.And the rest is history,thus stick to Him even in bad time and praise Him and oneday mind it non can stop you.As I have great expectations from Babaji as Sri Tsring Naksangji was witness to our meeting.
                   See in this State of Arunachal Pradesh even after winning the election most of the INC leaders are seen suffering like anything as there is now seen worst financial crisis.And now after the RBI closing the Govt. Account the BJP State Unit have demanded for putting of the Financial emergency for all the economic mismanagement to His excellency Governor of Arunachal Pradesh .
                 And all the political party and the NGO have raised the similier demand .The PPA in its 8th april 2015 has also sought timely intervention and recommendation of the Governor of A.P to get the alleged National Disaster Response Fund ( NDRF) scandal as claimed by K.Pul investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).
                   And on 10th april 2015 N.E News PPA`s fearless leader Sri Khafa Bengiaji was even questioning weather the earlier alleged 350 crore money scam was not misused in earlier election by the ruling INC party to even pay some BJP, MLA candidates from not contesting and was even challenging the BJP to check it nicely.
                         As  It is pertinent to mention that in earlier election the INC Party suddenly declared simultaneous election in this State where earlier the M.L.A and M.P election  was held in different date.which was not the case earlier and the party is rumoured to have drawn all the money just before election to meet up their election expenses.Or with the Hon`ble P.M Modijis wave in the country many believe this State would have also got BJP Govt.
                        And it is also pertinent  to mention that financial emergency can be put any time in this State as the Art 371(H) gives the power of the Law and order under His excellency Governor of A.P.So when there is statuary provision itself in the constitution of India many are also seems to be welcoming the demand specially the contractors who have been not paid their bill.And the labours who have not got their salary.
                             Thus their may be imminent  election in this State of Arunachal to the peril of the top INC leaders.And now the INC party is under terrible pressure to immidietly remove some top corrupted political leaders of cabinet rank who are seen to be basically contractors. Having 2-3 A grade contractors in their family and working contract work openly in their own firm.
                         And for this kind of leaders their days seems to be numbered.As most of the Publics specifically the party organization of the BJP also seems to be in no mood to take any INC leader in the BJP howsoever he/she is powerful.And seems to be thinking that though even if they are temporary used to let the undemocratic INC Govt. which won by surreptious means to be finished .
                The BJP party organization more specifically seems to be unanimous that sitting Hon`ble INC party MLA`s and ministers  even if they join BJP they should not be given  party ticket even by the High Command.
                              As the BJP party also need to show its new avatar and back up the honest leaders who have been so far pressed like anything in this State that seems to be the general feeling.As the general Publics are really clamouring for change .
              Where the act of God alone is now seen to be interfering to help the poor Publics.And hopefully the Hon`ble P.M will never allow the old timers to once again come back in this holy BJP party which they have ditched earlier.And for those who have blood of poor Publics and Cows with them the BJP party may shown them exit door.
                  As in this State some of the INC leaders seems to be always shamless and merge to other party as time suit them,and  some have done so 3 times also.And this was seen helped by even some top BJP leaders in earlier occassion.Today Hon`ble C.M Sri Nabam Tukiji is also heard to be confused as it is said there is secret report of dissidence nearly reaching the requisite margin.
                It means some of his cabinet ministers must be visiting his adversery in night.And thus his bad time seems to have started as when going get tough then tough get going.And as the crack have now started within the INC party top brass of this State some top BJP leaders should not be also afraid of facing Mid Term poll.
                       As right now INC party may even not get decent party candidate also as without the central aid it will be difficult to run this State.And non of them have clean image and ultimately may fight with themselves and finish.Some one was even jockingly saying that the recent INC party women conference in the Indra Gandhi Park may be the last INC party meeting also.
              For some the fear of again facing election seems to be so much that  seldom any criticism is seen lebelled agains the INC party by opposition leader also which is very discouraging.And if situation doesn`t improve some think for few whole party may suffer also,though some senior leaders stand seems to be let the Public make the shouting so that the BJP party is not seen as very vindictive party.
                  I am sure in right time Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji will surely come as guardian angel for the party candidates and specially fulfill his promise made in Parish in France recently to give equal chance to all the religious members, as in our place there is seen indirect persecution of the leader of particular religion  from the INC party party since time inmemorial.
               Hon`ble P.M is also accepted to have a secret plan to reach the genuine leaders who have fund problem this is specially if there is going to be election soon.And he is accepted to make a whirl wind tour of atleast Itanagar,Aalo and pasighat town and depute his Generals which I am sure he will do.
               As he is known for making most scintiallating attack upon his enemeies ones the war begine and he should also know that since long time the political revolution is due here.And with the acceptance of his love for the lower cadre of the BJP which he have displayed time and again we are hopeful non of the person under him will be later seen to fish in this trouble water for their own interest.
                As now in this world of facebook the Arunachalee are also not lagging behind in smelling any foul play.As they seems to have now become immune of all the dirty tricks  INC leaders always practice  to win election by surreptious means.And in fighting it tries to bring to poison our mind.
                 And so this wonderful opportunity should be not left to PPA like AAP in Delhi  and the High Command of the BJP should like the vocal leader.Who attack the INC party from the front.As the Blitzkreiz can alone give political dividend.
                               As the iron is now hot and all the Publics have as for now only seems to have their hope pinned on the BJP thinking that the party will not forsake their honest leaders,and will alone deliver.And even the BJP have to be careful this time that not only the right man is given party ticket but the much needed logistic support should not fall to others hand this time.
                 And the report of Hon`ble P.M only so far becoming as the great wall of China for blocking the INC party top leader`s entry inside BJP is only news of great happiness to the general Publics who have very few persons left to voice their grievance.
            Thus here in this State of Arunachal Pradesh still the sword of the demagogues seems to be hanging on this Nabam Tuki led INC Govt. by this way or that way.As even if they complete the term they will have natural death also.Yet for the majority Publics interest the BJP top leaderships may have to immedietly consult with the BJP party organization of the State and Mandal level and take their opinion also.
                    The new Airtel and Vodaphone connection and Ex- Hon`ble Chief Election Commissioner Sri H.S Brahma`s directive to make the age in the Adhar card to be same with the election I.D card will surely from now stop the voting of minor voters also ,who have been so far used to win the election in many place in this State.As if the age is increased the students may have problem in future for getting Job.
               Hope the new Hon`ble CEC in special case make the students to give their vote in their respective school.As the students who are the future of the nation their environement must be kept peaceful.And hopefully this He will do even if there is a mid term election in this State of Arunachal Pradesh.
                As for all the Peoples with the sense of patriotism the correction of this State is very important.As the AFSPA is soon proposed to be put in this State.And basically all this is due to the snatching of the democratic right also,thus the readers are appealed for bringing electoral reform in this state on trial basis.
                 And even open debate like in America should be introduced here as the class disparity have become now too much.And if the political revolution is not encouraged now their may be future complication to the peril of the nation.
                 And not to say about the Hon`ble Supreme Court latest judgement to wrap up all the scams of this State of Arunachal Pradesh very soon.Yet some clever PDS contractors seems to have again hoodwinked it to pay them about Rs.200 crores even if the case is subjudice this seems to be the reason for angry of brother Khafa Bengiaji of PPA.
                 And the cash estrapped present  INC ruled Govt. in this State is heard to be also planning to make a new Independent Planning commission of the State for which the service doing Publics seems to be very apprehensive of.A friend was telling me that this is the hardest part and for some it may be again new justification by the INC buy some more time.
                          It is pertitinet to mention that this service federation  –COSAAF was earlier the backbone of the INC party.As this ruling INC party was earlier seen compelling the officer group in toes by threathening them with transfer,posting and demotion.
              And now there is seen crack in their holy relationship as the Govt.seems to be increasingly under pressure for misusing alleged Rs/-4000 crore.Thus Govt. is reportedly unable to give back the Utilisation certificate even to the central Govt.
                   As center seems to have categorically said that unless Utilisation certificate is shown no more central aid will be given.Thus the condition in general seems to be taugh for the INC party in the State.As most have them have seldom any charisma for which the Public will vote them and earlier only by omission and commission used to win election.
               But in selected place some abundant  funds are reportedly heard to be  still coming and unless the local INC top leader does not follow the tender and contract norms the BJP top leaders will hopefully not also see their own interest only.As Hon`ble P.M have categorically said he will see no relative also and only follow RAJDHARMA,thus should his view should not be also not respected?
             As this is the only place where even some Hon`ble cabinet minister is reported to have 2-3 A grade contractors in their family.And they are seen to be doing all the prime work by themselves keeping the contractors in lurches and in some place there is seen manifest wrong doing of taking money again and again from same projects from different Govt.Dept.And not to say about the imperfect works.
                       The days of the bribery also seems to be numbered with the high profile case going on where the Papum Pare Dist. Student Union have even asked for the resignation of Hon`ble Education minister on allegation of bribery.And so in this new era of modern Gizmos and Gazzete some Old leaders who were earlier only depending on siffoning of the Publics money their days seems to be now numbered.
              And also the RTI and PIL is coming up in this State also where the rich and powerful is now made more subject of attack.After all how long like in the movie Titanic the common contractors can be made to sit in the lower birth of the boat in the dangerous situation.
                As if the insurgency increase the rich and powerful may run away to safer place.Thus many are seen saying if we don`t stand now when we will?As how long this core issue will be neglected where only few is seen to be eating the siffon of the creamy layers by flaunting all the norms in the contract and tender work.
                Thus many are saying some amount of the forgiveness to the INC led Govt. can be alone given if all the contractor top leaders are removed from the party.Thus instead of blaming the BJP it is the INC party which have to make an introspection.As their own redundant leaders seems to be confusing the Party stand.
               As when recently the party was seen to be saying that center was giving less money.One of the gentleman of the cabinet rank was accepting that the BJP was giving more money.Thus whose fault this is ?Is not the misuse of the INC party is not exposed by a top leader?
               And believe it for the good person all the right friends  and connections seems to be really also fixed by the divine power in his  crucial moment .To meet each other and encourage in times of trouble , yet as Yog Guru Baba Ramdevji is a big man now will he remember me also?Hope a true Hindu will remember story of Lord Krishna`s friendship with Sudama.
              As there is need for honest to be saved in this volatile place for nations sake also.As this area is in the frontier place of the nation and the Publics cannot be made to be angry with the system.And even if some top INC leaders can manage and even bribe the top BJP leadership but can the groaning of the general Publics will it not reach heaven also?
                  And is it not duty of the spiritual man to protect the Dharma also?As so far only bold statement was seen made in Delhi by any national party but out here where there is less media they were always seen to make the Poor suffer more as the fatty High command seems to have been after appeasing the top leaders .
               Hope my BJP party will be different in word and spirit this time.As see few alone can come to Delhi to convince the top leadership to tell their apathy.So my writing must be taken very seriously as this may be last warning before Mao Wadi like situation also arise here.
                        As out here in this State there is always doubt perception with the Publics in case of the national party and this need to be removed ones and for all.See honestly for a good and better man who is vocal in this State all the doors of opportunity was earlier closed for him.
             There was time in my life also when I was also warned of death threat plan report conveyed by some INC friends.Yet when you make your self open and outspoken character  as habit,later everyone seems to accept it also.
                   And later others are seen to request you not to write against them.Thus a childhood  friend have advised me once never leave your old character also.And thus I may be also appreciated if I have retained my integrity to some extent.And as we have in North East great geographical isolation to fight with, thus we have to be seen sympathetically also .
              Yet with the freedom around us can my views not be shared with the other country man and world also.To make the true democracy/SWARAJYA dream come in this great country for which great freedom fighters like –Bhagat Singhji have sacrificed His life.As all cannot be seen in the Zee news and the Aztak.
            As their may be more knowledgeable man  then me also yet may have worser freedom of expression we have here.As this land in compare to other is still much more peaceful then in other place.  And the heart below have to be respected if goodness is manifested in ones work.And we have miles to go as a nation like great United State of America where a Negro have been also accepted as President.
                 Thus we need more truth teller`s as this have alone power to change all.And God have been recently very merciful in opening Vodapone and Air Tel connection in my Home town also.And even in the Tirbin circle this is heard to be ready to be set up.The modern scientific gift is also sometimes seen as God`s handiwork.As ironically so far very less Publics of our area know that I use to write in blog also .
                         See more tolerant a nation is more higher they are seen to go up also.Thus in the place like ours where there is worst transition period and financial mess created by a failed INC ruled Govt.we need lots of great soul to intervene.As the best war is having not to fight it.As amidst the dirt we have to make the flower/spirituality/friendship and reconcialation to bloom in true sense of term.
               As why so much power hungry by some Arunachal Pradesh INC leaders ? and it will be also wrong to give some INC leaders chance to date the top BJP leaders in hope of accepting some help.As many critics opine now not to say about taking some INC leaders of Arunachal Pradesh  in BJP, it was in fact time to put  some of them in jail for .
             Thus for some in the dead end of carreer did we not tried our best before coming at this situation?It was time for them to think like a parent but no they seems to be only interesting in looting this society and due to their stubbornness everyone is now seen suffering.
                 If one is gifted creatively believe that God have given Him Brahmashtra also.Thus the good denizens from now on need to appeal all the Old timers in all the profession to make a honourable exit before the more smart ones make them redundant.As world have changed overnight within this few years and some need to be told this.
            As the India seems to be needing a virtual shake up from its long sleep.As for long some Individual and group seems to have disturbed the other`s interest by becoming parasite and speed breaker for other`s development and interestingly seen not accepting their own mistake also.Had they won by the fair means it will have been altogetherly different also.
          As when the Sikkim under  SDF have touched new height of development why this caanot be done here in this State?As for the Mizoram the credit alone goes to the pro-active role of the Holy Church.
               And thus INC party if it truelly want to take the credit their should have done away with the contractor leaders who have perhaps no vision and only one interest in mind.Some persons greed seems to be never ending also and worst some gentleman have even openly criticized their own ex-Hon`ble C.M in the open Public Platform.
              See the general Indians at large accepted that in the era of freedom fight time only the well educated persons who can compete with the Britishers alone can be relied upon.Thus even if few where against some leaders ,majority accepted them why?
           Today also this is no exception as the IAS officers of the Planning Commission and the Donear Ministry can they be won by force and bribery after this corruption have now become a big issue.As elite they are will they not also not alone respect the co-elite?
                Thus was it not time for some Elites who have made a AVAMANDAL /charisma around them to take their society to new height?As critics says knowledge and wisdom is only thing which can be respected everywhere.And they alone have the power to convince all.
               Thus it is time the local Publics decide to be not again seduce by some in the form of cow sacrifice and Apong which have already harmed all.As already there is lots of evil spirit to be cope up in this society for whom always some sacrifice have to be made.
                   But ironically for some leaders it seems to be more difficult task to pacify them as even the worst evil spirit sometimes hears the request and leave the person.As the fight will be in no bodies interest and it is highly improbable that they will be saturated in the BJP which will be a total sell out and will be completely against Hon`ble  P.M`s promise to reach the man in the last line.
              As some leaders here are seen to be habitual offenders in jumping from one party to other and this time may get trapped thus it was time for some top leaders to ponder.And see some have direct corruption cases against them and their family members.Thus truthful person is he not opening up a way for them also?
                As in the even of the Emergency imposed under Article 371(H) many litigation may increase against the excessive corrupted leaders and officers.See the great man are also said to be accepting their weakness.As it is improbable that in the difficult place like this State non will like to swim against the tide that too when he is old.As then  there is Publics fatigueness ,boredom and anti incumbency to be overcome.
                    See after three terms many powerful leaders have lost election here also.As may be Publics get bored with them and they also become lazy at old age as some leaders energy,stamina and endurance seems to have helped them so far.As the villagers really seems to like home visit of the leaders specially one who savour lots of rice, meat and apong in their house.May be thinking later they will also see their interest.
                   But  this days earlier top leaders are also heard to be only giving Pea nuts to the villagers who come down to the itanagar in the medical case.Whereas the poor villagers made dependent by the never ending lies seems to have to sell their plot of land also.
            But that is also truth that if some of the current leaders wins against the current of the Tsunami called Modiji then we have to also accept them as real leader as so far only money and State machinery was seen to be used by the INC leaders and their true grass root connection was to be really checked.Specially in our place where even the Promised Dist.Hq. have been not given to the Basar area by the INC party.And see this was even made by a Late Hon`ble C.M.
              And as the Publics are very hungry now may virtually eat even the row meat of someone whom they think to be the real villain.See what happen in the end of the Hindi movie don`t Villain their also get good beating?Thus this seems to be the destiny when one is bit too much and out of whimsicalness have forgotten that he have outlived his utility.
                      Thus in the coming election the outside voters brought from the other constituency may get good thrashing as the Publics have now realized that their crucial time for progressing is also going out for the non execution of their own power to atleast vote.Or for hizacking of this voting power by some outsider.

XVII.The view is same:-                 
                                       See if one closely monitor than that doctrine which one  feels as most important from his religion side,seems to be more jealously protected by other religion also.And sometimes their seems to be much more with other side also.Thus only the Individual characteristics seems to have made the same thing to be seen differently.
                  This may be also due to thousand year habits we have inherited from our forefathers which have percolate down till our selves through DNA.As the Human nature will always like to find a way for his own survivle first thus the spirituality have been always the guiding force in all the era.Who knows earlier forefathers have less sin so they need not have to undergo rigourous punishment to get the spiritual benefit .
                         And thus many a times we become unknowingly slave of custom thus late Tomo Ribaji Ex-Hon`ble C.M used to cry in anguish to villagers of this State.Keep on cutting cow and eating beef meat.Thus we need to also adapt to new situation as this is also not surrender but preferring our community for a greater thing.After all is the cow milk not beneficial for all?Thus any new concept may be eventually good for all.
                     Thus other side of view may be always good that one have to have and those persons who have liberal approach will alone benefit their Childrens also.See all the top freedom fighters who later become great politicians and statesman after India was freed.It was only possible because their Parents went away from the age old thinking that it is wrong and sin  to cross the 7 seas.And before time they admitted their son and daughters in the Oxford and Cambridge.
                In fact constitution itself have its origin in Holy Bible principles of justice and equality.And is the Indian constitution not derived from Britishers also?Thus hating Britishers only is it good ? After all in this world in coming time we may have to be also in one group or other on one occasion.As with the ISIS it is also possible isn`t it?
                 So may be also time to acknowledge that the Lutyans building was made by Britishers in Delhi also. And see poor man like me may never get British passport and visa also and I am not surely writing this to appease them,but live local think global is the best thing in this new global era.
                                And particularly for this Hindu religion this religion must also be seen with great respect for its great achievement in many fields also.And for the Hindu followers time to also ponder upon this  that the Christian philosophy of Love thy neighbor itself seems to be not manifested in  PURANAS ?
                which says -`ASTADESHU PURANESHU VYASAS VACHANA DUYAM,PAROPKARAY PUNYAY PARPIDANAY PAPAY.`And that sums up all the religion`s motto in the world which says to do good is holy and to harm other is evil.
              See You have to by hook and cook make yourself as merciful like mother Teresa to others ,not along singing jarring song in the form of Kirtans by the devotee to appease god , will it help?Sorry I want my dear Bihari brothers to dream beyond becoming only Coolie and Muthias.
                      And why the sweet song sing in the CHAT PUJA by the Bihari ladies is it not the true Bihari custom and tradition?Thus within the parameters only the reformation can be made to bring a synchronisation.As there is seen contradictory practice everywhere.As for the NE  student in the other State we feel more comfortable with the Biharis as we seems to be aquainted with them.
                    In fact we need now is more peacemakers as there is seldom any difference also barring some correctable mistakes.As unless one create noisense for others let any one do what he like in this country as this country belong for all.And one have to accept that this days even the Muslim brothers have also tone down their AJAN sound in the Masjid.And why not their own Childrens are not being disturbed also?
                  Thus fear that one  day  more populous Muslim will outnumber every other Publics is also wrong.As I am sure new thinking will also come to them and then emphasise on the quality then quantity will automatically happen.As in old age all will want good Children`s.
                 See more election reform to stop the fake voters will even make some community to think in line of not liking  to grow more.As in earlier occasion the power by any means may have been  the Guru mantra thus perhaps their was psychological satisfaction in having more Childrens.And the INC party seems to be villain in this matter for using the Bangladeshi voters in Assam.
                 Is it not now time to start nation building based on His Lordships principles?as enough of talking have been already made in religion  form which is man made.As historically recorded even Prophet Mohd. Is heard to have accepted Moon and Star Idol worship of the Medina Publics.
              See some place will perhaps be always unfit for democracy and communism unless we also do something for them.And for it we also should have pity on them.See by pointing finger at other alone you may miss the Bus.And if a religion helps you to get Sainthood that only it will matter.
                    You have to be selfish in this world of little time when it comes to saving your soul.After all for getting medal in Olympic Games also one slog and sacrifice also.The haters,loner and one who is uninnovative and uninterested in the spirituality will always have limitations.
                        See did Lord Krishna did not give away His foot Soldiers to Duryodhana in the Epic Mahabhrata battle?Did it helped him anyway?Thus not hearing the spiritual discourse is ones own loss.As only time will teach that man a good lesion.
                   And who knows many secret Prayerful Peoples have also come up in the Arab countries as it is human nature also to come up against the worst.Thus this life is definitely going through a process called KALCHAKRA in the Buddism also.
                See you have to use the 6th sense to get the best.Thus mingle with as much Peoples in your young days and study the best for yourself before it is too late.Ensure salvation for your soul first this is real zing thing,as many ways will be their but it is finally you to choose the best for yourself.Open your eyes of the heart as man may die suddenly, then will Insurance money will be any need to him?
                    As you are the atman and can grow as angel and Devta also.That is the ultimate conclusion in all religion perhaps even in the Vedantism and islam also.If you challenge the others claims then find it yourself and which non of you will  like to do so also?Thus non have right to criticize about others.Thus when one make a rebuke it must be for others goodness.
         And thus in ancient days also the religion was never forced upon anyone.In Christianity also when one attain major age only Baptisma is allowed.And as for Girls here in our place, parents are usually seen waiting till they get married.
                     This have been what great man have equivocally said in all the generation-do unto others as you want them to do for you.See the true Hindu will never be angry for any religious discourse and will respect man who is direct and open and have some senses.
                And have something to give as this is Hinduism character to be courageous yet welcoming and receptive to goodness as VEDANTISM itself is Vid to know.It will be insult to a Hindu if all is taken as very tough nut to crack and seen as jeolots.
                  See when lakhs of Hindu dies for a wrong political decision then their angry is also natural.This is same for the Islam brothers they also seems to be gripped by the leadership problem.Or do the Terrorist don`t deserve to be thrown in the Arabian Peninsula?
                Crack any one will but for goodness shake I am sure about some of them.Only they can`t be taken for ride thus the prejudiced mind that other is always bad is also wrong.Think all are good and even think positive about one with whom your relation have not materlize as you have learn from all ,depending on all and can change the world with them only.
                          See can by a good relation with the good Arab person can good amount of investment cannot be brought in this Country? alsoThus engagement is the need of hour as we all need each other.As can they alone drink the large Oil reserve beneath them and  will also like to die quickly by eating infested vegetables.Thus this most Organic place of our`s in the world have also something to offer.
                      Thus world is our own thus said -`VASUDEV KUTUMBAKAM,`Thus the ancient Indian Philosophy is also very rich.In fact the Arabs are also race wise Aryans and Zews only and so should have affinity with the Holy Bible ,Veda, Puranas and Quran also.And as their achievements can be also credited to our Mongol forefathers like Mughals thus they should also respect us.
                    Some who are in powerful political post have more responsibility in keeping peace and tranquility in the country.And are accepted to encourage the spiritual growth.As the great Sages  have slogged for truth and it can`t be immediately understood by an aam admi easily also.
                 As all the flower in the garden is important so there should not be any confusion,and if in the top level also if someone pretend to sleep with eye open can you blame others?It is said even if an educated and spiritual leader don`t do anything also the Public in his constituency benefit.
              As his good behavior and spiritual discourse is heard to be percolating down.See the benefit of the spiritual discourse in the Vir Abhimanyus story as he was so knowledgable that in mother`s womb itself he heard how to go inside the Chakravyu war formation.But could not hear how to come out as her mother slept.See the Japanses movie Red Cliff and believe it.
                   Thus the good family member is also seen to inherit his families DNA.And thus always do good so that atleast the children will be getting the divine blessing from the PRAGYA of parents.Thus the principles of all the religion is same only and thus there is need to hear good thing from all.
             Thus perception have to be logical and convincing and this an educated leader can alone give.As what is big thing if other is only seen rich for himself?And have won election by surreptious means like ferrying lots of proxy voters from the outside constituency and finished the future of the minor by making them his vote Bank.
               And by not making even decent football field even in the circle division,have harm future generations life. We need great leaders like Hon`ble P.M in all the lebel who bring that catalyst for change for a better life.Who are not contractor doing leaders and safeguard the nation by making this frontier State vibrant and powerful.
                         This article of mine is basically for the sleeping elites who have time and resource to do good.Yet sleeping for their fear of State machinery or ignorance God know`s for what?And so all the difference have come in Society whereas this State of mine was meant to be great wall of India.
                            As leader have to be first made aware of the genesis of problems.And as many officers may be secretly dreaming to become an MLA or Minister in our State.But mind it things have changed now the new resurrected Publics now seems to be against the conglomeration of the excessive corrupted officers,politicians and business man.
                            And this days it is highly improbable that unless one come with a missionery jeal non of the party will invite him also.And for one thing good persons have lots of scope he will be never be disrespected if he have overcome all the challenges in life.
                  As he is doing what other also want to do thus welcome all to the congregation of Gentleman who rising above their congregation and belief want to make a better world for the future we all believe in thus may be now time to say –DARIDRA DUNYA VASI ,CHANDAL DUNYA VASI SABHI MERA BHAI HAIN.E,i-the Poor world Peoples and outcaste world Publics all are my brothers.
                                          As more big you grow more responsibility you have to take and develop the right to be called the DADA/big brother.As non can live alone for long and will never want him to be remembered for all the bad reason.Thus time to change when still you have that guilt.As it itself shows tha you are still human being and can correct much of your mistake now when there is time.

XVIII.The Best Charity work:-
                    The best way of getting the divine blessing seems to be sharing the thing you don`t want to share it with others.This can be also other form of reducing ones sin and be affirmative of the future thing to come.
                     See in this world there is nothing else then this.Even in the Islam this is heard to be done in the name of Zakat.And atleast this holy work should not be also communalized also and seen from one spectacle only.
                 Many a times even the 2%CSRF fund of the company which have been made mandatory by the Govt. to spend in the Society it may be misused by their over smart CEO.See by good charity work also one may do better job then a Saint also, thus all should try to invest in right cause specially in remote and poor place likes our`s then only even the Corporate house may prosper more.
               Thus our focus have to be Poor and Destitute not alone temple making business only. As the charity is a noble and secret thing and through this alone nation will be blessed.As Swami Vivekanadaji in his writing seems to be angry with propping up of lots of temple after advent of Budhism.
                And thus by sponsoring more temple some may be doing more against the Hindutva cause also.See all the good man in any religion is the co-religion man  this is the ancient /SANATAM DHARMA /religion practice and belief.And to serve them is to serving Him only.
                      The  Hindi movies like the Santoshi Maa seems to have spoiled the Hindus like anything.See the story of great  Hindu King Dadichi he is said to have even sacrificed his flesh to Indra Dev god when he come as begger.This is the real Hinduism to sacrifice his own body also not to say about giving charity.
                                    The Dan Vir ancient King Karna Karna never see the clan and religion of the person whom he wanted to give alms.And thus if a missionary die out of hunger imagine the divine curse?As see the rise and rise of cine star Shah Rukh Khan due to  His  association with Christian school and missionery.
                                              Thus non should stand in the way of the good work and divine work as many God`s man are hungry in this country.And even if there is report that large investment is not allowed to be made in N.E region then it is insult to all the Publics here seeing them all with the same spectacle of anti social elements will be wrong.
                    Hope the Country man  will really stand with the values of the Hon`ble P.M and the party with difference to make the dream Make in India truly possible.As when Investment itself is disturbed by some then who will invest?Thus the Foreign Investors must be given free choice and not directed to invest in place of choice of some powerful persons.
                  The word I should in fact become we and which we should in fact later become us.This was as promised by us also in the recent Federal meeting of the GRK –Gumin Rego Kigo lazu Society of the Basar area.This societies motto says- let us tell goodness to all and as myself is also Adviser Peace and Justice Dept.CBCNI is duty bound to talk senses.
                 Thus feel like I am divine ordained to talk in bringing a lasting understanding between all as all have been blessed with something.And other may have definitely the misapprehension that I am also very complete person.Not all in fact I need many friends and well wishers  who trust in my mission.

                        See if I can do something good for others by the gift of Lord  can I be rejected?As can not be my world can be made more blissful by making the Peoples mutually beneficial to each other .    Like my local Emmanuel Baptist Church of which I am member and Adviser,and  my wonderful wife Smty .Liken Basar ( Nyodu) is right now the mother Pastor of this Holy Church.
                        And mind it even the prayer support is also one form of  charity only and so always be not the reciever but also ones in a while be the giver also.As the God bless the cheerful giver.In fact we can give to each other what we have.
                       In fact Lord and Saviour  have given something to all even to the Poor place.This I have always felt as the one who helped me a bit in my life , the divine revealation/prophesy was also shown to tell them about their future.
                    And had they heard my advise then they must have been more successful also.As God seems to be really merciful on one who help man in his duty.This life testimony I have already told in earlier occasion.And presently the INC Govt. in this State seems to have brought the worst curse on the Publics.
                   The Publics also seems to be suffering for their silence in bearing the injustice.But there are also very good and innocent Publics who are really suffering now and need help in this challenging time and their prayer support and blessing will really matter.
                            As I was earlier saved in an operation theatre by Lord and Saviour from sudden death  and He have so far used me for prophesising 3 ex-Hon`ble C.M and 4 ex-Hon`ble cabinet minister.The man like Sr.Apangji ex-Hon`ble C.M, Sri jarkar Gamlinji and Sri Lijum Ronyaji  both Ex-cabinet Minister and the witness of the prophesy  will surely accept this.
                        And mind it there are more dedicated God`s missionery in the place like Jipu prayer center Likabali West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh.They are so close to Lord and Saviour and have sacrificed their entire life for Him .
                      The smart man will alone sponser some of the missionery and see the difference in their life.Like the American always eyeing for the real good Holy man to help and share the blessings .Instead of following this it will be wrong to stop this holy bond.
              This article is also written for the world to know the perfect place to invest in His divine work.When one invest in the life of a good believer he  share the divine blessings.See inspite of odds why Americans are hanging on is not only for practicing this charity work in letter and spirit?
                   In this world it is our human duty to tell good things to others also.Then we as a one family will go to heaven.And Lord want that only as one have lots of money and other have no penny thus blessing is with other,and by this intermingling only this blessing can be exchanged also.
                   As for a Holy man sharing his blessing is also no small thing.As for some rich man health,peace and affirmation of salvation is only needed and some other person who have material poverty may have this in ample.Thus need is to always share with each other.
                    See the missioneries in the fasting centres have to make number of intercessory prayer and in place like this State even so far the INC Govt.have been always persecuting the Christian as in 1970`s lots of the Holy Churches where burnt down and today also there is seen to be indirect persecution in some area.
                 See leaving everything one sitting for 3 days,10 days,21 days and 40 days fasting is really challenging thing.And even if the People laugh God really seems to be blessing on this Peoples.
                       Fortunately for me with thy blessing I have been also been able to complete this programme.And see non like to do this for other.Yet there are some good man here if helped a bit they are ready to sacrifice for you and mind it their prayer will really matter.
               As so much poverty I have seen here as many are waiting for their death in the worst condition with no money to feed their Childrens.And some villages are seen denied work only because they have supported an opposition leader candidate.
                 And at this situation when some are shamlessly seen becoming parasite on the society I may have to also knock the door of others for help.As after all in last election I did not buckled under pressure and have little credibility on my claims.
              Thus the good man from the other religion is also accepted to give their helping hand to us by becoming the Guardian angel/ SANKAT MOCHAK TARAN HARI in the worst place in the planet earth.As when one does Charity  he rise up and become a devta also.Thus the cheerful giver can help us in Account No. of Adv.Togo Basar A/C No.070601504280.
                   And for the foreign Donators the they can send help in the A/c No. of Adv. Togo Basar in 070601504280 and the Swift Code needed being ICICNBBNRI , IFSC – ICIC0000706,Branch Code being -0706 Bank Address being- ICICI Bank Itanagar Sector-E Near JNK Public School NH-52 A,Arunachal Pradesh ( India) Itanagar Pin -791111 .Pliz note that the foreign donator can send maximum Rs. 1000000/- ( Rupees one  lakh only) Indian currency at one go this is US 1530 Dollars.
                  And if someone wills to send more money then he have to  first give his  true name and address in my along with the Gift/Donation Deed preferably through a good Legal Firm so that necessary permission can be gained from the Bank.But this is for sending money above US 1530 Dollar but less then US 61000 Dollar.But for sending money above Rs. 40,000000/- ( Rupees fourty Lakh ) only e,i- US 61,000 Dollar more document are needed to get the Govt. of India clearence.
                 As this donation is a very important aspect of the spiritualism also.And humanity and world unity also demands that even the Arabs helps us in this most challenging place where odds is against us and only God is seen guiding us and will surely bless the cheerful giver.As the writer also want  to use the substantial amount of this money also for translation of this Nobel in all other language of the world also for the benefit of the humanity.

XIX.Unity is strength:-

                                     Sometimes their seems to be religion related misunderstanding among all class.In fact there is less area of confrontation here, thus all the good Peoples of all the religion must come forward from now.As communication gap seems to be used by some fring elements.
               But good that this  difference is now narrowing down also.As doctrine is now available to all and many similarities is already accepted.See Lord Christ praised that Lady more who gave her a coin as alm.
                            Why?because she was giving her only coin.Thus the desciples intention is important.Please believe it my intention is not bad. I have tried everything in life and giving the best from my experience and perspective by accepting VASUDEV KUTUMBAKAM principal or I will have kept everything good for myself and my family.
                 Thus that way  I may be a better Hindu also and so one like Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji may be also a better Christian,and for those who still think Christianity is the only way of salvation is right only if this is practiced nicely.Thus sometimes talking seems to be meaningless for other also.
                               Thus social enginnering was something which was shown by Lord Christ only and he was thus seen living with the Samaritans and all other community members around him.And seems to have always have good thought for others .Like the poor lady Sabri first tested all the fruit called Vedi and give it to Lord Rama to eat.
                      And who knows tomorrow I will be alive or not but this heavy burden of telling the perfect way from my personal experience and angle have  been now shared to desperate soul`s that is my humble believe and satisfaction.As believe it in the end life the death is really painful.
                And thanks God for giving me this chance today as I have seen what is frustration.And never want other to face this also.See many die with their unfulfill desire,so my advise-do what you want to do in this world also. As my experience tell later if you regret also it is too late more so it will be so in the death bed.Thus Lord Krishnas rendezvous in young age with Gopis have also some lesion for all.
                Let the young ones enjoy their life as when they get oldhood they will be compelled to live a burdensome life.And pathetic if many of them  in this stage will still have stubbornness character to not share their problem with Lord Christ who will like to share their yoke.
              Thus to bring the true unity most of the controvercial issues have to be removed.In fact there is nothing called controvercy also this are all perception.As if a monkey King have not helped will Lord Rama have even reached Sri lanka also?Thus love alone can bridge all the gap.And did  Vanar Raj Bali did not have to apologise to Lord Rama in his death bed?
             Thus fear of the civilization clash was initially their in all the ages but accepting the greater force and doctrine was always choosen for the Humanity sake.Its a great thing by the Monkey King to accept their weakness also like Bali did by handing over his son to Lord Rama.See great man alone accept his weakness also.
                                   Thus whimsicalness and proud character should be renounced by all.As speaking the truth will it not alone help even to  the benefit of rich and powerful?And hatred will it not first harm that man himself who resort this first, thus emotional attachment with the negative custom sooner it is removed the better.
                In our forefathers days in the Galo the thief were heard to be killed also,and the polygamy was commonly practised.And now all this have been more or less been removed.As there is consequence of a evil practice, if you want to go ahead in life you have to also learn from the successful community also.
                As was their earlier disease called Pressure and High B.P?Thus follow the God`s recent will and eat hygienic food.As we are His son and daughter and not living in Treta Yuga Era , but in KalYug and have to find a medicine fit in this era.
               After all did not our great Sages did not told us about Avatar of Kalyug and do you find any greater avatar within this 5000 yrs.also?Thus should we follow ancient Sages prediction of Kalyug Avatar who where really advanced in astrology or few modern pseudo religionists who seems to be hateful personified person.
              As who knows even the Sanjivan Buti that medicine which was earlier used to heal Laxmanji in Ramayan time may not work now.As our body must have seen too much pollution by now.Thus logic is in fact gift of Vedanta and India also.And thus why not claim back the best Europeans and Americans are using as their our own.
                As Japanese Company is already heard to have patented Ras Gulla sweet as their on ,see will someone oneday not unknowingly anger the God Himself by hating other`s good point that is only because he is from other religion and race?In fact religion belong to Him only and we have no right to claim over him.
                 Thus fear him who comes with truth and purity for he is His and His ambassador only.And non of the dharma asked the DOOT to be killed see why Golden Lanka got burnt up in Ramayana?Even the God seems to be loving the Monkey`s also.In our Galo ancient belief also the animal could have been communicated by the forefathers and even the animal hunting have certain restrictions and rules.
                   And this it is now time to come open and accept and appreciate good points of each other, pliz stop secret business of  willing to admit the child in the premier Christian Insitution like St.Stephen.Thus non of the person can predict his future.As one in the prime post may be also made as pauper soon by fate so repent.
                     Funnily some even is heard to lie that he is Christian to get admission in Vellore Medical also.Why double standard If you are Hindu be always affirmative and so if you are Christian accept it.As if you are a good man eventually all will like and respect you and be honest and forth coming in whatever you do.
                   As I have advocated for Yog Guru Baba Ramdevji in his time of trouble will his close one not also appreciate me in my bad time?See the real friend is one who help in the bad time.The one who help in good time is only a Bussiness man.
             As the great sages have always prayed to brought the light to all, and blessed is this time when we are seeing free discourse on this topics of great importance to benefit the millions.As earlier their was never any mechanism and highest democracy to ponder upon this subjects of main human concern.So as you show so will you reap so friends let us be with the right camp only.Imagine the frustrations of the elites in the Arab land?
                See one living freely and in peaceful place a place far away from madding croud.This is also a blessing as we can do what we want here to do so and doing for maximum benefit is a terrific feeling.As like the freedom we have here can be used for others benefit also who have so many restraints.
                  As you know the truth and the truth shall liberate you have been the main mantra of true religious philosophy in all ages.And their have been always certain negative energy to stop this good philosophies earlier.As some have made richness by propagating adharma and have always tried to manipulate thus time to think for all and for it some may be done away with.
                            As the backbone of any religion is love and love alone and it will surely also keep away evil spirit  hovering around a person.Yet in some place their seems to be need of making direct interference like Lord Rama annihilated VANAR RAJ BALI to help his friend SUGRIV.As for DHARMA anything seems to be permissible.
              And I am sure for love of their Children and family also if someone feels like I am hitting him will forgive me.As my intention is goodness of him also.As after thousands trial to convince Duryodhana not to wage war,what name he got after Mahabharata ?Was he not also termed  as Raksas?So friends the history will oneday judge you.
               Thus I really appreciate some of the Donyi Polo followers who earlier supported me in election and did not buckled under threat and bribery for the sake of poor and downtrodden.As in this State,the election is always tried to be manipulated by some powerful force to be like Mopin festival.
                   And out here some have become more powerful then god and goddesses also.Thus it is time for all to unite to have blessing from  divine power  and join in His fight .As some religious man are even made unable to purchase the pooja material for their poverty now,so how long injustice can be tolerated?As now all gods and goddess seems to be united so we may have to be also united now.
                  As history is witness that only after revolution a better way have come up for change.Thus political revolution seems to be His divine brainchild also.And as Swami Vivekandajis clarion call have been also -`Up India conquer the world with your spiritualism`.Why because good God must be a peace loving one and wanting all to have a better life.
                     Thus this is our divine commissioned duty to prepare ourselves spiritually before facing the world and heaven.Which seems to be also urging to give better chance to a better leadership in all the field.
                   Unfortunately today many even not know their own religion also or they will have never sided with the Dhuryodhana types who can really offer them good money for purchasing the party ticket.Thus friends this days also Mahabharat is being planned by the divine power.See punishement before Day of Judgement is better at it may be really worst their for some power obsessed maniacs.
                             And more so who quarrel upon this topics they may also get a future problem as I was ones upon a time also in their line.Thus my endeavor is a beginning in that line of solving the problem,and that way I may be better Vedantist also.As the end aim is to meet Him only and whoever help in that line is he not respectable?
                 And why only Hindustani also let all the world finally land up in heaven.And believe it the grace of Lord Christ will cover all as He was send for all.The time is to not only to become Christian but to be His follower as in this world is their any better example of divine sacrifice then Him also?
             As one have to alone carry the cross and remember Lord  was son of God and for Him was their any necessity to sacrifice also? as Bhagat Singh is also respected in the list of freedom fighters names .Thus we can never forget  Lord and Saviour`s love and sacrifice for us.And did he not forgive his tormentors in cross also?Thus He is the spiritual Hero.
                      See many a times our perception seems to be stumbling block to our progress.But believe it His ways are different from ours.As we are imperfect so we have imperfect thoughts.Like in our locality in funerals, we have completely stopped burning of incense stick as many where allergic to its Pungent  smell.Thus better must be adopted and see this we are already doing.
                 So for this small issue should their be quarrel? the religion fighting seems to be developing from small issues as such.But if you you want to become big then you have to set a bigger target also.And thus the new political change in the country is also showing the Country man`s ready for the change for good.
                Thus change is natural and it is for good also.And remember it the main thing the God will like to see is our devotion and that will be by following His will and commandments .Which is the truth which will come by the truthful living, or atleast by trying to live truthfully atleast when we are alive.
                 I don`t claim to be the best yet I may have also some good point and that and that alone should be imbibed by my admirers isn`t it? For I have fasted and meditated more specifically for my own country man and have always wanted their interest in my life.Thus can my view be also not accepted if I have also love them with everlasting life?
                  Besides you and me are part of same atman and I am you and you are me.In the day of Judgment we may have to be perhaps become witness of each others good conduct in the presence of God.Thus under influence of Maya some may now hate somebody for being different.But should human interest should be seen or divine interest?As by satisfying Him alone we will be blessed.
          As we can alone give what we have.And in giving we find the blessings.Thus it is our Indian duty to follow what great Swami Vivekanadaji have said to give spiritual teachings to other country, as he may have been knowing our potentiality for spiritual growth in this country.And for it we must be united and try to do our best to show our mark of respect to all great man who where far different from us.
              One have to appreciate the ancient Hindu endevour to reach God /heaven.See the Raksas Muni Sukracharyas bid to make parallel heaven?Yet there is lesion for us in all the ancient story also.As was he not made to discard the plan by Brahma Devji as He is heard to have advised that there is no physical way for salvation.By love and good conduct  alone one will gain in life.
                    Ones love always love have to be your motto not alone physical but spiritual till JAB TAK JAAN HAIN.And this have to be consistent  and no 7 sea can stop true love also.Thus many a times a spiritual man is perhaps seen as lunatic as he is different.In ancient time though it was not so.As goodness was way of life,and see the best way will come by introspection,non is picture perfect.
                    As one grows up more he regrets for his past silly mistakes .As introspection is the life line of any religion thus we should do this as often as Great Sages have been doing.As they don`t want us to suffer like them and later regret and so made a road map for us.See the story of the Samudramanthan the tup of war between the Devta and Asuras.
                 And see interestingly here in this country one will find all the religion seems to have some form of influence and connection from each other ,and this continent where we live  is our Karma bhoomi and now many find it as the DHARMA BHOOMI also.
                  Which means this place is where we work and where our Dharma have evolved.As God have really blessed this place with great fertility and there is Europe and Africa like land connected in a single place.
                   And His divine power have promised to come back here as Avatar if there is any injustice in this place.Thus this JANANI JANMA BHOOMI is truelly  SWARGADAPI  GARI-YASI.This means that the mother land is more then heaven in Sanskrit.Yet we have to also think that others have also right to think this also.And we have also a common duty as a dweller of the Earth.
                       See all the earlier god and godess and angels where send by Him and Him alone.And today if He send something which you find as best is also His and His alone.Honestly I find some local Guys here in this country as more terrific preachers then some International Preachers also.
                     In our Rama Krishna School days we used to sing this song-`HIND DESH KAIN NIVASI SABHI JAN EK HAIN,RANG RUP VESH VASHA CHAHEIN ANEK HAIN……….`That need to be our cumulative spirit as when we think as one then only we will grow and when we think as one family we say straightly  anything in the face isn`t it?
                  Though any religion form may be bit different but ethos seems to be same the end game is to meet Him only.That should be our official stand also.I appreciate Hindus in their endevour for searching for truth in their old age.
                But salvation is a sensitive matter you have to find the best for yourself and better done in the young age as the life is unpredictable.And also better if it is begine in young age also as then it will become way of life.Thus did RamKrishna Paramahansa did he not even argued with other spiritual leaders and catch hold of the Narendra in the young age?
                   See even in the context of the Allien subject I feel there is nothing as such called UFO as Hindu Sashtra shows that Devta Kuber the treasurer of Devtas in the Ramayana had a flower shapped flying machine which seems to be looking like UFO.
            And even the Devta seems to be one who have attained enlightenment in Hindu.See in ancient time technology seems to have been more advanced.And due to Mahapralay and infighting the golden era seems to have gone away.
                   Thus the humanity should by any means avoid III world war.See 32 crore Hindu god and godess does it not show the earlier population in Hindustan was really big?See the carbon dating of the Lothal site of the Indus Valley civilization by the Russian Scientists have it not shown the traces of the nuclear blast?
               Thus we need to accept some historical facts or will our forefathers have really wanted many angels,god `s and goddess to disunite the country.As sometimes each others seems to be saying just the contrast of the other.See the Mahapralay does it not mean a uclear blast?And Brahmashtra was it not the missile?
            Their seems to be two type of man one who don`t proclaim His glory and other who feel shy about it.We should always proclaim His glory. But if we are better our character will alone speak.In fact today we will find that the father in heaven/PARAM PITA PARMESHWAR was always same in all ages.
               And we where the ones who where wrong in quarreling in the name of religion neglecting our own weaknes.But unfontulately in this State the ADHARMA /unrighteousness seems to be reason of boasting by some.
                       Thus this urgency in discussing the true master and His will in this Kalyuga, as worst seems to be coming,and mind it more His name is invoked more good it will be for yourself also.Thus time to get benefit from Him by praising Him, why to only put Insurance money for future difficulties ,does it not also show your  rising your hand to Yama in surender?
              As the repeated flood in Sri Nagar of the JNK is it not warning the Kashmiris for supporting Terrorism which is very much against God.Thus for the JNK publics it may be now time to repent and do better work then what they have been doing.
                 See there is something which is even not under the Govt. as the Lord and Saviour alone can forgive and remove the guilt of the person and stop him to commit more sin also.So from now if you want to change not leave Him.And try to do what He likes most ,try to give charity in some different challenging place for a good cause.
                You being son and daughter of Lord Rama also may owe us, after all did not our seemingly monkey like fore father`s who may have been misquoted as VANAR`s /monkey have not perhaps helped in Lanka victory also?
                        Or they may have been Neanderthal or Cro –magnon man`s.As when today also all the NE are addressed as Nepali by some,think what may have transpired some thousand years back?As from others angle we must be really funny also and always object of interest for race reason.
                       And blessed is this new generation who have now no inferiority complexion for not to even fearing  to propose a much liked Hindu Girl unlike a few yrs. back.After all matrimonial relation is easiest way for national unification also, this is even if there is some crooks who don`t fulfill his commitments also.
                        So for future generation sake should we not mingle ?after all the NE may have also some good DNA in them.As in the book-Trilogy of Shiva, Lord Shiva is heard to claimed from Mongolian race.And who knows we may have really intermingled.
                   And believe God have always tried to reach us by His everlasting love and if he uses one from a good family also it is upto Him.It is said Lord Christ `s 10 generation forefathers where remarkable achievers also and have get favour of God .
               See our forefathers may have been so far who earlier hide from His grace,and  like our common forefather Adam did, after eating forbidden fruit we the present generation still seems to do the same.And more so in this Internate era.
                   May be out of fear or ignorance and so we seems to have become loosers. Not very long ago some innocent Hindus refused to accept that all the Human being was from a common forefather also.See this line of thinking was it not improbable and unbiological also isn`t it?
                      Thus today all the justifications should stand test of time and  perfect from the scientific analysis also.As in today`s time the religion have to face the test of scientific analysis also.And with God who belong to all only in this stand everyone is in win win situation and will progress also.
                     In Holy Bible it is said that till Tower of Jerubbabel was made all ancestors have common language.And after it they migrated to other other place and all the forefathers name is also shown to show who went which way.See some similier prominent forefathers name is also seen referred like –Rama.
                       Thus Christianity is now truly seen as world religion and must be for its liberal and logical approach also.In fact blessed are also those who have this views even without being a Christian as in olden times their was no separate religion manifested in our life  as such.As we have now separate religion  in society yet earlier good where good and bad where bad, today also this need to be the yardstick for appreciating a person.
                         Thus help the God`s true disciples’ who are trying their best to remove this veil of misunderstanding. It is time the great Indians rise above from their racism and communalism and see human being as human.As in appreciating on merit alone we will progress as we have done nice thing in electing Hon`ble P.M.
                    Who knows today the pot of AMRITA /nector is with one person or family only.And this non seems to be trying to find.See some amount of the divine blessing seems to be in all the family.Small gift also my family seems to have .
              This most of the Basar area Publics also seems to  accepts as true and many believe that Marlis have been blessed with god of rain and water.But this may be small thing we have to go further in life.Believe that seed of greatness is in every person and family also.More also if He is seek thus the sky is the limit for that man.See the maximum Billionaire is from which country and community and ponder why?
                   Thus this is wrong to think other as inferior, in my case also if I have also got something in spiritual arena then must have been God given  hunger in my heart from the day one.As Ramakrishna Paramahansa said where there is will their will be way.
                     In my initial days I have even helped other religion in setting up Gangi and temple in my native place.The Shiva Linga in the Gori village is witness to my young days endevour to help other religion also.Perhaps by helping other you get more help and sympathy from other also.Though It may take time thus who knows Hindus also owe something to me.
               See any incident in any part of world seems to have a great ramification in somewhere else.This is like shockwave effect of earth quake.As after all every nation is part of the world.Thus when there is shooting and killing of innocent children`s in Pakistan our heart cry.And it should as it should not also happen here also.
              And more a person,community and country is devoid of love then more calamity is seen to come also.Thus the Publics of the Sri Nagar of the JNK the onus of the burden may have now come on them to change the Pakistanis also for good.
                As when one become born again Christian God saves Him and make him realize that his fight is against the principalities of dark forces.And even if one don`t get convert, is it not duty to change for good least other don`t get discomfort.
                  As unity is strength and in future their may be a great common threat though which is still their in the form of deadly diseases preveland in  the world and global terrorism.And poverty thus the successive farmers suicide must make us united to fight the main enemy.And till then the lobby politics and favouratism can wait.
                As when we have concern for the least He will concern for us.Thus it is time for all the good man to unite so that there is no more compulsion of the good man to to do bad thing in State like this.And hope the process have already begine the way the evil have also always united to save their own home.

                  And the Himalayas seems to be the centre of spiritual gravity and since ages have been instrumental in spiritually nurturing the world.And can we not look after it in its old age? Making its environmentally polluted is it not a sin?
                  As though divine power seems to have warned making of the idol but His creation can be definitely appreciated.Thus the great Monolith like Himalayas and the Victoria fall are remiscent of the work of the magnificient God.
                Thus Hon`ble P.M`s Swakcha Bharat Abhiyan have a spiritual dimension also.As cleanliness is next to Godliness.And Himalayas really stand for our commulative pride as a nation also and is it not more attractive then Americas Grand Canyon also?
               As all the environment and its famous mountain,rivers  and seas and that too the famous ones like Himalaya are witness to the  God`s work since ages.This have been bedrock of our spiritual growth.And its effect have been immense for all.
                  As long before the Vedas it may have hosted His Majesty`s arrival ,yet truth it remained to few Sages and died with them.And so  today we have also fallen down to such an extent due to our hatred of spiritualism which is due to ignorance,as one who hate others hates his own also.This is like vice versa that man in fact will belong to none.
               Thus there is need to wash the cobweb of  dirts that have covered our spiritual world.And for it some have to once again drink the poison like Lord Shiva and ready to sacrifice to carry the cross with the Lord Christ our modern savior after all missionery are they also not Sages who try to interpret the God`s message in the present world?
                  As said earlier the great Hindu Sages have earlier predicted of a Kalyug Avatar also.Thus we have to be like great Himalaya waiting for the master unperturbed from any interference.The Himalaya shows the patience ,perciverence and holiness.See the snow cap mountains does it not fill one with peace?      
               As there is need to live a truthful life as much as possible then only Hon`ble P.M`s vision of cleaning India can be accomplished.See for a good behavioural change there is need of spiritual feeding and nature to inspire.And a leader who loves the nature.The Japanese experiment in the Kyoto can be Indians common phenomenon in the Gangetic basin`s and terrain of Himalaya`s.

                    Thus earlier in the absence of a spiritual activity like in present form this great Himalayas mountain have  been  an inspiration for its long standing ,silence and  strength.It`s seriousness  may have inspired one like Bhisma Pitamah of Mahabharat fame to make a great promise also.Thus everything of this country including the river and mountain is also worth respectable. 
                            And as the joint military exercise helps thus my argument if it is taken in right earnest should be good, even if initially it may be uncomfortable for some.Which is just natural also as their have been geographical isolation for many years between Europe and Asia.And meeting have been also not devoid of pain also.
                   But this again will give questioning ability which is life line of religion.After all you as person have to seek and find Him and for great man problem makes them more stubborn and before good things bad thing also seems to come.And have to be faced also.
                           And out here in India the religious connection of all ages seems to be very ovious also.See the use of weapon called Gandiv by Arjuna in Mahabharat.Then the coming of Mahatma Gandhiji in the freedom struggle time.Does the things does not sound familier? In each successive history pointing that God really love this place and have orchested His own plan here to take all to better place?
              But this excess love by Him itself seems to have confused us sometimes also,and see their was really seen god and godess for all ages and they seems to have been now cocktailed by few charlatans.Thus only their good character and positive legacy have to be taken as form may be deceptive, as even some of the photo being man made may not be correct postulation of earlier god also.
            The purity of the heart is seen to be more result oriented and the snow of the Himalayas have been always inspiring that.In earlier occasion their was a top priest in our place who had as some Peoples claim have even the magical power to convert to Tiger.And mind it at that time the Donyi Polo Gangi temples where even not constructed and where not  decorated as it is now also. 
                  Today the rich and powerful according to their convenient seems to have mould the religion also.And temple making seems to have become a short of competition and if some makes it under inspiration of the vision that is different case.But when we have great Himalayas with us is their any need of temple also?
                 Yet when stubborn Peoples did not repented in Kalyug/recent times He seems to have been compelled to send His only begotten son.In fact to help us only.The man who accept Him  and respect Him by heart by even not becoming a Christian may be also not a bad man also.
                 And praise worthy are also those who respect His creation like majestic and giagentic Himalayas which have been also acting like the great wall of India.As His creation will make man to adore Him and His family members more.
              God seems to be giving a message to the universe by His beautiful creation also and by paving the way for interaction of good Peoples for making a better world from a long time.He seems to have replenish the civilization from time to time.And here also in this great country in the form of missionery His massengers are still send indirectly .
               Whereas it was time for us to send the missionery outside also.As by giving alone we get.And this was what Swami Vivekananda wanted as with Himalayas and Holy Ganga in our side we have so many things to give.The same thing seems to have happened here in this Country like the stubborn Israils with the divine Mount Senai in the backdrop waiting again for Prophet Mosses and refused to accept Lord Christ as Messiah.
          And interestingly the same Mosses was earlier denounced by the Israils also.Thus there is need for a holistic approach in life.                          The nature is for helping us to realize Him to fullness.The present day Israilities are also seen forgetting that due to their forefathers indiscipline and high demand their leader Mosses was compel to hit the rock for two times instead of ones as asked by God for water.And got divine curse and Mosses was restricted to enter the promise land.

                          Thus we have to also choose weather to worship the God`s creation or the creator.As howsoever beautiful a nature is but can we also deny Him and His order /will also? Thus Supreme God His and His will alone have to be followed the creation are mare tools to make Him more appreciable.But if He had authorized a single Institution to be followed then crook may have wanted our nation to be doom by engineering infighting.
                                    Sorry sometimes the hard truth have to be accepted also.As this is high time we have to reach near the truth as it is time for us to be matured.As we have seen incarnation like Lord Rama and Krishna long time back to help us make us reach this position now.
                And thus when the Publics are maturing up the Himalayas may be also cracking up after completing His God given responsibility and duty which it may have promise to the Lord and Saviour.Or their may be quake in Nepal for Peoples stubbornness.God alone knows.
                       Thus the divinity surrounding this country and continent need to be also respected and introspected also.As non is picture perfect the best is yet to come and why not come also.It will come in this Holy land which respect and welcome the God`s envoy.In fact interestingly if critically analysed there is no much difference between the Christian and the Hindus also.As today many Christians are also name sake like me in fact I am only good in writing only.
                     Yet confessing in the presence of multitude may be a better option also,as when you today deny the Lord when you are alive then He may also reject you when you will need Him most.The confession of the sin seems to open up the way for getting His divine forgiveness if you later also commit a mistake.As man is after all man so should not he be in safe side.This present need also seems to be shown by the story of the King Baghirath who brought Holy Ganga river through the Himalayas.
                                                 See the mighty Himalaya always show us to be stick to goodness .And then shows from it will come Amrit like Ganga water that have quench the trust of the country man for ages.So pliz also join the save Himalayas and Save Ganga action plan.As it is their then only their will be divine spirit working in this Country to know the true KALYUGA KA AVATAR.After all this was here in this Holy place the great Sages meditated and perhaps foretold His arrival.

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