Saturday, April 4, 2015


XI. HIS PUNISHMENT:-           
                             The God have promised to never punish the world again as seen in Holy Bible and in Sanatham Dharma Sashtras, and He is not man of small temperament like any one.But if there is great injustice He will never stay silence also.
                   And this the State like Pakistan also need to know as they still seems to be living in the TRETA YUG era kind of time where their was seen lots of fighting engineered by the egoistice Devtas.And who is suffering more ,for this  Pakistan and the Islamic country have to ponder.
                 See the spectacular victory of the Israils in the 1967 war against the three Arab countries – Zordan ,Egypt and Syria.This shows the fulfillment of the word of God as He have promised to always save His most loved one.
                  Outnumbered in all the way even refused by the Americans to intervened the suprising victory was given by God alone many Israils will believe this.The tears will roll out from your eyes if you read Domnique Leppiers –Is Jeruslam burning?The story of the special person and Country loved by God will always have a lasting effect in the mind of the person who interact with them.
                     And fortunately this country of ours seems to have crossed that worst transition period of hatred and religious ill will .And I am sure from henceforth non will say anything against Holy Bible and Christianity also.And thus in this world in the life of the country also their seems to be a Kalchakra of country .
            And if the advanced western Countries also defy Him He may make them reach the stone age also.Thus the rogue State like Pakistan need to fear Him as He will be with any country who is seen to be in the right end.
                     See the exposure of some  Kashmiris rising Pakistan flag may be also time for the finishing of the pro-Pakistan mindset in India.As see the Indian media will also not rest till it reach a logical conclusion in all controvercial matter .And this increasing political interaction with the Kashmiris will also hopefully give them chance to ventiliate their grievance for sure.
                     Thus unrighteousness ,lies and deceit can utmost be practice in secret but not in open.The God and democracy is a great leveler.The JNK Publics also need to accept their own wrong as when hatred is shown by the Parents the Children will they also inherit this character only?As many have died in terrorism are they also not indirectly responsible?
                  And thus  many lesion also seems to be tought by god`s angels who seems to be working for His divine pleasures.See writing have been always in the wall-SALIM LANGRAY PAR  MAT  HASSON.`Thus there is need to  have compassion and love to a suffering person and society, and this should be an enough spiritual practice for a common man.
               And when I am trying to introduce Lord and Saviour in deplorable place like JNK it is for their betterment also.As so far why they are unable to live a happy life like in other part?Thus for them it may be time to speak the truth and accept that out of fear alone they are supporting terrorism.The day when they fear God their all the problem will be solved and for it they must seek the truth.
                The Pakistan by sheltering the Indian Countries Most wanted terrorist have digged their own grave.Today Pakistan is worst place to live.I am sure if the POK is allowed to vote as to whom they will like to join in a free and fair atmosphere.
              Many will like to join in Indian side and will like to soon throw out their burkha of ignorance and fear.See our Hon`ble P.M is a great inspiring leader in neighbouring country also.The time was for the Country of our`s also to go more further, but definitely our previous leaders lack of knowledge of the scriptures and warning of the great leaders seems to have harmed the country more.
              That question and challenge for which the INC party have fallen will also soon come to my BJP party in the coming election time.Specially when the rich and powerful will be ones again ready to give lots of donation to party for election ticket.
                 Hope the High commands of BJP will resist the temptations and save Party from sudden death.As God of justice seems to be really taking special stock of situation of this Country specially in the remote place as here the high command tend to forget their Raj Dharma.
                As talking good thing in the place like Delhi in the presence of media,and torturing poor Public and worker in backword State like Arunachal Pradesh how long it will last?Is it not the worst thing?As the educated leaders who can even bail out their worker in Hon`ble H.C how long they can be neglected anymore?
                     Hopefully in this modern time of facebook non will do something that will make him to be in the list of the person to be doubted.Now the time is to think, even that chap is not close to me but certainly he have something to give to nation.
                     By having this mindset alone this  nation will flourish.As enough of camp and lobby politics have already harmed the nation.I am honestly in God`s side and believe it that thing will ultimately happen to His will.And thus there is need ot do what is right.
                                   Thus when Baba Ramdevji was insulted I openly lambasted against Rahul Gandhiji in his own facebook asking him to leave politics and become missionery.As how long some rule others by  fear only, thus the divine power seems to have been really angered in last election.
                     As some cruel political leaders in this State was even suspected  to bring even the voters from the neighbouring Assembly constituency to win by surreptious means this some is heard to be always doing.Thus right now it seems due to divine curse the State Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh led by INC party is seen to be suffering from the financial crisis of worst order and may soon get the financial emergency put by His excellency Governor.As the RBI have also Freez / closed the Account of the State Govt.
                     And now that some leaders is seen to be adequately punished, others have also no right to point finger at him later on when he is retired and defeated in election.Specially those who always see the profit and loss in their life in this State it is perfect time to join BJP and repent before Governor rule is imposed.
                                         And misfortune for him if Rahul Gandhiji`s fearful P.A or media incharge have not earlier inform him about my earlier warning of not meddling in our constituency where the divine power  also seems to be angry .This is the problem when one is too rich and powerful and non dare to come near them.
                    Honestly earlier was the time some Arunachalee INC leaders where talking as if they will if necessary  like in Mr. India movie they will jump inside the acid in command of Moghembo/Gandhi family.Now KYAN HUWA TERA WADA?
                 The 10 Janpath dwellers have now right to ask them about their loyality.See power is a responsibility the day I am seen fit it will come automatically.Thus the man should not think of incurring His punishment by trying to take the short cut.
              And now definately the helpless INC Govt. in the Arunachal Pradesh may be compel to make some heads roll.And make some 3-4 most corrupted cabinet ministers resign if it want to gain some Public sympathy.Specially those political leaders who have 2-3, A grade contractors in their family and is seen to do all the contract and tender work in their constituency.
                              As the pressure is now mounting from the Contractor association to pay the pending Bill and also from the labour Unions to pay the salary and the Service union to pay back the GPF which is heard to be used by the cash strapped INC Govt.And from the Publics side to get back the about 5000 crore misused by the INC Govt.
               And by the time this Novel is published the INC may be no more in the power in this State is rumoured that in last State election about Rs. 3500/- crore was withdrawn by the INC party top brass and used to purchased even the BJP candidates not to contest the election.
                Thus many in the party cadres are very apprehensive of those BJP leaders who did not contested in last election.Thus hopefully the Publics aspirations and hope will be respected by the BJP High command as all seems to be in mood to see a change in this State of arunachal Pradesh.
                      As when there is seen too much sin and injustice in one place.Lord of host will make help come from all angle also.And one resisting this divine calling to vacate will have no peace also.And mind it oneday the Public will ask for account and history will evaluate the performance of the present whimsical leaders of the State.
                        Thus some power obsessed leaders of Arunachal Pradesh have to realize this that soon their worst day may come.As excess corruption and nepotism itself is against His will and decree and this is more then defiling His temple.
              As God will never like a scene where for one man others have developed inferiority complexion .Sooner they repent the  better as our inter BJP leaders difference in this State  is not that deep rooted that some outsider will be also accommodated. As all the fit persons have already join the BJP party with difference in this State.That too in most challenging time and have a special respect for each other.
                See the relation between the politics and religion will be always their and this relation itself have made the BJP successful also.As most of the BJP cadres are from religious background and one who love the poor and destitute is the true Dharmic person.Hon`ble Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modiji himself accepted the contribution of Yog Guru Baba Ramdevji.
                          As God seems to judge a person ,Institutions or community by how its poor and man in the last line are treated.Thus the poor and destitute have been called as God`s face in veda and asked to be prayed  as DARIDRA DEVAY NAMAH.
                         And as some leaders have left his own rich family to live like Poor brothers and sisters then please judge alone who is he and what he represent as an Individual?When one will see this from his heart a song may  come in his ear.
                 As imagine the power and radiance in face of great man when Swami Vivekananda may have said-`DARIDRA BHARAT VASI,CHANDAL BHARAT VASI SABI MERA BHAI HAIN.`And he really meant it to be followed by us.
               As when the God comes to check a person He is said to come in the form of Poor and destitute.Thus surely the top BJP leaders are surely very sensitive to the condition of the poor specially in place like State of Arunachal Pradesh.
                   And see by showing their magnanimity they will only gain more national and international fame and who knows even place in heaven also.As this is in place like arunachal Pradesh alone the Gandhi family seems to have failed.As the political leaders well apt in appeasing policy seems to have always convince them that Poor and destitutes are happy here.
                     And hopefully a Hindu leader will surely know how Lord Sri Krishna treated his friend Sudhama in his visit to old friend`s house.Thus to love and respect the more poorer ones is a Sanatham Dharma duty.And hopefully in coming election the free and fair method of if necessary getting the Publics opinion from the internat will be resorted to give the party ticket to the ticket aspirants.
                 As so many Peoples aspirations is joined with politics and a mistake may make any party face divine displeasure.This is if the person or his group have been always kept in lurches.Thus this story of healing of one person in the bank of Batsaida Pool by Lord Christ  shows that when there is repeated injustice by angels also He himself is said to come down to help.
                                   Earlier  here in this State most of the mental and physical energy  was wasted by leader  for procuring national party ticket.As the rich and powerful even if in the other party seems to have made sure that  other Poorer leader face problem by engineering infighting,,so that they can continue with their Ravan /Jungle Raaj.
                        But yet see in earlier Goa election the BJP parties fight  was directly against the conglomeration of the vested interest officer ,politician and bussiness man. When some brothers  and Cartels have been done away with in Goa, where some of the whimsical leaders of Arunachal Pradesh will stand?
                    Thus many have now reason to fear the future.As whatever the critics say this BJP party will surely bring a paradigrim shift in this State and bring social,economic and political justice.As for many persons in the divine line only for this helpless State the almighty God seems to have blessed BJP.And now it have a divine duty to clean the mess here in this State.

                 Thus when the Public rise up there is no way out for the rich and powerful also.And the voice of General Publics seems to be the voice of divinity also.Hopefully the BJP party  will respect the secret magma now boiling in the majority Arunachal Publics heart also as the divine power alone may be working here and hope the non of party will like to invite divine curse.
                  The God is not an artificial thing He really is their and is seems to be willing to bring happiness in everyones life, thus this book should jolt all the nation. And hopefully the god like Modiji will not hurt his own desciples and will not help the others specially from other party,which some local top leaders of BJP also seems to be compelled to appease in this part of the world.
                In the name of family relation some may be confused to help whom?forgetting other may  have also their indirect connection in their own constituency also.Thus only money angle to make a friend and foe is it o.k?
                      After all when we were young and without money the friend from that time is not worthy to be respected?For that love ,effection and friendship was alone truth and the relation was divine.See everything seems to be happening for a purpose in life the good man never despise his old friend even if he is poor.
                Thus same party same Parivar doctrine should be maintained by the BJP as out here in this State there is always doubt by the Publics when the rich INC top leaders will be invited in the BJP.Though under Hon`ble P.M Modijis leadership this is improbable.
                    Thus for Hon`ble Modiji it is time to tell like Lord Krishna to his Arjuna e,i- to  all  cadres to shoot at enemy  with full conviction in modern Mahabharat forgetting the emotional relation. As the Hindu brothers seems to be rejoicing more in fighting for divine power thus the Highcommand selected for the State of Arunachal Pradesh is accepted to be very good person as whole world will be perhaps looking at him in the coming election.
                As the Lord Krishna showed them to do so in Mahabharata to only side with the Dharma even if Pandavs have no money and property.As when this is encouragement in Sashtra then Arunachal Pradesh Publics  who have been overburden so far  have patience that.The way INC party looted this State, it will never happen again with the BJP filled with more Gyani man then us also.
                  And for INC also earlier number of warning was written by me in the facebook of top leaders also.As for Hon`ble P.M Modiji he must be checking out most different comment and writing also. And he may be not angry with his Assistant also for showing him the worst criticism leveled against him.As he is God fearing man and seems to be respecting others view point also.
                      And for this he may be spared a long life and blessing by Him also and so long there is justice to all under his leadership why we should complaint.As in the place like my 29th Basar assembly constituency of the West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh Basar.Man like him alone is accepted to give justice to the minority Christians who have been always denied political right by the INC party and have only made them as voters and nothing more.
                 See God`s punishment will be not appreciated if He punish the poor and destitutes but the most powerful one He is after so He is revearable.And truelly He seems to eat ones pride when there is seen groaning of Poor man that reach heaven.Thus need is to fear Him and Him alone.
                 Thus even the King have been even forbidden to drink wine in Holy Bible.Thus better to be atleast doing something to His liking even if we can`t be 100% perfect also.And mind it this is easiest thing to do in election when His angels seems to be personally checking the good persons ,as the money that come easily will go easily as well.
                   Either take crores of money in election or sacrifice in the name of God.This sacrifice I have myself done in last election.I was offered about 3 crores and more ,one bunglow and APEDA chairman in last election by the INC Govt. to not to contest.Hope my sacrifice will also not go invain and when their was no BJP candidate in the parties bad time hope in coming good time non will disturb us also.
               As some supporters of mine are greater man then me as they have stood with the truth and justice and their blessing will really matter for me ,my party and nation and non should like to take their curse.
                    As in all the religion one have been seen to be refrained from selling his right.And in this democratic world the vote is the only power which Lord have given us and if we can`t use this also then how we can use the bigger power which comes to us in the future?
                      Thus I am hopeful in the coming election which may even happen within Nov. 2015 the BJP party will stand with us and let feel the ACHA DIN test to so far deprived poor and minority section of this society also who have been so far only sidelined and marginalized by the same class who have been the source of all the problem of the State.

                    As in all religion and in every election time talking point is seen to be wellbeing of Poor and Destitues.Thus much awaited Avatar in the Kalyug will he not born in the Cowshed like Lord Christ?As He promises to remove the burden of the Poor and destitute.
            Thus who will like to live will die but who want to die for goodness will live .As in danger there is scope for making name and with Lord riding the RATH/ Chariot for you who can harm you?                And even if Lord Jesus Christ`s re-incarnation theory is challenged,  then after that Kal Yug/era. He may be Avatar of DAL YUG Incarnation born in the time of lots of political party also.
                       As Christianity is the largest platform where man of any race can now interact with each other.As in Hindu philosophy every Yuga have been bifurcated to show different incarnation.And interestingly most of the  teaching here seems to be close with the Holy Bible story also.
                 As Swami Vivekananda himself was introduced to Rama Krishna Paramahansa by an English professor,thus the interaction must have been already their between the east and west philosophy and is greatly seen in what Swamiji said.
                  His Belure Math module itself seems to be prototype and adaptation of Vatican.As Swamiji follower seems to claimed him to have visited Rome also.And not only that ultimately he seems to have sponsored the Christian missionery –Sisiter Nivedita.
                    And thus non can imagine what way one man will be later used by God.Follow the master as he command even alone if non hear you.As Ravindra Nath tagore says-`YADI TOK DAK SUNENA KOI, TUMI EKLA CHALO REY`.As it is you alone who can decide best for yourself.
            Please don`t doubt of my opinion about RKM  functioning after my 12 yrs in this school ,facing greatest ordeal in form of hunger and bully by the seniours.As in the dark period of the State all where perhaps only  after minting money only giving damn to the governance.
               In fact Hon`ble P.M Modiji seems to have been more successful then many religious leaders by bringing much needed spiritualism from the cardboard to Public domine.See for a politician little bit of spiritualism is also really appreciable.
            See for a lay man he may feel like I am denouncing his religion.But in fact this is what Swami Vivekanandaji asked us to do to introspect and make this country a greater nation by unveiling the veil of ignorance.As slowly and slowly as Swamiji matured up in religion he also seems to have find a greater truth.Begining from when he was notorious child when he was lovingly called Billay by his parents.
                       And it is said only the Ganga water poured in his head could stop his temper in Narens childhood.Thus everything is helpful ,and one can see this also as short of his Baptisma.And then he met the great master Ram Krishna Paramahansa who may have been really truthful man and may have been also  really in a position to say everyone is worshiping the same God.
                   This is even if the Yudhisthir of Mahabharata fame alone was considered in the Treta Yug to reach heaven by Karma.Thus some great Mahaatma in Hindu may also manage heaven.After all God love all and many may have today indirectly accepted Him as his savior.Yet Baikunth the place above heaven as claimed by Hindu writers who will go their?This God alone knows as spiritualism is in fact more difficult then worldlism.
                 But our subject here is to make this nation great by having a Guru as great as Dronacharya`s to make them hit the eye of the Bird like his disciple Arjuna did.The great man who have fine tuned with this universe can alone make this happen with this generation.After Guru Rabindra Nath Tagore we seems to have lost a really knowledgable person to advise this great nation also.
                       From time to time their seems to be God`s spirit working in one Person and one country also.As this region  have seen height of the spiritual and material development in the time of Ashoka the Great and Emperor Akbar. And this time seems to have again come back in this land of the Golden Peacock.
                    As many good thing is now seen happening with Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji  reigning in Delhi and making a nice move.And at this time I am sure this is time for taking the best,and naturally this the great Peoples of this Country will do. And they will not wait for the pain in the cross as it seems even if one don`t accept Lord and Saviour in his life.But he/she  will be compel to do so in his death bed.
                      And when other die, they may also feel His divine blessings; as the good God did He not even took the sinful thief in the right side of the cross with Him to heaven?And some in Christian seems to be believing that he will alone get salvation this will be equally wrong if a Hindu is seen to be away from His divine grace.
                       As if there is a shorter way send by God in Kalyug will it be not a right step to be followed ?This may be insult to God`s large hurt also by both man with contradictory view.As Holy Bible also says when I am called by any one I will hear,see Lord  will perhaps not care even if you sing the Bhajan in Bhojpuri so long as your heart is good.
                Thus higher spiritual research may also  prove what Rama Krishna paramahansa said is also possible.But in fact majority Hindus by emphasizing about re-incurnation seems to be themselves contradicting this claim and seems to be preferring to revolve in this never ending KALA CHAKRA from which Lord Christ alone promise to save.
                   As His yoke he promise is easy to carry and really most of the Christians are really getting a fulfilling life.As this Holy Bible really allow`s comparative study to know the master.Then when you really know Him then only your concentration and loyality to Him will increases.
                See the story of the 12 Apostles are basically doubting Lord Christ`s Lordship and divine power till the end.And it is only He is no more with them they realize their folly.As till end Lord did something which non could.
                   This shows even if the Lord comes back in flesh and blood many will perhaps not accept Him.Even in the Old testament the messiah have been promised to be re-born this is like the Hindu Philosophy of KALYUGA AVATAR of the God.But who bothers even the religion seems to be for a vested interest gain.
               Thus need is to come to practical life see atleast in Hollywood movies no much picture is made to defict ones love life.Like we are always shown in the Bollywood.This seems to show that the Western Peoples are more practical see unless we develop in body and mind we will never progress.
               Thus earlier INC party slogan -`MERA BHARAT MAHAN`, was despised by the Shotgun our own Shatrughan Sinhaji.Thus sometimes there is also need of the critics as the truthful relation may serve better then the emotional relation.  
                      God gives freedom of choice but the last end time of death experience is the worst experience and non can take any chance here.The seconds of pain seems to become like thousand years.A person how he live nicely from the beginning to end will count here.
               One of my relative told it is better to develop a positive attitude that he will get heaven.Than to struggle with no hope in life specially in time of death.Thus those who have more materialistic gains are seen to cry more with the the fear of losing the hard earned money and property in their old age.
                  The great Hindu Saint like Swami Vivekananda are said to have went to Dyan Samadhi in the end and leaving the atman as he will.For a layman as they can`t be as Holy as Swami Vivekananda they may be also not be wrong in taking easier way.Yet the best way have been send and thus great man like Ramakrishna Paramahansa have exhorted it to be find by us.
                   As they must have known in advanced that the great  religious ,political and social experience of the India as nation from ancient to modern times only needed an engagement and cooperation to come to the best.But spirituality is also something to be discovered by oneself as this hunger is different.
         Thus it is now upto you to accept whom to be prayed as the kalyug`s avatar which was told in advance by the great Indian Sages.Thus religion is very personal as the enemy may be in fact friend here.As Raksas Raja Ravana is in fact heard to have waited for the Lord Rama to kill him and give him Nirvana. Thus as said in Hindi RAM KI BATEIN RAM HI JANE.
           But from the Hindu perspective only Lord Christ can`t be also denied to be most proclaimed messiah from the Hindu point of view also.As the three Magi who show the place of birth of the baby Christ is said to be from Aryan origin by the critics.And today also is the Sages of the India not well versed in the planetary movements?


                 In many ways the real backbone of this country have been simple Public`s like- mother, farmer , entrepreneurs and soldiers. Yet some redundant leaders seems to have tried to always take all the credit.And in this State of mine some leaders seems to think themselves as gods.And for them the single entry system seems to mean everything going down inside  their throt and belly.
                          As in Mahabharata their was  a demon killed by Bhim who not only used to eat the food in the cart but even the THELA WALA with it e,i- the cart driver .Thus in modern days one like Idi Amin can he be tolerated?As after lots of suffering all seems to be saying enough is enough.
                 Yet worst was atleast few years back when the INC power was in zenith.If some leaders they have really changed it is well and good.After all Lord Christ have also forgiven Jacues the tax collector and slept in his house when he repented and paid back to all the Poor 4 times what he have earned from them also.
                But in the context of this State with some top INC leaders this seems improbable.As some leaders are heard to be banking on winning by dubious means in each election by ferrying lots of voters from other constituency,using the minor voters,dead voters and non existing non tribal voters in large number.
                  See by criticizing and backbiting about the personal mistake of a person under intoxication of the liquor will not do.The one who have been never given chance to perform as politician can that opposition leader be criticized?Specially if he is bit educated and bit enlightened,and is not from a bad family background also.
               More so if he have open view and remember to become voice of voiceless is also a nobel thing.Thus judgement belong to Him.As need is to make the system good see even if there is still bit corruption left under new regime.
                        But the political revolution always give a boost to creativeness and enhance the willing participation of the general Public.This makes the need for removing some Old timers more important  who are in fact the parasites.
                              Thus in very intelligent place may be only giving leaders 3 term chance may be pave the way for better ones.And after all this Basar area constituency of mine is most prestigious constituency with maximum elites also.After all the  leaders with Ex- Hon`ble Chief Ministership experience like Late Tomo Ribaji was born here and statesman like Late Todak Basarji Ex-Hon`ble PWD Minister lived among us.
                        See in this I.T world it is better to always be in the safe side.And God have been always kind to me and those Hon`ble Ministers who benefitted from my prophesy and who never helped me back also soon show drubbing in election.The merciful God have been always the spinal chord of the country as He seems to be really loving this country and have always shown His wonder here .
               As this tiny State in the frontline is also the spinal chord of the nation and perhaps most loved one from His majesties angle ,see why the Rajput use to lost the war?As the last man responsible for opening and closing the Door`s of the Fort must have been not paid nicely isn`t it?And some senior INC leader`s in this State still may have so much  confidence in their colour of money to believe to even break the friendship within the BJP leadership also.
                     Yet they may also be now a changed man as time also change a person.Yet the burden of showing their changed avatar is definitely on some of the whimsical INC leaders themselves.And they have no right to feel proud and egoistic as ones upon a time some where also seen begging for one time political chance also.In good time is it good for them to be filled with prejudice and egoism.

                           And some have been given enough chance by now by Publics and worked like a top Govt. servant in politics. And so how long the blood, sweat and tears of the workers and farmers can be neglected? Who are in fact the real Indian and are seen crying which cannot be tolerated by divine force even if nation goes.
                    Thus time for the Govt. to wake up and change the system for good for the Peoples who are the spinal chord of the nation and till now who have been not given justice. And thus if the INC Govt. in the State want to survive from the divine curse may have to remove some top political leaders who are excessively corrupted.
                  As it can`t afford to again fight with the divine power for a tiny State which seems to be loved more by the God for the goodness of the majority who truly want a political change they believe in.And even if the voice of the voiceless is not heard by some leaders but He is their .As He seems to be seeing simple villagers and farmers as the real spinal chord of the society whom the INC party seems to have forgotten.

                                                        The spiritual leaders have divine duty to help any one in problem. Thus all the spiritual leaders must be seen working unitedly in this State also. As this is only the place where lots of Jungle is seen. And thus the evil spirit of the country who knows may have taken shelter in this jungle may have to be now chased away to make our life better.
               This is not jock as most of the Naxalism seems to be happening in the rural areas this days.And thus true spiritualism and right upbringing is the most important aspect of our life and tolerating injustice must be also sin this we have to accept.And today also many believe the strategic work of national importance should be air marked to the student `s who are product of top Institutions run by the spiritual leaders .
           Even Baba Ramdevjis Acharya Gurukulam sudent is also accepted to come up fast like RKM and St.Stephenians and Loyola students. See can sensitive weapon like nuclear button, can it be made to be handled by someone without knowing their Bio-data also?As man from good almameter is seen to be responsible ,sincere and dedicated.
                     Thus for all the remedies and for making our nation great ones again Swami Vivekanada`s real philosophy have to be once again postmortem.The true meaning of Vedas as said by Swami Vivekananda in the above mentioned book called –LECTURES FROM COLOMBO TO ALMORA is vid to know.Hunger in the belly to know the truth is needed and to Swamijis point of view ,this is the main philosophy of Hinduism.

                          This enquistive mind is the life line of a Hinduism and all the religion. And it is our duty to save our generation from this era`s problem and confusion basing on great Swamijis doctrines.As such this endevour of mine have to be seen positively if it is seen to help decode Swamijis view.As a good idea can alone change the Society and Country.
               Thus I appeal all the spiritual man to open school in my Basar town also I am hopeful the locals will give their utmost support in this regard.My late father Dakto Basar always wanted to bring RKM School in the Basar area also.This was perhaps only thing he could not do in his life and was always seen regretful.
                     In VEDA and PURANA also there is said to be reference of god ,godess ,CHETRA PALA`s /angel thus it has also accepted that there is bigger and greater power more then them also. Thus in the world of information we have to dig out the best for ourselves and world.As the world of knowledge was never as welcoming as it is now.
                As Indian have to be best in everything and as it is now seen trapped in never ending religious doctrines. Let us take this opportunity for spiritual renaissance also as the country is bubbling with enthusiasm like never before.
                              The Publics must be told of the real meaning of the Veda and Puranas and this alone will help the nation in majore way.The 32 crore god and godess means earlier the population of the country must have been very much,and many religion seems to be fused in the Hinduism.
                           Today let us be contributory partner in finding the solution to vexed questions which is spreading lovelesness and disunity in the country.And according to Swami Vivekananda  also there is no ground for confrontation with other religion. As he says the Vedanta is based upon eternal principles that are man and nature.
               They can never change Ideas about the soul, going to heaven, and so on which can never change. Thus according to him also there is no confrontation of basic of all the religion. But those religious practices which are based entirely upon our Social practices which are based entirely upon our Social position and correction must change with the changes in Society according to him also.
                                           Sorry Hinduism is not Dawry system, Sati system, female Infenticide isn`t it? This one have to think as if Swamiji is saying to him.And mind it in the Christian Country also once they had to also fight with the worst custom and tradition also. Thus accepting the weakness and making a road map to remove this is also a trait of a great country as in transition period this is natural.
                  Thus sometimes the irritant person by hacking up a new issue may give more dis-service to nation.See the evil spirit have always tried to divert us from our core issue. Let us not be misleaded anymore as real enemy is poverty. As we have already lost our valuable time and see world will be more competitive in the coming time and by religion alone one can be made prefered.
           So do the Holy Bible if it have something new and better to tell can it be also not accepted? Thus the Christian`s should also learn from this vedic philosophies also.And also for realists and rationalists also time to ponder that will   salvation will it not come from God and His own relative authorized by Him also?Thus comparative study of the doctrines will help us to find the true creator.
                                         Thus we now need daring spiritual leaders also like daring politicians,as both are needed as both are in fact for His divine glorification as seen in the ancient Sanatham Dharma also.Nowadays there is seen lack of coordinated effort as because the political party like INC which believe in the family dynastic rule seems to have not permitted this argument.
                              On this account Holy Bible is it not evolution of the best by His own blessing ?to know this you have to go inside it.As if it is seen as source of all the goodness in the world,is it not praiseworthy?After all how we can not praise God and His creation?
                    See here in Holy Bible also like Vedantism ,  Revivalism/Born again doctrine have come long time back .Thus in fact there is no contradiction in what swamiji said.And this Holy Bible really seems to have come to aid more to humanity.And for the egoistic person who think it is inferior to their religion.
               He have to think that by having this prejudice mind and ignorance  for whatever reason one is harming himself.As either of the two view may be more right as many accept that most of the scientific discovery we use is from the western countries.Thus will they have also not something to offer in religion field one may have to ponder.
              Will it not be loss of Passenger if he sit hungry thinking himself without enquiring that food served in the Boat is not free from ticket?See when God is for all how He will oneday not want all to unite first all the family members and later world which is also extended family?This justification is what Vedantism which is the Vedic practice advocates.
                       All have to accept that God and nature will always work according to His own will and will try to help the Disciples more, and He will not conform to the world style.By undermining His limitation one is showing disobedience.And in new global world where the resource is going to be limited by developing absolute faith in Him  alone one will prosper and bring blessing for the country ,this we have to believe.
              As sooner we bring each other together for a good cause ,it is better also.As we need each other nothing official about it.Thus religious tolerance have to be increased by finding the meeting points as when we are together in body and spirit we will work wonder isn`t it?
              See the making of Tower of Jerrubabbell in Old testament and like it also same thing is seen in Rishi Sukracharyas endevour to make a parallel heaven in Hindu Sashtras .And is not the story of the flood in Nuas days and Manu saved by fish not bit similier?      
                     If critically seen in present world in some sector more better ideas seems to have come even better then in Ram Rajya`s time.As today an OBC have  become a Hon`ble P.M also.This is a direct challenge to long present varna system,and the country is happy also.Thus the spiritual leaders must do more to bring peace and reconcialation as everyone is happy for the change and accepting the better version also.
                    So believe it change is for good and is sometimes happening so slowly many a times we forget that things are different now.In fact many have prayed for this change since long time.As praying for greatness of country will automatically work for removing of prejudice mind of the countryman.As everything is awakening and renewal of mind is needed thus the spiritual leaders have more responsibility then even the politicians.
                     Thus daring Hon`ble P.M is now seen to be a better spiritual leader even if He is in the wordly life.As by ensuring  passing of decree for making no controvercial remark by the BJP cadres he seems to have ensured future peace and tranquility in the nation.As who knows some of the Holy man of a Christian religion may be also a most loved one of the God also?
                   See for a person who really feels for the nation must have a vision and dedication.He is accepted to walk around the country like Swami Vivekananda then only he have right to criticize other.As one have to be more a man of Karma then a theoretical religionists.
                  As so much poverty in this country that there is drastic need to do something.And can the divine intervention can be not welcomed  to do the needful also.As one who run away to other country is he more praise worthy, or one who try something new here for the shake of their loved ones are they also condemnable and less respectable also?
                   It is we who have failed the nation,so who is allowing outside missionary our own laziness also isn`t it?Thus the missionery and Nuns should be also seen as Guardian angel`s as they have also arrived to help us.Thus even the  the local Christian missionery should be seen better then outsiders also.As they have amalgamated with countries ethose and one will find some of them as real good.
                      See in old Hindu mythology Yagya was it not seen to be performed first before any mission was accomplished?And was not the meditation/Tapasya was not made focusing upon unseen God in Jungle?
                         Unlike today when the Idol worship seem`s to have made us lazy,dependent and of showy/Pheku character.As we seems to have forgotten the divinity in us.In fact ancient Hindu Sashtras have also rejected this practice as insult to one who made the heaven and earth.
             As by this His clarion call to help the poor and destitutes seems to be lost.See there is said to be lots of power in our subconscious mind if we explore it.Thus to show the importance of atmachintan/introspection the Old Sages may have coined the term ATMA MANTHAN.
                Thus sometimes feeling is their that the great Hindus seems to be now under magic spell of forgetting its past greatness.We have to now perhaps focus in  worship of Param atman  that was what our forefather taught also.Unfortunately today we seems to be thinking it as an outside foreign doctrine.
               As one who don`t respect himself will never respect other also.As there is feel good factor in respecting oneself and getting respect from other which will come by mutual appreciation only.Thus there is also need to make one as your icon to change yourself.
                Thus in modern times I have been always fan of Baba Ramdevjis commitment.As one may also need spiritual Godfather.Though so far some Hindu Saints are seen to only help their own only and seen forgetting the help done on them.But Babaji is seen to be one hell of a different Rishi who is only working for the health of the devotee.
             Babji may be remembering my meeting him in Itanagar visit and fortunate for me at that point of  time INC local leaders never bothered to meet him.And I was previlage to have a long discussion with him.And since then I have always positive feeling about him.And even when he was arrested in Ramlila ground I challenged this in the face book of non other then Rahul Gandhiji also.
                    See my article should be also taken positively as I think I am also not that man of lovelessness towards friends in times of troubles, and even if the Christianity is not respected it should not be despised also.This I appeal to my friends.
           Even if for nothing but for the sake of the followers and this should be Christian stand towards Hindus as well.Specially where the Hindus and others are in minorities as one can`t accept one to change overnight even if it is for his own good also.
               As you have no right to make atman /soul /spirit in other uncomfortable.As many a times they may be acting through a person.As even the most sinful man after true repentance may also do great things.As if it is not divine power leading a person who else also?As hatred itself is against any religion thus we should never compel a person to accept any religion.
                And in this modern world a single adverse comment before election is seen scruitinised, this shows majority are good and seems to have been taken ride for long.And they are now bored of this politics of hatred from where BJP top leadership seems to be also interested to now evolve.

                  See behavioural change can be alone brought by spirituality,thus I am writing this pice of journal for the goodness of my country.As the best liberty given by the constitution of India is to be able to use ones own creativeness to its fullness.And this is perhaps called as AMRIT/ nector of life by the ancient Indians.
                  And their should be preparedness for the future challenge, thus  all the believers need to  live a sacrificing life.And in the absence of motivating preachers in some most organized religion in present time ,one have to also appreciate coming up of great Sages like- Honourable Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Brahma Kumari of Awakening with B.K fame T.V programme etc.
                  The spirit of God is also hovering above your body and soul if you invite then it will come and make you something like it did hover above water before the creation of the world. This is as told in old testament.Thus hope all the great spiritual leaders will first open up their heart.
                       And so the time is ripe for Indian to do any creative work.And mind it this country have more scope then Europe and America but if it remain stubborn the epidemic and disease will start from same Holy Ganga river  polluted to core.
                   See is divine ordained leader like Hon`ble P.M Modiji, is he not telling of innovative ideas like cloud store for data collection,was it ever said by earlier leaders?In fact had this been said in ancient ages by King to atleast preserve the Pandu Lipis atleast the Holy Bible may have been not despised also.
              As this must have shown the missing link if any between all the world religion but today due to ignorance only their seems to be ill will.Like the story of Sukracharya making parallel heaven is it not akin to the tower of Jerubabbel building  made in King Nimrod`s time as Christians believe?And the story of the Nua making Boat in the Holy Bible is it not like the story of the Manu being saved by fish?
               Thus all the story showing the missing link between the Old Hindu Shastras and the Old testament seems to have been lost.Had it been their preserved in the Nalanda University  then Christianity I am sure will never have been seen as foreign religion.
                And if this records where still their, this Country may have been more developed  spiritually and materialisticly.And may have continuously win Cricket world cup also.As the feeling of perfection and overconfident without praising Lord and Saviour is always  also bad.
            The worst thing an Individual and a nation will have is also not accepting its limitations and not knowing its potentiality.And many a times non seems to be trying to understand the true meaning of the Swami vivekanadajis speech also. 
                And as Swami Vivekananda further said in that book and chapter mentioned above  -`Thus it naturally follows that if in modern times our Society requires changes to be made, thing must be meet, and Sages will come and show as the way how to meet them.....`And who knows in future one like Baba Ramdevji may be remembered as a good Sage, as in this digital world he seems to have been born in right time .
               As even in one person family and society there is seen some secret recepie and which is not shown to others,Thus there is now need to make a data and make the Publics pick up the best in everything so the country develop leaps and bounds.See like the country need latest weapon`s to counter enemy, for a true spiritual leader he is always looking for a catalyst to make the nation more prosperous.
                And the true spiritual leaders never have ill will against other he alone is for lookout of getting something better from other.And within 10 yrs. I am sure a short of the world religion with best from all will definatley evolve.In which many good points of the Indian system will be also incorporated .But for the salvation which is for higher pedestrian outer worldly showing is meaningless, for it you have to hear  your little  inner voice.
                   Like the ancient  Pandulipi writers get instant popularity and are remembered till now.So believe it this is time for making name for all the spiritual leader.As the first batch of the peacemakers will be always remembered.As for long violence and hatred have been given chance and thus from now we have to be careful and perhaps this will be also last chance to do good thing in life.
                  And as Swami Vivekanadaji said further- with intense love will come knowledge ,and ignorance will disappeare,the bonds will break and the soul will be free.Thus is God`s intense and extraordinary love when He send His only son to die in cross, is it not source of all the Human love also?
              As when master Himself not display it who will follow it also?As their was real need of someone to do all the great doctrines in flesh and blood.And had it not been then many may have not accepted Him.See their may be a good Christian without going to Holy Church also as who have seen man`s heart.Only Hanumanji could have alone open his chest to show Lord Rama inside isn`t it?
              Though this act is seen with much surprise by mortal Human being,as that standard of love we have never seen and can never imagine also.And also who can make his own son die for others sin ,may be some parents of the soldiers but they also get paid for it isn`t it?Thus this powerful preaching in the Holy Bible can be surely used to develop much needed patriotism in Indian mindset also.
                  As one who is not loyal to God whom everyone knows to be the master , how he can be loyal to his own family and country also?And one who don`t respect Him will never love himself also.As all benefit will come from him only isn`t it?Thus the religious doctrine which is good alone will benefit the nation.
                  And directly or indirectly this reservoir of love have only helped everyone else to change for good,as there is something called cascading effect of one person`s activity on all the world.Specially someone in top,thus putting right person in top position is a divine work.As God want all nation to be as developed as Singapore under Ex- Hon`ble P.M Late Lee`s time.
                              Thus it is now time to see a fact as a Human being avoiding any  Individual parochial view, and time to not talk from a group interest , but from the national perspective .See  in this I.T world the bad motive will be in any case soon exposed as well.
                See the story of Lord dying for us have been imprint in our mind one accept it or not.As scientist have said one which have been not heard with more  concentration and rapt attention have instead captured in our brain more affirmatively,this can be called as auto programmed in our mind.
                      In fact there is only two religion in world DHARMA AND ADHARMA truth and  lies .See the evil and violent man in any religion have been termed like a roaring ocean who is devoid of peace.Brothers and sisters this life will also not come again ,its up to you to make it great success or ruin it.
                        See world can be justified by ones clever trick but what about the conscience?See an INC relative was ones telling that  an advocate always tells lie.I replied angel`s must have weiged both you and me and thought Togo will be more honest so make him an advocate.He was made to be silent.
              Thus from heart also one should stop hating some other person or community as it may boomerang. As power above is for correcting the inside ailment.And this subject `s which  I am revealing may be area of interest for RSS brothers at least for academic interest also.
                  As without His blessing can some problem be solved?Thus nothing go invain in the word of God and this all accept now, more so the true Hindu.The secret of making India great can be also alone by praising Him, baring only few whose mind still seems to be living in TRETA YUG.
               For them like De-alcoholic drugs are used to heal an addicted person ,something of this kind have to be made to change them before the Old emotion ruins them.As dishonor of the God and insult of the Holy Spirit is heard to be more devastating.
              And how long some refuse to accept that everything including the Sitar have been modified into Guitar in this Kal Yug.Thus all need to be prepared of uncertain future like the smart singers earlier wrapped up their profession before coming of Pen drive.As who can fight the divine power?
            The world run this way one like it or not and death threat always change a person for good,and who is not under it?Visit a cancer hospital talk to some Patience it may also help more then visiting a temple or Holy Church.Need of time  is not to make a prayer house of brick but to refine yourself so that any house you stop become a prayer temple
                  And Swami Vivekanandaji also says –In this glorious soul we must believe in ,out of that will come power…Let me believe in it ,and it must and will come out.Thus if we use it then may be we will get the goal which even most of the westerners have so far not gained.As there is something regarding this country this must have been also launching pad of journey to heaven as Yudhistir`s ladder to heaven  is still reported to be in one part of Himalayas .
           But we seems to have lost this spiritual doctrines somewhere.Thus there is need to make nectar in ones own heart to spread the good smell.Yet some like the KASTURI animal forgetting that the good scent is within their own stomach seems to be running after other.
                      But Human being specially Indians have capability to reaching  His character and Kingdom which is the target since ages.This is inbuilt in us even if not taught to us,only beginning have to be made in right earnest after all since ages God love this place.
                  And may be Kumba Mela is only a symbolic festival the nector/AMRIT may never may be find their anymore also.As we seems to have always misinterpreted the divine directives due to our ignorance.
            Does the UFO also don`t sound like the PUSPAK VIMAN / flower shapped fyling machine used in Ramayana time?And today by video effect this Alleign`s shown in the U-tube may be a big jock isn`t it?Thus world also have many things to learn from we Indian`s.
                 And thus arise and awake and stop not as Swami Vivekananda said  till the goal is reached.For the great Indian he will make an infinite goal which is eternal life and blissful and will never fight on trivial issues.
                And see when due to the meditation and suffering by our sages today the AMRITA/nector of life is in our front should we  not drink it?Instead of wasting time in Khumb mela where your loved one may also get lost.As said in Hindi MAN CHANGA TO KATOTI MAIN GANGA.
                    Thus in olden age you see even if some Sages had some limitations and anger with them like –Durvasha Rishi an ancient angry Sage.Yet they had also something to give.And the kings where dying to make them their advisers isn`t it?
                                        As their was something with them which others have not. Thus should the great Indians should he cease to be brave and daring to miss the amrit /salvation by not supporting the hard facts?
                        Many of my claims may be not o.k,yet will my introspection not bring a new outlook.And may help someone else to find another better way also.Thus introspection is always good as it shows we are alive ,more so in this time of e-world  we should not waste any single moment.And one who make it more become the source of blessing for many.
                      As one who make best convincing spiritual discourse will alone make one to atleast to die as a happy man also.And mind it non even your wife will not share your pain in death bed.Thus in this world time is money for some as God does take account of your secret deeds.As believe it He have send us for a purpose.
            As after lots of initial headache you will get immunity to witstand any pain even if truth is not fully realised.Thus we must set a big target it will never go invain.As their will be soon seen indirect benefit.As does everyone wins Olympic Gold medal just like that?
                    Yet does not all rejoice when one of his own country man win`s and in the process of being in the competition does many not develop good physics?Thus explore your brain and it will also do wonder, as genius is after all 99 percent precipitation and 1% luck only.
               And if you do so will you also not gain something and if you find something greater will it not help all?As unless you don`t move from your comfort zone how will you gain?And by it  will your power cannot be developed and by it  your output will it not  increase?
               And when it does so, will you be concerned with counting the seed of the mango you eat?As hearing the word of God increases ones faith and make him do a thing with single mind devotion.The result is their to be seen in western country, please don`t always cry out just like that like Pakistanis shouting  –Pakistan Zindabad. Was killing Bin Laden in their heart in their own eyes not a great insult to them?
                Does only Pandit who born in Brahmin class have to be only respected still,that too just like that?This must have been organization based on administrative exigency in olden time isn`t it?Today this class have it not been seen replaced by Dr.Professors and PHD holders?
                 Today good that modern Brahmin Children`s are seen good in other profession also.As interest of person is also something which only divine power is seen deciding .One can perhaps say the modern Christian missioneries as more smart Brahmins of todays time also.As they seems to spend most of their time in divine work.
               If I feel there is a shorter and better way for reaching a place  how I can not share it to beloved co-Indian also?And for this for my good  motive alone even if I have some weaknesses can I be not forgiven also?
                 As one clan or class how long it can  keep all nation in ransom in this democratic days?And believe it if one person criticize an Individual secretly to an outsider then he is a better crook then other whom he is criticizing as what is need to do so unless he is a politician also?And mind it he is making other more popular then him also.
              As seldom after Swami Vivekanandjis time there is seen higher spiritual discussion this days .As if all are nowadays thinking like this -`forget about others,see your own interest.`Then God is the owner of this country.Thus this discussion is important more so with the spiritual leaders.
                 Thus now their seems to be divine need to make a holistic approach in life as more one like to live more he is seen suffering why?Thus the more smart one invest more in this business of eternal life and is always seen smiling as in His business the Lord and Saviour ensure all the happiness even if it look dangerous from outside.
                As elites have been blessed to try to tackle the problem before it comes,thus some is divine ordained to write and speak what he knows.See for some man it may be not worthwhile to hear the gospel of a missionery from NE.But by encouraging the funny Hindi speaker will the national safety cannot be enhanced also?After all to increase the love and friendship we have to know and hear each others point of view.
                After all man in powerful command in strategic place can they be neglected?As the spiritual leaders alone are now seen doing work for national unification and emanicipacation from true sense of terms.See some political leaders only for their constitutional post may have done more harm then benefit to his society also.
                    Thus in State like Nagaland the spiritual leaders are greatly respected this is really appreciable thing also.See had it been not for spiritualism the things in the Nagaland have been much worser,as Govt. have certain limitations in place like this. 
             And also pliz don`t accept the top Hindu leaders to be angry with new thought.The INC sympathizers cannot accept Hindus and Christian`s to fight like  two Bull tied in same rope in this crucial point,the RSS frinds will surely say Bhai, earlier one never told us the truth also.
                  And mind it fearing them is undermining their goodness also.They have also thousand years of inherited goodness from their family tree.And if this is the thinking and practice then relation with the China and India will never become cordial also.
                           As our country man`s anger is basically with the terrorists and anti Indians who only know the gun culture.And thus believe it all knows the responsibility of being in this time of historical turning point.
                   Specially the RSS brothers who have also many good adorable qualities.And hopefully in the coming election in the State of Arunachal Pradesh they will definitely show something to world which was never seen before.
                              Even if the think tank of the 10 Janpath will like some of the divine cursed leaders of INC party to be saturated in the BJP.As this BJP party is unlike other and seems to be keeping tab on all the developments so will hopefully really rich the last line of the Poor and even give more ticket`s to the minority Christian leaders who have been sidelined under the INC party.
                         It is wrong to infer that in North East the Christians and their leaders are supported by the terrorists.Most of the outfits  are in fact also seems to be ready for  fix and purchase by the top bussiness houses specially in election , and seems to be available for the powerful politician to purchase as mercenaries for their never ending greed.
                    Be it even for harming their own Christian leader and not to say about the INC leader who will only see their own interest even if he is a co-believer.Thus most seems to be only seeing their own business interest.This I can say being Adviser Peace and Justice Dept.CBCNI.As so far non of such help have come to me after all most of powerful terrorist organization is supposed to be of my Baptist denomination only.
                         As for  other place I can`t say but here in the West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh the haves class seems to have upper hand and have so far cleverly blocked all the interference in their life.And some shamless politicians after enjoying power in the INC party just before  few months before the 2019 State General election may also like to join the BJP.
                 Thus in this case of worst injustice all the spiritual leaders of the world over is accepted to stand for the Arunachal Publics in right time.Thus this SOS is for getting help and prayer support from all the Elites and Spiritual leaders to fight some ones excessive greed who have already proven record of this political power obsession.
             As when one only seems to be winning by the surreptious means and bringing truckfull of proxy voters from other constituency then will opposition leaders heart will it not cry?Thus the latest development in this State may be God`s plan as the His excellency Governor of A.P is accepted to put financial emergency.
              We have to also respect others as everyone have something to give more so Poor and down trodden as their prayer support will matter a lot.Thus old sages said one world as one family-`VASUDEV KUTUMBAKAM`,perhaps all to be respected equally as How can one live alone also?
               Thus I requests the Narad Muni types/my critics to not only criticize me to highest forces ,but also to tell the good work done by me also.As for long we seems to have only criticized like women and back bited, thus after this open debate hope all the worthless talking will stop ones and for all.And I challenge my critics to come open and make a open debate with me in the presence of the 29th Basar Assembly constituency Publics.
             And as Human being is bundles of thought ,can my ideas can it be destroyed also?More so if some of it is good?And thus is it not time to get benefit by positive discussion?As believe it, non can pay everyone money in election if everyone ask for  it also.Or will Tata`s and Birla`s not have become M.P`s also?Thus some leaders seems to have played on voters greed.In fact they have only seen their own interest so far.
                       The human being must try to make a lasting impression to help mankind.It is possible you may win the world but for a moment.You may be successful also  but loose the credibility.It is better to be praised in the back then to be cursed in back isn`t it?
                      As for long guillotining a person in his absentia have been national pleasure and past time, forgetting that even some of the great prophets have been disown initially  in their own home.And only in their good time the friends and foes usually jumped inside their house from Vendilator`s also.

                See great man like Baba Ramdevji, have he no good point to say also?As definitely he have and thus he have many admirers also,and the freedom of expression is a constitutional previlage.So let anyone who have something to give say openly as this alone is seen to help the society.
                                         As Holy Bible also says those who fight with the sword will die with the sword.Thus is not communication gap have harmed the nation?Or Holy Church could have been used to play pro-active role in human transformation by the Govt.also.Thus all the spiritual leaders have a big role in life.
                         After all this is such a powerful Institutions along with other spiritual center.See if Baba Ramdevji can single handedly do miracle what not an Institution can not do also, if it is taken help of by Govt. and instead looked after by Govt. also?
                    Thus I feel the Govt. should allow direct funding of any amount by the foreigners to the spiritual leaders even without any check up and restrictions.As when the crooks are seen looting the country why the best are disturbed from serving more?
              And mind it inspite of odds this Holy Churches have always worked for mercy and forgiveness.But perhaps time for it to play more proactive politics like in Mizoram seems to have come.Holy Bible seems to be also critical of the whimsical King/ruler.
                     Even King have been warned not to take wine also.And the misgovernance/cruelty on the subject have been short of not asked to be tolerated also.In fact being a living God He himself is seen to be doing the needful if the other enlightened ones remain silent.The kind of encouragement given to the Baba Ramdevji in his tryst with the destination was real good.But hopefully it should not have been given only because he was a Hindu?
                        The great man are used by a super natural power to be appealing in any boring subject.As I am a small man so pliz anything good I write is His and His blessings alone and effect of your love and prayer support.
             As I am very bad and ugly also and have seen many rejection in life so pliz forgive me.This is if I hurt you   knowingly and unknowingly.As I have already got too many problems of mine also thus I need more of your goodwill.
                        As we Indians have seen so much suffering also,so we must also find the solution which can be only find in this divine field by putting all the brain together to bring peace,reconcialation and justice.As for the good leader here the society of mine here honestly seems to have closed the door.
                       And thus here in this place making a good leader come to power seems to be most important point.See in the end of Ramayana every Devta seems to have sided with the Lord Rama also why?Because to fight for the underprevilage is a previlage.And who knows their must be a very good man in my own constituency and he must have been pretty pressed up by the present INC leadership.
               See problem seems to be lack of love due to communication gap and thus Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji was rightly invited in the recent Christian  programme which was a very good move.And great man Hon`ble P.M also made a historic declaration of tolerance there,which great man like him alone can make also.
            See Human being can always make a new and better resolution.And the decision of top leader matter more.And the spiritual person`s and spiritual environments help him to make a new and better decision also.
                The good decision shows ones upbringing and his new changed avatar also and that should matter more.It is pointless making postmortem and time to change the system.This the spiritual leaders can alone do who are close to Hon`ble P.M by advising him nicely.
                   Even the top RSS leaders  should be invited and shown the good work of the Christians,and one day see even all the religious institutes will be advocated by themselves to be given equal help by the Govt.many are sure about it.As by closeness alone love develops thus this BJP political activism in JNK is appreciable.
                 As there is power of love as in fact all is hungry for it and non will like the divine curse to fall on him and his family as the God is God of love and justice.And He seems to be more happy if this status quo is atleast maintained in certain things.
              I am also sure about this respect of others in this Country ,after all was Swami Vivekanandaji himself not product of Christian Presidency College Calcutta?And Indian Congress which played prime role in Freedom movement was it not started by Britisher A.O Hume?
            Thus as one who will know ABCD can alone teach this nicely to his Children`s, thus the missioneries can they be not respected also?And those who have hunger for truth can they be hated just like that?As a man with filled stomach can alone share his morsel of food with others isn`t it?Thus the spiritually rich person is also a national asset.See what pain a Hindu brother will get in Dubai if he is not allowed to pray their the  way he like?
                 Thus the great country like India must show better way to all.And atleast think everyone as equal and believe that hatred is created by evil spirit against one just religion.As before the Holy spirit this is heard that evil spirit use to first come`s in ones body also.
                 Yet this negative energy is also heard to be working for the God indirectly like an opposition leader and Police security guard working for VIP.Thus one should have patience in religion for the best to come.
         Emotion is not religion this is devils work the behavioural change in a good Hindu alone may be an standing ovation to Lord Sri Rama.And also the line of thinking that the Christian missionaries get foreign funding is a very wrong allegations.
                 As many missionaries work in worst condition.And only the grace of God is their supplement specially in remote place like our`s.See in the place where persecution directly or indirectly have been more the Christianity have spread more also.Thus see more the FCRA Rule is made more strict to devoid the missionery of foreign help more the God will work on His behalf.
                       As can any one fight a power that come from above, as He is after all seen loving Poor and destitutes more?And when one class is secretly planned to be kept in lurches by whatever power ,then Act of God is seen to interfere.
                                        And it is also wrong to think only the Poor and destitute alone join Christianity also. See all have mental thinking capacity and will never like to join a religion which is asking to share the burden of cross for free.In fact the Holy Church gives a lots of reflection time to a new convert.
                  As a bad man will ultimately destroy the congregation .Thus honestly the quality is the emphasise and yet it is also truth then most of the Poor who are Christian they have been kept in poverty by the wrong policy of the earlier INC party.This itself shows the  conviction and strong faith of the believers.
                There may be now need of some direct interference to also bring a change in their life,as BJP have already seen the divine curse upon the INC party for their saying something and doing something else.
                     See had the things have been not that deplorable then I may have been not used by the divine power to prophesy about the life of three Hon`ble C.M and four Hon`ble cabinet Minister.One of the Hon`ble C.M and two Hon`ble cabinet Minister is still alive and will accept my claims.
                Thus from now we all must be very sensitive to this subject.As goodness is our Ganga,Jamuna and Saraswati culture and tradition/legacy and we can`t question something unknowingly which come from above.
                I am sure oneday as Ex-Hon`ble P.M Atal Bihari Vajpaiji said -`ANDHERA KI BADAL CHATEGI AUR IS DESH MAIN PHOOL KHILEGI`,and so hopefully the fellow nation being will make goodness win over bad here also as shown in Ramlila dramas.
                As all the goodness seems to be interlinked thus this alone have to be explored.As unlike in the communist country we cannot compel the country man to be always disciplined. Thus their should be also a confederation of religious groups covering all religious representatives in this country to work for common minimum programme and should make the Lotus which represent spirit bloom over mud e,i- over our spirit.
             Thus my brainstorming session is dedicated to bring lasting peace and prosperity in this country.Believe it the sound of the clap come from two hands. Thus we all should love each other in letter and spirit and everyone should give this grave issue a serious thought`s.
               Thus those who are against my view let them bring a better theory?As in old age is it still not wrong to talk like Higher Secondary student`s by some?Just pointing finger won`t do , remember then another three is then pointing towards you.
               The true greatness of the leader can be seen by what majority thinks about him and thus to reach this perfection he has to correct himself in the mirror like Scriptures and Holy Book.See it was only some miniscle few who was still hooking to Mahatma Gandhijis past and asking what he did by marrying a small girl.
                       But majority knew He alone can deal with the Britishers and bring the best for them.Thus all the great spiritual leaders even if they have little limitations with them are accepted to help us.As only charity is not helping the poor and downtrodden directly sometimes we have to make a pond for them instead of giving them fish.
                  As we have to make them fisherman and being the fishers of man all the spiritual leaders of the world are accepted to be sympathetic to us in this worst transition period.As we are truelly one family member that alone need to be proved by us and this alone may be perhaps licence to the heaven also.May God bless you all.
                    The problem is non seems to be having surety of salvation and one having it will be always silent as his character and radiance /AVA MANDAL will alone speak.And thus see all the great man also don`t make a comment upon a subject which they have not with them.As it is not easy to drink the cup of salvation as before it you have to carry the burden of cross.
           In fact the true VEDANTIST`s is seen as more practical as he knows his spiritual limitations.As Salvation is not cup of tea for any one and they don`t talk it usually about it also,thus even the Christian missionery have to look inside himself.As the word of the God is double edged sword before cutting other it pierce you first .This is as warned in Holy Bible.
             Thus the old Hindu Sages  seems to have not written much about it either.As till the advent of KAL YUGA the Hindu Sages seems to have been waiting for a Messiah also.As some critics claim the Lord Christ`s birth was predicted by Hindu Sages who some say come in disguise of  three Magis who were well apt in the planetary movements and seems to have been Aryans.
                      As only the Aryans could have been so accurate in predicting the planetary movement so their claim seem to be not wrong as the eastern side of the Jeruslam from where they come modern day Iran is also occupied by the Aryans only.
                  And interestingly the present Indian Aryans where also said to have migrated from outer country some 2000-300 years back.Aand thus it make some wonder weather Lord Christ is not the messiah the AVATAR of the Kalyug as the Hindu Sashtras have been always claiming of a Kalyug Ka Avtar/incarnation of the Kalyuga era.
             Though salvation is really impossible as shown by Yudhistirs righteousness practice in the Mahabharata era.Yet with His Lordhip`s graceness salvation can be your also.This in fact seems to be the Holy Bible message and have to be also accepted as a logical postulation as from God alone it will come or from His direct relative .  
                     As God claims Lord Christ to be His only son this was in fact based on His good KARMA /work also.And also It is purely mistake that those who have been born in the Jeruslam alone will get salvation.As any one who will seek Him will find Him.This have been also accepted by great Hindu man like Ram Krishna Paramahansa.
                      No doubt being the grandson of God`s most loved one Abraham who was the forefather of Lord Christ He have a special love for them.Thus theologians say that the Israils are also seen to given untold misery for rejecting His divine will of giving them salvation.And only for their non welcoming the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ as messiah Salvation chance came to the Gentiles e,i- non zews.
                     After all instead of accepting Lord Christ they were instrument of His crucification.Yet it is seen the JEHOVA never also punish the Israilities to the point of no return.Isn`t it not surprising that even if living in a harsh place without water there is seen no suicide of the farmer in this country of Israils.
                                      Israils depending on Mosaic laws where neverthlessly very intelligent but if Holy Bible have not come by the divine inspiration then other Peoples will have not flock to it.The real funda /mantra seems to be connection with God and His work then only slowly and slowly enlightenment and  mutual appreciation seems to be coming.In fact there is a positive vibration that does the trick there is never seen so much bonhomie with the devotee as it is seen in the Christianity.
             And for rich and powerful sparing more of his money for noble cause and for poor being honest  physically torturing himself in the fasting programmes seems to be the Guru mantra for being near to Him.And in Christianity this have to be begine by taking Holy Baptisma in Lord Christ`s name remembering His sacrifice and promising to do same thing like Him.As Lord Chrust Himself did this.
           Thus a promise to be different  and loyal to lord  till death do a us apart is needed.Something like this was also seen in earlier Hinduism see great promise of the BHISM PITAMAH.Thus unless one is really changed from inside he can never atteract Him.As his majesty by His divine power knows all the human being inside out.
               And for some sinner even this promise alone cannot save Him so Holy Bible have told there is great power in the sacrifice by the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ  in cross for our sin.As their come a time when non of the worship,sacrifice or Puja was able to remove the sin of the human being.
                       And as the God loved the world so much that  He have to spare His only begotten son.So that those who accept Him will have eternal life.This means if you don`t accept the masters sacrifice also then nothing doing.
            See this seems to have been last test of the God to check human beings goodness and loyality towards Him.As there are so many Peoples in the world yet so less who is really dedicated.And this is not brain wash there is definitely seen fulfillment of all the Holy Bible doctrines in the life of the believer and His congregation.As Holy Spirit as friend  is really felt to help you in all the step.
            Thus this affirmation of something better to come make a believer to stick to this religion and when you have found a result can other`s criticism effect you?The problem in the country seems to be basically due to prejudice mind created basically by the Holly wood and Bolly wood movies .
                              As many ordinary Indian may see the western Peoples as always kind of interested in the sex only.Friends when Swami Vivekananda was helpless in Boston and slept inside the Box he was given shelter by an American Professor isn`t it?

                                   The points put below will show that what we perceive to have come from foreign land e,i- Christianity and salvation topic is perhaps gift of our own old Sages also.This will perhaps make this issue to be more easy to be understand and accepted.
                      As this is such an important issue that must be discussed for the interest of the nation, the way initially Hon`ble M.P Subramaniyam Swamiji was disliked for exposing all the scams.This also happens same way in religion field,as initially non is interested to accept the good point here also.As the devil have made us dependent to him only.
                   After all historically even the Aryans have been seen to be migrated from the outer country only.And had it not happened perhaps Ravan Raaj may have been still their in this country.As Dravidians may have been curse on this country thus Aryans and Mongols may have been drawn here by divine power only.
                And day the present generation rebels this may be ejected out from this pious nation also .As there is surely a force working in this land of the great country from day one, a force as if waiting for a greater force then themselves.Thus this is a spiritual land and here the piousness /Holiness of all spiritual leaders and their views need to be respected. As they are also instrument of God.
                      Or later in old age their may be much difficulty in trying to do right thing in wrong time.See as this country also belong to the freedom fighters whose dream of true Swarajya need to be brought as only standing obation to them.And this great country is also part of the world which was created by God this also we have to accept and as such even His creations have to be respected.
             But Swami Vivekananda never wanted the great Indians to be confined in the Snake and the Peepal trea worship.See the greatest Satarical writer like Kushwant Singh who wrote a story -`Mark of Vishnu.`need to be appreciated for bringing spiritual revolution in the Sikhism.Man like him is also needed and have he died so far also?And the latest movie like P.K is also seen to be godsend.
            Thus I am sure henceforth all the great and successful man will refrain from being misleaded in the name of religion.As there is nothing like basic structure in constitution  which cannot be changed specially in religion field.As Swami Vivekananda said all outer features of the religion seems to be changable.
                But not inner thing like soul and salvation which is same both in Hinduism and Christianity.Thus in the Hinduism since SANATAM /ancient  time also the aim was waiting for real God.See the story of ancient Hindu Prince Prahlad and Dhruba.And see those who try to appease god , godess and angels today also .Was not Panch pandav`s last of descendent was not  bitten by SESH NAG by the order of the devta?
             Thus the knowledge of the religion is very important see if you are seeking for salvation then you have to seek the most comprehensive and important justification only.And you should be not concerned with from where you will get it.In fact by criticizing other religion some  may be themselves limiting their capabilities.
                 As such there is hardly difference also in name of religion as more or less engine is same only.As we have never tried to see beyond like frog in the well /and have never will to go beyond the comfort zone made by us, so feel like there is diference in all religion and diference is good if it makes you think.
                        As Vedantism Vid to know is alone needed also and mind it even the medicine used for healing Laxman in the TRETA YUG may not work now also.As human being must have changed so much by now.And thus we have to find a answer to all the problem basing on this era or time only .And so pliz think like a father loving all the childrens equally.This is the way God must be thinking about all of us also isn`t it?Without prejudice mind isn`t it?
                     Think specially also about the old ones in the death bad whom everyone have left.Yet this is also fact that he is suffering for his own mistake also.Thus we should not take too much liberty in our Young days and should not take Lord`s silence as His weakness also.As when He can die for your sin His Yama /angels can also punish you for trying to make Him die again also.
                         As see when He wanted to give us such big thing only the animals will be seen interested in coveting something else.The Lord Rama seems to have tried to explained this to His subjects by distributing Pearls to the monky warriors which was not received by them.Thus this MAYA JAAL artificial world need to be broken to be with Him.
                        After all their will be price for achieving salvation also.See one who will like to survive will alone die this we see in Islamic country where all the so called good peoples are scared of coming up and so their life is in more horrible condition.And many are thus indirectly becoming instrument of others bad act also.

              The great Hindu philosophy have clearly divided all the YUG/ Era  also like- SATYA YUGA,TRETA YUG,KALYUGA etc.The Holy Bible also don`t deny the earlier presence of god ,godess and angels also in earlier occasion before the birth of Christ.
             And  a Brahmin friend was also telling me that right now 1st phase of Kalyug was going on which consist of 3000yrs.And he was also accepting already about 2000 yrs.have passed.This also is matching the Roman calendar which started after birth of Lord Christ.So where is difference?
               So can a Scholar who have graduated from unrecognized College can he later blame any one?Thus it is time to appreciate the  best in all.Even the great man like Baba Ramdevji himself why he seldom not talk of issues like religion?
                     Because he knows that very less Peoples have been authorized in this field.After all great man like Him will He be not aware of development going around?The great man like him knows fully well the risk of playing with fire also as the Holy Bible says that -word of God is so powerful that before cutting anyone else will cut you first if there is any mistake.Thus it is time to ask other- have you seen God or atleasy felt His presence?
                             Or for one who have not, this preaching about Him is perhaps meaningless also.Swami Vivekanda`s question will also silence the rise of the fake ones.Thus man who claim himself to be sinner and smallest of all  is he not more respectable also? As atleast he is accepting human weakness and accepting one` s limitations.Is it not showing ones humbleness and will it not attract the divine power in his side?
                                As this days the Publics are very smart as for me I already surrender myself of my weakness, so they should be considerate to me also.As this spiritual field is belonging to Him and Him alone we are mare instrument.
                 Be humble and He will definitely exalt you more, you need not even write about your profession the clients will surely flock to you as it is happening to some.Only try to be honest in everything as mind it non is interested to work with man devoid of love and His graceness as even if many lost their life in the MAHABHARATA mind it they died a happy man.
                   As they where fighting for the Dharma ,and it is also not that all the Christians are good.This is in fact seems to be the reason for not making other coming to Lord and Saviour also.Yet human being will have always some weakness also.Yet God and His only son and His Holy Book is always perfect.And they alone should be seen mattering to a rational human being.
                   Thus I like something about BJP is promoting the Holy Peoples in its party who are an inspiration and less evil doers.But so far target have been their own co-religion member also, let us see what offer they also have for others in the party specially in NE .In fact after lots of anti RSS campaign by the INC leaders out here some seems to be made skeptics of BJP which in fact may be hypothetical assumptions also.As so far party have been not seen to be partisan.
                 As this spiritualism is an endeavor to directly finish the darkness I am sure great party like BJP will encourage issues like salvation seriously.Even if a good religious candidate looses also their will be benefit in saving some good Publics for this opportunity of not having to compromise with the sin for lack of good leader for sure.
                Thus the party eventually gains only thus I see BJP party inviting even medam Kiran Bedi as a masterstroke for party interest in preserving the long term interest.Thus sometimes only money ,short time gain and material gain alone should not be seen.And this risk taking ability seems to be making the BJP party different also.
                   As the big brother like Yudhistir of the panch Pandav who is said to have ultimately have reached the heaven, his presence may have  always  benefitted the Panch Pandav brothers.Thus surety of salvation with some is very important  issue and if one have it good for all the nation also.
                 If you have this then you are true enlightened spirit.And if you have that will be manifested in your work and People have to appreciate you as other will feel secure with you.See the complainers who have no point to put forward and no life testimony to tell is pariah for the nation.
                 And in top position they can`t be tolerated for a moment also.God have promised salvation in Holy Bible have you read it?If you are shouthing for the sake of shouting then mind , it is wrong.The BJP party will I am sure respect the real man with wisdom who have also many answer for all the questions.And the man who is near to heaven is he not  have that divine glow in his face to take the party to greater height?
                   Thus may be time to refuse the bribe offered by Dhuryodhana like Character.And even if he was given soldiers of Lord Krishna was their loyality and heart was not with Lord till death?Thus the Arunachal Pradesh leaders from INC background may be not easily taken in BJP like in earlier occasion.This is the majority hope of this States Public`s.
             And even the INC party may also kick some out also one never know as is their any way left for this party also.As in this State of Arunachal some leaders excess seems to have invited divine curse also.As unless God intervene in favour of the destitutes in small issues ,how the ordinary man will have trust in big issues like Salvation?

               Thus I am sure this BJP party have the burden of taking all the nation towards the path of salvation also, as we seems to have already loss so much valuable time for misinterpreting the great man`s saying for our own ignorance.
                   Thus Ramkrishna Paramahansaji  may have to perhaps quote the story of the blind man touching the elephant,see for blind man elephant may seems to have a different shape and size depending on which portion he touch this he told.
              Thus let us now evolve from it and see the elephant in totality and go to logical end of spirituality which unfortunately many seems to be not doing and seen suffering.As only the excessive corrupted and manipulative  person seems to make brouhaha that why intermingling of politics and religion?
               See God is the owner of this world  and in each thing He will be needed to be involved.As when everything is clean then only He can be seek truthfully. Nothing comes easy you have to sacrifice your worst weakness one by one that makes a great man reverable more so one who is living in the worldly life they are no less then the great Sages living in Ashram also.
                 As for me I can be seen as mare Clerk who is alone perhaps writing and jotting down what master is telling me so pliz forgive me also if there is small misdenemour from my part  also.Yet the religion is not an easy subject and one who have reached in the top that is one who have surety of salvation have alone something to give to other also.
                     Thus who have committed so much sin like us it is better to always confess his sin in the name of the Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus who died for our sin.As it is better to be modest and accept the weakness and excel in life with the fear that I can also die anythime.That way we the N.E Publics may be better Hindus also as in fact true Hindus by seeing the ancient practice where always seen to have this character.
              As see the story of the King PARIKSHIT who was descedent of the PANDAV`S and was tried to be safeguarded by any means by the Brahman`s from the SESH NAAG`S/ snake kings biting.This story even not known to the North East Indian Publics who are mostly Christians seems to be knowing in their heart and soul and thus seems to be interested in this salvation topics.
               Thus all religion philosophy is to help the Human being. In fact Christianity is much beyond the religion also as this plans for you for future journey and for it like YUDISTHIR the eldest of the PANCH PANDAV`S of the Mahabharata era one have to be good from the day one.And for one like us we are atleast vocal in our confessing the sin.
                                     See why the word of God is not important?Did the Bhir Abhimanyu the son of Arjuna of the MAHABHARATA time did not died for not hearing how to come out from the CHAKRAVYU war formation.See the greatest threat to you in the future is going to be your old age and death.
           Thus all great man have tried to find its anti dot in their life.And even if given freely most of the man are least interested.To remove this attitude what you do?go to a cancer patient who is going to die and try to feel what he is feeling,So the concern for others problem alone will make you realize truth also.As fortunately for you worst is yet to come and will you wait for it?
               But mind it the nation can be alone become great by knowing His interest as He is the giver of everything.And atleast this praise I am doing in my life as in this temporary world it is our previlage to prase Him also.As even by doing this alone one may be forgiven from all the dangerous test one have made to be undertaken in the life.
            Meanwhile never accept me to be Mr. Perfect also after I am seen writing something good.God should be kind enough to give me long life so that in my Old age I reach somewhere near His and world`s expectations.
                  As for now sometimes I feel shame that many who even don`t go to Holy Church are seen better then me.Yet with your love and prayer support I may be soon able to be a better man and of usefulness to you also.Praise the Lord May His grace be always upon we Indians let all of us end up in heaven by atleast following His will and doning His character which alone all the angel,god and godess will also perhaps love and respect.

                                                                         ...........To be continue soon

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