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The comment by the writer :-
                                                  The book written below is dedicated to my late father Dakto Basarji who was a great man of our time in his own way.And may his soul rest in peace.Hope this book represent the values for which he have stand in his life.The writer is ready to make Partnership with  any sponsor in publication of this book.And until the agreement the publication without permission will be considered as the violation of copy right Act in verbatim. The writer can be contacted in togobasar@gmail.com by any Guardian angel who think this book as worth publication for the national and the Humanities sake.
     CHAPTER :-

I.            INTRODUCTION

                                         The latest discussions regarding the need for looking back of the origin of all the religion by one Muslim leader  from Indian perspective  is a very honest and positive dialogue, and perhaps need of hour also to clean the mess once and for all.One have to appreciate man like him for daring to be different.
                          The cobweb made by us need to be cleaned, as God seems to be personally always interested to come to us and we seems to be willing to be away from Him forgetting we are mare mortal man .See in Old Vedanta Philosophy the human being is ultimately seen as atman and other atman even belonging to the animal is treated as same.
                  Thus you are other and other is you is the maxim, the confrontation is to find the truth as all thinks his view alone is right.Thus we may have to now find the truth based on logic and justification.See even in our Galo tribal and custom which is based on ancient beliefs, even the hunter have to pay back more domestic animals in exchange of his hunting.Thus everything is accountable in this life even if this is the land of MAYA.
                And thus in this new global era it may be time to evaluate and measuring our  achievement  and perfection,of which  the yardstick will be always the other great man who have achieved divine standard of life.And today this alone will perhaps stop  this never ending confusion ,more in this era of globalization, and thus one alone need to address this problem from the micro to macro level.
                            And one doing this he will  be the true YUG PURUSH of today`s time.In fact by little contribution for good cause alone we all will make our life better.And thus if you find anything  good then  referring  it to your friend and family may help.Thus in  in this Global world with huge population time also we may be working with the historic movement which may have divine blessing for us in eternity.As God supplies according to new need and continue to guide us.
                    And for Him everything including the scientific achievement is also now seen to work for the truth and justice and for knowing the master.Thus it is time to use the good thing for our human beings benefit also.As enough of  chaos and mayhem have already blocked the human development whose soul will rejoice in His divine presence only.
                   Thus this book is an en devour to make a harmonious relation with man and God and nature.As everything else seems to be its bye products.And as relation  of heart /DILKA RISHTA  BADA HI PYARA HAIN, thus this book is written for all who believe in love and Humanity.


         A.The early age:-
                                   I was born in Old market P.O/P.S-Basar west Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh some 40 yrs.back.My memory of happy childhood was when I was loved by my mother Late Tumbi Basar who was a great mother.I had one elder brother and two elder sister and one younger brother and one younger sister from my mothers side.
                       We developed as a very close nit family.And later my family increased after my mothers death.I did my pre-limenary KG Schooling from  the Middle School Basar Bazar and then I was admitted in the Rama Krishna Mission School Viveknanagar Aalo.
                                             My spiritual development seems to have been developed in this school as between the homesickness of worst order and the divine gospel my mind was oscalliting between what to take.And as scientists says the thing told again and again get fixed in the mind thus the Vedantism teachings in my RKM days seems to be resulting in jotting down this thesis I am now writing.
                      Our Childhood days beginning from class I-V in the home was spend in offuluence. My.My father being a rich man in his own time provided us everything.But after class VI family show great problem as my mother was sick and finally died of cancer in 1978 and the family economy crumbled soon after.As my mother was everything even first to start a Shop in the Basar area.May be she had seen the working Lady in Delhi in her Republic Day Programme when she represented the State in late 1970`s.
                     I seems to have also inherited by mothers fighting ability as she was the first to lodge a protest against the BOGUM BOKA KEBA which is the Galo tribe`s counter part to LOYA ZIRGA of the Afghanistan which decides all the cases.This was for hr against the force marriage plan after her first husband died.
                It seems my father was also inspired by her historic stand.And I am thankful to Late Leut. Governor R.N Haldipur and family when he was Deputy Commissioner Aalo.Her wife and Sri Gamken Eteji Jamadar for standing for my mother.
               The great Gamken Eteji of West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh Aalo who was instrument in bringing the RKM School was ones telling me that angry with my mother and him for stopping the desire of a Kombo Village family his spirit  was sacrificed to the Sun god in absentee. But.But in dream the Sun god refused to take his soul and the person who organized this ritual sacrifice instead reportedly died.
              It is pertinent to mention that earlier in the Galo society the Donyi Bonam which is inviting the Sun god system was prevalent which was later banned by the Govt.Here the weak persons souls were heard to be sacrificed by offering to Sun God and the man was seen to die without being actually sacrificed.Thus it is seen even the Donyi Polo gods and godess where god of justice and equality even if they were seen to be interested to take Human sacrifice.
                                 The life without mother is real hell this was my first pain and suffering.And later in class XI in Govt.H.S.School Basar my best friend Sri Ito Angu died.I was admitted in the Hindu College Delhi University after my class XII.The life in the metropolitan city was not easy for me this was bit too much for me.As I was feeling so lonely inside.Yet due to some good friends like Mikar Gamlin I just survived the ordeal.
                          In Hindu College D.U in 1991 , I was very close to Sri Arjun Rampal the cine star in my College days and even Ajay Jadeja the ace cricketer was my class mate.I really miss some of the friends whom I was even unable to say decent farewell when I was leaving the College.The life was tough in the College too as I was admitted from the sports quota and Dutta Saab our football coach made sure we only slog in the football ground.
                            Then in 1992 I was appointed as the president ASUD.This was days we were making lots of name for the State in the NESFED as for three consecutive time we beat the Nagaland team in the football final.Sri kiran Rijiju the present India's Hon`ble  MOS ( Home )  and Hon`ble MLA Mechuka Sri Pasang Dorzee where really seen chairing and supporting the Arunachal team nicely.
            As for the former as we were short of from same economic background so we were very close in our College days.Those were days we could have not asked anything but for a bottle of rum in the evening with the Pork made by the best cook achi Yomge Adoji now Hon`ble Session Judge.
                           And after doing my law right now I am practicing as Advocate in the Gauhati High Court and all things seems to have changed overnight. But all short of the unique experience in my life seems to have made me out pore this bundle of thoughts.And this journal can be also treated as my autobiography also.My father and family was also great and their contribution on my life also need to be written.
                        And being from the thorough Mongolian breed my family genealogy is also written beginning from our greatest  forefather.Namely –ATO TANI, ATO NITO ,ATO TOPO,ATO PONE ,ATO NE-UR,ATO URCHI,ATO CHIKAR,ATO KARKO,ATO KORE,ATO RIHAR,ATO HARA,ATO AKA,ATO KANGU,ATO NGUCHI,ATO CHIMAR,ATO MARSEN, ATO SENGO,ATO GOMAR,ATO MARLI ,ATO LIKAR ,ATO KARDAK ,ABO DAKTO ( My father) and Togo Basar.
                   The family is in fact rather known as Marli`s the family said to be blessed with rain god.As there is really find showers of rain in the family Pooja and big ceremony,this all local Publics of the Basar area accepts also.And even witnessed by my Advocate Colleagues in my first appearance in Hon`ble High Court also.Thus there is seen so much spiritual power in work in this State.Yet the power should make you humble to excel more in life.
               The Swami Vivekanandjis teaching from the nascent stage seems to have filled my heart and soul also with hunger and trust for knowing the divinity.And by this passion  a true devotee of Swamiji alone will perhaps take the nation to a new height even if there is initial confusion.

         B.My Society:-
                                          The place in which I live is really a Holy land as the Peoples heart  and soul are very good yet have to now struggle in worst transition period.Donyi Polists religion member here believe`s that there are lots of  benevolent and malevolent gods and goddesses at work.
                       Some even may be in Jungle and many of them are also seen good also and the Environment is also respected due to their fear also.And with the chanting of malevolent and benevolent  god`s and by giving sacrifice to them through Priest ,they still seems to be responding and guiding the Publics who believe in them.
                Yet the local address both of them as UYU which also  means as evil.And this shows the richness of the Galo language which in fact gives more preference to good and evil and seems to be endorsing the Holy biblical facts that this world is filled more with the negative energy.
                 As this shows since time immemorial the locals had good knowledge of spirit,soul and God.As the spirit is DO soul is Yal.Angel is Yaj Yal and God is YIRNE  MANE /DONYI POLO.But the new generation seems to be unaware of this knowledge our forefathers have left as our legacy.
               Thus when the Priest dance in ecstasy then spirit /DOI LILI is seen to come upon him ,even for the old folk singer like YAN and KAMEN KAMNE the spirit only seems to guide some.Even some critics see the new rise of a religion called DONYI POLOISM as the endevour to search the true God only.
                 The difference between the Donyi Polo and Hindu and Islam is only that in the former there is no object to eat most of the animal meat and thus we are truly carbivorous as tribe. And.And in this transition period for good and bad many old custom and tradition is going to be lost.And thus both the Christian and Donyi Poloists must work together for preserving our culture and tradition.
                 As unlike in other place most of the evil ritual have been already removed in the Galo society thus the communication gap must be breached.The love can be the best weapon to remove all the misgiving.The day we have a good leader I feel most of the small problem can be solved.As the hatred which seems to be percolating down from the character of the top leader seems to be restricting the healthy relationship.
             The financial inequality seems to be the main reason for the persistence of problem as the most of the poor man are only one who have to be dependent on the spirituality in this society that is also true.Thus unless more rich class also join spirituality in letter and spirit a political revolution seems to be long over due in this State.As so far some class and family alone is seen to be enjoying the life.
                  In fact today the Society is also understanding that the minority Christians in my place is also praying for others well being.Earlier I had the previlage to be the translator in the Healing crusade of Preacher Evan.Don Gossette from the America in the Itanagar Indra Gandhi Park.This was as if Lord used me just after the 40 days fasting programme in the Chate Medziphema Nagaland.
           My personal experience is also that there is time for everything thus we must be sensitive in the religious matters and say everything in the time.So that there is least discomfort and ill will in others mind also.Yet for some they must come open to bring a order in this tough new life.
              And the perfect time seems to have now come and thus it naturally transpire that today even the elites of the Donyi Poloism is also seen to be taking religion seriously.As this is more of a personal rectification then correcting others.Thus my misdemeanors have to be also forgiven yet as the leader is also the property of the society the other have right to know his view.
                            Though in other place as Hindu Sages Predicted the divine avatar specially of Kalyuga  era in which we live seems to have been accepted in one form or other.But out here time seems to have stopped and this is because of the virginity of this region.
            As for long this society have remain undiluted from others and still seems to be in the pre-vedic era and thus very rich from anthropological point of view.Thus it seems to have both its good and bad points.The need is for the society to re-claim its self respect.Unfortunately in this materialistic life few rich man sems to have sidelined everyone else.
          In this worst transition period every one including the divine power like angels and Chetra Pal`s- power of area of a particular region as termed in the Veda they also seems to be having a tough time.in fact they are also working for God and not seen harming the real disciples also. But the understanding and reconciliation is now also coming after initial discomfort.
                     And thus the evolution of new religion worshipping in temple called Gangi have a mix reaction from the Donyi Polo believers also.See there is very less good Peoples in a State left whom the  evil spirit and Publics seems to have not harmed as when some is in the forefront of struggle revolution and new thought . He have been always attacked by all.
                But those who are also working for the civil society right ,them also many including the evil spirits are also seen to be  accepting now.Thus in the spiritual realms also understanding is coming now and even the Christianity is becoming Indianised and localized here.See the real problem seems to be with the ignorant believers of both the side.
                  The need is to propagate love and understanding and jointly fight against the excessive corruption which is making the poor man unable to pursue his own gd and godess he believes in due to economic crisis.The day the good man is given political leadership chance I think much of the difference will be narrowed down.It is pertinent to mention that even the present Gangi temple in the ITBP area is built on the place where my Late father Dakto Basarji played a main role in donation of the land.
              And on my part I had also requested the IG ,SSB to give it to the Donyi polo brothers when the land was going to be transferred to the ITBP.Thus those who knows this respect me. See more the religion it should be seen merrier and one who have passion will ultimately reach the goal by himself.Thus in fact there is no scope for any confusion and tension. 
                          As all the spirits are also seen to be for justice and equality and paving the way for the coming of the greater force.They also seems to be not against any power which is for the help of the mankind.All the problem pertaining to the spirit,god and godess seems to be displayed in this society in the micro and miniature lebel. As.As such there is great many lesions to learn from this society which is paradise for anthropologists and the spiritual leader.
               As here the environment also shows the importance of the harmonious constructions in this place which can be truly seen as abode of god.As even the hunters have to pay back to the jungle spirit double the animal they have hunted by sacrificing their domestic animals in their honor.
                  Thus all the Himalayan region have been called as DEV LOK and this we have chance to see closely in this place.This is the place where all the power seems to be really living together in harmony.And non have the right to break this peace also at least by physical force.

        C.The Man who inspired me:-
                                                         Swami Vivekanada is my all time great man then my elder brother Er.Tomo Basar who is Chief Engineer ( Drawing and Disbursement PHED ) .And my father Late Dakto Basar was a great man he inspired me in many ways.His great work have been written in my earlier article in http://togobasar.blogspot.com.
                      Many feel he need to be rewarded by the Govt. of India specially for his initiative for donation  of the ITBP land in Basar town.But for his admirers the showers of rain exemplifying the divine blessing in each important occasion of the family seems to be enough for the family also as when heaven bow down what else you want even if some less deserving one take 21 Gun Salute.

         D.Is your idea is built on solid  foundation?  :-
         A deadly operation long time back changed me ones and for all.As in the death bad Lord and Savior Christ  He alone saved me and rescued me and I promised to be with His side ever after.And since that  I wanted to make His plan for justice and equality flow for all  till all get equal chance in life.
                This I needed to do in word and deed thus my previous standing as Hon`ble MLA candidature in 2014 election  was for me also the most challenging time in my life.As I was offered lots of money by INC party to stay back and withdraw my candidature in last State election in which I was candidate from the 29th Basar (ST) Assembly constituency and with thy grace  made a honorable beginning.
                 It took me so much pain to be shameless for His glory and Kingdom as here in this Society right now only the money seems to be mattering and the Poor man is accepted to keep mum.As I find His majesty  alone to be truth in my life who never forsake you even in death bed I have to be different.And  initially non seem to understand me also.
                        See  it was only brother Late Setong Senaji Ex-Cabinet Minister of Arunachal Pradesh who asked me once in my worst trouble time Brother Togo- what is your Account number and he surprisingly send me Rs. 180,000/-.
                        May his soul rest in peace.As their was time before the Judicial separation in this State was made  every Legal works  even the Bail was seen manipulated by the INC top leaders and their blue eye boys use to get the share.See the things for the opposition leader was earlier really bad here.
                  But some have to struggle for the sake of others.And I am sure even the man from other religion will have reason to be merciful to our ordeal in this place.And for some senior students of Delhi University things seems to have been so unbearable that many was seen to die a frustrated man.
                       As the Society was earlier seen least ready for the change,and the educated ones who have many plan for the society they were never heard.Thus my aggressiveness is also in their loving remembrance.As their vision must be accomplished as non have atleast right to win election by money,force and rigging.As the educated leader alone will have vision to take others to new and better tomorrow.
                And earlier here in this State all the Public's  depending on their powerful  politicians have been seen preferred to take any case for help  to their blue eyed boys.This nepotism was seen in every field specially in the Contract work and today also some newspaper owner are heard to be bribed to sell all the one day`s publications to dupe the Honorable High Court`s directive.
                 As the contract tender work beyond Rs. 1 crore have to be as per tender rules and the information have to be circulated in 2-3 leading Newspaper of the State.Thus the contractor  association of the State also need to warn all the Newspaper owner and take everyday`s paper for daily recording .
               And need to even challenge the tender in the Hon`ble High Court by bringing eye witness who are regular subscribers.As for long few top political leaders who are A grade contractors along with their family members seems to have take this as their family property to take all the projects under their assembly constituency which seems to be abuse of the process of law.
               And thus the present Contractor guild of Arunachal Pradesh who seems to be now against the ruling INC Govt. for non payment of their long Bill are seen to be also very much angry with the present Govt. also need to fight in this front.As for long some family seems to have monopolized and enjoying life even if there is fund crunch and other is suffering under the INC party misrule.
                     As this Arunachal Pradesh  is a small state and so far every one is made to fear and dependent on Govt .Earlier the People also seems to have misconception that an upright person will have problem in any profession like contract work,political and Legal profession this misunderstanding is also now changing.This was all due to ignorance and political monopoly by few.Honestly I being in the forefront of salvo against the ruling Govt. only recently non of the officers used to like me.
                        This is honest fact as barring few relatives all seems to have been allergic of me.But I don`t regret for not making lots of money as the man with money is also now seen suffering from many problem`s.As the present cash strap INC Govt. seems to be under intense pressure to take legal action against some top officers and contractors also.
                           Even in the legal field some seems to have doubted my ability , Whereas my believe  is sin can be alone forgiven by Lord and Savior and it is my duty to save a Client.And besides the art of cross in the Evidence stage only need the creative idea which also divine Power alone can give.Honestly  in this world there are some worst lairs then some advocates also.
                  This day`s when the Hon`ble H.C judges are seen to giving us  favorable judgement to us the People seems to be also opening up and knowing that it is also time to respect a BJP leader.And the Public here is now realizing the importance of judiciary also after the recent Judicial separation.
                  See anyone can prosper in business  as their comes a times when the well wishers from top to bottom is also set up  in right position and it help`s.This is also due to His divine mercy only.Thus it also take no time for man to prosper also.Thus only money should be never be the criteria for respecting a person as His majesty  can send good friend anytime to help you,thus believe in Him.

         E.There are less genuine  friends in the world:-

                   This is always fact but there are few exceptions –in my life there where also few good man like Setong Senaji  in other party to help me also this I have to also accept.And thus God really seems to be caring for His loved one in His mission.And God may have also called him back in His house as Late Cabinet Minister is no more with us.

              The top INC leaders of State of Arunachal Pradesh late  Hon`ble Cabinet Minister -Setong Senaji and Hon`ble Chief Minister -late  Jarbom Gamlinji  may have been called early and  spared them from  seeing the pathetic condition of their INC party in future.

                     And honestly At that time when I received his help  I had nothing to pay back Late Setong Senaji and just kept praying  for Late brother Sena  and Late Makte Jarbom Gamlinji .And see twice I seems to have been used by God to prophesy about their political carrier.
                    They should have heard my advise and may have not incurred heavy loss, and friends this seems to happen when one is really diligently working  in God`s duty,nothing seems to go in vain if one in His divine mission and is  helped by someone,and so the Charity is seen undertaken  with war footing by the Americans.
            Thus for those powerful friends who now despise you for poverty they should realize that money  and power is not permanent.And this I am not saying out of anger as the judgement belong to God and I am just a disciple and have to always flow like Holy river Ganga.
            See for some death may be an end of life but from divine angle it is a promotion ,thus many a times some wonder why evil persons are still living in this world and good one die early.Mind it they have no happiness and is only showing and boasting which non will care for long,this is my own experience as ones I was also filled with hatred,jealousy and prejudice mind and have terribly suffered for it.
             Thus one have to change quickly and be blessing for himself his family and society.Thus as there is very less time we must learn the good things quickly.And out here in our Country this American Guru mantra of doing selfless charity seems to be missed by the Indian Corporate House,they only seems to see the profit in any investment and even the 2% CSR-Corporate Responsibility fund seems to be misused by some smart CEO and Govt. is given wrong report .
                 Thus this need to be understood as only the IIM and IIT degree holder CEO will not do.One may have to also keep some spiritual leaders as Honorary Advisers specially from most hard pressed area as ours. And  this days  I really feel the effect of the prayer support of my Nobel wife and my Emmanuel Baptist Church also.
              This is the true love which in fact in all the religion specially Christianity  have been emphasizing .And for this divine duty I was also made to perhaps prophesies about some of great man`s future of this State of our time.And this shows the love have really great power in world as when there is love is the divine power seems to work. I remember first – asking late setong Senaji to accept Hon`ble C.M post and after about one week of my advise he was offered this post also,but he refused and rest is history.
               And many say it was this mistake of not accepting the coveted post which brought communal tension in this State of Arunachal Pradesh.Thus His divine Lordship seems to be giving advise to all through some chosen ones.As unless His spirit motivate can I talk with some big persons of our time also?Thus non should neglect the will of the God.
                         And as for Late Hon`ble C.M Dorzee Kanduji and Ex-Hon`ble C.M Sri Gegong Apangji their family members may be already knowing what transpired beween us.Thus for truthful man who are really near to God then me they must have more power also and must be respected more.
                As God surely seems to be taking care of His disciples thus I am also in look out for more blessed persons myself.As honestly being a political leader and pursuing a Legal Profession I have now certain limitations myself.And is now blessed with a very nobel lady as my wife to add me and pray for me as the Women mother Pastor of our Holy Emmanuel Church.
           Thus by faith one gains a power and thus the true Sages must be helped as it will be Guardian angels privilege to do so.As God alone sees the heart, for him rich and poor is meaningless as it will take no time for Him to exalt the one He loves.Unfortunately this days only friend like brother Chotisu Sazo Hon`ble Speaker Nagaland bother to call and will really weep if his help does not reach a God`s cause.
                    As for others sorry stop calling only in good time to a friend.It seems God wanted me to induct in the political post long time back.And it was only the Apang family who had first offered me Hon`ble MLA post and may be I was not matured earlier.Or was less inclined but when the better leader don`t come forward and others less deserving comes up the divine power seems to be angry also.
              As He seems to be interested to help all the person,society and State thus for His glory the better man in terms of the God given blessing have to be forthcoming in taking risk.As the rise of the evil is due to the silence of the good man this is as said by Edmund Burke and seems to be so true in this part of the world.

         F.This life is filled with thorn:-

            In the spiritual field their seems to be multitude of problem that comes up in your way.And honestly there is nothing personal against anyone.Specially against INC party also, but if you have a testimonial life and by sharing it with other if it help them also is it not good?
               As  the greatness of the God may have to be told one like it or not.I think what angered the INC party earlier  more was when I sujjested Rahulji to leave politics and become missionary in his own facebook after the Ramlila ground incident.
              As so far all Arunachalee may have been accepted as moron by few INC High command so all short of the missiles seems to have been thrown against me.And so much money came against me in the last election God knows from where?
                And even if I have referred the short of the divine prophesy coming to some religious man willing to see political change in the 29th Basar ( ST) Assembly constituency .The fearful P.A and Secretary seems to have no guts to tell the facts to Hon`ble C.M Nabam Tukiji , Hon`ble Ex-P.M candidate Rahul Gandhiji as I was connected to them in facebook.
          Thus even if one become so great he should also remain down to earth as it helps him.And after this knowledge they will I hope also have short of sympathy for me in His divine duty.As unless He was their with me how it have been possible for me to tell the fate of three Hon`ble C.M and four Hon`ble cabinet Minister in advance?One hon`ble C.M and two Hon`ble cabinet minister is still alive and they should not lie also.
              And I believe  I had also written about the God`s willingness for seeing leadership change in my constituency that prophesy coming to some in most respected Madam Sonia Gandhi and Hon`ble Ex-P.M Manmohan Singhjis facebook also.See when thy wish is not complied there is seen to be worst punishment also.Who ever thought that the INC party will see drubbing in the last election.
            And thus my loss become small in compare to their never ending problem.See today this Arunachal Pradesh State  ruled by the INC party is seeing worst financial problem and may be for some man who may have brought divine curse on the party.And with one who have always run to other party by leaving the party in lurches in crucial time.Will the INC party now will not have sleepless night?
                  Hon`ble C.M Nabam Tukiji is also seems to be unable to handle some of them.As two group have heard to have come up in the State INC party and smart crook is seen to be dating both the camp as usual.When one is filled with some scoundrels what he will get?
               Thus even if I was made to loss election but I am satisfied that thy name is not tarnished for my open writing.As initially some religious man where very disturbed by my earlier election result.But even the man like Sri Tare Rumi from the Donyi Polo religion expert in the chicken liver test have been categorical that something bad will soon happen to a present  top local INC leader.
                 And it seems this time the winning political leaders in this State themselves seems to be in worst mess.As this State is basically dependent on the central aid and with the BJP in the centre is seen asking for the U.C-Utilisation certificate for the earlier projects,and thus no additional funds seems to be coming in the State.
                      This is to the peril of the present INC leaders of this State who are now seen in tough situation and His Excellency may be soon compelled to put the financial emergency to make the matter worse.As the RBI have freeze the State Account as it is heard to have crossed the borrowing limit.
                  Thus the audacity of the INC workers to even stand against the divine will seems to have doom them and thus this BJP party seems to have only gain benefit for it.Thus it is important to tell the facts to my cadres least they also do the same thing in future.
                  As in this party Hon`ble P.M calls himself to be Pradhan Sevak and thus does other top leaders have to also not think themselves equal to a new cadre.And all the humbleness and humility will alone come from God fearing person like Hon`ble P.M.who atleast take time to meet his cadres in the State visit.And never lynch his own party man at the cost of others at least in the open platform.
            In fact prophesy or no prophesy everyone have been warned to help the man in the last line.And after Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modijis promise in the Parish the capital of France in his Europe tour to give all the religion member equal chance to progress in India .
               Hope he will do something to really show  his sincerity in removing our apathy as so many believers and poor brothers of all the religion have acceptance from me in my area.As out here the Christian`s and poor have been always kept in lurches and the educated and the enlightened have been sidelined and insulted for having no ill gotten money.
                      As the God`s chosen  man seems to be used by Him to fearlessly tell the coming truth thus they cannot be denied also.As man in His divine mission they have also struggled a lot and have fasted and meditated.And this they did while others where enjoying the world,see to feed the Atman which rejoice in thy name only is really challenging.
                This way is known to all but non go to place like Jipu prayer center in Likabali west Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh for fasting programme.And it is only when one is suffering from dreaded disease and illness he remembers Him.Yet  in times of trouble also merciful Lord and Savior take all in his fold.Thus one who give shelter in death bed or in good time who is more true friend?
                  And interestingly our present Hon`ble Chief Minister of State  Nabam Tukiji and Hon`ble M.P Ninnong Eringji ones conveyed me not to write anything personal against them also.The former in facebook and later by request though a relative.Though their party discipline may not make them to accept this fact now,as INC man are seen to be good in keeping some facts secret.
                            As if I matter it would have been different but Friends unless there is real warning coming from divine power , can anyone say anything just like that in the face of high ranking person`s?And it is always the will of God which  is supreme.
                   He will do anything as He want and will see no rank of rich and poor also and so we should wait for His command more then the political High command and here the INC party seems to have suffered.As Gandhi family seems to have been made as tool for making more corruption by some powerful Peoples in the top post.
                    The way we treat both rich and poor as different more so in this State, this is not the habit of a true disciple who want to appease Him.The true spiritualism is alone all en composing and there is space for all to be happy here.Even for the Communist and Democratic also they will get peace and satisfaction in Lord and savior alone.
                   See the religious discourse is also not worthless as the fear of Lord can alone change the country.And good for us that now we have a God fearing person in helmns of power.And if Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji and Yog Guru Baba Ramdevji want to contest from our 29th Basar (ST) Assembly constituency we will be more then happy also.
                   As even if I vacate my political plan  it should be for a more nicer person. And it is always better to praise Lord also for all the problems in life, as the blessing before the time may make you more proud and make you miss the chance of enjoying the life also.As enjoyment is from small small things in life.Can rich man eat the black money, they also ultimately need morsel of food isn`t it?

         G.God`s plan is always better:-

                         As for me losing last MLA election in 2014 when I contested from 29th(ST) Basar Assembly constituency of the West Siang Basar if critically seen it must have been better that way also.As today in this State winners are seen facing more financial problem and most of the present excessive corrupted leaders have won by spending lots of money in earlier election.And the critics are skeptics of its recovery.
                  And mind it in coming election more danger bell for them as they have seldom shown their human part and leadership other then the money which is now not easy for them also to make in this days of awareness .As the Public's here also have become very sensitive and careful and may be not satisfied with the leaders alone eating and visiting their house.
                And in the coming time also most of them out of pride and prejudice and egoism may commit Harakiri as some have lived like Greek god and eventually like some leaders from Tirap may be lost from the Public's eyes.
                   And when this realization can be seen in this place and the new political leaders are seen to be given chance with  honesty,young and education in their side.Thus many now feels it is now time to show the exit door in the great Galo land for some redundant leaders who have outlived their utility.
                     As Public's have greater expectations from their leader here in this State in worst transition period ,and with the BJP party  in the center and the State being ruled by inefficient INC party soon the  Govt. servants may even not get salary this is the latest rumor doing round also.
               As their was never ever a visionary leader to think for the future of this State and the present INC leaders must be now repenting for not making this State as prosperous like Sikkim.And how it will have also become like State of Sikkim which is also in the North East ruled by SDF party only?Thus there is seen policy paralysys and lack of the credibility of the State run by the present INC party .
                    This is perhaps result of the promotion of the corrupted and uneducated  and contractors where perhaps earlier promoted by the INC party High command perhaps for their own vested interest.Thus tomorrow same style of using the State machinery may finish of some of the INC leaders.As the excessive brazen use of the State machinery seems to have made the Public's allergic with the present regime.
                 As so far many have never swim against the tide, and by winning 3  Bye –election the INC party  should not live in the fools paradise that in the general election their worst time will not come.Some Public's are already daring them to contest from the INC party in coming election and not covet for the BJP party ticket which shows their power obsession which Hon`ble P.M have already heard to have rejected for good.
                And in the event of the general election even some whimsical leaders certain sympathizers in the BJP may hopefully make a U turn.Like the Japanese movie Red Cliff were the alliance force suddenly comes back to finish to aid with the forces fighting with the Emperors army.
                         After all in the eve of the election non of the senior BJP will like to be seen as a traitor and will be like to be given show cause notice on the ground of the anti party act.And the most of the INC leaders from this State ,howsoever they try will be surely not given BJP ticket believe many critics now.                          
                And for the Govt. in the worst economic crisis there is now seen reversal of fortune for some defeated opposition  leaders with the State Govt. heard to be even considering using MLAD and Special Package for giving the Govt. salary.And not only that Hon`ble Supreme Court have also directed major corruption cases of this State to be heard soon.
                   And many doubt this may entangle many other person`s with them as that way most of the present leaderships will have legal problem here.And as for the BJP it is categorical not to give ticket to a tainted leader even if their relatives are involved.
                       Thus this time even trying to purchase the BJP ticket may not help  some.As this have been habit of some leaders till now to do so and earlier BJP party itself have been ditched by some who are now enjoying power in the INC ruled State.Thus hopefully the BJP will also not like to get that divine curse.
                And some INC leaders have also personal record of terming worst  innuendo to Hon`ble P.M which the senior leaders like Taje Komutji of the Middle Siang Dist. Seems to have reported to the High command.See Hon`ble P.M is our prestige and jewel in the crown of the party how come a charlatan leader in the responsible post of the Hon`ble Cabinet Minister can claim him as a mad man?
                        That too in a Public platform in the auspicious occasion of the Sollung Festival?And see the audacity to date with some senior of the BJP thus Taje Komutjis anger will be surely looked into.Thus many cadres hope that the  BJP party can`t digest the insult on the Hon`ble P.M.
                  And not satisfied with it recently that same gentleman have openly termed some top BJP leaders as dependent on him.Thus may be time have come for the State BJP to unite before the other party attacking the INC party takes the credit.
                    See power have really proved to have become a poison in this State as some senior leaders seems to be now trapped in Act of God.And with His Lordships  mercy and graceness I seems to have been spared of much of problem and He seems to have made my negative as positive even if I was laughed initially.
               Though initially lots of questions have raised on some religious man also as they have foretold short of His Lordships will /divine pleasure in seeing me elected in last election .Which some  ordinary voters show it as my sure shot victory.Thus the present INC party in the Intensive care unit seems to have satisfied them.
                       As for myself when I was myself used by His divine Lordship in earlier occasion I had no reason to doubt other prophet also.And yes nothing really seems to go in vain when other Holy man also comment.And as I have also helped in construction of a Shiva Linga in my Gori Village there is no reason that why god and godess will also not help me.As even the Sadhus are now prophesying about my good political future.
                            Thanks to God that the Vodafone tower is nearly completed in my hometown and social network cite is accepted to be more rampantly used now.Interestingly many Publics till now even don`t know what is intern ate in my place.And the Publics are fed up of lies as in last election the promise of Dist.Hq. to the Basar area was used as bait by the INC Govt.in this State for the 2nd time.
                      And even the present leadership`s supporters have said after elevated as Hon`ble Cabinet Minister it will be easy for present INC leader of my constituency for bringing promised Dist.Hq.And so the Basar area Peoples are feeling betrayed after the Govt. is showing its helplessness in tackling the demand of the Likabali,Name Nari Publics demand for Dist.Hq. on ground that being in the border area they need it more.
                         As for some friends suggestions that in last election  I should have contested from BJP in absence of BJP, MLA candidate. I may have perhaps from God`s angle at that time did the right thing by contesting from PPA only,or I may have never got chance also.As till last election only the money was seen as the criteria by the Publics rather they were made to see this only.
                    As it is pertinent to mention that eventually their was no MLA candidate from BJP party from my Basar area.And this prompted Sri Tai Tagakji our State BJP Party President to welcome me in the Donyi Polo Ashoka Hotel after election when I was made to join BJP by my supporters.
             And by refusing crores of money,Banglaw in Itanagar and high political post offer  like Apeda Chairman by the INC top leaders by offering me not to contest. Our team seems to have gained lots of goodwill and we made honorable beginning in the first time itself.
                 As in last 2013-14 State election the INC ruled State Govt. made declaration of the simultaneous election of the State Assembly and parliamentary election to make the voters fearful.Or this INC party may have been rooted in earlier occasion itself.it is alleged some 350 crore was misused to fund the INC candidates and buy the BJP candidates.
                 And critics doubt that this started the fund crisis in present times and later it come down to the loss of Rs. 5000 crore to the State chequer so much so that the RBI have freez the Govt. Account of the State of Arunachal Pradesh.See in this tiny place this money is a huge amount.
                     Even many INC MLA`s where unprepared of last  election and where taken by surprise specially  the one in Dissident camp.And some leaders like Khafa Bengiaji of PPA even claim that the INC party leaders used crores of money to even purchase the BJP leaders not to contest.
                      And yet in that mess God seems to have saved my  pride and integrity by helping in getting a honorable vote with few money with me.In compare to alleged 18 crore money used by my counterpart and distribution of alleged 18 Vehicles.And today the State INC party is supposingly in great mess in this State like in the center.
                      And even if I lost I seems to have been used for a greater cause as Lord wish. As the myth that only rich can contest that myth have been broken now.And honestly condition here in this State was also very bad  in earlier occasion and some critics opine that their may be even no candidate left to contest in the coming election specially from the INC Party.
                            And the bad man from the INC who have been seen to doom the State and many of whom the Publics seems to be waiting to teach a good lession in time.As the Modi wave have come in the State also and more so as the INC party have been given enough chance and found unwanted.

         H.Life is really taugh in this State:-

                    As what to say about others in BJP party also earlier only the rich leaders where searched tried to be appeased ,pampered and loved.And surprisingly many adorable species  buckled under pressure in the time of crisis which was honestly I believe due to  INC leaders using all the evil tactics,and thus they can`t be also blamed much.
                       Thus I opine that at that time contesting from PPA was better option as I may have been pushed out by some rich and powerful force even if I tried to contest from BJP.And by the time they vacated it may have been  too late.
                       As interestingly even if I was State Gen.Secy.PPA their was talk within some senior member of the party here also to sell the ticket to richer candidate also.And this is even when many say I was alone instrumental in bringing the party to light as non seems to be writing much in this State and seen to be in the fools paradise to accept some help from the ruling party.
                Thus sometimes there is a definite feeling that to remove all the evil spirit hidden in the jungles of Arunachal Pradesh the God seems to have been compelled to remove the INC party from the center itself.As unless done this for a good man without ill gotten money it was only hara-kiri here in the political arena.
              And friends in need of hour when even a help send to you by a guardian angel  is being captured by some one else,should I not spill out the fact`s one day?But being one trying to be a spiritual person sometimes patience have to be shown.
                 But there is always hope that concern gentleman will repent and never give me  chance to say something also in future.See things in this State is real bad for poor leader thus all need to be sympathetic to us.The way INC forget RAJDHARMA intoxicated with power hope BJP leaders don`t follow the same path in future as ones in this holy land so far all seems to have been made to changed.
                                   May be it was time like this when earlier some member of the BJP may have to use communal ism also.As sometimes in one leaders and parties life until he proves a point none seems to be caring also.As one may be needed to  at least have 30% fix vote bank by hook or crook.Thus my earlier wrong mistake and some of my sympathizers using wrong language in earlier election can be pardoned.As I and my BJP party is not a communal party.
                    And as Public's here seems to have been spoiled to core and money seekers are always for excuse to not vote a Poor leader.And thus coming election may be the last chance to change the deteriorating mindset of the Public's which have been spoiled by few power obsessed man who always seems to be accepting others to stand in erect position for him to kick by coming running.
                     But for Public's it is now time to show flexibility and make that Gentleman fall.Thus we the BJP also appeal the Hon`ble CEC to implement strictly the Adhar card distribution here in this Basar area.As by putting the same age in the Adhar card and the election I.D alone the minor voters can be stopped from being enlisted in the electoral rolls.
                    Or some whimsical leaders seems to be the habitual offenders by spoiling the future of the students by using them in the hostile election environment.And only using the evil Technic some seems to be winning making their circle area more populous then other area by hook or crook.
                         By enlisting the dead and the voters from the outside constituency and ferrying the voters from the outside constituency in the even of election.This makes us to wonder weather the INC party Seva Dal does it only get this training to win the election.
                        As in Assam also the Bangladeshi refugee seems to be used by the INC party in the large Number.Thus when the senior in the INC also seems to be endorsing this practice then will not the divine power will be not angered also.
                   But the positive side is in the coming election all the Publics seems to be preparing to attack the voters if they come from outside constituency.And even if we ask them to be non violent can the Public anger can be also stopped?When one family alone is seen to be enjoying the life?
                And our goodness seems to have been seen as our weakness by some.As in other place the RTI and PIL have been also this days seen used commonly.But eventually God is good if there is really putting of the Financial emergency by His Excellency Governor of the Arunachal Pradesh many cases may be lodged against some top class.
                               And in hell what you can accept then to call the almighty God`s name .As living here is most challenging thing and why for one all should suffer?Thus the need of time is prioritizing everything,thus spiritualism can be never left out if we really want to bring a behavioral change in all.
               And one who have noose dived the prospect of the INC party by inviting the divine curse ,can he be trusted with all the great plan of Hon`ble P.M with the BJP party if he again shamelessly barged into the party office oneday.As for the Party president Sri Tai Tagakji he is atleast seen saying the INC leaders are from other planet and there is no question of taking them in the party .
                See the problem here in this State is even if some of the INC leaders may have changed but like in the Hindi movie even if the villain pretend to be good.But till end there is acceptance that he will commit some bad thing.
                  The INC party may also not lie low after sulking in last election and will never like a divine cursed man in their party also.Will they?Thus some local leaders of the BJP will they be not wrong if they are seen to be planning the debacle of the wonderful party they live in?By planning to invite a leader whom the INC party may be more then willing to dispose.
                 See when we have best in our own party why we should look for other?This is the worst peculiar problem of this State and this itself is its problem and need to be removed.As few leaders here have become like Mafia and Syndicate operators manipulating everything.
                         Thus the High command instead of trying to fish in the trouble water must help the party to remain united.And accept the latest trend where after the success of the AAP the Publics seems to be willing to have more honest leaders and party.Let the INC party capsize under weight of its own sin.Why to appease some leaders who are in fact more apprehensive and fearful now.
                Beginning from ourselves we have to make the loyality to God as the first issue , then country should come next.Then only the divine power is accepted to act more for the well being of the nation also,as we as nation seems to have jumbled up our priority. See unless the spirituality is understood we can never serve the party also.Thus there is need to know what is happening in the other part of the State.
                   This is my thinking and if it is better is it not appreciable?As see eventually everything will come from Him and Him alone isn`t it?See the way the latest order of the High command have to be respected so it is in spiritualism field.His divine decree have to be accepted.
                 Thus there is need for harmonious construction and I feel most of the BJP members have more high level spiritual standard then the INC cadres also.Have their been so with the INC leaders the Public would have still like it.
                    See the personal weakness may be their but the fire in the bally of the leader is God send and honestly it seems to have stopped to burn in the INC leaders case of this State.They can`t be trusted any more and given chance they may even issue Prostitute Licence believe many.
                       This is not based on today's observation only, the test like last election will perhaps never come back again also.See the real trait of the person is seen when he is still humble in high post and side with truth and justice.And see even the powerful Christian leader  in INC party is seen helping anyone for his political gain only.This makes the INC party all the more disgusting to some Publics.
            In fact they are vice versa philosophy namely the nationalism and spiritualism.Thus the RSS have to think what kind of man they like in the border area to lead.One power obsessed who may be ready to even invite the Chinese.Or one loyal to God alone will he not be loyal to country also?
                As the spiritual person alone will be all encomposing. This.This is serious issue to ponder thus both side of the angle have to be always seen.As this BJP party with the difference will hopefully never see the quantum of money but the soul of the leader.
                Thus there is need to make special observation by the RSS in the political happening of this State.As whatever the critics allege the RSS alone seems to be for the justice and equality which is the highest divine philosophy.And it seems to have succeeded for aligning with the divine direction.
                      See in earlier occasion some INC leaders is even heard to have been seen threatening to join China,if the adequate fund is not given.This is forgetting that they are the epi- center of all the problem.And mind it this comment even the Arunachal Public will never digest and are ready to teach them good lesion in future.
                       The problem with the Arunachal Pradesh seems to be there is very less daring even BJP leaders and even the INC elements seems to have made inroad in some BJP party office also in the name of the relatives .But hopefully in right time the High command will take an appropriate decision and everyone have to follow this.
                    But Bhaiya don`t play so much hide and seek with some extra smart INC leaders that our own BJP leaders later suffer in the coming General election.As promoting excessive corrupted leader in INC is it not great injustice to the co-BJO members?
                     After all this is party where Hon`ble P.M claims himself to be PRADHAN SEVAK /main servant.And some INC leaders here seems to have developed the PRADHAN RAJA mentality.As the things is relaly worst here I think for becoming Hon`ble C.M here more or less same money may be spend to become President of small country like – Nepal.
                See even if some lower leader is not liked it is the Publics of his constituency to decide and for one back by atleast 35 % of voters can he be neglected?As the Publics  are the JANATA JARARDHAN /the voice of the gods.It is accepted that some leaders can pay lots of money for the party ticket and some in BJP are in position to decide anything seeing their own personal interest.But there is someone above them also.
               Honestly if majority Publics feels I need not be given one more chance honestly I will be more then happy to bow down.As God have given me a better platform but pliz don`t insult my supporters in open general ground.And see with money and power I can be always shown in poor light by hooking into some of my past silly mistake.See non of a man who is really changed will never come open to serve the Publics also.
                   Those great man who are in a position to tell the facts to some of the senior INC leaders who are heard to be making regular round of some top BJP leaders office.They should believe that they have been divine ordained to warn the old leadership to exit out with honor  in time ,instead of willing to use them.
                   As this illegal affairs will never go far after all the INC and the BJP is class apart.The Public's in the Arunachal want a change and if we keep mum other party like PPA may suddenly gain ground like the AAP party in last election.
                              And if some INC leaders in their own  if they repent and want to make honorable exit from politics it will be welcoming ,as we have to be also unlike them.And they must be forgiven as for long they have enjoyed unfettered power in this Tera Incognito land.But some senior BJP leaders tactics of engagement with them may be also good if in the end a good solution of reconciliation is brought.
                             But going by the previous experience some top leaders will be alone perhaps tamed  by the Modijis Magic and may be by making them do Baba Ramdevjis new Yogic exercise . And if they understand the gravity of situation well and good as their all tactics have been exposed now.
                    Thus the top leadership in the BJP need to be more vigilant here in this sensitive border State.As it seems the earlier whimsical character of some INC top leaders have restricted their change of character in their difficult time as now also.
                  As out of egoism they seems to be in helpless position and some by their shamelessness character seems to have brought disrespect to all.The need of man is no nonsense man.Even the INC leaders should show their real manhood by even sinking in the INC party from which they have gained so much.
            The same person who is seen to be torturing the BJP grass root cadres more by transferring and denying their bill etc.And when they are seen more trying to bring infighting by helping some.But how long this can be tolerated for the sake of the majority suffering Publics?
                     And today forgetting all need  God and Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji more then anybody else.Some may harm the Public more before exiting out by their stubbornness,yet the Arunachal Publics have also come of age and ready to teach them nice lesson.
               Only for some Public's interestingly doubt is on 2nd rank BJP leadership of the State and nation who some believe will invite INC top leaders for their personal aggrandizement.But everything done and said hope their will be divine realization this time.See many forget that contentment is the blessing of God only and some have this in ample in any situation to come.
               And can anyone stop light to shine in any situation does power alone ensure respect?But not to say about the God fearing man who will be always happy in any situation , if this transpires that way  like some mischievous INC leaders may be thinking.
                           Then the BJP may be aborted in this State before taking birth also as this days AAP and PPA is seen to be in close watch of all the developments.See what earlier transpired in the Dist. Of the Tirap and Changlang of this State when their was a power vacuum?
                Thus the genuine  BJP leader`s of this State may have to be soon empowered also.In this sensitive state it will be dangerous scene if the excessive corrupted ones are now not stopped.As some critics like always they will even corrupt the top BJP leaders and sabotage the parties ambitious plan for bringing ACHA DIN in  this troubled State.
                 And many divine man seems to be thinking  that the God seems to be really taking personal stoke of situation of this State and will never pardon anyone who stand in His way.As things have become too much in this State as the groaning of the Poor and destitute seems to have also reached the God`s ear in heaven.
                As for any controversy in ticket distribution if there is challenge the platform speech within the party cadres  like in America should can be also resorted.As important is not who is made as leader here in this State but what contribution he can make to bring this State in per with the nation.I am sure this my friend Hon`ble MOS ( Home) Kiranji must be also thinking eventually.
             See important is to find one who can alone deliber and bring the rain fall down in this place of good Peoples and place of rich land with the Poor Publics.And if there is too much prosperity in the China side mind it this should be an Indian challenge to bring prosperity in this side also.As then only their can be true Bunker and great wall of India in this side also.

         I.Some leaders can do anything for Power:-
                                          See the INC leaders here can go to any extent of lobby and even after not showing their magnanimity to adjust one BJP leaders in 3 Mid term election and Rajya Sabha election where one BJP could have been atleast adjusted as Hon`ble M.P.Some have the audacity to try to bring division within the BJP party  of the State unit.
               As most of them are shameless to core and seen as Power obsessed by Public's and is said to be always visiting a person they need even wife making full invasion on his near and dear one`s door.Thus if this succeed then where is the promise to serve the Poor public's as need of hour is a political revolution only, or putting army rule/AFSPA will it do ?challenge many.
                    And some may even try to lobby on religious ground like Hinduism also to brainwash innocent RSS,forgetting that poor and other religious minorities have been never given political chance in their place also.
              And for everything like excessive Cow slaughtering they themselves are responsible, so can more sin be tolerated here now as Lord Sri krishna have he not asked to join the war for the righteous?
            After all when the BJP leaders have been never given chance in some place can`t the INC leaders can they be seen as more righteous?And do being in this PARIVAR don`t make some BJP leaders more close even if he is from other religion?
                                                                          Some critics say the Arunachal mentality should be never ever be followed in other place where the rich only seems to be befriended by top leaders  from both BJP and INC party.
              But for this besides top leaders even some one  in the BJP the entire Publics are also to be blamed .The Public's they must also stop seeing only money in election and respect the person based on his merit also.
                I am sure in right time some of my old friend now in top post of BJP will not fail my voters who are very good human being and have withstood worst temptations more then me in last election also.As we all have tremendous responsibility to this Society in its worst transition period.
                        As in earlier occasion even the PMO office during INC power in center seems to have been beneficiary of the slice of cake of the corruption and nepotism prevalent here in this remote State.And the truth tellers where earlier always kept in lurches hope this will stop in BJP rule.
               And this was the reason alone many joined this party also thus the wrong advisers need to be immediately sacked.As even if there is anger and ill will atleast the top BJP leaders are accepted to participate in the Active membership enrollment drive.As still the manual membership enrollment will be open till july 2015.As Sri Amit Shahji the BJP Hon`ble Party president have asked all to do this.
                I being always in the forefront of attack against the rich and powerful earlier honestly I was seen with hatred by some officers and need not to say never given any contract work and other benefits also.But since one leader had to attack from the front and now good that many Publics also seems to be criticizing the present leadership.
                Some is also openly doing so thus my work seems to have not gone invained. And.And soon one like or not we may play a majore role in remaking this society as the future seems to be really promising also for this Govt. under Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modijis leadership in the center.
                      And see earlier the illiterate and uneducated political leaders seems to have been knowingly promoted by the INC for their habit of blindly signing the MOU ,contract agreement and giving them commission.But this have to be stopped now.
                       Even if some was unfit to become chaprasi and seen not talking in assembly and unable to impress the planning commission officers and Don ear Ministers,contrarily reported to be dozing in important meeting savoring lots of meat and wine in party to others surprise .
                 But non seems to have been bothering earlier and what seems to have been harmed was the decent investors who wanted to make money in this land of peace and opportunity.Thus this is time we start making new friends who have also similier view like us.And hopefully the majority BJP will like a positive atmosphere.
                    As by next election and before that also many are seeing sure fall of the INC led Govt. in this State of the Arunachal Pradesh North East India.Which can be later Power/Hydro power hub of the nation.As this is only place where there is lots of rivers and streams which can be nicely tapped to produced electricity, and also its virgin land can be used for growing Organic crop`s.
                         And thus earlier with vision less leaders we have missed an opportunity even see even  if this personal weakness where always their with the INC party leaders . But their congress party connection seems to have been earlier their pass port of success.See few legendary man like Sri Boken Eteji and Late Gora Pertinji where not that greedy even if they were not uneducated said Ex-Hon`ble C.M Sri Gegong Apangji.
                 And by the time the INC Party is seen interested to change it seems to be too late as lately in the Mid term election more honest  educated Youth are seen given ticket and they have won also.But as the State INC party have become the conglomeration of the uneducated and vision less leaders thus can all be changed at once question the Public's?
                    Yet when there is general election there may be in coming time most scintillating and coordinated attack upon the INC party this time.As even the heaven seems to be now against them.So more I am improving my writing ability.Then believe it this is gift of God of justice, who may want many to help us ,as some fit to be in the bar`s are seen dictating terms this is really frustrating believe many Unemployed Youths.
                                      As honestly thing was real bad here as the Poor man`s scheme where all misused and earlier their was seldom any transparency in allotment of work in MLAD and Special Package etc.But very soon the present INC Govt.in the State may be compelled to take legal action against atleast politicians whose name have come up in the corruption case.
                       And time have also come to make some head role not only on the political consideration also.As one who is a habitual offender and have 2-3 A Grade contractor in their family.The Public`s may appreciate if the Govt.act now before it is too late.And who knows some cursed person of the INC if shown the exit door will help themselves also.
                   And also many sitting officers of the Engineering Dept. with cheque signing power from the Junior Engineer to Chief Engineer level all in the Division post also they may also face the music,as this days summon after summon is heard to be faced by top officers in the Disproportionate asset case.
                           As the NGO and the PIL fillers is heard to be after exposing their hidden property.And for the cash strap Govt. they seems to be only using the State machinery to threat some siffons of the creamy layers if the report of the summon by the Income tax Dept. is correct.

                 As finally Govt. seems to have realized that it is now better to take 95% of the general Public with them.And may be even thinking that it is high time to even put wealth tax and property tax atleast in the urban area.And for this Govt.`s compulsion seems to be more responsible also.And as this present batch of the leadership are only to be held responsible for everything thus non other can be criticized also.

        J.The Day of Judgement seems to be nearing for some:-

                   As the new Central Govt. is heard to be repeatedly asking for the Utilization Certificate on all major projects  which is heard to be making the present INC Govt. have sleepless night.And the Hon`ble Supreme Court Judgement have also heard to have shaken the Untouchables,as all the major corruption scams like PDS have been asked to be completed within a short time.
                     And it is heard some Advocates have even given back the files to the accuse seeing no way out.As there is heard to be Prima facie proof of financial irregularity in record as even the officers have said to have told the facts of irregularity to save their own skin.
                         Thus even PPA leaders like Khafa Bengaiji is even challenging the drawing of about Rs/-200 crore by the order of Hon`ble S.C by some contractors claiming this is misleading the apex court ,as the corruption case in PDS is subjudice in the Lower court.
                    Can you believe that Basar town  to Aalo town.This distance is said to have been shown as 300 K.m that too shown as portable track where there is no road.This is the hopelessness of this State where all the rice of the poor man where first changed in Assam and money again wasted thus many is now questioning this Depot system even of the Kerosin.
                   And it is also reported that in PDS system also according to the Police Investigation one motorcycle No. was shown as a truck for carrying the PDS rice.This is like fodder scam in the Bihar.It seems the earlier rich contractors never bothered to check their mistake also.
                   For long some Public's seems to believe that some PDS and other top contractors have sabotaged the Govt. and make and break the Govt. in election to suit their interest.But for them also the strong leader in the center seems to be giving them now limited scope.
                    In this State earlier every thing seems to have been fixed  .And all short of SAM .DAND,VED DWESH seems to have been used to come in power by some of the crooks in election time. Can you imagine one winning by only kidnapping of the Polling agent and putting the minor,dead person and non tribal names in the voter list.
                 And even threatening the non tribal voters in the urban area by snatching their Voter I.D this have happened in my place.And some INC leaders are openly accepting this also.Thus will the divine power will be not angry also?And you have to accept the shamelessness of that leader.
              After all my article may be also going to whole world.And day it stop I will surely stop also see the documentation of the historical facts alone will make our generations to know why capital was transferred from the Basar area,Horticulture college and the promised District Hq. as well .
            Thus unless this misleading and lies stop how can we sit silent.Let a top leader win by speaking about his work even for ones claim of bringing more funds ,if he and his own family is No.1 beneficiary and want to get the tender by manipulation then what is the meaning of that development.As in many place no work at all is seen in spite of drawing fund from other Dept.also.
                      Can you imagine even beating of the opposition leader ,this have  reportedly  happened to previous leaders from reliable sources,and my own top worker have been manhandled in last election and myself also threatened .And they will say everything is fair in love and war.
               And thus my concern is mostly for the remote and circle area as there is a feeling that Publics are compelled to support some which is bad.Though fact is seen that few crooks and goons seems to be hired in the election time to tell communal ism and threaten other.
                      In fact even if Rahul Gandhiji contest in our constituency in fair means will loose to us.Thus hopefully this Human problem will be sympathetically seen by even the good INC leaders.Yet the lack of the experience also disturbed the candidate in his first en devour.
                  And when this is the condition should one NAYAK should he not stand up.As good man will never get peace by avoiding the chaos and injustice around him.Thus when this technique is again anticipated to be repeated in future by some, then how we can keep mum?If we keep mum then the Gentleman will say why it was not said earlier?
                  As this State seems to be only place where the ruling Govt. try to come in power by not performing but by applying all the crocked means.And accepting the Publics to stand still and willing to hit by come running.Are the Publics fool here ?Thus all the world Denizens are also requested to help us as we are going through historic movement like France Revolution time.
                 Thus true to its stand before the Atomic energy deal the France Govt. the harbinger of the justice and equality seems to have made Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji also to promise that he will do all thing so that all the religious community flourishes in India.
                         And with the evil spirit openly seen worshiped in letter and spirit in this State to win election, and up till now any party that come to power in center only giving leap service.The world concern is also welcoming.
                    Will Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji purge this State of all the sin is now the million dollar question?As things are real bad here and mind it only in my 40 days fasting programme in the Chate ,Medziphema Fasting programme in Nagaland I have been shown a vision of giving me a writing power.
              Thus this writing may have a divine will also.After all one Hon`ble P.M candidate ,three Hon`ble C.M and 4 Hon`ble cabinet minister of this State have suffered for neglecting the divine prophesy which come through me.
                  And all the great man should not lie as Rahul Gandhiji the INC ace leader,Hon`ble C.M Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh ,Sri Jarkar Gamlinji Hon`ble MLA and Sri L.Ronyaji ex-cabinet minister is still alive to whom my communication took place by direct communication and by writing in the facebook.
                See one should not commit so sin that even the divine power become angry.The personal sin can be forgiven but one of the modern greatest sin is perhaps enjoying on the Publics money and blocking the way for the coming of the God choosen leader.
               This is happening in this State and some have no shame to even accept this.In our Galo Donyi Polo religion belief also even some evil spirit leave a person if nicely convinced,but what about you my dear ex-good friend for are you also not obliged to me for helping you when you was also in worst trouble?
                 And did I not before election also not send you many letters through your relatives?And did not I had the capability to disturb you in earlier occasion itself?see it’s a great opportunity when divine power seems to be willing to help in ones life.But it is also wrong to let Him take pain and come this show we are inefficient.
                   As it shows we have failed Him as an society also.See whatever may be the justification of the rich class but have Christians been treated nicely here?And that same man is seen enjoying in other place by projecting him like a good human being to all.This is the psudo secularism practiced in the INC party which have also the sin of burning of many Holy Church in this State in late 1970`s.
             Force and deceit what not is used here to be in power by the INC leaders -transferring officers and demoting them is a common practice here,and sometimes even the important office building  have also suddenly caught on fire specially when their was seen political change of leadership , though it sound funny isn`t it?
              Can you imagine a Cabinet Minister openly criticizing its parties Ex-C.M in the open platform?This the INC party are seen to be doing openly.And thus as no Congress man  have perhaps so far no sympathies for this injustice happening to their own departed leaders so the divine curse seems to be natural consequence also,as imagine what will not happen to poor.
               As God will want one to win by democratic and fair means only.And as all the wrong deed is seen by Him from above,how long He can be mum?When the Ponu party are made to wait for hours for the Peanuts and develop chronic Gestricites. Thus.Thus the local Publics also need to realize that better to form a NGO and earn more money.
                         Thus for bringing change before the last 2014 State election also His majesty have shown me vision to make a team with Late Setong Senaji Ex-Hon`ble Cabinet Minister,late Jarbom Gamlinji Ex-Hon`ble C,M and Sri Gegong Apangji Ex-Hon`ble C.M.This vision was shown in my 3 days fasting programme in the Jipu Prayer center.
                        They should have heard my advise to fight unitedly and may have long life with name and fame as only Sr. Apangji is surviving now and he also surprisingly lost previous election.As the clear cut direction one get in the fasting programme like Jipu Prayer center in the Likabali seldom go in vain.Thus in this debacle and challenging time also Lord and Savior have kept His reputation that He is the supreme and living Lord.
                  Unfortunately  in this State even if one from the Christian background come in power in top post ,he was made to forget his own congregation and co-brothers by some power obsessed leaders.Even if that Christian leader earlier benefited from everyone's prayer support and the divine prophesy of his promotion was revealed in the healing crusade also.
                  Thus in future some may have problem convincing their own family members when they are out of power.Thus in place like this State leaders are eventually seen to have a pathetic life after being exited from power.But we being having a powerful congregation like Holy Church , GBCC and CBCNI should be spared of most of the boring life by thy gracefulness after retirement even if there is power or no power.
              See some Peoples have pollute the political environment to such an extent.And as the INC party have today become an aristocrat party and conglomeration of rich class Politicians,Beaurocrates and Business man.Thus time for the DHARMA YUDDA /fight between righteous and unrighteous have truly seems to have come here in this State.
               Thus in coming time once again the whimsical leaders are  not accepted to be blaming the top workers to  project them  and pretend  as if  unwilling  to contest in the eye of the Public.As if whole relatives have been not ordered to make local Apong /beverage in advance and cut lots of Cow/Gao Mata.
                 And see if we had kept mum even some Vega bonds may have been  sponsored to contest to cut the voters and disturb the genuine opposition leader,as there is no dirt of insincere leaders.But the smart Public's also seems to have learnt all the tactics.
                And will surely not be effected by any drama anymore as all the arsenal of the INC leaders seems to have been understood here.And even many top INC leaders may openly defy some present leaders whom they have reason to believe to have a divine curse also.
                But as one man cannot fool everyone for all time thus the groaning is also starting to be reported from top leaders own villages and clan also.As ultimately the blame for a bad leader is also shared by family and Village Peoples as some is heard to be silent in the State assembly amidst volley of question by the educated leaders and sometimes seen in ridiculous situation also.
                    And thus as the family members are ultimately seen victim in this party politics.The person who have been apex predator so far and let other suffer like anything till now may give  more risk to themselves and their own relatives in future if they don`t make honorable exit now.
                        And today even if some may even put their loyalist also to try to shield their past weakness also.But in this new world one will invite his own nemesis if he still try to sleep with his eye wide open.As world is never the same again and it is highly improbable that in the coming election seeing the new Public mood they themselves will like to contest also.
                    See the interior village boys of usually the  circle area of sub division area have so much potentiality in games and sports.But not a single village here seems to have a decent football ground.And it is this interior villages in election time who are seen mislead ed in the name of communal ism and regionalism.And there is look of malnutrition in the face of the innocent villagers.Thus who is responsible for this?
                 As in Sub Division area at least things are better for some reason.The area is usually fertile and there is Public awareness thus at least Poor man`s rice even if done away with by the stockists.The Youth seems to be managing the good height in the Army recruitment interviews.
                  But in other place who have been so far kept in dark and in election communal ism used vehemently and the outside Assembly constituency voters brought in the Youth are unfortunately seen to be short.See in Tirbin town which is the circle Head Quarter leave aside the village even the town have no decent play ground.
                This seems to be the effect of the whimsical leader only preferring uneducated and whimsical lower rank leaders like them.Who seems to have no vision for the Society.It is said the uncomfortable leaders are always uncomfortable with the more educated and genuine person and never like one who try to advise them.
                Thus only waiting for leader `s help is wrong as in today's time the INC leaders is also heard to be giving only few money to the sick persons who visit them for help.Thus it is high time the Public's of our area invite a more honest leader,as it will be good for all.This voice is now starting.
              Is their any way then this also?But he should be also not chased after like earlier leaders where did.As when one is more honest believe it every ones turn will come one by one.And besides they are not contractors and monopolists and will like to spend more time in even befriending the corporate house for investment in factories and Industries.
                 Thus given chance their style of functioning also need to be tried as we need more Investors here.But for this from the day one the talk should be socio,economic and political revolution.Does someone ask is Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modijis rich elder brother is helping him in election or not?Thus the local Public s must show their magnanimity and rise above parochial view.
                  Why to trust the rich and powerful leader who himself keep some of his own relatives in lurches as if corruption case comes some is heard to have smartly stage managed for making their own relatives as Genii Pigs in some case.Or have to purchase their own workers in the election time.
             As for long the basic instinct of the innocent Public's that leader need to know him and always be available seems to have also stopped the development.We have to evolve above this mindset of always having party together and that leader know me by face.Though in this place this is also important but the intention need to be knew and the Public's made apprised of this.
                                                       This is the duty and responsibility of the general Public also then only their will be a great stride and development.In this Social network cite era the Public's are also changing and must be also made to change also.
                    Thus here in this hopeless State even the common human being are seeing divine work in elevation of great man like Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji in center.As he now only seems to be only reason for the Youths to not take up arms and go in jungle.
                   As the intern ate have also opened the mind of the Publics. But.But in the interior circle there is also immediate need of putting the Vodafone and Air cell tower etc.As some doubt even the BSNL tower is not allowed to function properly by uneducated leaders supporters as -`IS RUUT KI SABHI LAINE VYAST HAIN,`/the line in this root is busy ,seems to be the reply in the Mobile connection.
               Some may think this allegation is bit too much as one will not fall to such an extent.But earlier experience shows that the senior leaders are really power obsessed and can do anything.As non will dare to rebuke an opposition leader unless some one is behind it.
              See this days the Youth also seems to be openly writing against the senior leaders in their face book also which is welcome element.As even if we write substance we will be seen to write from different spectacle by some.Thus in this historic moment when the INC party condition in the State is like just before the sinking of Titanic.The courageous and brave souls must come out.
               And one obsessed with his praise by the Public's ,will he also like this new developments?And many rumors are also revolving around of their anger and frustration in this new world where they may be feeling alone.
                               Only their real official announcement of active retirement  from politics can perhaps remove all the rumors as the honest Public's is also planning to teach many Gentleman`s from INC party a good lesions in coming election.

         K.The youth movement is also happening here:-

            As the future is unpredictable more for Youth also.As some Youths in Basar town is also seen ready for any eventuality in the issue of false promise of Dist. Hq. Thus the day some  leader is no more in power they will definitely face the music.And music band have already started here in Basar area also.
               As the true Democracy is alone the way to ventilate ones anger.Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modijis success have also broken many myth including one that wife is needed for success.For long many years the country seems to have been running in stereotype presumptions specially here that money is must in election so and so forth.
                 Fortunately new boss  he is seen sincere to really reaching last line of Poor as Swami Vivekananda preached and RSS Pracharaks heard to be teaching their cadres in their camp will surely monitor the Arunachal Pradesh developments nicely.As service to humanity is service to divinity is really accepted to be known by this great Institution.
                And one not doing so the new resurrected and enlightened RSS have right to see them as KAFIR even if they are from same Hindu religion.As the good friend is better then a bad relative.See there is only two kind of religion in world DHARMA AND ADHARMA.
             The one following the righteous and other following the unrighteous and so non can make excuse.Thus from the god and goddess perspective also earlier how one treat a poor and downtrodden was yardstick to check ones spiritualism.See the divine power have given BJP a chance so we have a responsibility specially in this State where things have gone too far.
                            And surely Arunachal Pradesh is also changing for good as like in Bengal the present Youth`s are very forthcoming in criticizing all the injustice.Yet the youths must do it more by exposing the injustice in the SMS and facebook and do what they can also do.As this is not a hard job as well.As the rise of Evil  is due to the silence of the good Peoples.
               See many a times the opposition leader is seen from different angle by the Public's and cannot always go berserk.Thus there is need to make some issue  a Public issue?As here in our State some cunning leader also take the excuse of helping the villagers by using their firm to do all contract work also.
                                     Now is it not injustice to genuine contractors?and thus it is time before the Public go berserk the INC party itself accept its mistake and stop from committing more mistake.As  the good part is even if we the opposition leader have  financial limitations,but soon the inter fight among the INC leaders may doom them.As due to their own greed they are now seen to be clashing with each other in Booth level also.
                              As non will like to go to jail alone as the PDS and other scam party have imminent threat after recent Hon`ble S.C judgement which have ordered the major cases in this State to be solved immediately .They may think –`SANAM HAM TO DUBENGE HI APKO BHI LAIN DUBENGE`.Meaning darling I will sink and along with it make other in other scam also sink with us.
                Thus now there is also danger bell for the INC lower workers if they are given work from MLAD and Special Package fund and work is not done nicely.Thus I am appealing all the youths of my constituency to at least give me false promise note by the INC leaders signed in the previous election time.So that this can be exposed as how long the innocent parents can be cheated?
                 As many voters specially in the interior place is heard to have even with them the signature of the leader promising certain work which they never do that too for 2-3 times.Given to me I will definitely expose it atleast  as should I not do what I have in my financial limitations also?
                  As for long my silence seems to have been construed as my weakness as in other place RTI and PIL have given sleepless night to the leaders.And I also apologies to the constituency Public's for my earlier weakness as I always wanted the time to be given to the senior leaders for repentance.And even if nothing was done to me my supporters could have been persecuted more if RTI and PIL was filed against the powerful forces also.
                       How long one will be feared?and why me even the youths must expose ones excess corruption and nepotism in their face book and Movile. As.As whom to fear and why ?when the leader is seen not delivering and seen misusing only the MLAD and special package fund this days .
                  And who knows now that too may be spend for paying the salary of the Govt. servant by the present cash strap INC Govt.who seems to be now like rudderless ship.Thus `JAGO MOHAN PYARE`, which in Hindi means wake up my loving Mohan for long you have slept and made one fatty cat to eat all the rats around leaving other Cats in lurches.
             And as for my earlier election sacrifice I can`t be also seen as jealous person from my critics views.As to much extent I feel right development have never happened because of the lack of the vision of the present leaders who should have been removed in earlier occasion itself.

         L.The hope lies with new leadership only:-

                      This is  to save your future as even if corruption and nepotism is not immediately removed which will also depend on the Public's reciprocation.I am sure the educated and enlightened leaders with their charisma and connection will bring more Investment and opportunity.As today even the Private job is seen to be costly commodity in this State and this need to be immediately changed by bringing more Investors.
                    See unless all join us we also are not bound to always sacrifice for the society at the cost of our valuable time and energy.And for making the Public's to again quote large money from the rich leaders how long we can be made as silent lamb also?Thus time to say openly  and lambaste what your heart feels from -DILSEY.
                   As after one is no more and lost in oblivion will it be futile to sing this song in movie –RAJU BAN GAYA GENTLEMAN ?namely -`WHO TO HAIN ALBELA ,HAJARO MAIN AKELA ,SADA TUNE AIB DEKHA HUNAR KO NA DEKHA.` And lately here in this State now even the stipend of the students is seen to be stopped to be given by the worst INC Govt.
                 Not to say about the Contractors who are yet to get their Bill and some Laborers is heard to have not received their payment for 3 months now.And worst the INC party is heard to be using the GPF of the Service doing community.
                        And even heard to be using the School Auditoriums for telling the INC Ideology. Yet.Yet the critics will see this as preparing the innocent to die in the war like the Operation Valkyrie launched by the Germany when finally its nemesis came.
                As all the mature,knowledgeable and enlightened ones seems to be eyeing for the BJP party now and other opposition group if the good leader is sidelined even by the BJP.And with the RSS as the guiding force even some are sure of miracle of putting of some new person in the Hon`ble C.M post.Like earlier the Hon`ble P.M was elevated.As the RSS views seems to be quiet contrary then the Arunachalee view also.
                  Their passion for making India great also seems to have attracted myself in this new resurrected BJP party.Thus also instead of cursing the leaders after they are retired it is now time to teach them and tell the facts that the honorable exit will be best for them.As like Guitar cannot be learnt after you are grown up some have inhere tent limitations for not going to the Higher Secondary School and earlier and have in fact got political chance by default.
                   And the general Public of this State seems to be feeling that already present INC team have been given enough chance and new party need to be given chance in coming election.As how long even the Rosgulla sweet be compelled to be only taken ?
                 Thus it will be wrong to think all the Arunachalee as moron and only INC party ideology can be throttle down their mouth ,eyes and ears.As in previous election also some terribly rich leaders have been made to loose also.Thus there is still some goodness in the State Public's also.
                 As after 3 term political chance here in this State also  the Publics seems to be getting bored of a senior leader.And leader also seems to be developing a health problem.Thus this State is also not bad and the great Galo community which have been also appreciated by the British Sociologist like Hamilton how it can not change now?
                   Thus time seems to have come to rise above relative and relation also and who meet and eat  more in my house.As even if want to how can honest leader manage money to reach them before time?Thus the Publics also need to be sympathetic to us also.
               See how can the Publics forgive some leaders who have come by surreptitious means?And genuinely respect them when they are still not changing .As Holy Bible seems to clearly say forgive a Person for Individual mistake but not the King for his misgovernance.
                        And thus this misunderstanding need to be clean ones and for all that spiritualism and politics is poll apart.Some evil man seems to be also willing to penetrate the spiritualism by propagating for their own interest.May be in other place where the Christians have also got equal chance to flourish may be this justification like I am making may be also not necessary also.
                          And see I have always advocated for the minority community in any place even the Hindus in the America and the Arab land. And the rise of honest leaders in other place have also perhaps shown that this is time to start supporting honest leaders in all the party in every nock and corner of India.And as a matter of fact this process seems to have already began in BJP the party with the difference.
              As for present majority BJP leaders of this State,this always have been seen committed in the line of Modiji.As the body language of the State Unit is very welcoming.Thus unless great injustice happens it is wrong to criticize in advance also as eventually it is accepted that there is reconciliation in all level as everyone is gifted in some way or other.
                 Not that I am dying for party ticket but there is something called ground reality and voters mood have to be study.And in right time I will also have to take their opinion as for now many are seen believing that in place like this non will contest also even if I make a sacrifice.
                     And in kind of place in which I am living the weak candidate may be also kidnapped, but one thing is for sure for me I have become obliged to my last 2014 elections voters who have stood for me like the statue of Gibraltar and I have a divine obligation to them and non have the right to undermine the power of the honest voters also.Thus this pre-determined hatred to the leader with less money is really bad.
                    And see the honest and sinless voters have great power with them.Never undermine a good leader who by bare minimum money even get the 35% of the total vote.For this Peoples who are his voters are living Sages in the hell like place and their blessing have the power to make heaven bow down also.And it will be honestly upto them to decide about my future career and also.
                 As in place like this of ours some believe  if one like Hon`ble P.M Narendra  Modiji had not come then rich and powerful with all the ill gotten money may have burg inside the BJP national party also  in right now in the ruling position like always.And may have secured their post in next election also.
                         The general Publics are seen to be very much angry against some for tarnishing every Arunachalees image.This practice of jumping to greener pastures seems to have made the Arunachalee look cheap, and thus Publics are now daring them to contest from the INC party in the coming election.
                To show their true leadership and power as for the opposition leader they can change to any party other then INC as it makes no much difference the Publics seems to be thinking.See even if the genuine candidates are left in lurches the Publics may eventually make them successful in the coming election.As for the exceptionally good leader the party also seems to be gaining for him only.
                And thus hopefully the BJP will not  forget some of habitual runners who where the ones earlier who made even the god like Ex-Hon`ble P.M Atal Bihari Bajpaiji also cry for their same tactics.This brother Tomo Nomukji from my Galo community one very close to Atal Bihari Bajpaiji alone knows.
                  As ones he was asked by the legendary leader Bajpaiji-`Tomo where is your leader who took BJP ticket from me.`And on reply of Tomo Nomukji that he have eloped to INC.Bajpai is heard to have said-`Tomo had I not apprehended this and told you?`It is pertinent to mention that since great man`s Hon`ble  M.P days Tomo Nomukji  he was associated with him.
                     And it was on his request one gentleman was given BJP ticket and he ran away to INC,thus BJP party will never like some of this Arunachal  monkeys to be seen again in the BJP trees.As they have no ideology and may one day elope to enemy country also.
              Thus for the BJP as Bajpaiji have a iconic image and he will be personally upset if the rich INC leaders are invited in the BJP.Thus I think the days of the INC and the leaders from this party willing to change fence  is gone.
                       And hopefully in coming election Delta force will be send by the Party president –Amit Shahji to finish the last citadel of corruption and nepotism.As here there are some INC leaders who have done this jumping to greener political pastures 3 times before also and have jeopardize the State and national growth by setting up a very bad example.
             And for some they seems to have no shame left only power seems to meaning  everything for them.In old age it was time for some to join the world of spiritualism yet some is heard to be still savoring lots of food,meat and liquor also.So much energy it could have been used for a better way.
            And  it is also possible that some top leaders like habitual offenders will try to push up more candidate in other end hoping a good place for themselves in coming election.But when going get  tough then tough get going also.Thus the critics may also respect some of them if they  really win from the INC party in the coming election also as so far they have never swim against the tide.
               And also until their own direct communication for peace negotiation is heard can their inter lockers can be also believed?Specially after seeing their past deceit.As some is heard to be also not  interested in next election also which non seems to be believing, yet in politics future cannot be said also.
                        The magnanimity of the senior leader may have been also appreciated if they really want to show their better side ,now that both side is in win win situation.And mind it this time is crucial as most of the supporters may be only waiting for the general election to be declared and leave them.                 
                        See the new generation also never wanted to hurt the elderly person unnecessarily and believe it  have earlier always  tried their best for peaceful reconciliation also.Yet the common Public's specially the contractor types can be also blamed for vitiating the atmosphere.
                  As in this area non seems to be working for peace and reconciliation also.Who knows the senior leaders may also like this middle man brokering for peace in this critical  junction of their life?As more challenge seems to be on them as they are only seen as bagful of money by the Public's in election and thus in coming time their movement  will not be easy like in earlier occasion.
              And it is possible one who have earlier himself lost election and felt the power of God and mercy of Publics he may have still some good heart left with him.After all political power for whom ?is it not for well being of Publics?And are the new educated leaders who have read ABCD in class room will they not be better in delivering?

                    As for the leaders of the Tirap and Changlang side they are generally seen to be very good and simple and a Hon`ble BJP MLA friend was socked to learn that one gentleman here have about 2 -3 A grade contractor in his own family .Our struggle is also for justice and tribute to earlier educated leader who have earlier died in the process of bringing enlightenment on this Society and State.
                 See from the day when I was dropped like hot cake by a Bureaucrat from his Car on the way  to Arunachal Bhawan Chanakyapuri when I was not find to be a son of top leader.This was when I was studying in the Hindu College Delhi University in 1991.From that day I also seems to have come of age having being exposed to lots of challenges in life from day one .
                           And as DILKA RISHTA HI BADA PYARA HAIN ,the relation of heart alone is most important  more then ATM ,check and credit card relation.Thus hope one day friends and foes who where together in the College days will also again meet.One also like cine star Arjun Rampal  who was pretty close to me in Hindu college days Delhi University in 1991.
             And as for Hon`ble MOS ( Home) Sri Kiran Rijiju many feel that he will still remain mine admirer like in college days during football final days when we use to play for NESFED cup.And win it for three times continuously as their seems to be a plan of God in everything ones greatness according to Hindu Shashtra is alone seen by how a old friend is treated.
            See that hunger for one bottle of bear in our college days we will perhaps never have again that in our life.Thus sometimes money is also seen pointless as can it bring that appetite back?And in this historic era where some is all set to win every one by his good character and virtues will hopefully never fell too much in the same mud of corruption and nepotism against which we have promised to fight.
                      See when lord Sri Krishna was asked by her consortium Rukmini what is in that poor and common Brahman-Sudhama?He is my friend was all that Lord Sri Krishna is said to have replied.In world war – II a friend inspite of his captains warning crawled to rescue his friend.
                 And on bringing back his friend dead in bunker his captain asked what you gain.The corporal replied sir when I reached my friend he was alive and I did not failed him by reaching him and fulfilling my earlier promise.See everything in this world is not alone winning and losing there is something above it.A divine purpose in life which have to be completed more so by great.
              As one can perhaps manipulate everything but not thy power and his own conscience which will be always their to curse a person when he does anything wrong.Perhaps this is the price of being in the top also.And with the right man in the right post in this State the Society must change for good.


                              The State of Arunachal Pradesh is a very peaceful State in the North East part of India.And here the population is very less thus the Publics also does not seems to unnecessarily harass the political leaders unless he is very corrupted.
                          But out here in our part that  is in my 29th Basar ( ST) Assembly constituency of  the West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh the INC leaders seems to have spoiled their own future by spending huge money for garnering large Public gathering.And some were earlier seen walking as if they have Bullet Proof vest inside their cloth.    
                                   And other thing they have been doing is trying to take all the credit for even the good work done by officers also.As our belt had earlier  maximum top beaurocrates like Sri Tabom Bam IAS Hon`ble Ex-Chief secy.Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh who also reached to the rank of Secy. Govt. of India.And this  officers have been  also instrument in bringing much development work in the local area.
               And also one like Er.Toli Basarji Chief Engineer PWD,Dr.Tajum Basarji Ex-Director health Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh ,Ex-director Agriculture Sri Tago Basarji and Sri Karyom Riramji hon`ble Ex-OSD to Hon`ble C.M and Sri Eken Ribaji Hon`ble Ex-Cabinet Minister  and also presently Commissioner  RTI  Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh etc.
                         They have also done lots of thing for the Basar area yet some political leaders are alone seen to be trying to take all the credit.And in the case of Dist.Hq. issue also many are feeling that in this era of lobby politics their was need of one atleast who can have operate facebook.To some it was alone one like Tabom Bamji if he had good health who was fit for worth supporting as Public leader from all angle.
                               As he is also a great man of this place who have inspired the youths to be sincere in studies.And become 9th rank IAS in the most challenging time.And to his supporters and well wishers view he may have brought lots of work due to his higher connection also if he had good health and made as Hon`ble MLA.May God bless Him with quick health recovery also.
                                      But this is also fact that the present leadership must have been also fit man in earlier occasion.And still now they can be really famous if they make a honourable exit.As some of them may have good intention but seems to be suffering from inherent limitations in new world.Their are also  even many young generation leaders who have earlier helped them in their election victory also and deserved to be given chance.
                    They should have given a 2nd thought and stop taking everything as personal prestige issue as reconcialation if it is good for Publics should have been explored also.As honestly the reconciliation should have been best for all.As majority seems to be feeling that  even if I,e- Sr. leaders of the INC party they may have still some good intention with them.
                       But it is time to give chance to new generation leadership`s one  with better ideas.It was in fact time for some elderly INC leaders  of this State to think like a parent.And by the time they realize their mistake and decide to abdicate the throne,it should be not be like the Truck is already seized by the Insurance Company and father ask his son to bring it back.Thus governance is not a jock.
                          Oh God why so much power crazy? Believe it the new generation have also many good feelings and plans for their area and for  Public interest issue also they have made sacrifice.So can the new generation cannot be also appreciated for their good deed also?
                How long only the money will be seen as the point for respect and only some have power with them how long they will twist their language to suit them.As earlier the INC leaders used to say we have same INC power in the center.
                And now are trying to mislead the Publics by saying the fund agmarked for the State Govt. can be stopped by non of the central power.The Publics are honestly now confused by this change of arguments.
                            As in this State most of the haves class have become rich by surreptious means.Thus I appreciate about one things in Bengal where the onlookers are seen to pull down the handkarchips of the accuse rapist to show his face in the T.V.Honestly in the issue of the false promise of the Dist. Hq. in the Basar area it was high time to boycott the top INC leaders in any programmes and party.
                                  And today one who read in Delhi and Bombay should he not be also given chance to show his ability?May God remove all the evil spirit and stubbornness with some senior leaders.It seems non is praying for them also and not advising them about the latest happenings which may have great ramifications for them in future.
                                               See it is easy to try to hide the facts that some is thriving on large commission from the contractors.But the Basar area Publics also seems to be now coming of age as recently in the issue of the building of the poor quality Gate all Publics are seen to be very agitated.
                 As the Welcome Gate of the town is seen to be made of worst shape and size by the contractors.Many hope this issue bring the same revolution  like which we read about a story-How Quick India movement come to Alipur?As for long Publics seems to have been made to be silent in this place and many believe it is now time to say enough is enough.
                         Accepted some seems to have mastered the art of winning but who will answer to the future generation if the worst things like Insurgency starts here in this side also?Thus one more knowledgeable in today’s time of internet should he be not given political leadership chance? as the much needed corporate house also can be perhaps alone convinced by them to invest here.
                         As the Basar town can be really developed as the transit camp of the Switzerland of the East-Mechuka town.And the Galo community for their unique community network can have been made as hotbed of Organic cultivation.And thus a Military cum Civilian Airport could have been build in Himipobdi area near Bam Village of Basar town of the West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh also.
            After all in Chinese side of Tibbet many air port is said to be build.Thus in this worst transition period man of vision and creativeness should he be not given way.That too from senior leaders their own heart and conviction, as now all is in win win situation and things cannot be said regarding future also.
                     As all seems to be very angry now as world suddenly seems to have changed and is seen changing for good also specially for the majority publics who are kept in lurches in place like our`s.How long some Publics can be only accepted to support society like GRK when the corruption and nepotism is also happening inabated.
                     In fact Basar area was a great opportunity for a dedicated leader to make it like Chandigar.As the place is very beautiful and the climate is moderate.This could have been made as a Education center.And my Gori Village and Kadi village NGO and cooperative society would have really gone places as it sounds familier to the Hindu belt names.
                      Hope in coming election the great Publics of the area who have given chance to others will give chance to themselves by supporting someone who bring a change all believe in.As a political change in the place like this is long overdue as for long the haves class seems to have abuse the power.And hopefully by repenting they will not like the coming election to be changed into a revolution against them.
                   And honestly for it the burden of change is now in them only as for long they have enjoyed at the cost of others and worst seems to be misleading the Publics any further.As if they have been divine ordained to be rich and others eternally cursed to be their yes man and suffer.

                      This is a wrong justification by some in this State as most of the rich man here have become richer by looting the Public money only.This is in fact a open secret that makes their future more vulnerable.As this great Basar area Publics have also given only two term chance to great leaders like Late Tomo Ribaji and Todak Basarji Ex-Hon`ble C.M and hon`ble Cabinet minister respectably.                  


                                                   The love upon this State increases more when the song of legendary Bhupen Hazarikaji is played ones again which says-`SURAJ KA KIRAN SHISH KA BUSHAN KANTH MAIN TUSHAR DEY.PRABHAT SURYA CHUMBIT  PRADESH HAMARA ARUNACHAL HAMARA ARUNACHAL`.
                                         This State being a young one have show everything from peace and tranquility to sudden surge of activity within a short time.See What will happen if a African nation is directly shifted in the America,the publics of the Arunachal Pradesh have to face the worst transition period?
                                 Though it was in fact time for peaceful reconcialation and the burden of it was definitely on the rich and powerful class who have so far enjoyed life like anything.As nothing can be predicted now of the future here in this State.
                    And soon their bad time also seems to be coming may be for not sharing the burden of this State.And for Youths of this State perhaps this feeling seems to have come that this State is not developing under present leadership.
                      Instead of facing the problem how long top leadership will think to always run from responsibility and  reportedly date the BJP Highcommand secretly also,to change the party like always?And this have increased dependency by top leaders in all the Publics who seems to be now helpless in this worst economic crisis time.
             Thus general Public mood seems to be in mood for punishing the conglomeration of the rich and powerful politician ,officers and business man like in the previous Goa election.The majority seems to be thinking that the conglomeration of vested interest Peoples have given no other option also.
                       But it will be wrong if this hatred is used in undemocratic way.The BJP is committed to make it a democratic fight.Yet is is also fact that this State is far better then other North East State as the Peoples have so much goodness about them.
                 And forgiveness and realisasion is also trait of this society .But few man should not take it as their previlage to give worst governance and see political power as their Individual and family birth right.  
                     And in earlier occasion only the rich class was seen to be only interested in keeping their fielfdom by changing the political party as easily.And was seen continuing to looting this State.See earlier even the vigilance dept. and the Audit team of the centre where reportedly only made to come till Guwahaty only,or was rather made to be scared away.
                   Yet with Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji in helmns of power such kind of the injustice in BJP seems to be improbable now . And many Publics feel some INC leaders they are the one who have bring insult and disgrace to whole State by showing their loose character.
                   As political decision really effects everyone else thus even Holy Bible seems to have termed the whimsical act of the King as unperdonable.As how long one can change the party for their own power and interest?And now that Hon`ble P.M is seen not reciprocating he seems to be criticized.
                     See the allegation that the center is curtailing State money is wrong as this is not seen as pick and choose method.The entire N.E region seems to be suffering for now  after all we have to suffer with the nation in this times of troubles isn`t it?
                     And thus at this juncture how an  earlier  Gandhi family loyalists can be trusted also?This even some hardliners in the INC camp will also have to accept as they have the reason to fear some whimsical leaders whom they have created.
                   And fed up of the distrust on top INC leaders recently the party spokesman seems to have released Advisery for taking strict disciplinary action on the top INC leaders with rumour mongering characteristics.
                   As today the INC leaders seems to be in the worst identity crisis as even their soul will curse them if they jump yet ones again to other party forgetting their responsibility.And interestingly some have jumped to other party for even four times.
                 And they seems to be the real reason for the Publics apathy.Will some of this habitual offenders will be saturated in the BJP party  is what critic`s are now asking with their finger crossed?

                     As many feels the real reason for deamanding AFSPA is them only.As many question when everyone else is hungry will army will not have to come?
              And some even think that the clever rich leaders of the INC party apprehensive of the future threat on their lifes are asking for it while in public trying to blame BJP.Forgetting that it was brought in the Tirap and Changlang Dist. By the INC party only.
                 And even some allege that in earlier Govt. toppling of the Late Hon`ble C,M Jarbom Gamlin Govt. by his own party man even the IG and DIG police locked themselves up in the room.Or may have been rather made to do so.
                                    This is the legacy given by some of the senior INC in this State.And not even that after Late Gamlinji is no more his own party man of the cabinet rank is seen to critisize him in the parties official Public ralley.

                  As this INC party is now seen serviving in whims and caprise ,rumour and surmises for which itself have to be blamed.Fortunately in his recent Itanagar visit Hon`ble P.M he seems to have also cleared all short of rumour ones and for all.That the INC leaders will never be taken in BJP as he seems to be sure of what earlier top INC leaders have done earlier selling the ticket to the rogues.
                            As he seems to know that only rich and powerful can come to Delhi to say their point of view and Hon`ble P.M  have reportedly short of advised the Assembly frequenters to accept the Publics verdict.And sujjested them to accept the responsibility given by the Publics as the MLA of the INC party.
                 And as for more fund he categorically have asked to first send the Utilisation certificate of the completed project.And when there is no project then where will be utilization as the documents like treasury challan can`t be made in the back date.
               Thus the present INC Govt. is right now taking excuse of the Planning Commission converted into Niti Ayog to mislead the angry Publics believe some.Whereas many critics claim that already there is Rs.6000/- crore deficiet.  
               Thus God and inspired by Him great man really seems to be doing something different this days.And good also as the media and Publics have become very vigilant also as every one is really waiting for ACHA DIN for the Poor and downtrodden of this State also.And seems to have their hoped pinned on the new Governor.
              And in other way the ACHA DIN /good day it seems to have come here in the capital area with the Public recently seen making a march against a cabinet minister for his allege false assurance.And also exposure of some middle man who seems to have taken some advance money for tender work and whose case is now subjudice in the court.
                 This developments may stop the days of omission and commission for ever as even one Cabinet ministers name is also seen coming up.See my dear friends atleast don`t become the first officially declared  leader to be caught as Lair, the photo being put in the front page of the  the State media have come of a big INC leader in leading News Magazine.
              And this happens when the local Public give a free hand to a whimsical person and who now seems to be a habitual offender  not intending to change in top position also.And in place like the capital town Itanagar the merit alone is seen now.As here you cannot purchase all and use muscle against all.
                           In fact this was perhaps time for some relatives to intervene and stop a Gentleman from becoming bank cruft like cine star Devanand ,who was perhaps addicted to glimmer and glitter and seems to have wasted all his hard earned money only to be in the lime light in the Old age also.
                            As there is something called age can it be fight with?The good time  in fact have already arrived in other part of India if the NDA performance is compared with the earlier UPA Govt.And more is also accepted in this State of Arunachal Pradesh where alone the true liberation seems to be needed.As I am fully satisfied with the recent Hon`ble P.M`s budget lecture in the Rajya Sabha.And as for the bill relating to Land acquisition also.
                 I am sure Hon`ble P.M Modiji he will be divinely blessed in whatever he does after showing his sincerity to purge State of Arunachal Pradesh of all the sins and injustice.As for long the revolution is due here and political change here seems to have a divine blessing.           
                              In recent Itanagar visit Hon`ble P.M  really hit the bulls eye by saying there is need of transperacy,educated leader,and in-ternate connection to check corruption.As some says  he himself have earlier been harassed unnecessarily in the Lokh Sabha election when his Chopper was not given areal clearance for sometimes to land in Itanagar also.
              And so he must be knowing the problem of the general Publics out  here.And surely with the determined Hon`ble P.M Modiji in our side even if two three opposition are fixed to contest by the ruling INC party with their illgotten money in all the assembly constituency to harrash the BJP candidate in coming election.
                   The things will surely be never same again in this State also for the whimsical leaders .As the Arunachalee also seems to have come of age and surely the Central Govt. will try its best to change its fate for goodness.As the Hon`ble P.M is also obsessed with deliverance as some local leaders are obsessed with corruptions.
                As the Publics of the State are already angry for not giving even one seat to BJP from one of the three Bye-election of the State held recently.As this State is completely dependent on the centre and in Bye-election the INC being the ruling party had advantage also and they now seems to be in the worst confusion and political crisis.
                   The BJP highcomand will be perhaps also not be amused as when the party is seen to be suffering due to some clever INC leaders bid to make  infighting among the senior leaders.Yet after recent outburst by Hon`ble P.M all seems to be coming to senses now and local BJP party is seen to be uniting for good.
                 Thus in all the ages good God seems to have given new challenges for all of us,and I am writing about our struggle here as our life is which will be later become history.As when the problem is really very much critical in a place,the divine power really seems to intervene to save the groaning Publics.
               And this is my personal belief that He is really working here now,for this we all have to unite to cooperate in His work.And mind it I could have also become worst person and won the election sureptiously also after all my family is also not that bad ,but the fighting in righteous means can only bring a good change in this State.
                    Many Publics feels for the center Govt.lead by the BJP instead of sending more fund in the State of NE specially Arunachal Pradesh ,it is now time to send CBI and put some top leaders ,beaurocrates and business man inside the bars.And time is to send a new Governor and put president rule on the ground of the Economic and financial mismanagement.
                   This seems to be now the general feeling here in this State even by some of the good Govt. servants who have been earlier not promoted for their goodness.And as for now also is  keeping mum out of fear and apprehension to ruling party.As like slaves some officers are treated here specialy one close to opposition leaders.
                And many of Govt. servant`s their patiaince is also out of their control as the cash strap State Govt.run by INC party is reportedly planning its own State Planning commission which some of them see as future plan for curtailing some of more Govt. servants salary and benefits.
                       And critics is also seeing this as a diversive tectics of the Govt.  to divert from the financial mess created by itself which may  thwart His Excellency the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh not to put Financial emergency.
                       Already forgetting its own mistake the Youth Congress Party is trying to shield its leaders earlier mistakes and spreading news that BJP workers are badmouthing the central leaders not to give fund to the State.
                 Whereas it was time to held some crucks responsible by all.See the future of the State is very crucial now.If this Govt. is not immediately removed this INC led Govt.out of frustration may end up as the partner of the Drug and prostitute business believes many.
                  As in earlier occasion also for the sake of power even the same party man have been heard to be threatened and underground elements used by some top leaders.Thus many now seems to be feeling that BJP top leadership is rather shoft on the INC leaders.in fact this was time to send in the CBI to catch the dark Sheep's.              
                           Thus for the first time in the History of Arunachal Pradesh so far the B team of the INC party COSAAF seems to be also preparing for fighting .And for this INC party alone is responsible as the leaderhip where earlier given ample chance here and the State could have been really developed like state of Sikkim this is now the majority thinking.
                  Thus instead of taking some top INC leaders in BJP some should be damp in the Bay of Bengal tell many BJP cadres.After all many claim that any leader from whichever faction is only same side of the coin, but atleast history may look some with respect who revolt now.
                    As soon the Arunachal may be divided between the brave and cowards and one with the present ruling INC they may have never get the chance to show their bravery in future also.And as for the BJP by taking tainted leaders from INC in the party many believe their will be more problem in the future.
                   As already there are 11 seniour Hon`ble BJP  MLA and most of the dissidents leaders from the INC will also have official corruption record against them.And their name can be never cleared in the future.And will the new Govt. led by BJP will also like to clear the RBI deficiet of minimum Rs. 6000/- crore question some?Thus best seems to be only respecting its own PARIVAR KA SADASYA this is seen to be the majority opinion.
                 Thus critics accepts the High command to give new face a chance to make a overhoule in this State.As party like PPA have claim this conversion to other party artificially as the main source of unending problem like corruption and nepotism in this state.
                   And so the critics are saying the BJP top leaders should treat the INC leaders as from other planet and atleast see the like minded party like PPA from the same world.Thus hopefully soon the emotional relation with any INC leadership by any top BJP leader will also diminish.
                See things which happened after the removal of the Britishers and the Freedom Fighters become immortal.Presently the Arunachal publics seems to be undergoing the same thing,and as such  this is wonderful time for the Publics to make name by joining in the Congress Mukt Abhiyan of the Arunachal Pradesh BJP Unit.
                     As for long some section of the society seems to have enjoyed the power.And I am hopeful whatever the critics say all the present BJP leaders in their heart of heart are sure of this anti INC party attitude and will finally hopefully unite when the war cry begine.
                  To finish the aristrocate class create by the INC party ones and for all when the real battle time come.Now when this is the aim by all why there is no unity from now itself?As how so powerful some INC local leaders are, they can perhaps never come back like the AAP leaders in Delhi.
                As the fresh, young , dynamic and honest leader will be never given chance from the INC party.Neither it will sooth their character also to back them up. As sr. INC leaders in A.P they have been already given enough chance, and have proved to be unwanted and have to be sidelined and boycotted for their entire life believe many.As they have only used the State machinery to suppress others aspirations and have been seen as despotic and power mongers.  
                   And as such many seems to be praying for the President rule to be imposed here .As very soon expert also accept the place to be fit case for putting the financial emergency also as non other then some senior INC man who are repenting for past deeds ,themselves are now seen asking for it also.
                    As within soon if  financial problem increases the COSAAF may join the Public and BJP demand also.As with fear of no salary to be released to Govt. servant there is currently lots of rumour in this State as centre is making a holistic approach and asking first give the State matching share for the projects and take money from the center.
               And the condition now is so pathetic that even the State maching share is now seen difficult to be managed by the INC led Govt. of this State.And the crooks will try to make this as an emotional card but the Arunachal Publics also seems to have become fed up of the INC excuses.
                    And when the Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji could have bailed out the Govt. why it should do so to the Govt. which have personally insulted him?And now let the INC leadersip show its real leadership to bring much needed private Investment in the state after all as BJP in the centre have allowed 90%direct Foreign Investment in Infrastructure sector,what more it can do also?
                This comparison between State like Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim is natural is natural ,after all this are days of merit and Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji is particularly against the looting.Thus hopefully he will also accelerate the proposed Geomattric finger  mapping of the voters in this State as envised by the Chief Election commissioner.
                 And direct the Hon`ble CEC to modify the Adhar card immedietly so that the minor voters are checked, as many INC leaders reportedly use the minor in election and Mias from the Bangladesh.
                Thus hopefully the State Govt. will also do it fast as right now the company doing this seems to be overburdened in the other Dist. Like East Siang and Upper Sibunsiri.And more then any other development Hon`ble P.M `s friend must advise him to do this sooner specially in the West Siang Dist. Of Arunachal Pradesh specially in the Tirbin circle of the 29th Basar (ST) Assembly constituency.
                    It is pertinent to mention that in this State of Arunachal Pradesh Article 371(H) gives unfathom power to His excellency Governor of the state to put financial emergency on the ground of the law and order problem.
                    And the recent contractors Union threat to the Govt. for non releasing of their pending bill also shows the future danger.And in the recent Public ralley against the outgoing DDSC Sri Tomi Doke in the Aalo town for excessive corruption also the Publics have shown their new changed avatar.
                  In my place basically under intoxication alone most of the villagers seems to talk this shows how this Govt.have become a tyrant and manipulative and have made the Publics like Zombie?Thus the divine power really seems to be unhappy also.
               I want them to talk important points in fresh morning hour  specially pertaining to matter of great importance, as for long they have been perhaps taken as innocent Pigmy character in the movie-`God must be crazy`.This is by the whimsical leaders some of whom are in fact parasite on this society and will make brouhaha on my claims.
                        And this anti BJP campaign here in this State must be led by some High class members whose time to perish itself may have come now.As initially in this State honestly non dare to say against the rich and powerful also.And only  after Hon`ble P.M`s visit and comment aginst them , the high class have reason to worry now.
               Even earlier the powerful News magazine house were very sorry for their inability to help us.Once a helpless editor of one noted News print of this State of Arunachal Pradesh wrote to me his inability to publish my political article this was perhaps only because I was from opposition and was not in good book of the ruling party.
                And that was the reason I made my own Blog and have been continually writing since ever after this.And believe our condition is right now like in Baba Ramdevji Maharaj`s  Ramlila ground insult time.As out here most of the opposition leaders also are seen compelled to praise the ruling party.
              Hope like I also stood by Babaji at that time others specially good one will also join us in our future tryst with the destiny.As the more honest one`s life have been made horrible here by few.Who have outlived their utility and should have voluntarily exited out by now after all have they no knowledgable relatives with them?
                          As here in this State only rich man seems to be respected and that is a dangerous trend.As all seems to be encouraged to earn by hook or crook and with all the monopoly with the INC,how the opposition leader can be accepted to be make money and spending money in election also?
                  The clever INC leaders always try to make money as the biggest issue in the election.And only try to appease the opposition leaders relatives to insult them.Thus the BJP Highcommand need to be aware of this unique problem in the State and not give unnecessary problem to its own candidates in the coming election.
                  And honestly a corpus fund and logistic support is needed here.Hopefully man like Gautam Adaniji will be send to look after the basic problem faced by the BJP party candidates.As for long the even the top BJP leaders have been made to suffer and inspite of the Modijis wave this angle is also a truth in this part of the world.
               As ACHA DIN /good time may have come in other part but not here,specially for the BJP workers.Thus Hon`ble P.M`s clarion call of reaching the last line of the persons will have severe testing in this State in the coming election.And Hon`ble P.M should show his magnanimity to atleast come in the Aalo Town of the west Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh in eve of future election.
                Yet the local unit will be honestly unable to organize the event of his stature unless a helping hand is made in advance also.As for long the Party have been suppressed and Hon`ble P.M and his close friends seems to be knowing this also.
                 And besides to change the society for good and   to give even hope to poor we have contested last time.Thus sacrifice should not be allowed to go invain.As things here is worst then in the Raja Maharana Prataps time also this is really true about this place.
                    Thus the society in coming election is accepted to appreciate the man from  a good family yet trying to struggle for them even at the cost of some family members anger also, as we are fighting against the system which we could have also used more for our convenience also.
                      Thus it is insult to them when their rich family members support become subject of discussion.As for the system change all should be feeling duty bound to support.Ironically in election time many voters is seen to be thronging in the house of the rich relatives of the candidates hopefully this picture need to change.
                 And there is also no need to come and disturb the candidates house if the Publics really want to change.But I have to also appreciate many Publics who silently intervened for change all believe in.
                 The BJP in this state also need to apply AAP party tectics  as there is also no way out then this also.Thus hopefully the honest,educated and minority community leaders will be also accommodated in the coming election to encourage more orthodox Christian area in the North East to join the party  is the current feeling now.
            The elites and one filled with creativeness is now laughed upon in this State  and the clever leaders try to make the political issue as rich Vrs. Poor leader ,and try to drag in their relatives name also.
                Thus the High command need to be sympathetic to this unique place where the INC top leaders will be seen to be able to manage to come to new Delhi to show their face to the both the High commands of the INC and BJP party.
                             Those relatives who have been a good person even if he is a big officer how  can he be accepted to have much money?Does any body questions relative of successful leader in other place?But this is also fact that it may be wrong to not appeal for help by us having a prenotion mind that all the rich class are bad also.
                          As this days top rich family are also showing trust in my advocacy and I am also not failing them in the Hon`ble High Court.Thus in this state things are also seen changing for good also,but unless the elephant in the class room is not removed now then the things are not accepted to change for good.
                                   Believe it earlier when I contested as MLA candidate many where openly saying I will even not get 100 votes.And many where surprised when I got about 35% of total vote in my first attempt itself.My elderly Sr. Advocate Mug Pertinji was ones saying non get that much in first attempt also.And as we did it with bare minimum money we have also achieved something tangible.Hope in coming time the sponsers will be more forthcoming also.
                     Honestly still there are less daring Peoples here in this State thus my mission cannot be left mid way.As even if I leave it is improbable whom I support he will also sell himself making my village lebel and Youth supporters in lurches.Whose curse will really matter also.
                Or even if I sacrifice the other weak candidate may be  kidnapped as strong family connection is also needed here.As for me with divine blessing enemy seems to be also helpless also as very few in the state seems to be acknowledge writers also.And with God`s mercy I seem to be not doing bad even if it surprise many critics.
                                    But for meeting the Publics also you need fuel expenses and things are real bad here for an opposition leader more so who is very vocal.As he had to earlier face physical threat also.But you have to believe that God is God of miracle and He will send some Guardian angels in right time to help us also as a man what else you could do also?
                           As here in this State everyone is made to be dependent in State support and this is also not easy thing to be removed also.And the opposition supporters and relatives are either demoted or transferred and their families economic blockade begins.
                 As the established leaders seems to be apprehending fully well that opposition leader who have already landed in the election have also mass public communication advantage.And if the election happens under INC party then it will help them this feeling is with the Public also.
               As before election mass transfer is seen made.See is their any place in the country where a junior officer have overtake his 11 seniour officers to get promotion?This is heard to be happening only in this State.
                 Yet there is now ray of hope as there is also seen now repentance with some local INC party workers also.And as for the divine anger prophesy theory by some why not also?As some top leader is even  heard to be purchasing cash of Opium in advance in some place to give it to voters in election time.
                  Not to talk of money,Liquor and other substance.Even  some East India Company officers may have not done so earlier isn`t it? But good thing is also happening as Modijis digital India plan success seems to be now also seen in our place with Vodaphone Company ready to give stiff competition to the BSNL in my own Basar town.
                  And thus my work in the Blog may be now knew by my own Publics as well.Interestingly most of my publics still don`t know what is facebook also.And thus earlier we may have been  seen as much before time also,and also the BSNL Mobile connection in my house seems to be always not coming also.Hope soon this will change for good.
                   But Modiji have made sure that the BSNL server will work 24 Hrs. by connecting the BSNL Cable above the Live electric wire tower and now perhaps cannot be sabotaged also. As many uneducated leaders in A.P is heard to be very irritant of the adverse comment in the facebook thus Modijis plan sometimes seems to be really working.
                       Telephone Line distruption ,this can be also possible in this State as worst have been earlier suspected to be done by some powerful  leader and their supporters in earlier occassion.The present leaders need to ponder will power will be always their for them to be enjoyed?
              As how long the police security can be deprieved to a top opposition leader and a great man in their own right?And how long the VIP syrren will make all rise up from their sleep?As should love and respect should not be showered on the genuine leadership who won by democratic means also and who is made to loss election by fair means should he not be respected?
                   In the coming election the BJP should dare the INC leaders to sign an agreement not to do certain things like booth capturing.Even the EVM machine is heard to be destroyed in some place to make re-election happen in weak place.
                   If it is true God why so much power hungry.See even if a lower rank leader have plan to seaze the voter I.D of the non tribal voters in the town area.Does it not the duty of the leader to stop it and advise him otherwise?
                            Arunachal Pradesh in many way seems to be like Bihar where also Jungle and Goonda Raaj seems to be prevailing.And funnily I can speak good Bojhpuri language as well.As most of my fathers shopkeepers where earlier Biharis yet I have only taken their good character so why this evil ways are alone taken?Can the Delhi University student like me can not have done more worser thing?
                                                   Though many seems to be seeing politics as place for making quick bucks.But it should not last that way,as  one who does it with missionery jeal in todays time will alone be appreciated as days of the contractor leaders is gone in other place also.
                    And thus great Galos why fight and misunderstanding between the rich and poor,Donyi Poloism and Christian when the real enemy have to be just removed by the exercising our voting right.As change will be good for all.As why there is so much deprivation in this society is it not for few who are redundant and have outlived their utility?
                    As here some top class seems to be always making secret plan to take others by surprise.But in the coming time as all tactics is exposed now and so accepted  to be useless, so it will be good if the repentance is seen. As how much more money some class want?
                   And as for us also in politics it is also difficult to forsake your earlier supporters and workers who have also taken lots of risk for you in time of your problem.And as we have already put leg in mud other friends in BJP are also accepted to be sympathetic to us also.
                    As eventually the challenge will be from your own that feeling also seems to be their.Yet from other angel that time seems to be over here in this State also.As non should like to invite the divine curse of the honest voters who have fight against odds in last election.And even today also have been not promoted and transferred in other place.Hope in case of His Excellency putting financial emergency he will take sympathetic view of this things.
                As corruption and nepotism have become a big issue now and all seems to be in need of better alternative.And I think non can now overlook the elephant in the classroom any more.And see all cannot be purchased now in election time and as every one seems to be very conscious.
             Thus today even small medical help given by rich leaders is seen to be despised by the Villagers also.Either give in lakh or remain honest seems to be the new Public demand after worse experience.
               As in previous election the Publics they have been lied like anything and this false agreement made by cunning leaders need to be exposed.It will be later meaningless if the leadership is blamed after he is defeated or repent and leave the politics also.
                       In the present time the BJP cadres should expose this practices and educate the voters.It is seen most of the top INC leaders are seen to give more money to whom they fear.Thus one should either make lots of allegations against the corrupted leaders if he really want to make huge money.
                  See the voters who take huge money against the corrupted leaders are also seen better then other who vote for free.Thus non will gain anything by criticizing us also.They should in fact criticize the INC leaders if they really like to make lots of money and in the present situation why need to fear any one also?As the INC top leadership is also seen unable to help their own also.
                      Thus in next election the Guru mantra should be take more money from the Old power addict maniacs.As the Poor and destitutes are alone seen given lip service.Thus as the selling of vote/right is also sin from Biblical perspective I exhort either to sell the right for crores or be honest .This is atleast accepted from the Missioneries who talk big big thing inside the Holy Church.
                I overheard that after last election the prophesy come to mother Pastress Lai of the Red Putu Church of the Revival congregation of the Basar town who after election is heard to have conveyed the Prophesy that- the Lord will never ever hear the prayer of the believers who did not voted for me.As He was cheking who was true Christian in last election.
                 And as this women is really heard to be gifted with Holy spirit and once also adjactly prophesied the falling down of the Bridge above the Magi village in the NH-52 road much before the incident.
             Thus to me also the last election seems to be very different.And perhaps their will be never again that kind of test for me also in future.Yet for some coming  election may be the last chance to repent also as man in life you don`t get always chance to do good work.
                  See one who took Scorpio and Bolero in last election is he not far better then those who only stay in his farm and is unaware of political development around him.Or who get lied in election and only like the older leader just like that because the leader take nice supper in his house and has close affinity with him?
                And today in new time even the medical camp organized before election is seen not respected.And any party man also seems to be naturally trusting the honest leader in the other camp also.As ultimately the winning triumph card is alone need of hour, and honesty seems to have been lately accepted by all as the guru mantra.And from the Publics side that faith in that leader seems to be more with the BJP and PPA leaders.
             Thus now honesty seems to be best bet for all as when a no nonsense leader is alone given chance then only there is hope of prosperity for all.As when one leaders 2 or 3 family members are A Grade contractor what he will do for other?
                  See given chance many may show that work to make others to think that  why he was not given chance earlier.Having said that this is ultimately the society to decide as the majority view must be respected.This can`t be though said about senior shamless leaders who will perhaps pay money  in advance to the organizers to make them popular just before time.
               So hopefully even some rich relatives non- interference or active participation  will not rise the eye brow of the Publics in the coming election any more.To bring the change we all believe in which is in fact not any family members responsibility alone, but everyones duty also isn`t it?See does anyone in Gujarat talks weather Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modijis rich elder brother is supporting him or not?
                           This are silly and nonsense issue in fact ones Individual leadership have to be seen.The charlatan money minded Publics makes all short of accusations. And it is also said many rich and powerful who earlier made an aura of effluence around them are heard to be suffering now.
                 As they are heard to be only gheraoed by money seekers and is said to be now living a pathetic life for their earlier brazen display of wealth.Thus for every action there is equal and opposite reaction also and soon more of this may be seen here.
                 And in fact for the rich class voters also more educted leader is now needed ,as they have long pending files to be cleared which a legal expert and educated leader can alone perhaps help.As the future is really unpredicatable .And for who want to go ahead in the modern business can the new leadership can he not help them in better way also?
                            And thus many seems to be now sujjesting them that  it is better not to act smart anymore.As days of dadagiri by any one seems to have gone.As in new world the new leadership seems to have an edge in terms of honesty and having no past adverse record also atleast in corruption and nepotism matters.
                     And some publics seems to see some as like the movie star /hero in one Hindi movie where the actor become Hon`ble C,M for one day and change everything for good.Though many are not saying this openly but soon even the family members of the present leadership may have to accept some hard facts.After all when one does not accept the fact then what he can do also?
                       And even if some criticize opposition leader for lack of money but eventually all will in coming time vote for them only  many opely now think so.In fact for the rich man who had political plan for cine die their days seems to have gone.As the Publics are now very hungry and may eat them up also.If the money alone is made as their X factor.
                  As money is also something which can`t be asked for to be given unless one is close or it is also difficult for giver in the election time without knowing a person.Though in top level this may happen but the money never is seen to be fiddling down as there are lots of crocodiles jocked a friend.
            As for me I may have also committed some mistake in earlier occasion as though some seems to be under impression that I have played Christian card in Tirbin circle.But in fact in last election  I in fact did not did it much and could not went to many villages also.See all the Peoples are also not money mongers and connection also does matter.
                  This is my personal experience in life thus we have also many things to learn from the old leadership also.And mind it many present leaders intentions may be also right.But see world have changed apart within short time and after lots of appeal only I am making this allegations against the older generations who seems to be in no mood to pave the way for the new leadership.
                  See backbiting was earlier never Indian character,as by love and persuasion alone you can progress in this world.This is not Taliban land this is land of sadhu and logical conviction is the backbone of Vedic philosophy.
                                       Barring State of Arunachal Pradesh which was termed as land of KUSHI KUSHI/land of no rule and whimsicalness by Late Bakin Pertinji Ex-Hon`ble M.P and very respectable leader from PPA.And some old character some of the senior leaders seems to have retained.Yet their seems to be also acute need of the peacemakers in this State.
                   And interestingly here earlier the Jungle Banana groove have been rumored to be even shown as Banana plantation to the visiting central audit team by the excessive corrupted leaders.And many a times their entry was heard to be restricted to Guwahati by citing Insurgency problems by some top leaders who are basically top contractors.
                      Thus we will appeal all my Poor brothers and sisters when the rich class always directly and indirectly protect their own class.Why new youthful leadership of your own community  is not seen with respect?Pliz if we commit any mistake come to us and tell in our face, the way some of us atleast openly write anything.
                      But good that this time even some top INC local leader have confessed in News media for being with the lying party.And have decided to resign from the INC primary membership very soon also if the promise made by the party is not fulfilled.Hope some will soon do so.
                 Thus the lies and deceit seems to be the order of the day in this State in election time and after it also.I seems to have lost only for not signing the agreement promising villagers lots of job and contract work.As I will try to do my best if I come to power by working for the overall development of my constituency.
                        Funnily earlier the lie and deceit was seen as smartness and even some top INC leaders are heard to be openly accepting that they have won by deceit. And earlier here just before election also some villages have underwent sudden fire accident also.God knows who where behind it?And earlier a gang call Taliban use to come up in the Tirbin circle from no where just before election.
                 There work was to force the Tirbinites to vote for their own area using money ,muscle and communalism.And ones my block president PPA Pelin Lombi was also beaten black and blue.But in last election this have to be accepted that violence have fallen to some extent .
                                            As my strong supporter like Bichak Lombiji ex-retd.Army man was looking for them to be bashed them up.But in the voting time the Taliban seems to have been used cleverly to kidnapped my election agent to pave the way for the proxy vote.
                       Sometimes wonder why this cunning tactics and mindset is not used for the State`s development?And when some does it should I not expose it also?After all when one become 26 times richer within 5 yrs. that too from the Public money will their be not grumbling from certain corner?
                  As you do what you have I will do what I have as some of you seems to be rejoicing in doing evil and I will do what is right.And for it even if I have to step down for a more better person no matter.As I have the blood of my father in me and responsibility of making my motherland greater this freedom fighter BHAGAT SINGHJIS promise –SARFORISHI KI TAMMANA AB HAMAREIN DIL MAIN HAIN……..seems to have also come to us in this most challenging place.
             Yet the mother luck may also favour us.Lately it is heard after the recent Bye election in the Liromoba Assembly constituency after death of Ex-Hon`ble C.M Late Jarbom Gamlinji.The internal fissures have developed within the brotherhood of the leader`s from this area also.
                       As Bai Gadiji from BJP unfortunately lost and it is said his own family members  in INC was used  for his nemesis. Thus for some warning bell also seems to be ringing as in this place family support really matters.
                  Interestingly in some interior circle of our place here the general feeling is  that the Publics are forced by some one to follow leadership out of fear.The critics even say that the real population  of  some circle may be utmost 25% of total  area population of its Basar area sub-division.
                       And by omission and commission by putting dead and minor in the voter list the total population  comes to about 30 % in compare to sub-division.As when one win by surreptious means then what he will give?And how long the minor youths careers will be spoiled as there is time for everything,is election is good for minor student to be put inside for one man`s interest?
                      And not only that there is long record of beating the candidate and their supporters in the interior circle.And above all booth capturing is also reported and bringing voters from the nearby constituency.Thus so long as this injustice is their then how long a Delhi University graduate and a spiritual person can keep mum also?
              As here in some place the issue is not the governance but who wins by the money and muscle power.Thus it is time for the whole world to sympathise with us and give their helping hand.And see even the prayer support will also matter a lot.   
                   As even in the urban area the outsiders who are generally sympathetic to the educated leaders are threathened their voter card snatched.And interestingly in the Basar town Pooling Booth where there is more non tribal the CC camera was put in the Polling Booth whereas in the place where there is real violence in the village like Deke it is not put.
                      See when the Voter I.D of outside business man like-Bihari,Bengali,Assamese  and Nepali etc.itself is snatched by the INC goons then how they can come to vote?Yet shame on them who don`t even resist.But many youth`s fed up of unemployment and other problem seems to be planning to beat up those voters who come to vote twice from other constituency.
                                         This is the extent of problem here thus I invite the Hon`ble Election Commissioners to implement some special plans in this State may be personally supervising the video of the Deke,Degam,Lama,Jirigi village etc. of the Tirbin circle of the Basar area of the 29th Basar (ST) Assembly constituency.
            Having said that I am ready that this be also put in my own village also in case there is complaint.As some leaders seems to be never ready to even join the Public demand for the platform speech competition and seems to have misleaded the Publics for long.
             Today the critics are seeing interior place like the Tirbin circle itself as the maximum victim of the misgovernance.As the malnutrition is so eveident that for the short height even in the army most youth are seen not selected.
                 And the even in the Tirbin town there is no decent football ground not to say about the other villages.Thus games and sports only seems to be helping the Basar town Childrens to atleast get job in the army.
              Its not that all the Tirbinites are bad many are now seen to be very much repenting also.And we must also give peace a chance.But in case of the INC leaders some think this is like watching the Hindi film when the villain even if he is doing a right role till the end the doubt persists about him.
             As for few power obsessed leader entire area is facing disgrace for leaders non performance after election.And also putting CC camera in the Dumpo Rijo to Tirbin road in the election time may help to check the bogus voters from other constituency to come in the Basar side during election.
                          As some top leaders marrying number of wife seems to be using this as time tested technique to grab power.And for this their relatives from other constituency is suspected to be used. And I also invite the national media and T.V channel to join in this in event of any future election .
                 And as for Hon`ble CEC plan of making  age in the Adhar card same with the Voter card I.D.to stop minor voters .This is appreciable as this will surely stop the minor to vote from now and spoil their future as it will effect their job career if the adjact age is not shown.Thus from now hopefully non should like to spoil their childrens career for mare Rs. 5000/-
                       But till now the Adhar card have been not started to be distributed here in the 29th Basar ( ST) Assembly constituency of the West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh as of now.Though in other Dist. It is heard that it have started and so I appeal hon`ble CEC to do it earnestly.
                        And some in the State also suspect that some leaders will never want the heavy development like Dist.Hq. to be establish at all also,that too in other side of his constituency as it will imbalance the voter population .God knows what is the inside story?
                      But this Dist.Hq. issue which was forced upon the Basar area Publics seems to have really made the Publics in both the side to suffer.As in acceptance of it the Publics have seldom submitted  any important memorandum to any visiting top INC leader also.
                          And critics believe unless old leadership goes out this problem will go on.It seems some will be pariah for the place where he is born and have been unnecessarily been given so many facility till now,and irony is tomorrow when they are no more in power it will be meaningless to complaint also.
                                          As things in this State is too much as the opportunity is diminishing, so instead of the INC leaders threathening the central Govt.soon the Youth may come more under anti social element if the development work is not expediated this is the real fear for us.As if democracy itself is sabotaged by few then whom to fear and what for?
                     Thus some opine some leaders need to be arrested under NASA,MISA or MACOCA for starting all the problem and treathening the Indian Govt. while imbalancing the region for their own greed.As the great political thinker Laski said –Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
                  And the central Govt. also need to atleast engage with the Oppossition leader`s,Elites,NGO and Student body and if possible make a mechanism to give them loan.As any development through the constitutional means will be seen sabotaged by the INC leader`s.         
                   Thus the BJP also need to have a plan –B ready for this State and ensure it really reach the bottom line to the last man in the line if the corrupted INC Govt. is immedietly not planned to be removed as the Publics are seen demanding for.
                The worst seems to be when an spiritual leader is also made to fall down and tempted by money offering in election time.As everyone have been refrained from being greedy in all the Holy scriptures.And prophesy or no prophesy one  is always asked to side with truth and justice.
                              And when even if in earlier  occasion you have helped other leader and have heard his number of request.Then if you are sidelined then God of justice will support whom? And thus when the battle line is drawn for the fight of DHARMA you will stand with which side?kauravas or Pandavas?
                  Thus today in our place among the Christians also the number of days of fasting is nearly about to be treated as yardstick for checking ones dedication and also time to evaluate his life testimony jocked a friend.As in election time all seems to be going berseck.
                 As many are made to backslide in election by temptation from money which is Un-Biblical also ,thus so long as this does not stop many believe the Christian organization should also officially support their candidates.As many thinks  the religion body should not atleast see profit and loss.And should take proactive role after all was not King David was not also helped by the Levites community question many?
                           As this greed here seems to have been made as the number one illness and thus their seems to be now need of sponsers to remove this illness.See the gospel of the Holy Bible is in fact all incompossing only helping in the organizing the Healing crusade will not do.Though in other place where the minority leaders have been also given chance this may be other case.
                               Today after all the worst experience I have in my life I have no anger left against those dozens of voters who took Scorpio,Bollero and Alto from its candidate also.As it is heard surprisingly in his victory celebration also a Hon`ble Cabinet Minister  of INC party praised my workers.
               See genuine happiness will alone come by winning in a fair means.So man why this selfishness,now that this facts have been revealed will you be still remain adamant and still like to repeat this as via media for success?But my own Poor villagers and youths for whom I have made lots of suffering ?Why they get lied and sell themselves for small amount is beyond my understanding also.
                   And more so some Christian friends who have preferred worldly benefit over issues like salvation I wonder why not good man eat nice amount even if they have to commit sin?I salute my last elections voters from all religion and class, as the kind of temptations and challenge we faced in last election will perhaps never come again.
              It was truelly His divine test on the last good man surviving and mind it the coming election may be last chance to repent also.And my sympathizers definitely in the test of divine power they have surely stood up as the right person.
                    As even if many where also offered many things like me but they did not buckled under pressure also.As Baba Ramdevji say the good man ultimately will connect with a good cause.To me they are more greater then me as without any reason they supported me.
                And honestly some of them incurred more risk then me like Sri Bibom Tasarji of Gori Complex P.O/P.S-Basar West siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh pin -791101.Poor man he have to make the Kidney Dylasis of her wife in every month which cost about  Rs.50,000/-per month.
                And God bless this commitment  for a dying wife right now this much I can pray for him.Thus I have find now that for their sake I also need to be rich.Many have  made history with me in last election.I will perhaps have never have anything to give them also.But may father in heaven bless them abundantly and He will surely also ,as Holy Bible have forbade selling ones own right.
                             This we see in Holy Bible in Jackob`s sons story.If we are unable to use small God gifted power given to us,how we can use His additional power also? I salute some of the great man of my constituency in last election, they are in fact better man then me.As for me I only seems to be able to write a bit but some of their soul and spirit is more pure then me also.
                                   Like Sri Tago Basarji Rtd. Director Agriculture,Sri M.Basar retd.S.P Govt. of A.P.,Sri karyom Riramji Rtd. OSD to Hon`ble C.M  ,Sri Tomo Basarji ,Jumkar Basarji ,Iri Ribaji,Dagmo Ribaji and Jumkar Riramji  etc.Some of them they all much richer then me also but just joined in the mission.And many officers whose name I cannot take now for security reason`s also.
                         May God always bless them .And thus for many Peoples, goodness also seems to be imbibed in them, as Peoples from all the religion and caste stood by me in my times of trouble.And mind it this society seems to be going through most drastic transition period and this seems to be making this place more lovable by God also.
                   But this is also matter of shame if He have to interfere for our weakness and matter of pride also if this place have been choosen by Him as epi center for thy great work.And thus this make you to love this place more vehemently also.
             This Basar town can be approached from the Silapathar side of Upper Assam passing via Likabali then Basar town is reached then after crossing it and crossing Aalo town of the West siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh one reach the Switzerland of the east-Mechuka town.But for foreign tourist willing to see it ,it is better to contact the Arunachal Bhavan Kautilya marg New Delhi and get the Restricted area permit .
                           The information should be also available in the Arunachal tourism websites and Individual tour Operator`s websites .As for the domestic travelers they need to have a local person to make innerline permit for them,All the Arunachal Bhavan and one in the Chankyapuri New Delhi,Salt lake Calcutta, Zoo road Guwahati  and Mohanbari near Dibrugarh should also give right information.
                    I must have also some weaknesses for losing my last election also that I have to honestly accept also, so please also pray for me. Or who knows my opposite party may have also compelled divine power to change the plan after incurring heavy financial loss also, any way this time wish them best of luck as for good or bad mandate is with them now.
                 See the divinity is seen to be good for all.For the country which is banking on bringing back the black money and the depositor who may have repented also.He seems to have answer for all ,thus even the corporate house with mega problem may get some respite by engaging with one hell of a good spiritual leader in His mission for sure .                         
                      Thus all have to eventually say Praise the Lord as for good doers and repenters  He seems to have plan and escape root for both.As by helping and befriending more evil species one may not be able to solve his problem also.
                         Thus in coming time we are accepting more help from everyone even from the world citizen to come up to share Lord`s  burden in this place where there is manifest injustice.As it will be previlage to work for His happiness only as He seems to be willing partner for political change here in this State.
                       As I am sure He must have a plan for us in our homeland and have shown this amply as for some man human being seems to have become too small to tame.And thus the time for the INC party of the State of Arunachal Pradesh to declare operation Valkyre seems to have really come now .This must be also for your atleast prayer support to us ,which matter very much for us.

          V.THE NORTH EAST:-
                                           The North East have tremendous potentiality see the coming up of the North East United Football Club of Cine Star John Abraham  coming up as the new Manchester United FC of India.
                                  And Lajol Football club in the Shillong,the rise of champion Merry Kom.And the spreading of the Dimapur like anything and the good governance of Hon`ble C.M Sikkim P.K.Chamlin inspite of all the odds.
                The main thing needed to be done in this place is improving the communication.Bringing peace in Assam as it touch other NE State.And bringing a positive dialogue to solve the boundery problem.The NE is remiscent of the Frontier place like in the USA filled  with the Red Indians.And both look so similier also specially the Arunachal Pradesh , Nagaland and Mizoram .
                                As for the governance here after the corruption and nepotism is banned in the highest level the good governance will surely fiddle down to lower level.As if where there is no injustice to poor and downtrodden their will be no side effects also.Even the Insurgency can be surely solved slowly and slowly,the Publics in the Country need to be sympathetic to this place in the worst transition period.
               As is Mao wadi even not present their in Nepal?for the solution of Nagaland problem a holistic approach taking even Holy Church leaders into confidence can be a way of engaging them.As the Mizoram success story is already their as non will like the violence to prolong .
                    The world need to be sympathetic to the NE as it have faced worst transition period.And honestly the Peoples here are very much peace loving and only thing they like to hear seems to be not knowned by the mainstream leaders also.
                 As the word like Jehova Say/Praise the Lord in Nagaland and DONI POLO AYALAKA this clarion call alone can win their heart and soul.The former in the Nagaland and the later in the Abo Tani belt of Arunachal Pradesh.This are motivating words like – BOLE SO NIHAL SAT SRI AKAAL by Sardarji.
                          Thus BJP also need a good leader who can atleast advise this to the top BJP leadership how to appeal the Publics in pockets.See everything can be convinced but some forgiveness may have to also asked for the past mistake and the Publics have to be also appreciated for what they have.
                      And the best thing the NE have is Holy Bible and one having knowledge inside this book can alone perhaps give a soul touching speech to the Publics of this side.As in earlier time the INC Govt. have done all it can to suppress the Civil right movement in the State of Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh thus a  soothing effect also need to be given.
               Honestly only very small development have reached the poor of this State.And the North Eastern need to be appreciated for their sacrifice and law abiding character inspite of their worst scenerio.The country man need to be sympathetic and learn its mistake after Late Nido Tanya case when an Arunachalee boy was killed in the Kamlanagar market in New Delhi.As when two civilisation meet the friction is natural but this was too much.
                 The N.E youths are very gifted in the Social network cites and thus this talents seems to compensate their less population also.I also advise my NE youths not be of not showy type and hot tempertment which prompted hot debate in our own times also.
                     I remember my Hindu College  friends like Sarena Anand and Ritu who had hearty laugh when I landed up in Delhi and perhaps I was then punishing them with worst Hindi ascent which I was thinking as right.See man with funny language need not have a bad heart.All need to meet each other as often and spread love and effection in the world.
                          After all the NE are also descendents of the Great Mughals Akbar the Great who ruled India ,and only because the Mughals migrated from different rout and landed in Samarkand side and had lots of milk and wheat is seen to have gained lots of height.And the Indo Tibetian Mongols depending on rice got shorter height.
                 This family chronology of the Akbar also shows that there is seen link with the Mongol king Chenghiz Khan in his family tree.And interestingly even the name of the General  of Emperor  Babur who was  Emperor Akbar`s forefather is seen to be Kirlug Rumi.And we have still Rumi clan member in our Galo tribe also.
                     Thus non is so small or another is not so big so racist feeling must stop after all is their no more population of Mongolian in the Chinese side?Thus we must see the violence as stray incident.We have to from now  forget and forgive our past and respect  each other once more as an Indian.
                This positive vibration alone will make all of us hale and hearty.It is said when all good man join together to decide anything good that itself become a Holy Church.Thus their must be always a good discussion and one have to always accept that Holy Church alone have act as the shock absorver of the Peoples anger against the INC parties misrule in the N.E.
               As for some this thinking why their was no much Hindus in N.E? this concept  is  wrong .As if we have nationalism thinking then do it not alone matter? I am sure the Christians here will be soon be of an asset to make this nation greater.
                     And see already in the Country the N.E Youths are seen to be appreciated for their professionalism in all the institutions even in the Malls and Shops they seems to be preferred now.Thus there is need to understand and appreciate each other as non is greater or small all are Indians.

                     If we the North Eastern of this great Country have certain goodness this is only because of Lord.After all when our co-Mongolian ruler Akbar the Great was Emperor of Hindusthan, some of our forefathers may have been still living in Caves.So why also discredit Lord and any Institutions in the national building as the North Eastern`s have also come up so quickly one have to also appreciate?
                                   And in a way Mughals can be alone seen as ruling the true Hindustan comprising the Indus river and area adjoining it.And their rule alone is the basis of the claiming of making this nation as Hindustan.Thus in fact their contribution should be also accepted.
                  Thus beyond Zizya tax levied by the Mughals they have also done something for national unification which is now the demand of the RSS friends.Thus hope oneday the Pakistan also repent and amalgamate with this great nation to once more complete the country as true Hindustan where their will be place for all.
                            The perception need to be changed from both the side by accepting the goodness of each other.Non have right to act smart. And most important NE demand this religious and communal tolerance  have been already categorically assured by Hon`ble P.M also.And after His affirmation the things have also cooled down a lot and there is now seen increasing communication between all the religious community.
                   And the Hon`ble P.M is accepted to help the missionery and NGO to have easy assess to to the foreign aid.And the report of the beaurocrat disturbing the FDI to NGO with FCRA certificate  is accepted to be made more easy.
                   Many are accepting that this alone is the money that truelly is seen reaching the Publics in N.E.As the development work from the Govt. side seems to be looted by all.As the foreign donators seems to have more careful about choosing the real good Individual and association serving the society.
                  Thus many seems to be demanding any amount of the currency reaching the Individual persons.Hopefully soon the fringe elements in the Ministry of the External Affairs and RBI will be also  treat all the NGO equally irrespective of the religion background in parity with each other. After all few INC sympathizers cannot be made to sabotage the prospect of the BJP in the N.E.
                   And Hon`ble cabinet Minister Sri Rajnath Singhji have also assured to take strict punishment against the racism/hate crime against the N.E.Hon`ble Cabinet Minister Home he was seen assuring 5 yrs. jail term for rascist remark against the N.E person to be put in the IPC itself.And here atleast Sri Kiran Rijiju Hon`ble MOS Home have played a majore role.
               The BJP  seems to have learn from story of debacle of Gandhi family who may have been earlier seen like extra constitutional head by some.And seems to have seldom time for minor problems.
              That perception of all obedient N.E Publics always waiting with garland under the blue eye boy of the INC party have ultimately killed the  10 Janpath dwellers also.As  how much weight can be also put on Donkey`s?As  good person was needed to be made as King in some place.
                Hon`ble P.M Modiji interestingly seems to be today accepting  that in today`s time Publics mood is unpredictable.See every man and women make a rational calculation before accepting everything,it will be wrong to undermine the NE Publics that they will be unable to make right decisions also.
                                 See what not will be the benefit of taking Hon`ble P.M `s SWAKCHATA/clean drive if the missioneries and Holy Church members are also involved here in N.E.In Meghalaya Evan.Jomke Anguji was telling that most of them eat beetle nut/TAMUL  yet it is from Jorabat towards Assam side the wall is seen disfigured and painted red by Paan eaters.
                       The problem with the NE is that due to long policy paralysis the Publics seems to have been made as short of dependent and their confidence have been trampled and emotion betrayed by the rich class.And the INC parties open practice of using the Muslim Immogrant from the Bangladesh in election time in Assam same thing in other form seems to be practiced in the State of Arunachal pradesh.
                     As for the Arunachal Pradesh it was luckily saved by the Britishers by putting Innerline permit concept and making check post to stop the outsiders.Thus this State is more peaceful and more beautiful also as this have perhaps only the snow clad mountain in the whole N.E. region making the place more beautiful and pleasant.
                            Yet all bedlam in NE specially in Assam seems to be also due to the public`s lack of interest in a political revolution,thus all the opposition leaders and NGO`s have to be really respected who are working in this challenging place.And I really admire late Lal Denga  Chiarman of the MNF for changing Mizoram  for good.
                As one have to really appreciate him in bringing all his cadres in the overground and never return in the jungle since after that.That is the true leadership and this also shows unique commitment to Christianity by Mizos.Imagine if their was no Holy Church playing pro-active role in N.E.Thus the Mizo success story to many extent is due to the pro active role of the Holy Church.
              And sometimes this wrongly seems to be taken advantage by the INC cadres.See this is only way which seems to be possible in this part only, thus there is a need to make a holistic approach and may be one hell of a good leader from this part need to be groom up to assist Hon`ble MOS (Home) Sri Kiran Rijiju.And in all the future scheme of things of the BJP party this State of Arunachal Pradesh will definitely will play a majore role.
             And may prove to be the future Base of the BJP party and place for increase of national patriotism also.And  specially Arunachal Pradesh can be later the Jewel in the crown of the nation with their  vast knowledge and innocency.
               The BJP seems to have learn from story of debacle of Gandhi family who may have been earlier seen like extra constitutional head by some.As this party inspite of looting this nation specially NE seems to have preferred to be neutral when the NE members where seen as a zoo animal in place like Delhi.
              Yet  in the coming election the BJP need to be really tactful in dealing with the North East as for long the INC have made as its base.And used the illiterate MLA and MP candidates to sell their party ticket at exorbitant rate.
               Thus for optimum result in the coming election their may be need for making some pre- pol political alliance also for which the party High command will be in a better position to take step also.As the boss is always right that thinking have to be developed.Yet some have to talk senses for others also so that there is right motivation to the less privileged soul.
                                                      (TO BE CONTINUED SOON)