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XXI.The true religion:-                                  

                     In fact there is no true religion as such as we cannot discover Him , but rather He is willing to come to us.And our ways will be always weak also as we are only mortal man.Thus in the Holy Bible in the Revealation chapter also like the Hindus Incarnation theory the coming of the Lord Christ ones more have been defined.

                                    But the true religion from the Holy Biblical angle is selfless love and love alone as that can be alone made by us,and thus it have been asked to be developed and this will come by knowing the truth and which will again come from Him.Swami Vivekananda says the religion is true relaisation it is much more then speaking.Even in the Gayatri Mantra of the Hindus the higher power have been asked to be adopted by a devotee.

                             In fact we have been always fearful of God yet we never know when we changed also.This is effect of our giving less time to Him.As we have only seen our interest and have forgotten that master have also likes and dislikes.Thus it is important to see His greatness in all en composing manner in good and bad time also we have to learn to respect His order which is in fact the foundation of true relationship with Him which alone can be said as religion.
                      As Swamiji further says  man is himself responsible for his own happiness and unhappiness.If by adopting something  which is not time tested  you want to do something else you will suffer isn`t it?Thus  the true religion need to be explored now as it is high time the real will of the true God need to be researched by a great country like ours.
                      As in fact all seems to have been born in this world only to do this to lead others to better life and truth.See had the scientific achievement have not been undertook can we have enjoyed Mac Donalds or KFC?Thus new spiritual outlook is also needed to replenish the soul.And when you believe that particular scripture have come from the God will you not be exalted.
                And if the particular Holy Book make you to think one power as the only omni potent God is it not wonderful?Thus why some is scarred to come to Him?The spirituality is also like this one get thorn in the leg and bring in other thorn to remove it.Yet he don`t pray it ,thus our forefathers seems to have made lots of god and godess to our liking.And recent endevour to even make Hon`ble P.M `s temple was perhaps also a step in that way.
            See most of the super power we worship may have been super human beings with local roots.Thus it is important to search the God as Ramakrishna Paramahansa commanded.As their cannot be pride in religion and so it is said in Holy Bible that the salvation was offered to we Gentiles for the stubbornness of the God`s chosen tribe –Israils.
                The problem with the Muslim seems to be that they are still emotionally seen to be still ready to kill the Kafirs /Idol worshippers.Though the Adharmi the unrighteous have been also asked to be killed in Hindu Sashtra also ,but they have atleast realized that it is only not non Hindu but unrighteous of any religion that have to be killed.
             But in the modern democratic world God seems to have asked them to be boycotted and marginalized by democratic means.As to be able to kill someone in thy name we have to be also very Holy man also and that too he have to follow the divine commission.
                 See Parshuram even if he killed the Kshetriya was always with the divine power.Yet his pride was also demolished by the Bishma Pitamah why?As the scripture says there is power in purity.As the spiritual man will work according to the guidance of the master only who is pure.Thus Hon`ble P.M`s success can be attributed to his endevour to do righteous work.
             See the real God will be never be after blood  and killing.And  in all religion by remembering the god and godess alone the power is asked for,but when the God have authorized some one else in this new world as Holy Bible claims will the prayer and devotion to some also work? After all this same Hindu Shashtra divide the era into –SATYA.TRETA,DUAPAR AND KALYUG.
                in this new scientific era also will the old weapon will stand any chance? thus today have not all the world war weapon not end up in the museum?Thus same is here in this spiritualism you have to find the best for yourself.We have to always remember that we are mare tool in the hand of the master and have to accept His decree blindly.
                           Interestingly for God also may be name of the religion may be immaterial to Him, as we have today unfortunately have also become slave of congregation which He may have not in fact also like.In this great country the scriptures have always shown that the divine power could have been befriended also.
             Thus personal relation with Him is very important as that alone will count.And for it His will have to be known .And as ultimately it is the wearer whom Shoe pinches and as every one is now having aching heel they will oneday or other will hopefully be compelled to come to Him.As in fact Human being need Him more and it is unlike a political party which is after membership drive.Thus there is no need to gospel to some persons also.
                  The feeling of special closeness with  the divine power should not make one jelous and make him to feel  not willing to share that secret to others also.This is also a temptation of grave order as the temptation can be manifold as devil can also use any one.And sometimes even the best fall on trivial issue.
                         The creator will alone need fine tuning of Human being with Him and His majesty  seems to be liking a sincere and clean heart.And for that a person should seek His kingdom and righteousness first which will surely be not alone making pilgrim to Jeruslam alone but know His all likes and dislikes in totality.As only planning to see the Holy Land may end up like the Idol worship forbidden by God.
                As Bapisma seems to have been practiced long before Lord Christ was even born in Hinduism way of life also.And even the repentance and sin confession is seen their in one form or other even in my Galo traditions and culture.Thus when this is seen asked in Holy Bible to do then why there is bruhaha?
               See Parsurams story when he repented after slaughtering Chatriya Kings.Thus all the spiritual stories of Hindu does it not sound like preparing the Peoples for welcoming great son of God or a greater power?See only difference human being have with animal is its rational thinking ability,you want to be in which catogary even before re-birth?
                   As Hinduism philosophy is based upon this theory that if you don`t repent now you will be born in lower form in next birth.Thus in fact Hinduism is also path for realization of the truth and checking the best in this life time.So it is also Buddhism which talks of Kalchakra.
               See the other religious doctrines must have been not told to boycott the Christian doctrine but to show a way to prepare for those  who have not even heard His Lordships good news.As for the theologians they are sure that a good Christian can bring salvation to their 7 generation dead forefathers also.
               This moment is your and yours alone and you alone will be tomorrow responsible for making your own decesions.You may kill a messenger but will it stop the great King ready to attack you?Surrounded by enemy country believe it we need God more then anybody else to save us also as can Pakistan be trusted with the Nuke?
                       How long the nation suffer terrorist attack and from dreaded disease like Swine Flue for the misdenemour of few?Who have audacity to stand against thy will also.And thus as great Swami Vivekanada said based on incarnation theory this nation can accommodate with any thought process and religion of the world as great man always wanted to bring reconcialation as more holocaust will be by making a head long collision with the God`s scheme of things.
                             So this may be time to explore other religion and their doctrine so that to know how best to use it for our nations interest.As the Islamic Funadementalist`s cannot be as easily check by any weapon also.There is also something in them which seems to make them always love violence.Thus in this issues we must have holistic approach also.
             As a leader I really want some semblance of respect of  my Publics and co-believers towards other religion also.As already other  are also so great that many have earlier also helped me.Thus let us try to find a better future for all.That`s what is the King/leaders duty also  isn`t it?
            See in ancient time the knowledge of the spiritualism was seen to be must for the Prince and this they have to learn with Acharya in Gurukulam.See even Raksas Raaj Ravan was heard to be a great Pandit and interestingly Ravan it seems to mean crow in the Old testament.
                As when Nua wanted to be assured of receding of flood he first send a crow which never returned.And the critics where always clueless of how crow may have survived in flood.And now it seems it must have been busy eating floating dead bodies in that great flood.
                  Thus it is upto you to become Pigeon or crow as there is so much good from the master to get if you become former.Thus this religious discourse is important as there is tremendous meaning in all the scriptures.And in any case the majority Indians today also seems to be willing to do something different also this may be due to His divine will.
                As see even that thief crucified in the right side of the cross with the Lord Christ may have also some goodness in him.And his badness may have been basically creation of circumstance and situations also perse that man must not have been that bad.
                Thus he repented in the death bed also and His love and forgiveness can cover everyone mistake also, this we see from this conversion between two kind of sinners in the cross.See one who remain stubborn till end and other who prefer to be right side in the end is taken to heaven.
                 As the human being is ultimately family member of Param atman thus this bonding and reciprocating seems to be needed for both for family to run.And believe that through Him and Him alone their will be solution to some unique problem.Or can Berlin wall in Germany could have been demolished ?
              Or why there is still no solution between the Israils and Arabs as both have never accepted Christ as saviour and if they want to disapprove then is it not a golden chance to make a peace agreemnent ?And as this is improbable thus a LAXMAN REKHA /boundery have been already drawn and non can do anything about it.Thus according to scripture either you are in His side or against Him.And this is for the world to see and being helpless.
                 And what to say in heaven even in earth is not His group under NATO have not most devastating weapon with them? See the unrepented person ,society and country will always suffer or they will have insecurity or their money will be siphoned out outside.Is not our country is also not losing out in this field?
           This must be curse for ignoring even the sacrifice of Lord Christ /son of God who died and suffer for us. Can we be such heartless and callous not to look upto Him atleast once with respect?And for the national interest I must tell the warning written in the wall and in the pages of the Holy Bible.
               For His and His devotion alone we may have been made to born in this great Country which is a spiritual and holy place.And by not doing that we may be a blot and burden to this mother land also.As is their other way then paving the way for the conversion of the kashmiris as Christians and making them get peace and prosperity?
             As Hindus have already so much goodness about them yet will they accept it?Or what is the other way ,as how long can be Pakistan flag seen hoisted their?Thus both side of the coin have to be seen.Only the Cow belt interest can it be seen ? as we need good governance in all India .See unless God is involved nothing will happen,even the recurring flood in the Sri Nagar of JNK can it be stopped? 
                        It may be time to come out from the mythological films and serial and stop to be psychologically satisfied.As unless the comfort zone is broken nothing doing as in spiritualism we have to start the engine full throttle.After all God created all the world and we have to think as pan world also.
               See even Brahma and Vishnu also is heard to have refused to take the poison which ultimately fall on Lord Shiva`s sacrificing hand.Thus one have to respect the sacrificers also as even if His Lordship was youngest of all the brother he sacrificed and is revered more why?
                 Thus many find Shivjis character worth inspiring in our list of divine character`s. And thus how can their be two yardstick for respecting greater power which innocent Public infer as different?And is the story of sacrifice also not needed for the national bulding also?
               Thus for the vibrant nation`s sake also we may have to make a new beginning and develop new  mindset to change for better.As unless we have a great doctrine to even if necessary die for other`s sake can we as nation grow also?
               Thus atleast tell the fact of both the power and one who is hiding something may be harming the nation itself.Like the Abhimanyu died in Mahabharat for half knowledge.See little knowledge is always dangerous it have been always been so even in the Hindu Philosophy.
           From choosing from good to best is now need of hour.As this nation have the potentiality to become greatest and from now itself that resolve have to be made.With a renewal of mind physical and spiritual and mind it by adaption alone even mighty China have come up.
                    Not alone by the Army by all of us jealness to grow have to be developed and this can be by taking goodness from others also.And thanks that due to our commulative prayer great catalyst for change have come in the form of great leader Hon`ble P.M Narendra Damodar Modiji.
                                                      Who have also seen lots of up and down in his own personal life and have vast experience to led us.Yet what more will not happen if we openly come together and pray to almighty God for nation and for Him?
                            See in Kalyug era where the new AVATAR /incarnation have been also promised , their may be now need of displaying faith more affirmatively this is the view of the righteous.As even Swami Vivekanadaji have said if you think good you are you will be.
                  So from now the Baptisma programmes should not be seen anymore with suspicion by some.It is in fact resolve to join the club of perfect gentlemans.As do Hindu brothers and sisters is not making Holy dip in the sacred Ganga since ages also?
                            And for whom else smart Hindus must be also making it for themselves and the supreme God also. May be more faith promise will also help them, better for themselves and their society,  after all did not Parsuram bath in the Parsuram Kund with a promise to never ever use the weapon again for bad cause?does anyone bath in the Holy Ganga just like that also?
                    Thus religious comparisons is interesting and by it alone a rational and national reconciliation may be also find.As good religion will always give lots of scope for introspection and mind it the Hinduism is treasure house of knowledge also and will definitely help in welcoming the one Supreme God.It is wrong to think that being borning in a Christian family alone one will get salvation.
               Holy Bible have said those who come first will become last.Why?As because in the first phase God seems to target the siners and later the good ones.And ones they come will they not run quickly.Yet the sinners who have come are also appreciable though it was chance for a good person also to serve Lord.See does a doctor not first go to epidemic area, this is the way lord seems to work also.
             And out here in the N.E as there is seen direct presence of malevolent spirit exploiting the innocent Publics so the God seems to be working more here.The theory of the single God and single language seems to be helping a tribe or race to come up.
                Thus see the success behind the growth of State of Mizoram.Though the native of some place being rooted seems to be against this theory.See by the time we realize about our life sometimes it may become too late also.
                          Thus in fact all the religion is mutually complementary and all the ancient saying may have become completed in Lord Christ.As the AVATAR was promised by the sages in the KALYUGA.The story that son of God born among us and lived like us and ultimately sacrificed for us ,is it not a tremendous feeling?As is it not  story of true sacrifice and respect to whole human race also?As could He have also not made an order or command for us to follow us? We like it or not.
                                            Thus we so small in the time and space have to follow what great man like Manu and Swami Vivekananda advised to take the best from all.As all good must be His and His own gift.But it should never be at the cost of the national pride and interest also.Like varna system may have been only for that time and age during the time it was made and was of use.
                        And today its ill effect like class related communalism   is seen.Did not Lord Rama tried to break that by eating fruit from Sabri and sitting in the Boat of kewat?Thus when we talk of making Ram Janma Bhoomi temple.Lord Rama may have been made more happy by bringing a behavioral change which perhaps Lord Rama wanted to see in His Aryan race.
                See People must not forget that after coming of new singer like Md.Rafi and late Kishor Kumarji earlier singer like Saigalji and Mukeshji  their song is no more heard.After 2-3 generation same thing may happen here in this musical field also.
               And mind it this same Peoples in INC and other party who will make brouhaha against me now may be my disciple in my old age also,when I will really be seen to practice the spirituality nicely.As if God gives long life to me  I think I can be also better man in any field.
                      But since purity of heart itself is great gift to nation, as one man can bring much change and revolution for good,so there is in fact no contradiction in any religious preacher also.As in fact purity is power and this even many Hindus have in ample.
               Due to the lack of truthful God`s worker, some fringe elements seems to have used only 1% of our minor difference to bring disharmony.After all who will not like a Holy Spirit possessed person to visit his house and bless his family?
          The greatness of Swami Vivekananda is -he have in fact laid the way for future reconciliation even after his death.Only for his writing may be Hon`ble Supreme Court have given landmark judgment declaring Hinduism as way of life.
                  Thus their should be no any misunderstanding that all great man have come for helping us in our salvation only. As all the great man and religion are in fact complementary and mutually beneficial. In fact Swmiji seems to have done what John the Baptist did preparing others for welcoming son of God.As his saying now seems to be proving this also.
                The most of my writing of Swamiji have been taken from his lecture delivered at the Triplicane Literary Society Madras under the topic –The Work Before us. In fact the God and the nature have always tried to give us a better life but as we are bad so we seems to be taking a wrong meaning.
                   And mind it everything was eventually coming from Him and Him alone and mind it that nation will flourish more who sing His praises more this is same of the new students /Acharya appeasing the Guru in the Gurukulam School`s.
                    And at one time in the TRETA YUG the same super natural force seems to have send Lord Rama also.Thus unless you have reached His equal you have no right to denounce the power who are atleast far superior thus Lord Rama is also very revearable .
                    Yet  who knows from  God`s perspective , at that time may be letting Lord Rama born in majority Aryan dominated place may have also helped others.Thus man like Hon`ble P.M and Yog Guru Baba Ramdevji are ADARNIYA LOG / real respectable peoples of this KALYUGA era.
             As after seeing all the scriptures all the god , godess and angels also seems to have been send by God at one point of time in different era to make Human being`s life better.And Lord Rama was truly seen as a secular King.
                 So this festival of Dassahara is in fact divine time to promise to remove all darkness in us.After all even the Sanatham Dharma scriptures seems to be showing tridev – Brahma ,Bishnu and Mahesh as super Human being only it is for us to reach their lebel then only they will bless also.
               And when you get their character you in fact need not have any more blessing also.Thus real need is to inherit their character thus every Hindu family used to earlier have ISHT DEVTA.The god who have character like him see Hanumanji used to fly and his ARADHYA was PAWAN DEVTA the god of air.In many way the Hindu god and godess seems to be resembling the Greek and Roman god and godess also.
                  See when there is clash of two civilization then there is naturally seen contradiction and this is due to inferiority feeling and political struggle and long custom and emotional relation attach to older one etc.
                     And in the process many verses and doctrines  may have been also added in particular religion and some good one also removed.But when our forefathers have talked of VASUDEV KUTUMBAKAM they have also told us to think like other,this philosophy talks of engagement and friendship also.
                 As man is a social animal and will be never alone or complete.The marriage itself shows the biological necessity.See today all the blood of the race must have been already intermingled unlike ones upon a time.
          And same religion doctrine may be also coming back to us packaged in other form as our forefathers where nomads and their was always war in ancient time and who knows whose forefather was made as slave in ones upon a time.
                See in my Donyi Poloism also there is seen an ancient from of sin confession method as we see in the Holy Bible.And this sometimes makes us to wonder which come first?The Galo civilization is so rich that sometimes this seems to be the origin of all the other civilization.The only differenence it seems to be having with the other religion is its encouraging carvi vorousness.
                  See this latest religious developments for its interaction  with other religion  we are now practically seeing this developments in this State of Arunachal Pradesh.This is with the evolution of new religion called Donyi Poloism which seems basically more against the Christianity.In fact this friction and reaction may also help the society to adjust in the new world also.
                      And sometime may make great culture and tradition to be lost also,but believe it from the God`s and human perspective issues like justice and equality is more important.And even the hardened Doni Poloist is now accepting that their own rich man have harmed their religion by monopolizing everything.
                  As can a Poor and hungry man is accepted to be concentrated to their own religion?In fact the real thing the God of Holy Bible want is your heart and soul.But Poor have also responsibility to give it more in what capacity he can.But see the real God who will be only one may have already send the best for us which have to be searched .This is like their can be never anything better then computer already made.
                  But God being a good God seems to be helping other to evolve in his own way also.Thus tolerance for His shake is important as He is also like that or most of us may have perished earlier.Though others have also right to be happy on his own way.Yet for all the real motive should be searching the true master.
                   And first for himself and in truthful way then only their will be result.In fact for a true Christian affirmation of faith is needed for making other also aware of thy greatness.And mind it tomorrow when everyone know about Him then their will be non to be gospelled this is the driving force behind a missionery.
                 As idea to save all under His graceness which have immunity against any outside force is it not marvelous?Thus the motive have to be seen and ones it is seen then their will be appreciation.Most of the ill will is only due to the communication gap.
                And to realize His power  one is only facing untold misery –illness and Poverty etc.As one like it or not soul seems to be longing for union with Him.And thus we need to salute those who want to prepare you before a bad time comes.And so tomorrow if God Himself comes should we not be in a position to recognize the master?thus there is need for autopsy in this matter also.
                In fact this warning have been also have been made by some ancient Indian Saint.Like the Revealation chapter in the Holy Bible.Thus we have to be also appreciating the Christians in saving an old doctrines which is legacy of whole world.
                           A good devotee of God will he not bring divine blessings for whole nation also?If there is seen credibility in his claims should he not be respected also?Thus Swami Vivekanda in his young age even claimbed up in the tree where Mr. ghost was alleged to be living.And he in fact asked us to do that also.As he may have been aware of how Indians where gripped by this thought of evil spirits and challega type attitude`s in life.
             The truck load of books read by me in my RKM school days also seems to be helping me in writing.But believe that I will never like to mislead any one in name of religion also.Yet  I am also a simple man and have more hope pinned in young generation to make religion as way of life.
                             Specially the religion of love ,peace and tolerance as our own life in old age will be dependent on them . As for the human weakness what to say I am no exception.Like some Guru was earlier seen taking liberty of  Krishna consciousness  to advocate flirting with girls.And some western way of dating may be a clever way to find a way out against the Biblical warning against covetiousness and adultery.
              In this matter where there is real remembrance of some one who can stop it also.As their have to be a official stand thus Holy Bible may have categorically denounce this.And some construe Swami Vivekandajis saying –
                  do love for love sake as a  ray of hope for the true love willing to unite.But from the Holy Bible perspective also there is seen some consideration and pardoning of some of sin of the closest disciples who have been able to keep Him above everything.See King Davids story.
                      Thus their seems to be place for all in the religion and non should feel afraid of coming near Him even the sinner.See Lady Magdelina`s way of respecting Lord even though she was sinner.As she put precious perfume in Lord`s Leg.
                 See when one come near to Him, one will never remembered when he have changed for good also?And when we don`t want to change how He can help us also?And when His small work is not done by us,then  how large work given by Him can be done also?
              And so the King Davids sin and forgiveness by God`s  graceness in Holy Bible is important .As it is said their was no sin like King David did yet non who repented as him also,so his punishment was said to be reduced.
               And in todays time had he been their instead of sitting in fasting in the sackcloth he may have confessed his sin in the facebook.As for some who found the truth of God`s presence this is so precious to be lost again.As His mercy and blessing alone matters and for this the present scientific development may have to be also used to reach to Him.And when majority forgives a person He also seems to forgive.
                Thus all the solution can be find by knowing spiritualism only.As only the one living in U.K will perhaps know the story  of Shakespear in love in true sense of term , right?And thus there is something above everything in this world.And mind it when you have even crossed the point, beyond feeling of guilt also then you have attained highest spiritualism.Thus says the great.
             Thus Holy Bible says-`Seek thy kingdom and righteousness first then everything shall follow unto you.As when He gives He gives in fullness and make the negative positive.And this is like unless you have bullet proof vest you cant go in the line of fire, thus even the sinner the thief pinned with Lord Christ is heard to be taken to heaven.And what more He wanted being a thief he seems to have stolen the word of God also .
               One have to also see and appreciate about a Christian missionery is that unlike an Amway agent why any one else is always trying to tell something for free?This is completely rubbish that through Christianity the western country is trying to control the other nation.
                 No doubt that the General Mao tse Tung saying is their religion is opium of masses, yet today China have also deviated much from the communism may be as a result of undergoing lots of  suffering  already in the cultural revoltion time.And today it is the fastest growing Christian nation.
                    As why God choosed Abraham the forefather of Lord Christ above everything else?Was it basically not for his ready to even sacrifice his own son at the command of Lord?Thus in the times of His calling one who is ready to change is the true mahatma.
                And if you are feeling the calling in any writing and speech by a spiritual leader.Believe it this is the moment of your glory .As everything negative is devils doing,so goodness must be also given more chance while you are here in the world.As when that thief in the cross did not wanted to take chance should you?Who have already enjoyed the world to its fullness what more you have left to achieve?
                 Please read all the religious spiritual scriptures ones again if there is a feeling that it is helping.And even more before bad times comes as then only the future problems can be defeated ,as here in the end  non will share your pain you and you alone will suffer thus now search the anti dot when you are alive.
                     As if there is as Baba Ramdevji says sometimes when -`MUL MAIN HI BHOOL HAIN TO KYA KAREIN? Meaning when there is problem in the root itself then what to do?Though he seems to quote this in context of non exercise and laziness of the Indian citizens .Thus it is time to evaluate truth is in which side more.After all anything will alone come from God isn`t it.
                 And honestly in Hindu Sashtra if I am not wrong ,there is seldom reference of one single supreme God.Which seems to prove that Lord Christ was the much awaited  messiah to lead us all to Him in the era of KALYUGA .Thus the position need to be made  by knowing it nicely.The ancient Indian Sages where seen to be very truthful they did not defined  which they did not knew also.
                And by keeping all the secret,best  and sweetness success mantra with myself only, how can I leave  my Hindu Rakhi sisters in world when I am in my way to heaven also? like-Pritha Datta,Nimisha Rawat,Kiran Singh,Mina and Mithali Das ,Jilina Sangma etc. who tied me Rakhi from school days.
              Thus their can`t be selfishness in religion, best have to be told for all as their extended family is also my relative I have to think this way,and their extended family and thus in this world everyone is ultimately related to each other.
              Thus Swami Vivekanada must have knew Holy Bible doctrines and addressed the Americans as Sister and brothers of America,after all from the Adam and Eve`s point of view is it not correct?And got thunderous applause.Thus need for India have come to arise and even convince the world of our new good  intentions.
                And as others prayer support will also matter a lot thus this world is truelly VASUDEV KUTUMBAKAM which is one family.Surely the good God will never want the violent persons near Him isn`t it?And thus the man not interested in the scriptures have been called as divinely cursed and rejected Peoples.
                  May all get heaven, more will be more merrier isn`t it?And you are compel to tell as Lord command one like it or not.Thus I have been always advocator of once more organization of parliament  of religion in our own country like in Swami Vivekanada days. To bring atleast a common consensus,a road map for understanding thy will as should spiritual man should appease human being or God?
                           And truelly this days there is seen more maturity in talking after Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modijis warning to some fring elements as  the Saints in the Hindu where also not happy with some. As facts is their in all the religion and we have to only make a comparison to find the true intention of almighty God.As the Islam also seems to accept the Avatar as Navi.And those who will try to bring anger and hatred  in this truthful discourse is never a spiritual man also.
              In fact after lots of research alone Holy Bible have been also compiled and unless 2-3 apostoles have not verified the facts it have been not jotted down in this God`s book also.And what I respect about the Holy Bible is also the  writing of facts and facts alone as even no sinister sin have been tried to be hidden here .
            And see Ramjis spirit may curse a person if Ram Rajya is construed as Hinduisation of Indian also.The man who is too communal may later born in worst Islamic State then what? If the Hindu incarnation theory is to be believed this will happen also.After all in harsh climate like Arab peninsula can all be blamed for being not humble,peace loving  and moderate also?
                And as Swami Vivekandaji have said incarnation is the basic feature of the Hinduism and based on it Hindus  can accommodate with any thought process in the world. Thus there is scope for accommodation of all the religion in this continent if there is a positive discussion in the way other will understand.
                  The problem is in  fact minor and believe it this is also being removed now.An ordinary Shopekeeper also accept that it is only in the time of  X –Mass that his sell increase more .And mind it he is happy and everyone also as there is direct and indirect effect of a great event even the BJP as party have been seen effected, as its great leader Atal Bihari Bajpaiji was also born in Christmass time.
                                        As will it be not better to develop a thought process which directly connect with God?If you can do it by alone well and good.And mind it in the era when their was no development earlier this was seen more easier to do .And some of you  may be much blessed and better then the old Sages also if you manage this in present world where there is too much chaos also,yet opportunity in the form of the Social cites.
                  As the old sages they where not blessed with the social network cite was they?As all the era have something good about them.Thus grab the opportunity taking the best and goodness from all  as bad intention will always never benefit a person.And above all fulfill a person as man can`t truelly live without the word of the God as his heart and soul will be always hungry.
                  Many a times  a foreign preacher without knowing the Hindu sentiment may harm His kingdom extension plan also.Thus anger is not perse against the God and Holy Bible we have seen more hunger for God in the Hindu brothers and sisters eyes.
                And ones they are told from the Hindu perspective they are the ones who will be first ready to die for the God.Thus this State of the Arunachal Pradesh where the local knows good Hindi will be future asset for the nation.Or earlier the Mizo and the Naga missioneries seems to have this limitations.
                  The salvation should have been perhaps simply told to a Hindu as His willing to take all to heaven like Yudhistir.But from Biblical perspective man after all man will have always limitations also thus all need to only see ones intention and motive.
               Thus this language is the point where the North Eastern`s seems to have been legging behind.Thus the Hindi language is equally needed by all as unless the work of the master is not nicely executed then how the blessing will be gained.Thus from all angle the religion itself is solution to all the problem.
               As the God out of His passion to save His creation send His only son to die for our sin.This is plain and simple.Those who are perhaps good, or destined for salvation will accept this.And non can stop the will of God to be told also.And thus more of my kind is needed now.Believe it when I first sing a Hindi song in the Mecca festival of the Hindu College Delhi University then everyone was surprised.
                  Thus all the barrier have to be broken now to make all soul and spirit unite with Him.And in fact non of the rational human being  is against it also.Even top RSS member`s they may be only against indirect way where the poor and destitute`s are emotionally manipulated to accept a religion.
                                                                  Which was earlier the INC parties common practice in some place.As the Mias/Bangladeshis  seems to have been blindly appeased to make them as floating voters specially in Assam elections.Thus it is time to stop this issue like conversion ones and for all as there is more pressing issues.
                    As the good Hindu have been in fact autoprogrammed to give more justice then others also.Even if they are not seen to be as organized like others.See the great spirit of the forefathers present in them to this date may also make them satisfied with the Lord also one never know.And thus I appreciate one Hindu leader who was saying why Lord Christ will be not the son of God?After all can other even forgive his enemy in the death bed also?
              And  is the Holy spirit possessed person not the only need now after the country is facing never ending problem.And for the RSS brother who only want the national growth will do anything for the national interest also many need to be sure about it.
                        And any thing good that come from the above will be surely revearable to them,who knows they may be in the present time also persuaded to cooperate in the organizing of the Healing crusade where nationalism should be also a subject and special prayer is made for this country.As if the passion of the Christian and the RSS if it meet for the national good then imagine the day when our country will be the most powerful?
              I think there is also some speciality  in the RSS mind which really want a greater prosperous nation, and for it  the poor and destitutes and their deserving leaders must be never helped with any expectation in return also.
                    Thus only the good doctrines must be followed in this short life, See the power of God is something to be fear and for His and His sake alone His special loved one may have to be respected also.As in time to time He have intervened and used His discritionery power.And believe it even the BJP is today seeing the good time after praying Him a lot or ones upon a time was not dislodging of the Gandhi family was seen as an impossible act?
                                 And Holy Bible also ask to tell the word of God to interested person only.This country really respects the Saints who can really give. Unfortunately many Christians is also perhaps still waiting for someone like Billy Graham the famous preacher to born here.
             In fact the Christian meaning is enlightened ones he is accepted to be always different from other.That way even Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji whom I have previlage to talk seems to be a Christian.The ignorance of my State Publics seems to have earlier benefitted me.As non where earlier seen welcoming this great man on their arrival in this State in their nascent days spiritual carrier.
               After all more knowledgeable and disciplined Hindu`s in many ways , will they also like to miss heaven for their ignorance? if there is really a hidden secret code in their and other spiritual book will they not like to join in .Thus the friendship is needed as it is said in the day of the judgement God should not blame you for not telling the better way to other.
                   In fact I have seen more hunger for God in Hindu brothers .See does the Param Hansa logo of the Ramakrishna Math and Mission Institutes is it not surrounded by the snake does it not mean something?After all snakes have been always equate with everything negative in most of the scriptures.
               Thus in the spiritual arena their should be not carelessness and any iota of confusion have to be removed.And in this days of editing and internate lots of fake photo like Sesh Naag with seven heads may be uploaded.Be careful as the devil is so good in deceiving the human being.
              See during the time when Rama Krishna paramahansa was living, the great man may have been also under tremendous pressure having to not praise the good work of some Englishman and Christians also.
               After all this was also time that Raja Ram Mohan Roy was fighting against Sati system with the help of  Governor General William Bentick.And this was time many educated youths from the Sri Rampur University was becoming Christians.
               And the innocent Peoples where misleaded in the name of the religion by the Congress man to get instant freedom by showing Christianity as part of the British policy.Thus great man had also to take a middle course thus this is important to see the kind of circumstance which existed when a  statement was made by a great man.
              Thus the history must be written showing the real truth.As in this State of ours also we are now seeing the evolution of the new religion which seems to be also the counter effect of the work of Christian missionery.As in hatred the best Donyi Polo practice also seems to be getting lost.As the earlier Priest seems to have direct communication with the god and godess.
                 In fact their should have been no propagation of religion like a political party.This is unfortunate that this have happened and I am also compel to write to clear it as sometimes other may have also right to react also.As silence is considered as weakness by few charlatans.
             And thus need of time is truthful preachers who don`t exaggerate, hopefully the new peace and prosperity gained today after all the postmortem done like never before will be eventually used for seeking higher goal for the nation and world by peaceful mean.
               As Swami Vivekananda and Vedas commanded.`SARVE VAWANTU SUKHINE SARVE SANTU NIRAMAYA ,SARVE VADRANI PASYANTU ,MAH KASYAT DUKH  VA VABHET.`This mean -Let every one be happy ,and self sufficient let all see good and let non have unhappiness.See the great Swamijis soul may have been more happy if we had gone ahead in life more so in spiritual field.
              See we can`t accept the great Peoples to be mean mind person like us.They will never have liked us to fight in the name of religion and this was in fact sin and principalities of dark forces which was asked to be fight against.
               And thus man is seen as his own enemy and the best religion is one which address this problems .The day one become truthful even the heaven will bow down.See did not in the end even the Devtas come to fight on behalf of Lord Rama in Lanka expedition?As it was their duty isn`t it?So you are in which side now?As you can also become immortal by taking right decision.
                 This is the compulsion of the divine power to side with the truth.As in the end the truth and truth alone will succeed and if it is suppressed their will be side effect also.Thus if there is natural  symptoms of thing to come know that it is time to change,and  one who change according to time will alone succeed.
              As He alone knows what best to send for His childrens in a particular era and this our great Sages knew it in advance.Thus the BJP leaders are not accepted to talk big in national media and invite the corrupted INC leaders in the BJP for hefty party fund in this remote area like Arunachal Pradesh where this have been practise.
                   Thus this most controversial religion subject should have been discussed more in earlier occasion itself.But as Swami Vivekanandaji said we have swept the dust beneath carpet for long.He further said growth is life,and  as fear upon ones own religion is highly condemnable so we must accept the best in future.
                So If there is god and godess basically human made, then let it protect itself against the God`s will.There should be also no opposition of a spiritual doctrine only for opposition sake.As the nation should not be the ultimate sufferer for some few jeolots this BJP seems to have truelly realized and thus Banglore national executive meeting of the BJP have short of warned the fring elements ones and for all.
                             After all this is most important subject and everything comes from Him and thus following His true will alone will help the nation. Many of Peoples even are unaware of their religious doctrines and without any reason get angry for their religion.But God may want fellowship  and obedience not sacrifice also and least anger in His name also.
            The way to find all the answer even in Hinduism is through Tapasya go for meditation and Vanwas to find truth instead of showing anger.Or this become a political statement,believe it missionaries have also sit for number of fasting in their own  life also. And as the Ravan suffered for harming the messenger with the burning down of golden Lanka by Hanumanji thus can the messenger be illtreated ?
         Thus Raksas Raj Ravan`s Publics seems to have suffered for being silent.See we as human being have to follow the latest commandment of God after all avatars they were also send by Him only at one point of time, this line of thinking can it be also rejected ?After all was it not the Hindu Sages warning also that in Kalyuga the Avatar of the God alone will help?
                Thus how long some will twist and turn  the event ?And howsoever beautiful ones speech is unless it delivers who will hear it also.Thus soon many question is accepted to rise also.This is human nature also.
              Thus there is every possiblity that when Human being  where seen helpless and unperforming His Lordship may have been really compelled to send His own son to die for our sin. In this country which have always allowed all view to flourish the best view must be taken for national interest also.After all allowing Holy river Ganga to fall in Lord Shivas JATAYU /hair what it means?
             And belive it even Shivji must have thought upon the Devtas proposal to receive Ganga number of times, as this are life changing movements.And does it not look like Baptisma ritual?Thus believe that what will happen will happen for good in future also.As for present BJP leadership they are only talking of tolerance and justice which is after all the basic structure of our Hindu  philosophy and our common legacy also.
                         And this seems to be the true Holy Bible standing also.Yet to follow or not to follow Him is upto a person as God is a good God, He gives freedom of choice but that itself make us more duty bound to respect Him more, as others compel obedience this is like bad man compelling someone to stay with him.But God gives the choose to you.
                The day there is hidden agenda with some person or group their may be again reversal of fortune like in last Delhi State election.Thus better to give the reign of power to Hon`ble P.M ,religious power to religious leaders and national building advisory duty to  BJP and RSS.In fact there is no confusion in BJP party also as it now seems to have matured up a lot.
                   As this party want to alleign with the God`s view and will surely take anything good also,as so far the BJP Spokesman Sandip Patrajis statement regarding the comment of the General V.K Singh in block regarding press that it  is it is his personal view.And by this comment this BJP party seems to be giving scope for the inner democracy which is the life line of the democracy also.
                Though in the micro level their can be VHP to see the Hindu interest of removing the superstition and dogmatic views which should have been its true motto.And interestingly this days  there is seen more liberal view from  RSS specially by new leadership,and this is also now seen to be filled more with the youth the new generation Indian`s.
              Sometimes my friends feel should I be not given honourary post in BJP for my contribution in nation building if my work is seen of little merit.And yet I am more interested in His divine mercy and graceness as if He bless others will also like you.
                Thus  soon the national reconcialation is accepted as even the JADU TONA /black magic practice is now seen forbidden by the Hindus also?Thus they are also seen coming of age.And believe it  many a times within two view following the middle way may prove to be better also.This way is the path of reconcialation thus we must all try to make a step forward.

                     Specially for common man who have no enquistive mind.for them even if one side is not totally accepted sometime it may be better to take middle course in transitional period.But later eventually will of God alone will be manifested in his life ,this one like or not.
                   And if He is not accepted whose loss it will be?See had been their no Christianity in NE imagine will Publics here have incorporated in the national mainstream so soon?After all one who is not having spiritual dimension is he not like an animal?And for long this NE Publics have been subject of peeping eyes as if they have come from Zoo.
              As truth may be between two views also so all form of discussion is good.After all one can`t be accepted to change overnight also for good or bad though the born again /revivalism is only the true Guru mantra/funda for spiritual success.
               So like Eugens Political theory-`Between thesis and anti thesis best is synthesis.As the true religion will take lots of time for a follower to understand also so God seems to be giving breathing space a middle course like Yog Guru Baba Ramdevjis Yog Shivir`s.
              Thus it may be better to take the best now but in fact for all taking the harder way may be better also as one have to be prepared for challenging times as death.As the way to heaven is through narrow road thus the hard work in the spiritualism also don`t go invain.As  Rome was not build in a day thus the emotional preacher seems to over say and make the listeners bored also.
                    Yet making the Rome like city is got to be our national and personal aim also.As we can`t leg behind in the modern  scientific field also.Their can`t be crash course here in religion,the feeling can`t be as easily passed on to other like Rama Krishna Paramahansa did to Narendra Nath.
             And this question and contradiction in life alone seems to have help evolution of religion also after all many man many mind,and each have different problem in today`s time.Thus more one put a added burden in himself then he will get more happiness in reaching the target.
                 The carrying the cross of Lord and Saviour is thus not an easy task,as it is like carrying others sin also with you and you can`t escape this if you want to reach the heaven.please read the writer John Bhunya` Novel-Pilgrim progress to know this feeling see God`s blessing is a feeling and one who will undertake this will alone get this divine happpiness.
                  See the output of the introspection is always good.Again there is difficult world to be faced in ones life,thus one have to swim like Duck making water rejected by its protective shield which is like temptations in life which make us away from God.
                       Thus so important is also the philosophy of Rama Krishna Paramahansa.Yet non is not proof against all the maladies unless this power alone comes from above.So be humble and swiftly go away from the hateful man, see their own house is on fire and how can he help you when he is not welcoming the Lord?As when one is in His Lordships duty then he have to be respected also.As then only Lord will bless as He loves His followers.
                Even 12 Apostles choosen by Lord Christ only realized their folly after Lord Christ really raised from the grave.As they may have hoped of only worldly gain if Lord Christ got political success instead of choosing the worst.Thus Human being is prone to temptations in this world .
                   See in ancient India also living with the God was a natural thing and thus many never realized the value of quality life with him, even the Arjuna was heard to be shocked to see the real identity of Lord Sri Krishna in the epic battle of Mahabharata.
               The condition at that time in whole world was same only everybody respecting the divine power,unlike this time where anger is more with the cheat and harassment by spiritual man also.But not perse hate against the God, thus there is no reason dieter for hating God and Holy scriptures and we have to always again remember that we are in Kalyug.
            The much needed introspection which the great Indian sages told as SAMUDRA MANTHAN/ATMA CHINTAN.And what comes out of it  is nector alone isn`t it?This experimentation  is needed more in todays time.Thus the man who is seen as an enemy at one point of time  may be God`s man also if he triggers that enquistive mind in you to search Him who is the truth.
                 This mahatma Gandhi also faced worst in  Natal in South Africa and curse that man who ill treated him and throw him down from train.But this country may have been never same if it did not happened.See many a times evil spirit is always seen disturbing the God`s scheme of things.But not any more as His power seems to be now active like never before.
                  As in this country we may have made our own god and godess this may be result of  making CHATNI/mixure  of all the positive and negative energy made KAYAM CHURNA/mixture  by the earlier Sages in the laboratory experiment called –SAMUDRA MANTHAN.
                 This experimentation if really happened seems to have harmed most of the religion and religious books also.As all the truth and knowledge seems to have been destroyed if this Samudra Manthan grinding have really happened.
           And another theory is only one truth /Amrit/Godhoodness have come out from that Samudramanthan and that have to be searched now.Or that Amrita may have been already finished by Devtas and the Godhoodness have it not ceased to exist in this country after it?
                Only a true Hindu expert can give a better answer.As for us we only have to follow Swami Vivekanda and Vedantism by asking more questions about this.Then only our own atman will grow to make nector within ourselves.And this non can anymore steal also.Can the Hon`ble P.M Modijis charisma can be stolen or borrowed?
                Thus you have to concern with your Individual benefit more so in the spiritual field.To know the truth / master which is the human duty or do we have still such great man among us to satisfy our all question and hunger?
                          And this also may be also God`s plan to give salvation to few sincere and perhaps effect of our forefathers weakness to protect all the good philosophy and intermixing all doctrine under influence of evil spirit which seems to have brought out the worst also.As Samudra manthan in the micro level e,i- atmachintan have always taken place.
               Thus what little difference we have may be good as it helps two views to flourish ,but we have to ask Him  to show us the right path.As from time to time the devil/Raksas  have also ruled the earth and still now they will be ready to harm us, thus still now tug of war between Devta and Asura is still happening.
                    This is same like what is written in Holy Bible clearly though in other form.As Indian Sages writing  style have been indirect narration by citing Kalyuga and its Avatar ,thus time may have come to tell the fact directly.That amidst odds there is hope through Lord and Saviour.
                 As all the positive and negetive energy in the world may have been really intermingled in the famous Samudramanthan the greatest Yagya performed by Sages.Thus it may be again also may be needed to be separated to find the truth.Thus lot many answer is needed.And only because one man is not from higher varna /class should his all claims be rejected as easily also?
               Thus the Holy Bible saying that I have come to make brothers fight with his own seems to be misconstrued,it should be seen  as the ideological difference that will come if God bless someone.As unless one is different how he can be a game changer?And mind it even Hon`ble P.M Modiji have been initially criticized.
                The meaning may have to be construed as ideological clash and not personal enemity.As since ages the true enemity and fight in all races have been between the believer of God and one believing in Satan/Adharma.And each thinking his own way as the right way.
                 Thus their  is seen Dharma Yudha in Mahabharata also,was it not fight between brothers?Thus simply the highest form of religion has to be think in term of siding with the more truthful person or successful community who will be oviously more bleesed one.See was Dhuryodhana was also more rich then Pandavas also?
              Thus make yourself great as SUFI SONG SAYS-`KHUD KO KAR BULAND ITNA HAR INSA SAIN AGE,KI KHUDA BHI KHUD PUNCHE BETA BATA TERI REJA KYAN HAIN.`Thus the religious doctrines seems to have been segregated in the Kalyug by Satan.Thus one who re-fix it alone will prosper and will be of use to other.
              After all the Raksas is heard to have challenged Devtas for a Tug of war in SAMUDRA MANTHAN EPISODE.And don`t think they have stop since ever after that.They are more vocal in place like Pakistan and today they are also seen fighting a loosing battle.
                  Thus one may have to now collect the best from all.But the Holy spirit is send as best friend by God,as promised in the Holy Bible cannot be missed out as it must have been send to help us.This is like Shivjis 3rd eye also one is accepted to develop this highest form of super consciousness virtues in life to keep ones all INDRIYA/senses in right condition.
            See  all the difference we have is man made under influence of Satan.For one thing God have never made this class variation also.it is plain and simple make friendship with most powerful one and enjoy this is what is seen done in ancient time also like Sugriva made friendship with Lord Rama in Ramayana time ,as if some is the awaited Messiah most respected one in this era what relation one should have with Him?
             This earlier class/VARNA system practiced in Hinduism seems more of political alignment to protect the nations in earlier occassion.Todays KHATRIYA class can be seen as Indian Army and the true Brahmins as also Christians missioneries as who give maximum time to God must be the true Brahmin.
                 So why need to glorify an Old Institution when we have better one like Indian Army in todays time to safeguard this country .Thus the dynamism will be always their in religious philosophy and it helps also.The great man knows and accept the difference in the philosophy and tell the best according to the new time.
                 But as change sometimes happen so slowly we don`t feel its impact.But change is for good and believe it is happening according to His plan.Only if you are in line of fire you will feel the pinch like what is ill effect of KHAF PANCHAYAT and Honour killing one getting the bullet alone will know.And  can love be stopped also?When Lord Krishna could not have himself resist his rendezvous with Gopi`s why blame the Children`s?
                  Thus goodness will always manifested in one form or another as so many innocent have already died and at the hand of the contractor of the religion who in fact is the instrument of evil spirit who is scared of change.
                         The weak man is always heard to be afraid he is like Vanar Raj Sugrivji of Ramayana.See today amidst crimes and sins new  serial like –`SAVDHAN INDIA`is also gaining TRP from the Indian viewers as all want is detterent against the crimes and all seems to be coming more near to truth is everything.As days of seeing impractical Hindi movies seems to have gone.
             And thus the foreign origin theory of the Christianity religion should be also taken in bad test as our country can never be inferior to any one.Yet it can be never be deprived of the best also.Say no to foreign culture ,yet say yes to God`s son`s love and sacrifice for us also should have been our stand.
                          As can their be greater philosophy which shows extent of God`s love for us?Today problem is Valentine Day have contrarily become more popular then more pressing duty of atleast saluting our messiah in X-mass, and mind it atleast Old man and diseased in any religion also will never like this.As when one is at that stage spiritualism comes naturally.But tat this stage also few good man alone may reach this stage.
               In fact in Holy Bible the main stress is please don`t forget your God`s concern and love for you.Isn`t it a terrific feeling to be loved by God.And what is wrong and anti Indian in it?Thus ignorance may doom some as non can stop this holy spiritual relation. As after all Lord Christ being son of God have a higher spiritual standing.And really Christian country are also not seen doing bad also after all end product the AMRIT have to be seen.
                 Will this end product not speak of the character of the  experimenters also who undertook SAMUDRAMANTHAN Yagya e,i- brought atmachintan/self introspection in an Individual level,community level and national level also.And for Christian friends also believe that today many of Hindu brothers are more born again person then us also.
               Thus ones ideal and good friend circle really matter.See non like his childrens to be spoiled thus best is hearing the good gospel and atleast not complaint about it.As if you change your Childrens will also change.
              Yet since religion was way of life in this country thus lack of interest in issues like salvation is natural.Christianity may be in fact our own Indian religion as three Magi who show the star and discovered baby Christ in His birth time seems to be  Hindu astrologer`s as they seems to be Aryan Sages.Besides Christmass tree seems to be extension of ancient Hindu KALPA VRIKSHA terminology also.
                 As three Magis they are said to have come from eastern side where Aryans are still  settled this is modern Iran.And even some rumor that Lord Christ got the divine teaching from some Hindu Saints and some claim He came here in this country also.See only the dead forefathers may be knowing all the fact and how not they will be hurt if wrong message is send?
              If today we out of hatred and ignorance praying some one else?And letting them to rot in hell also as then will our forefather `s will be happy.As TARPAN praying the soul of the forefather is essence of the Hindu religion as told in Veda.
              Thus when all the spiritual writing is seen in cohesiveness then their become a chain so connected that all the great Holy Book seems to be the part /series of the same writer who should be only omnipotent and supernatural force.
              As through a good son 7 generation forefathers sins is said to be forgiven by God this is as said by the theologians,also see King Baghiraths story in Hinduism .And thus can we also take risk as oneday we will also meet with our predecessors in the Kingdom of death?Thus should we waste our time here in the world and not work for their salvation also?See in this spiritual field things will it not happen according to God`s will and way only?
                 As being cheated and  deceived by angel Lucifer/Satan some secret may have been denied to us also. And see was Lord Christ was not rejected by His own race to the benefit of others?Thus so Maha Atma /great man also should they not be respected even by the close relatives and family members?Specially while they are alive.
               And doesn`t Lord Christ`s sacrifice make him as a true world`s savior? As the true son of God in fact can be no countries soul monopoly.The compulsion of the working of spiritualism and force of nature have to be also accepted.As they have to think for all after all the world is His including all its creation.Thus Christianity can be truelly seen as world religion as God invites everyone under His loving grace.
              In fact more religious hatred seems to have come more in the days of freedom movement, as some claim it is historical recorded fact that freedom fighter Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak started Ganesh Puja to motivate pan Indian opinion.As earlier the educated freedom fighters leading the fight against Britishers were facing increasing problem in galvanizing popular support.
                  And thus sometimes immediate human need seems to harm long time interest also.In fact God may have already planned to liberate India in pretext of 2nd world war.So sometimes God`s miracle and power display seems to be disturbed by the evil spirit by making us impatient and there is seen side effects.
                 Please wait for His good time,thing will come automatically.See non of the country can today stand alone and thus following Swami Vivekandajis clarion call to take leadership in religion field alone can make our nation more greater also.As we need a unifier and a game changer which seems to be need of hour,thus are you willing to carry the cross?
                And thus this is our duty to follow logic and rational mind to come at just conclusion fit in todays time.As after all to make this nation great, such divine subject of greatest relevance how it can be compromised also?And it will be impossible without the spiritualism discussed truly and fully after all every one is waiting and alive for His and His blessing only.
              As our rich legacy will make us to know the best and in fact this is what Holy Bible also ask for to analyze also.To know Him and His kingdom first,yet God respects others culture and tradition even if this is temporary and see soul is always and only interested in Him.Thus ask yourself this question who are you?And in Hinduism also answer is you are an atman.Thus in the old age the King used to go to Jungle and seek Him.
                Lately religion have become too much of a fashion then passion also.This is effect of the external wordly life encourage by negative force in Kalyuga.Believe it even my own knowledge will be never be able to satisfy your thrust in Lord.
                    It is His and His grace alone which have even fallen on the poor and uneducated with whom I had also to sit for number of hours praying together to perhaps develop my P.R with His most loved ones first.
                                 And believe you have also that super atman in you, pliz use that yourself was perhaps what Swami Vivekanadaji asked you to do. But honestly the advertisement may help the film promotion but not the religion.
                     As this is something which is really going to effect the person concern first and make him most appreciable man and their will be natural effection of other`s to him / her which will be more meaningful then movies.
                         Thus best healing power may be even possessed by simplest human being in my place so see the success rate of a person in any thing.Our good missionary keep record of this Healing miracle  in the Diary.You have to take time to atleast find the best isn`t it?As God seems to be giving something to all see the country like Europe and America is only surviving on charity work as they know the blessing will be alone gained by parting with the dearest thing.And does it not
                        See the worldly habits and addictions may give temporary relief but ones if there is a family problem of worst order.That same dependency on wine and Liquor end up as the reason for ones death and destruction .
               Thus as Holy Bible command one should 1st seek thy kingdom and righteousness. As that man will always have Holy spirit by His side to help him and to rely on.And in good time or in bad time he will have satisfaction and never fall down to such an extent as he believes –the great JEHOVA JIRE.
             That God will give ,this word again shows the richness of my Galo culture and tradtion as Jire in the Aramic and Galo Language seems to be same which is to give and by whom?That will be by Him alone.Thus for the man hunting for true spiritualism this Galo language seems to be treasure house of anthropology.
                      In a good Holy Church there is really 5 fold ministry.Different devotees gifted with 5 kind of Holy spirit anointed power like-Seeing vision,seeing prophesy, healing power,one having power to sing in unknown tongue and one having preaching and gospelling power etc.
              And thus  for growth in spirituality also we have to be preferred to gain the best in the current times as this fire alone help one in future.And thus God have commissioned to tell His gospel in Holy Bible to all,yet not to one who is not welcoming it.To the the man who perhaps want to darken not only his but his entire generation.As faith comes by hearing the word of God and person concern have to first hear it as there is no short cut.
               This is honest truth one like it or not,after all God`s ways will be always different.He may want to cover and protect human being by a shield of immortality, but for it he have to discard his egoism and pride which God hate most.
                      As after seeing the ancient Hindu manuscript some power is it not seen only after violence?Thus now it is time to follow one like Swami Vivekananda as this may be alone standing ovation to Swamiji also and all the positive soul born so far who wanted  all Indians to change for good.
                   In fact quest should be also for becoming a better human being then other thing will automatically come,a charlatan Christian who don`t try to practice much as he preach is also practicing the form of Satanism.
                   It is time we stop supporting our own also,only because he is from our own religion also unless there is a reason to believe a divine intervention for that man .Now that this country is lenient now we have to also see our own weakness also.
                After all non can be picture perfect we have to always evaluate ourselves .Yet this sin confessions should make me modest and down to earth which alone may make me bit near to Him for whom His favorite food is ones pride.
               Though for all time son of God have already died for our sin but this realization is to few really committed Christian.But one only sitting in the fasting and prayer centres should not have also much expectations from others like us,and there is need for some to fight and be example in the practical world also.
                 In any case ones endeavor to help other have to be appreciated also isn`t it?As who have in today`s days  spare time for other also?Had it been not for love of God and reciprocating goodwill gesture by some to other`s ,this world may have finished long time back as unless there is reward who will like to work?
                As God want fellowship with human being as both need each other.The happiest feeling is you and your family is secured by thy grace.See Baba Ramdevjis talkative nature can be also attributed to his jealness to make others self conscious of value of health through Yoga also.That too before things goes out of hand as he is really concerned for other.
                   And see here only crowd that throng him is one like him only isn`t it?Non is force  in his Yog Shivir isn`t it?So non of the believer is also forced into Holy Church also.This one have to understand,thus it is time unlike other time to first evaluate others view point by thinking like him to get what other got.
               As when every plan of the Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji have been applied oneday and their remain dirt in river Ganga then something new should not be done?As why river Thames and Danuba river is more clean in other country also?
              Should we not ponder it for the sake of dead forefathers,god and godess who alone will like our happiness.And thus before the Ganga becomes the source of all pollution should we not make a change in our view as the main aim is to change the view in us.Isn`t it?
                                                             Thus what is the source of the behavioural change of the Peoples of this country this may have to be also reasearched ones and for all.And eventually it will come to whom they worship?
                As a common friend also effect a person thus change for the sake of your childrens as if you change for better then only they will change and the future generation to make the country better.Thus sometimes more then elonquet speech small initiative is needed..
                     As like the master His desciples will be, we also need each other more then the animal as if we get anything , we will get from human fellowship only. Specially congregation with the positive vibrations it will go ahead and the Christianity is very organized and very expert resource person often comes to motivate the believer also.
                 Thus instead of criticizing each other the best must be practiced the preachers should be asked to give logical answer why His God is the real God.Was this not the question asked by the Swami Vivekananda also?
              Mind it, spiritualism is more difficult and if one is seen practicing this sacrifice consistently then believe that man have some form of great experience in life.As for others it will be real boring subject also.
                As TYAGA is not an easy thing unless divine ordained. And the end product the Amrit/nector is which comes out for the well being of the Publics.Like mother Teresa was mother to many and I am sure she was only helping other and did not wanted any thing in return also,and did not her faith benefitted lakhs directly and indirectly.Thus should we not concerned with eating the mango instead of counting its seed?
               Only if you was in the pathetic condition like Sister Nirmala in her initial age then you would have known what the hell is. And thus non should make bruhaha from day one without knowing about other,as mother Teresa is a once in a blue moon case also.And I have seen healing power of Sisiter Nirmala also in my own elder sisters life.
                 See even the great man like Mahatma Gandhi was about to be Baptised in Christ in his South Africa days also. But may be for him at that time freedom movement was more important,or he did not find a good inspiring Christian or he developed the notion that it was too challenging.The way young boy see football as very dangerous game from outside but manage it ones is put inside the ground.
                            The fact that grace of Lord cover the believer`s in many ways that feeling and experience alas the man in pilgrim as it progress alone feels.Thus it may have been said in Holy Bible many will be called but few will be selected and for missionery they will say is first reciprocate His divine calling and see what not He does for you?But initially Holy Bible may be bit difficult to understand in absence of a good teacher as this is filled with  divine language.
                 As non is picture perfect thus one have to always learn in life even from small boy.Or howsoever great you are you may have a short life.Thus soon I may be also concead to my friend pastor Yumri Taipodias request for allowing him to write some article in my blog http://togobasar.blogspot.com.As may be a theologian may be in a better position to guide you all.
               There can be many reason and excuse of death thus before the gnassing of teeth happen in old age before actual hell experience comes.See one who is repenting he himself  is doing himself a favour.Yet for average Indian they are much better then any one in other country in this spiritual field.
               As for man like Hon`ble P.M goodness seems to have been auto programmed in his mind from the day one.He really seems to be Jille I -llahi the reflection of the divine power.Thus seems to be thinking first and acting first before the Public demand or his enemy act against him.
             Her mother must have taught lots of value added stories of Upanishad stories. Thus it is good to tell good motivating story to the child from day one.The good part of the Christianity seems to be taking the small Kids in the Sunday Church School from day one.
             Yet the Baptisma is alone offered when one is mature.Thus only see the profit of an Institutions ,as in the end wages of the sin will be death.The Child grown up with this fear to Him alone can serve the family,society and nation better.
            Today my higher spiritual realization is due to my parents and alma meter that I have to be also obliged to.My special thanksfullness to my Guru Swami Gautma Nandji who was my earlier School Principal  of RKM Viveknangar Aalo and currently the Vice President of the Ramakrishna Math and Mission at Belur Math Calcutta.
                     The Indian Christians that way must be also thankful to this Hindu philosophies parenting and guiding them in their Childhood ,and for making them   realize truth in their own way.As in fact all have helped each other in life as the end goal is the higher spiritual realization which end in God.
               Believe it every one is helping you to realize that spiritual goal as Hindi song saying says-`JAB KOI KISI KO SIDDAT SAIN CHAHTA HAIN TO KAYNAT BHI USHE USKE SATH ,EK KARNE KAIN LIYE LAG JATA HAIN.`
                 The problem comes when earlier Gurus and parents are criticized,we must be obliged to all specially to this nation also which have allowed this spiritual discourse for which man born in Muslim country die for.
                  This disrespect to parents and teachers even Holy Bible never commanded,being Christian and following the best does not give you the right to act smart to others that is insulting and hurting others feeling, unless we have really achieved greatness and have not developed fatherly status we should live like friends.Only telling and interfering when other need our help.
             As religion is a sensitive matter there is always doubt against the other from the day one as non seems to be really sure of  the will and commission of God.And one who is content he will be an asset to other also, see many of us may be only living in emotional world and believe it only to be truth .It will be always fluctuating for some as we all were also amateaur ones upon a time.
              And even for the Christians is it not important to know that God have the veto power and may Himself even not confirm to the Holy Bible directives also?As the thief crucified in the right side of the cross was he not seen to be taken to heaven in absence of Baptisma also?
                        Thus their seems to be hope for all in the Holy Book even for the old and diseased from other religion also.And for them also in the death bad He may come to rescue.As He have made promise to save all the sinners and in this Kalyuga who is honest?He is unlike us who only come to help and adore a rich and young Person only.
                But that time in old age it may be real tough time for all of us to appease Him each one have to try to do so by what way he have been gifted when we have time now.Thus God`s warning have to be taken in right earnest after all He is the master and does we also like a old servant?
               As we are still like living in the Eden garden and willing to do as we like the way Child hurt the Parents forgetting all his talents are also their gift.Thus we need to come to senses and should not think the Holy Bible is forefather Adam`s problem.
              Today intolerance have increased among the spiritual leaders also.Specially the new recruits are like Karate white belt holders  new batch kicking everything in their way.Thus the elders must not promote violence as any form of sin big or small is sin only and thus the one who coerce other to do bad he will also later suffer.
              Thus hope this piece of article will not unnerve you and if you are a spiritual man then you will not be perturbed also.As the man who resisted the greatest form of emotion is only the Yug Purush of todays time and it is time for you to prove it.
                 See their where even good Samaritan friends and admirers of Lord Jesus Christ who was addressed by Lord also as good Samaritan,are you one of them?As even if the Bali was killed by Lord Rama was he not happy?Thus who knows He have really send the Lord and Saviour to finish our darkness and sinful life which have disturbed our happy life.
                 As should we alone wait for the Insurance money instead of appeasing Him who can even stop the calamity to come.Thus from now on if you are a really family loving person will hopefully think ,and think and like to come to action and see their will be a way if you have a will .For He is good all the time and is also waiting for you.

XXII. ABOUT HON`BLE P.M NARENDRA MODIJI:-                                                           Thanks that this positive article I am writing seems to have been triggered today by non other then by Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji, after he accepted all the religion as same as this is itself a welcome comment in this State.
               As Baba Ramdevji says GANGA SNAN have to begin from above, so King being spiritual himself will hopefully make this nation greater like what Evan. Carlbaat  is heard to have made  of  Switzerland now called as Heaven in earth.
                  And for one thing today the globalization is also breaking all the barriers within all religion also.And even the elders  who have seen both the side of life claim that life is much better now. After all what happened in Chittor Fort during the invasion of Mughals did it later not spread to Bengal in the form of Sati system?
                 Untill Sati system it was fight by Raja Ram Mohan Roy with the help of William Bentick, In fact in Chittor Fort what transpired was not Satism but  was a Harakiri / suicidal act.As Mongolians never used to spare the enemy wifes and not  to be made as Concubines by the fuuny looking Mongols to Rajputs the sacrifice in fire was made.
            Thus it may be time to fight bad custom and traditions like class war prevalent in our Country .And like the French revolution may be this is time to start a new renessance here in our country also.And Hon`ble P.M have even promised in the Voltaire and Rousseau`s birthplace - in France that he will allow all the religion members to flourish.
                Thus this great man is surely here for action and may really make  a Powerful India that was dream of Swami Vivekanandaji.And his Make in India programme is even accepted in the Germany.Thus after this great man`s roar there is a great feeling that we are the change we have been waiting for.As remember non else will come to help us we have to side with this great man.
                       As when Hon`ble P.M have shown His guts and given bold statement for a better future ,pliz join him to make him more strong and to work for us more vigorously for us.Though some credit Kezriwalji for rising the willing participation of the Youth which helped in the GRIH PRAVESH/entry of the BJP in the house.But I think this is Modi era.
                  Though everything is fair in love and war and this INC party have done more so have right now  no right to criticize us much also.I still remember requesting Yog Guru Baba Ramdevji in His Itanangar visit to rise this Black money issue nicely.One can see this issue as a divine issue and a creative one also.In politics some creativity can be also pardoned.
                  But the fact will be also that their must have been some black money stashed in the outer country.And please see Hon`ble P.M Modijis urgency in willing to bring credit card concept in this country also to finish this ones and for all.Thus he is making this BSNL more vibrant in the place like Arunachal Pradesh itself which is the man in the last line.
              And many believe that had it not for Hon`ble P.M some top INC leaders of this State of Arunachal Pradesh may have already made setting with the BJP Incharge and Highcommand and have reserved the BJP party ticket.But with Him in the helmns of the power the top class who are no less bad then the Ultras will be also hopefully taken care of.This is the Publics prayer who want emergency put in this State for the financial mismanagement.
                 As Insurgency also flourish when the Publics are unhappy thus there is need to remove the excessive corrupt practice in this State.Though the recent Ministry of the Home Central Govt.decision to bring 20 km. of the foothill area in A.P  under Arms act is also a welcoming act.
             As we Indians are a different race and a nation and have long record of our boldness and courage.And when the others will say we can`t it is time to show we can bring change for better. And let us see the fruit of our commitment and sincerity in our own life time.As Hon`ble P.M is removing all the red tapism.
              Hope he does this more vigourously in this State which is the last line of the Public and have been earlier always marginalized.Even the INC practice seems to be effected some of the BJP leaders.Hopefully in the coming election all the BJP parties logistic support will reach the contesting candidates.As in State like this the help is very much needed.
                As some excessive corrupted INC leaders  is even heard to be bring the voters from the neighbouring constituency.And may be for this excessive injustice their was divine curse upon the INC party also.This many spiritual leaders believe.As this party was always saying for Poor and minority Christians in some place yet doing just contrary to it.
                 Thus many hope Hon`ble P.M will show the real goodness of the BJP party by giving maximum party ticket in the eve of the election to the minority Christian leaders where so far they have been only used as the vote Bank by the INC party.
                And many accept him to advisesome BJP top leaders not to give a wrong message to the lower cader by siding with the relatives in the INC party atleast in the Public platform.As in this part of the world the Publics are so much socially connected that even the top leaders seems to be forgetting the party discipline.
                  And today most Public is really wanting an election in this State as most feel that this INC Govt.have been formed undemocraticly by siffoning of the Public money to the tune of  about Rs.3500/-crore.And by this sudden election only the Peoples where compelled to vote INC party .As the Cabinet Ministers of the Govt. of the Arunachal Pradesh decided to conduct  simultaneous election with the Lokh Sabha election with the State election
                   And most of the BJP candidates where purchased not to contest election also.And even Hon`ble P.M Modiji his own choffer was not initially given permission to land in the Helipad.Than imagine the ordeal faced by the ordineray voters.
                    Thus the State Public in this frontier area need to be pacified and this Hon`ble P.M Modiji can alone do.As a new Governor can be send here and the emergency be put for financial mismanagement.As all the opposition party, Contractor union,Student Union and labour Union also seems to be supporting re-election.
                       And thus most of the Publics is accepting mid term election in this State ,and accept Hon`ble P.M Modiji to send a good helper of the BJP cadres.And give all logistic support and ensure it reach the candidates.
               And Hon`ble P.M is also accepted to personally campaign atleast in the town of the Aalo of the west Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh.The condition of the party in the State can be alone changed by Hon`ble P.M`s interference.
                      Thus the one who is close to Hon`ble P.M also need to tell him the gravity of the situation as the Youth cannot be allowed to join the anti social element atleast in this place.As the democracy which is the only hope have been unfortunately sabotaged by few here in this State.
                        As if one wins by honest means it would have been different.But for the INC party bringing Bangladeshi voters in Assam and voters from different constituency in this State have become too much. Hopefully the new Governor if send will directly talk to election commissioner regarding this problems in some constituency.And also regarding the problem of the use of the minor voters,dead voters and double entry of the voters.
           As there is need to bring a system change in this State of Arunachal Pradesh and for this financial Emergency under His Excellency Governor alone seems to be the best way.As the RBI have already freezed the account of the State Govt.
                 And under Article 371(H) there is extraordinary statutary power on the Governor of the A.P to pass emergency when there is law and order problem.And by the recent threat of the contractor union it is evident that they seems to be ready for violence.
                                   As with new leadership there is now ray of hope.The enemy was always within.How long we will blame others for our own malady like Pakistan also?The Public of the State of Arunachal Pradesh also deserve the test of the good day /ACHA DIN.
                 Thus India is changing for good and if Hon`ble P.M don`t do a worst sin like receiving  some cursed leader`s in BJP party from the INC party in this State. I think he will be given chance much beyond the 25 yrs.term he asked from the Publics in Germany.
              See when the divine power also bless who can stop you.After all some INC leaders in the State of Arunachal Pradesh have changed their party some 2-3 times.And is seen as the speed breaker and impediment to the development as most have outlived its utility.
                 Thus take right decision stop neglecting tiny place like Arunachal Pradesh which .As their may have been larger State in the ancient India but why they were drawn to the Kurukshetra decessive battle of the Mahabharata?Thus sometimes if the State machinery fails the God seems to be taking the reign to Himself.
                  The great thing appreciable about Hon`ble P.M Modiji is he seems to have decided not to give undue advantage to the leaders who only seems to be interested to make politics as a source of earning.And also he seems to be allergic to the contractors of the superstitious and dogmatic views which alone earlier seems to have become Countries identity.See so far he smartly escaped from all the controvercial issues wich was tried to be used against  him
                 After all we are same Parivar /member so this audacity to touch this issues as all the great scriptures like Gita and Quran also seems to be preparing us to wait for the same God by thinking like Him.
                      In fact Hindu brothers should have said more vocally regarding this issue like justice and equality , and today really many great man are already seen starting the good fight against all the malady in the society and hope they will also join us.
               As this Dev Lok must be purged of all the sin-corruption and nepotism.Thus Hon`ble P.M have a team of good man around it and this is his strong X –factor.Like the Akbar the great he seems to be keeping tab of every small thing also developing around him.And thus hopefully giving excessive fund to excessive corrupted few INC leaders in State like this will soon stop.
                                     Today may be satellite and Inter net connection have united all the good man in world also.Making the positive energy more vibrant.Thus believe it everything is happening for good and in time.
               This must be the time when all the Saint and Sages must have prayed for,the coming of absolute freedom.The years back you can`t have seen film scene of poke shot at TRISHUL DHARI Sadhus/Sages as shown in the latest movie Amir Khan`s movie P.K
            Believe it the Publics have changed now,it is few left who want to bulldoze others.As for long ignorant Publics have been duped by few man donned in the dress of Sanyasin also.It is time to question them.
                And as many genuine Sadhus are also seen encouraging kind of my debate also thus Hon`ble P.M Modiji is accepted to be more affirmative in future regarding tackling the few fring elements.
              And perhaps he now need to show it more affirmatively as in this State some INC leaders may also try to get their support to burge inside the BJP.Hopefully the Hon`ble P.M will not not fail the Poor and destitutes and minorities etc. who have been untill now sidelined.
                  Thus it is time to pride in any Indian who is really famous outside irrespective of his religious background,and seen to be doing for making all feel pride of themselves as a co- nation  being.
As one go outside the country,communal feeling  diminishes, so why enmity within our own country?Why can`t we live freely thinking this as our own country?Thus this feeling need to be removed more in this geographically osolated region.
             In fact in the new world order all have intermixed and have theoretically become half Christian and half Hindu also.As our view of religion is dress and culture.While it is the inside atman that have to be renewed.And from the divine angle He seems to see only the heart.Thus we have to clean the inner thought first more so for some Christian also who don`t even visit others festival when invited.
                     My view is for the sake of living God everything may be done .As is Human being are they also not extended part of God`s reflection also?Thus not for Idol also but for your friends you may have to break certain barriers also and being a politician one have to do this.
               And as this have been shown by our divine ordained leader Hon`ble P.M we must all follow him as he seems to be willing to see a coordicated approach from micro to macro level.As his plan to make some place like Kyoto can be suppose fulfilled by selecting our Basar area of the West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh, where the ancient Donyi Polo  religion is also seen existing.

              See the rise of OBC as Hon`ble P.M is mark variation from the top class /Varna -Chatriya alone earlier given chance in the Eklavya days to be the warrior and King.In fact God sees the heart and if Hon`ble P.M had he no predestined mind to clean the system.
                    I am sure he may have been never been blessed to be able to even convince some of the radical VHP leaders also to stop the Christian bashing also.As God really seems to be willing to give equality in the new world order and believe it the SARASWATI/ the godess of creativeness  is not monopoly of a single class also.
                              Thus Modijis elevation is a miracle and after this miracle is seen,It is high time to accept this hatred as bygone things.As the great nation must be matured now and stress more on nationalism as RSS are dreaming for and for it the goodwill have to come.
             And believe it for great man like Hon`ble P.M Modiji to happen initially his own have really seen to disturb also,the same thing may have transpired and disturbed Madam Kiran Bedis political prospect also.And out here in this State also new thinkers are seeing problem.But Hon`ble P.M is the only one who doesn`t only see the political gain.That is so far his greatness also.
               After all a great man can pick any stone and make it a gold also.Yet Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji need team member like him so called 12 Jewels in the Emperor Akbar the Great`s time,as the enemy will also not keep silent for long.

                  The team Modi who can alone as a team make this nation great will perhaps constitute the best even from the worst place to be remembered in the annals of history to be the real maker of the Country.And in this social network cite era Hon`ble P.M will be smart enough to know what the majority Arunachal Public`s also want even if they cannot come to Delhi like rich and powerful .May God bless Hon`ble P.M  and our Country.

                                             Please always believe that what ever happen is for good as the way the Jugalbandi and Fusion music have brought out the best in English and Indian music.So it will be in religion,politics and everything in this global era,thus in this modern time we have to have a liberal perspective if we all want to change.
                  See if the innovation and creativeness is stopped then the world will once again witness what is happening in Iraq in this country also.See only seeing and listening to one side of story  will not do, we should be catalyst for good change in our and others life also.In fact all the great man have stood against the prevalent custom and tradition in their own time.
                    Then only we will feel our life have been worth living and see man this is the greatest kick in life also to do so.And if you have concern for others ,think what not more concern will be from part of God to you who made you?
                  Thus Lord Krishna is heard to have kidnapped and  married one of her consortium Rukmini from Arunachal Pradesh also.That too in Treta Yug.Thus today also why we should be still entangled in this class superiority feeling?
              Did most of the Rajput Kings did not lost war to the invading Mughals for not caring the lower rank soldiers, who may have been looking after important work of opening and closing the door of the Fort? And for not using the matrimonial alliance as a political tool?
                  Thus Hon`ble P.M Modijis determination to reach last line of poor Peoples alone may eradicate anti national activity in true sense of terms .And thus see the importance of the winning the heart and soul of the Publics in place like ours.
              In fact he is now also in position to advice the top class to make a honourable exit.Thus best way must be always seen in the present situation.And the inter mingling gives an opportunity for that and one who is skeptics of others that nation alone will waste the money in increasing its nuclear arsenal.
                   Thus in the place like North East more specifically the BJP party must give free hands to the genuine Christian leaders also specially in this State, as the party can not bank on its recent achievement alone.As AAP members are also seen ready to strike in the Country.
                          And Hon`ble P.M`s idea of class less society can be only seen when there is appreciation of spiritual community also, as for now even in advance place like U.P and Bihar there is seen polarization of the political power on castism and religion line.And the BJP which believes in true secularism from that angle also it have right to play minority card and help the leaders and community hitherto deprieved of any right  to excel in life.
               In some place honestly perhaps only elites can be now accepted to convince the Publics to still trust in the nation.As so much class disparity is seen in some place.It is wrong to infer badness will happen with only particular religion.Did the Mao Wadi did not happened in Hindu nation Nepal also?
              And today as most of the Youth is ready to grab anything good, and for their sake we all must change in every angle also after all we have mostly lived our life and have no right to jeopardize their wonderful future also.
            If we are still stubborn the future generation may never forgive us.And so better to accept His divine suggestions to love His son Lord and Saviour ,as if we can`t do that also.Can we love ourselves also ?As said in Holy Bible –`God loved the world so much that He send His only begotten son to die for our sin, so that those who accept Him will have eternal life.`
                  As what was the need of God to do so?And funnily we make lots of worthless tears to be wasted after seeing film and serial thus we can`t later blame almighty God for our misfortune also.Thus the connection with Him alone is way to find all the solution.Thus this problem in the world can be alone faced by being bold and loving others as there is so much thing to learn from each other.
                 The great Hindus can`t be that cheap to not even respect the son of God for His eternal sacrifice for us.And hopefully new god and godess will be stopped to be made from now as Hon`ble P.M asked his own idol and temple to be demolished.
                        And there is seen positive vibration in the Country after that also as the principles on which the Veda ,Purana is made is enough and this is seen to be also re-packaged in the form of the Holy Bible.Thus we should blindly obey all the good things in all the Holy scriptures.
                In fact the divine preachings seems to have been filled in the sub conscious mind of the Publics from day one and with the Christians organizing Healing crusade and X-Mass also  it have increased ever more.And today mind it some may be unable to sleep without this spiritual dose also.
              Like in the Kamal Hasan`s movie Puspak Mahal where the character was seen habituated with hearing Karate film dialogue as his house was near a Video hall.See the subconscious mind seems to have been now unknowingly filled with all the good ideas also.in fact more it is more a person will be great.
               Thus all short good doctrine is good to find the truth thus Old Sages emphasized the importance of the Samudra Manthan.As in future who knows computer virus could have been made  new potential god by some moron.If the new ideas and thoughts have not come here in this country and the Public have not said enough is enough with self made god`s and godess.
                               As slowly and slowly we have so much debiated from god that even if he comes to bless.The foolish human being may ask him to first banish and loss the chance to be blessed.And today after thousand years living together we have inherited a very unique culture and tradition of tolerance which is today short of allowing the cow and Lion to live together.This one see in the coalition Govt. in the JNK between the BJP and PDP.
                 See can one have imagined a Govt. made in JNK participated by BJP a few years back.Believe it the future of this country is bright and we all must hope so also.This is effect of indirectly following what God want us from this nation.
                      As today is  there no country wide protest seen, when any bad things is seen to happen like the  recent  rap on an old nun and  see the Public outrage after it?Thus official Soddom Gomorrah most hated place of God /Head Quarter of the devil is perhaps still Iraq.Thanks for this mosaic culture and democracy of this nation.

                        The mistake made by human may have lasting effect yet  the neglect of the divine commandment may be too much.See creator who have already given us everything who could have asked anything more from Him ?did He not asked for simplest  thing from us to accept Him and His son ?And we should not have seen this as a Christian lobby as it was our duty to do so.
                         And for good man he will automatically join the right mission and the complainers and lazy man like the rich man Lazarus will surely plead in hell praying to send back in the world ones more to convince his relatives who were alive.
                   This is as told in Holy Bible and also as told by great man like Baba Ramdevji Maharaj who say the good man will automatically connect with right person.See sometimes even the good man make wrong decision like the freedom fighters in 1947 seems to have erred in not psychologically preparing the Publics specially the Hindus in the time of the partition which seems to have made lakhs to suffer.
                        See even if there is no heaven the human being must live with a positive mindset so that he have a happy life.Or it will be impossible for him to live in this world told my wife.And as for the Christianity the believer live with a conviction that he is worshiping the living God though it comes slowly.
            See there is no end of human being and also no end of those who are ready to die for Him.But remember that revivalism gives last chance even to an unachievers in the life to have eternal salvation.This affirmation is definitely filled in small small things and one filled greatly satisfied with it.As the hunger and trust of the soul and spirit God can alone quench.
             And thus Christianity should be seen as an option to save oneself from chains of re-birth.As holy Bible claims to affirm the solution for this parenial question in all ages and century.And when it is satisfying even the learned person ,
              This also should be seen as more shop it is merrier for the Buyer also.Thus let the god and godess alone challenge this,and mind it after incarnation in various YUG they also may be now resting.And may be angry if they are called and wake up unnecessarily.
                  Thus use your own brain and take the best.See the anger is meaningless but the question that come in mind is the beginning of gaining a way.This great man like Swami Vivekanandaji have advocated to be done.See instead of the Britishers was not the hatred used by the devil within the Hindu and Muslim`s in the time of the partition and after it.
                 Thus the view of the neutral party is also needed to be appreciated.As sometimes best may be within the two views.One should make a comparative study in everything specially in religion and political party as this is heard to effect the person concern also.
                         See in the worldy matter also the latest weapon will it not help?I heard ones Arjun Tank had to be remodeled at great cost for army wanted someone which like modern T-72 Tank have to shoot while in running condition also.
                            Thus when our own ancient Sages have asked us to wait for the right avatar in the Kalyuga is it not their disobedience also if the Christianity which is in fact personal relationship with the son of God is seen with suspicion?
              If the right person is not accepted only because of his birth in the poor family and borning in other country while Sages have addressed world as one family as VASUDAIVHA KUTUMBAKAM? Then what will become of you and this nation?See in spiritualism also like the countries marketing latest weapon for the defence introspection the Gurumantra /secret of success will be hearing something new and interesting.
                                    But today all the evil effect on the nation of some dogmatic views seems to have been washed with the acceptance of Hon`ble P.M Modiji based on his merit.Thus hopefully the country will from now on change for good and it must be a divine intervention time for change for Lord creating such atmosphere.As whom He can`t use also?
                 See all the good advise one reject in life as an student,and result is their to see when he is grown up-thus one is an officer and other is a farmer in the end.Thus I appreciate the nations Publics for giving chance to Hon`ble P.M who really seems to be willing to do something different.And hopefully someone like him will be also tolerated in all lebel .
                Yet friends spiritualism is for eternity you will not have 2nd chance in death bed.And you like it or not you have to burn in this fire to be refined soner the better.Thus why you like to always go against the motion? Do we not really want to make this continent as Hindustan ?
                Then in that case we have to now really try something else.As the land in the side of Indus which includes Pakistan have to also join here to be truly showing the true picture of mother India as called in the time of Mughal Empire as Hindustan.
                This is atleast what a normal man gain impression after seeing Swami Vivekanadajis comment as he wanted this country to be addressed as short of Vedanta land for he knew the area around Indus was called as Hindustan and he was skeptics of controvercy in the future .And mind it disliking this argument will be direct challenge to non other then Swami Vivekanandaji himself.
               Many even don`t know what Swami told to the nation and think the safroon clad saint also advocated anger and hatred against other religion.See for one man`s impatience was not this great country divided into two halfs.Thus sharing and hearing ideas is important even if it is not accepted.The most of the NE problems seems to have earlier seen a communication gap of great magnitude.
                        Thus today atleast patient hearing is also needed to know their point of view. And one who challenge old doctrines may later prove to have more gift then Swami Vivekandaji also after all he lived for few years.Thus it is fervently hope that from today we will go beyond from our present condition  as sky is limit in the spiritualism and any field.
                                       Friends talking big thing while not daring to venturing to place like Pakistan is very easy thing.Thus from now all the great Peoples need to be watchful of their comment also.We have to also pity for place like Pakistan and also pray for their liberation from Ravan Raaj.
                                    See  faith comes by hearing the word of God and have you heard enough in your life?That thief killed with Lord Christ in the cross was really lucky when Lord was their besides Him in flesh and blood.See who can save his relative suffering from cancer?Does he not deserve to die a happy man?Thus is it good to interfere in ones life if he want to choose a religion to die happily?
              Is it not Lord and Lord alone who have been healing many and unless this is so Devil have made the present world so that non want to now want to speak for truth and justice also?Thus one who speak His Lordship`s greatness is he not respectable also?
                See the way of devil is short and easy yet like in the Nobel Paradise Lost  wrote by Milton one cry in the end. And many a times even if sin is too unpardonable for one, he is seen to die a happy death by touch of His graceness.
                 Please for sake of persons who are suffering pliz don`t condemn my work as many rich man and earlier Christian haters are now suffering like anything.As we have seen some great testimony given by the powerful leaders who are no more who even confessed that ones they come to burn the Holy Church also.
                     So the number one critics against the Christian is seen to change and get converted to Christian thus the smart RSS will pass an advisery to say nothing against the Christians.And rather think of engagement with it like the Joint military exercise with the American commando`s.
                    And mind it  non have right to defame Him for not healing for the lack of faith of a sick person,thus in good time we must spend quality time with God.As consequence of wrong decision is devastating in life as even human being favour more with whom he is more close to isn`t it?
                   But the question is are you happy now and after trying lots of other thing for your cure are you still stubborn?The choose is your`s.This good relation between you and Him alone will help yourself and world , pliz convey your prayer support to me also.As I have also made lots of intersessory prayer also and deserve your love ,effection and forgiveness also.
                                            He is merciful God and have even interfered in ones life when everything else  failed.This I have myself felt when I was dying in operation theatre a decades ago and see if I had not surrendered to Him then I may have died .And who is complaining me for loving my Indian brothers and sisters and for not sharing the good thing from my perspective as for many even the Govt. is helpless?
                And for loving my Indians if I am sidelined from any party also never mind.I am sure all is eventually a good family man and is always looking for best for their near and dear ones .Friends the last years flood in the Kedarnath is it not indicating something?
                  After all God is He not the master and will He not send better alternative in His own sweet will and time isn`t it?And is Lord Christ not the much warned in advance by our ancient Sage to be welcome as the  Kalyug Ka true Avatar?That is messiah which is to be welcomed believe it great persons have spend their whole life to invite Him.
             After all within this 5000yrs.He seems to be the only one true messiah born also.As he was born in A.D and have official record of birth as it is now 2015 A.D after His birth.And it is said to save  the sin and curse of the forefathers to not come in Lord Christ`s body also He was given birth to a Virgin mother Merry by God.And He did lots of unthinkable miracle in His life isn`t it.
                   If we as nation is today  ready to bring dangerous atomic energy power station from America  for electric sake, will following God`s latest ,comprehensive and only will should not be considered upon also?
                   After all perhaps by it alone our countries greatness can be achieved once more.So why meaningless egoism and only hankering after worldly thing like willing to go to America specially los Angeles only?While not studying how they reached this point.
                    The problem with our young star is they learn smoking from the Hollywood movies but forget that it is only in movie.And even the young their don`t depend on their Parents,this the movie cannot show also.
            So may be time to welcome Him as it have already begined as positive developments have already begine in this Country.As here more then the Magician Dynamo walking over water Peoples are only coveting the money and political power.Thus this change we see is His and His plan only.
                            See there is time for everything even the Hindu Sashtras have some relevance. So Lord Krishna seems to have done all His BRIDAVAN dance with Gopis in adolescence and once he come of age He was seen to be a serious man.Thus we all seems to have messed us our past and is unaware of value of present time.
                  The ancient Sages have made spiritual demarcation of era.In fact even the ordinary  spirit are seen angry for unnecessarily rising them from long sleep.Let the great ones sleep in their eternal sleep and let the God`s son now work as this seems to be truelly divine direction now.And after God`s channel telling various dimension of God and His plan can any one make an excuse of not being loved and respect by Him? 
               After all like we are fighting here below the earth,will supreme power who is one will also fight above?Will Make In India slogan success without Him being invited here to bless every project when He is now Incharge?
                   As does the TRIDEV does not it sound like three angels mentioned in Holy Bible? As the ancient Indian where so knowledgeable and only later PARAM PITA PARMESHWAR/ISHWAR word seems to be starting to be used to addressed the God.
                          See this have been probable that Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modji may have been successful in any party and in any position also.Though this is equally true that the RSS and the BJP was first to give a wonderful platform to a person even when he was no one.
             Yet God alone seems to use even powerful Institutions.As said great man does not do different thing.But they do the thing differently as there is unseen force behind them.Thus the right decision in the right time have helped the party and will continue to do so if man like Yog Guru Baba Ramdevjis advise is heard.
           Thus we should not look back from now.And go ahead in life to once more make this nation great as this may be the agmarked time for change.And like the Barcelona Football club picking up the young lad Messi even if he was suffering from the Polio.And later on he become the greatest star.
              So the great leader Hon`ble P.M is also accepted to show his magnanimity, as it is said the good leader is one who make more good leader like him. And hopefully in the more deplorable place he will be more particular about that also.
              See why Lord Rama picked up Hanuman ,he must have been aware of common story of biological connection of Hanumanji with Bhagwan Shivji which is the spiritual benefit in having a friend with divine connection.As this alone will matter and the one who only see the wordly angle is a Raksas like Dhuryodhana.
               And many may have been skeptical of Lord Ramas strategy initially also for making Kiskinda devoid of Vanar Raj Bali.As by helping  purging one place of one bad ruler one seems to get immense blessing.And Shastra seems to have advised to do it by adharma means also.See for Lord Rama also this all was needed as Lord also needed Human beings.
                     SAMAJDHARO KAIN LIYE ISHARA HI KAAFI HAIN.Thus one should be liberal like Hon`ble P.M Modiji as he seems to have now gained respect of friends and foes alike , perhaps heaven and hade also and now fit to be addressed as true JILLE LAHI –the reflection of God.
               sometimes in the feeling of doing great service to his own religion one may be doing disservice to the humanity also.And for which the God may not forgive if there is fight in His name also as happening in Arab country this days.
                     There was a time when all the Publics seems to have the loyalty to their own sect and religion.But as in name of religion more Christians and the Muslims are ready to die also, thus it is wrong to threat other in the name of religion.
                Thus Hon`ble P.M have done the right thing by praising all the religion and promising to punish the religion haters.And  this peace talk in the highest level have the power of uniting all and should be good for the nation also.
                  And whole world have to appreciate this move.And thus true leaderhip is taking decision from the front.Imagine also the hardship Baghirath may have incurred for bringing the Holy river Ganga.Thus the good step must be appreciated by all as initially there is discomfort to the sacrificer  also.
                               And incident of bringing of Holy river Ganga  may have been also metaphor used by the old Sages to show how king Bagirath paved the way for spiritualism in this country. Secularism In fact this have been always BJP`s party ideology and in the membership form also that promise of following the secularism is reflected.
                  And mind it the Vedantism principal of Vid to know better way is followed here which itself is the engine oil for secularism after all every Swami Vivekanadajis fan in RSS will be ready to hear his view only.As most of them are very much enlightened.

              And instead of only praising Gandhi family unlike in INC party ,it seems BJP Party seems to be encouraging the Independent outlook and creativiness , so long as this helps the nations.And some seems to be wrongfully alleging that this is Hindu party and will hear non of it.
                           For poor man like us praising God is a compulsion but blessed will be those who are rich and powerful yet will accept the God and His plans in future .After all He is the source and real root  of this slogan also like-` LOSS OF CULTURE IS LOSS OF IDENTITY`also? as He is tolerating us, so we are alive isn`t it?Man what more we want?
            Thus is one accepted to close to Him is not needed also?Thus instead of demotion the BJP may even promote the person who is seen as an enlightened one from their perspective.As if we talk eye to eye with our own then only we can talk eye to eye with enemies also.As the NARAD MUNI types may be the one having secret relationship with the enemy of the nation also.
                 See even the invaders of this country on ones upon a time have influenced our society in one way or other, thus only hatred is really bad.As eventually it is seen all the hatred seems to be used by some vested interest rich class to keep their monopoly.And this is because of communication gap between the good ones.
                         Thus Hon`ble P.M is engaging with the great Christian Countires taking the Make In India Logo Tiger in the France,Britain and Germany.And many hopes he will surely go out of the way to also see their and the Christian communities genuine demand.
                        See earlier it was only the lower class whose thumb is seen to be cut apart like Eklavla`s in the Mahabharata time that too asked by Guru Dronacharya as fee for inspiring him secretly to learn archery.
                 Thus if you still want that loveless life for your Childrens then is this good?believe it the Kids who have grown up in the new atmosphere of love and freedom  have many advantages.We have to now hear their point of view also.
                     This is pathetic if this is great Hindu scripture is still seen advocating glorification of  high class, then there is really a question mark? The problem is Hon`ble P.M Naredra  Modiji should have happened long time back before many of our children died under evil custom like- Dowry system,female Infanticide and Kaaf Panchayat lead Honour killing etc.Thus it is time to face the challenge boldly as we are now in vintage position.
                     Hopefully soon an action plan will be also initiated against this dogmatic views,making a secured island for the lovers far from the hating eyes.As we Indians have been made addicted to sins and crimes, so Modiji will also need to be given reasonable time to clean the mess.As that man alone is capable of reforming and bringing a liberal thought.

                  And this is everyones duty also to support his good moves.As forefathers have great expectations from us.After all we have to also accept our weakness that in many field like in Olympic Games we are also laging behind.Thus after this outer cleanliness drive under aegis of SWAKCHA BHARAT ABHIYAN,hopefully directly and indirectly the Indian spirit will be also tried to be clean.
                Thus be prepared to take the hard way as one never know when one will die tomorrow?See how wonderfully Yudhisthir eldest brother of Pandav of Mahabharata have defined greatest wonder in life to yaksa. He said-`every one knows he will die oneday yet live as if he will never`.
                  The good God seems to have send us now greatest answer we asked for?Believe as Ramakrishna Paramahansa also said -`Where there is will there is way.`As you will see surprising resemblance of his story with most of the Holy Bible story like Lord Christ `s feeding the multitude with five bread is seen very similier with his own story.
                     After all even the Swami Vivekanandaji is heard to have been introduced to Ramakrishna Paramahansa by a british professor in the Presidency College where Swami was studying.Thus SUNYE SABKI KARIYE MANKI.See unless we equate the truthful character of the American`s and Europeans we can`t compete with them.Sorry the thing we see see in the movie called –BADMASH company will not do.
              The man who have been called out ,saved and choosen for a task master will punish Him more if He doesn`t comply it.Thus even hearing the master before calling may be better for some.As for all this divine work have been commissioned but non show interest before it is too late .
                 The seed shown in the rock never grow as this is eaten up  by bird/devil.Thus one should be religious enough to know other`s viewpoint also to come at best.As in this present world also the truth can be seeked more so as He himself seems to be behind this intermingling least non complaint in the day of the judgement.
                    As it knowledge it will only help like it would have helped Abhimanyu to come out in Chakravyu.Thus even borning  in great family may not help in the time of death.Only the spiritual teaching`s like Yaksha`s defeat by Pandu Raj Yudhisthir in logical argument ,Sati Sawitri`s beating Yama /god of death in test as told in the Hindu mythology when her husband`s life was in stake.
                      This stories are for a reason and will have to be used in the death bed.So what I am saying this are also not meaningless, in fact for one who have tested death this is most important.See how you live in whole life is really important.
                     As the every  Indian is born to be great I am just showing the way for the young generations to achieve more greatness.As many are much more innocent then us.And thus hopefully they will go ahead more then us.
                      And to have this knowledge and endevour in life Swami Vivekandaji and other great Sages teaching have been made.In fact this writing of my can be seen as repeatation as the great man earlier have already answered this questions .
                And only few have been faithful to great teachers  by later being bold enough in life,this is even after reading in the Ram Krishna Mission School.And even after promising to always be good in life in young days many backslide and get the divine curse also.For the present blessing you have could have been gifted to other also.                       
                           sometimes the eye is deceptive and the mind have been depraved since birth.Or how the sinister evil like Dowry and female infanticides can be also tolerated in the great Hindu country?
 And instead of them being made as the main enemy why we have to  fight among us.
                Lord Christ said our fight have to be against the principalities of dark forces that is creating all short of problems.That is evil spirit and in Kalyug perhaps they can even use the god and godess and angels  to corrupt us.Thus the more knowledgable Galos who look more backward have termed the benevolent and malevolent god and godess as Uyu/Evil.
            Does American and Japan celebrate Vishwakarma pooja?And even if done here for good,have it not become time for the Drivers and Handiman to drink lots of wine and liquor to get more problem? 
Is it not time for the VHP to see this dogmatic views alone as the real enemy?
                         As see was not the SESH NAAG eventually seen confessing to the Brahmans organizing the yagya to seek revenge on the snake that he have biten Parikshit the grandson of Pandavs on the command of the Devta`s.Thus those who come to worship the loving God are they not right in their own way?
                Now the modern RSS is seen engaging more in other creative things which is appreciable like encouraging patriotism, Yoga and opening Bussiness avenues.And also good that Baba Ramdevji is now seen encouraging the  free discussion regarding this issues among His Acharya Gurukulam scholars in the Astha T.V.
               Remember the true equality and justice and above all forgiveness will alone come from above.Trusting the super human being blindly without studying have always make us suffer.
                  The greatness of Lord Christ was even if He was son of God yet lived among us and deserve respect out of His shear Karma, besides He had great Pragya that He inherited from great blessed forefathers.Thus He alone seems to be picture perfect from the Hindu angle also.
              Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa stood test of time,and young Narendra Nath later  become Swami Vivekanada by his direction.But for others it will be difficult to find the divine Guru like him this days.Thus you have to look to Him and Him alone and Holy Bible given by Him if it is more easier.The most comprehensive,divine and latest will of God that have been send for mankind.
                          See your own knowledge will have limitations.The way the western scientific achievement have been accepted without mincing word.So we may have to accept if we are nationalistic like RSS brothers ,there is some more important thing also.
                      You have to become slave in the world to become King in heaven.After all is salvation is an easy cup of tea also?The greatness of the India legacy is making us to identify the truth more quicker than any other man even in Vetican city and Jeruslam also for sure, so why leave this life time chance to work with Him?
                After all when night is night and day is day how can their be two God?Either they are wrong or we are.Thus this question answer need to be find and must be made as the subject of prayer point if one is really interested to know the truth.
                    As one get one life and one chance to know the truth.The love of the animal is confined to a few moment.Thus don`t wait for your animal reincarnation in next birth.And through politics of hatred one will succeed only for a few years.
                    But using knowledge for the mankind one make permanent imprint in the History of civilization.Up India conquer the world with your spiritualism telling about the love and tolerance and enlightenment in word and in deed.
                             This JAGRUTI and awakening was what  great Swami Vivekananda wanted to see in us to see the VASUDAIVH KUTUMBAKAM philosophy achieved in true sense of term.And he made virtual tour of whole India in his foot and today also his soul may be blessing me for this small endevour.
                       As he may be wanting us to develop Nector/Amrita in our heart for others also.Not alone to throng to Allahabad in Khumb Mela time to make Holy river Ganga more polluted.See unless we change is their any hope as for many thousand years the Sages here have also got equal chance to mold Switzerland like Evan.Karl Bath.
                       And in Europe and America so far things have not become so bad that the farmer have to also commit suicide.Thus Oh son of the Manu oh you one borning on higher Varna don`t you also want to do something great?
                       For how many times the spiritual leaders have cried for you and our nation?Yet satisfied on old glory you are not reciprocating and being stubbornly digging your own grave. So Holy Bible perfect in all angle seems to have been send by God to liberate all including India also you better have to accept it also,if it is a divine decree.
                   As enough of excuses.This may be seen like latest amended constitution copy.But only choosing particular portion to your liking will not work, you have to accept it in toto and all answers have been given here.Read a Hindi version if you have confusion believe it by knowing and following which is the truth alone then only the Swami Vivekanadas philosophy can be also achieved.
                And initially this will be very boring subject also,as our body and soul have been contaminated by Mr. deceiver angel Lucifer the fallen angel.So we will be feeling like joining Kinder Garden School initially in spiritual arena only to shout loudly A-Z and seeing graduation as a very tough job.
                                 And as most of we are definitely now like baby feeding on the breast.Yet Keep patience even while hearing what the experience ones are saying as your time will also come soon.For many have slogged more for you even me.Yet I will be happy for you if my sacrifice don`t go invain.
              As other great man they have also taken time and pain to reach in their new top position.Yet I am sure great Hindu will take no time to excel in anything  specially spiritualism.As it in their gene as early rising and bathing in the morning can be alone be seen done by a Hindu also which is also real great thing.And also the custom of touching the feet of the old and elderly person this is also great step.
                     Thus hopefully they will learn from all the great decision told in their scriptures also.Like what have been consequence if the Lord Rama have rather made friendship with more powerful VANAR RAAJ BALI?Thus hopefully the ARYAPUTRAS will from now think like their forefather`s.
            Whatever I am saying this only I can tell as an experienced man to some extent.Yet I am also still maturing in Christ and trying to be a good Christian and this is same as being a good Indian citizen also.
                As we need some who can be trusted for the nation in times of war and only spiritual knowledge can also give patriotism also.As the word like loyality develops here and one who is not loyal to Lord can never be loyal to country also.As love,sympathy and forgiveness is as much needed here.
           And yes I have also met many spiritual man of other religion also and have benefited myself from them.Yet worshiping creator is it not beneficial then worshipping His creation also? In Holy Bible it is written-`Blessed are those who are peace makers they shall  have kingdom of heaven.`Thus their should be an attempt to let all realize the truth without being hurt also as the reconcialation between God and human being is it not very important subject?
              As non is perfect and non have right to spoil the curry which alone belong to Lord.As all the beautiful Indian deserve to be taken to heaven and our commulative fight is with the  principalities of dark forces who is our true enemy.
             As God seems to be willing that all His creations unite for common good and ultimately find Him.And see everyone have been blessed uniquely by the God also and need is team effort to reach to perfection.We must immidietly catch up with others least other make colony in other planet also like in Star movies and we fail behind.
               Thus need is uniting without any reservations and always try to do good whichever religion one belong to.And in fact by this alone today one will survive also.Let other praise your work, live as if you have done nothing, this is fact also.As we are but mare tools,see had I died in that operation theatre long time back then who would have written this?
             Thus God alone does everything in life he even knows what you will do in future,thus honesty is best in the present tme this alone will ensure your future.So what the fuss in achieving anything, after all today how many talkative spiritual leader we have in our country also?
           See a poor and uneducated  villager with honest heart is no less blessed then me also,and so much of my creativeness and logical argument is from their blessing and prayer support only.After all my Church is called Immanuel e,i-God with us and must be continuously praying for me.
                     As for me I am like typist writing what is His gift and direction .So why angry with me also?Did Raksas Raj Ravan did not committed blunder by illtreating the messenger Hanumanji?Thus from the God`s point of view the real purity seems to be sin qui non for the salvation.If you are successful in your religion to get it; well and good also.
                          As when He have commanded to seek thy kingdom and righteousness first,then one have to may be think and act like divine power Himself then only He will prosper.As the wordly gain alone is not the main aim and goal there is something far better He wants to give you.
             As perfect practice alone will make a man perfect.And richness and effluence have to be seen in totality also, ones ability to enjoy his life in fullness in whatever his position is to be appreciated by any man. As from a position when one could have committed suicide, is it not good that person concern is doing what he feel happy about most in his new life?
                      As it is probable that God alone will eventually interfere in the life of truthful man.As today everyone seems to have motive for helping others.And only in bad times few friend like Gautam Adaniji alone also stood for friend like Hon`ble P.M isn`t it?Thus best is sing His glory alone as He will alone give in His own time.
                  And some are also accepted to learn this Adanajis manner.                 Some friends also ask me; what you gain by always writing this off topics whom most of the Hindus may be allergic about?And warn me that some of the top leaders of the BJP may eventually also want to sell the MLA party ticket to the highest bidder like earlier INC leaders in this State of Arunachal Pradesh ?
                      But who knows contrary to them like the King of Ramnad the way Swami Vivekanandaji was welcomed by many king after Chicago address also.I may be not be altogetherly rejected also if I have little bit of his greatness .As the true Brahman can be born in any community and race this RSS Peoples atleast knows.
                             And who knows within very soon the great Hindus will show the magnanimity of giving the title of Brahman one who know the Universal truth  to a non Hindu also.Like Doctorate title is given by a university.You never know about the future,as this days Lord seems to be in the control and many Indian may be already fed up of sterio type preaching and may be waiting for a change also.
              Thus hope the consequence for my audacity for removing some of the veils may  be good in the end also as when it is for the well being of the country hope all will stand up in support like some RSS friends are doing as after all this is historic turning point and what we decide now will matter a lot.

                       As world is changing so quickly the thought process have to be changed quickly and who does so faster will be more happy.As due to rise in our adrenalin due to sudden exposure we later develop unhappiness and illness.Thus to get acclamatise we have to make a psychological preparation and here spirituality helps.
               After studying all the divine mode we come to conclusion that there is power in all the spirit, but as the Donyi Poloist believe we must come to them with respect and should never call the dead spirit unless we are prepared.And it is also possible that the way we don`t like to die the one in the other world may be not at all interested to come back in this world also.
                   Thus with the Christianities claim that Lord and Saviour have already died for our sin is a unique position as man is always prone to backslide.And will never like himself to be caught red handed by the Lord who will be angry.
             But eventually it is upto you to decide and sometimes the old curse upon forefathers may be also effecting a person to take a wrong decision, also his physical and intellectual weakness and his upbringing may matter.
                  Yet the good man will always choose the best and become successful ,as circumstance can make him thief but in the atma level all the man is changeable only if a realization comes to him.Thus be always hook with goodness even if you know that you need to change.As this realization itself shows that you have still that positive atman in you.
                    See the happiness is something which is skeen deep and rejoicing in every moment of life.And as Swami Vivekananda said it is upto a human being to be happy or not.And for absolute happiness a lasting truth about everything have to be find.The sin of the family in which he is borning  is also perhaps hunting a person after all the man seems to get everything from where he borns also.Thus finding the true religion is solution to all the problem.
                     This country is a blessed country as from ancient times the Peoples living here had the Sages to tell them methods to save them from all the sins.After all even hunting the innocent animals is it good?Thus for the world outside this country  which was more sinful thus the gospel of Lord and savior was perhaps needed their more.But recently after the more materialistic world invaded this country also ,thus there is now need for making a re-allingment with the God and His will.
           As we also need to learn a lesion that spiritualism in this country  is also like a small thorn which is creating pain in a persons leg  and to remove it another thorn alone is brought  and after its use also this is thrown away.Thus the main body is which is more important and for it it is important to search the Parmatma/ God.See the Vedanta have also tried to find permanent solution for it.
                 See the devotee inherit the character of the divine power he is invoking and praying,thus those who worship small spirit will be seen very much against the Christianity and other religion.This is but natural if one is worshiping god of obnoxious substance he is seen taking wine ,Bang and other seductive.
                Thus it is important to know which god of SATYA YUGA,TRETA YUGA AND DWAPAR YUGA he is worshipping and Sages have asked to worship.Even knowing the true Hinduism may be enough for the person to excel.See why some business man is becoming like Gautam Adaniji and other is failing behind?
               And other thing the mentality of the locality in which you are born may be also effecting a person.This is other then the family gene you inherit which Baba Ramdevji call as PRAGYA.Thus on research on various country by the national Geographic team the bag left in the street was seen mostly returned back by the Europeans.
                                 Thus all great Institutions like Oxford and Cambridge seems to be flourishing their and seems to have positive impact on the Publics, and this is vice versa as their relationship with God must be very good.I am not writing this with the pre- notion that I will be invited by them as a honorary member.But When you have seen the death and end of life and used by the divine power like Zombie than  have you any option left?
                   As many are busy in making money in this temporary world ,their may be also need for some by Him to walk like good spirit to do good work like good samaritan.After all this spiritual discourse may also help many one never know.
               See the real Integrity of a person is how he behave in his family and outside if it is same he is great ,and how he behave in his childhood and when he is grown up and if it same then he is greatest.Only for physical sake is it good to propose a girl a great man may continue to keep a relation in atleast facebook even both are separated.
               In fact many positive developments is now happening in this Country to make the Publics realize truth.And to achieve truth three things is needed –knowledge ,action and it will come by will power thus Yog Guru Baba Ramdevjis training is also no less important.
                    See when  you pray for other you pray for yourselves as eventually you can`t live alone.See BHAKTI is acceptance of all His creations.See more you share more you become great.See in the 12 verse of Gita Lord Sri Krishna is heard to have also told His dislikes to Arjuna have you ever read it before attacking Christians and other religion?
                The great Hindus always used to realize the greatness in man see Lord Rama instantly recognized the Lord Shiva inside Hanumanji.As that manner and graceness could have been alone shown by Hanumanji in His VIPRA RUP tells the Ramayana expert.Thus their was always direction to understand other least new era again is send after KALYUG also.
                  See there is great attraction in God and more attraction to Him lessen the wordly interest also.When we think we are traveler in the universe then we invest in the most permanent thing.Thus non can be criticized for accepting any religion.In truth their will be no negativity and happiness is permanent whereas when small spirits,gods and godess are prayed there is always tention as they themselves are unpredictable.
                 See some of the Hindu ARADHYA DEV have even story of chopping their own Childrens head`s.Thus for a good behavior you have to atleast follow a good master.Atleast in this field Buddhist devotees are also seen very much gifted.
             But are you all praying all encomposhing God?Thus hopefully this is time that the Country have gained this maturity to dscuss this points as Vedantism have in fact permitted this.And how can be a Hindu be against the saying of their great man also?In fact this is not I who is saying this for the first time.
              See the Narasimha Avatar of the Bishnu Bhagwan does this Hindu stories also not telling of the living God who have been asked to be worshipped? And beauty and mystery of this is, one who follow a particular path alone will know this.Thus Dharma/spirituality  have been also asked to be put on /DHARAN in the GAYATRI MANTRA of Hinduism.See there is one life and one chance to pave the way for eternal journey also.
               As prophets alone warn the others of coming danger, like the INC fail to hear  the prophetic warning of some spiritual leaders short of warning them not to meddle in the 29th Basar (ST)Assembly constituency in last State election of this State of Arunachal Pradesh.And see was earlier this claim not rising many eye brow also?And INC debacle in the center have shown now , who can stand against Him?
                   See the consequence of Dhuryodhana only believing in the money and the army of Lord Krishna.While the armies in the Pandavas side must have been atleast sure of salvation even if they die in Lord Krishnas side.
              And even the army of Lord Sri Krishna their loyality must have been with Him only.And see the man with lower thinking is only seen to be used as pawn also.Thus think this is what only you can do to progress in life.You can`t close your all eyes and ears.
             So friends who are bothering much about me,believe it my new Hindu friends will know more about this spirituality .As the BJP party also badly need divine blessing to even surpass 20 yrs.minimum rule vision over this Country as target set up in  the recent Banglore meeting .
              And rightfully in that meeting a decessive decision have been made to check fring elements in the BJP.Thus hope the day of the bad mounting about Christian religion will be foregone conclusion after earlier bad experience like sudden  rise of AAP in Delhi State election.
               Unfortunately in this State of mine till now only money have been made as the only important issue by clever rich class.And for this they themselves are now seen in the state of divine curse with the sword of demoggoges seen hanged in all the top political INC party leaders neck, as Hon`ble Supreme Court have directed to wrap up all the majore corruption cases of this State very soon and this may soon have a cascading effect.
             And recently the stipend of the small school going students in this State of Arunachal Pradesh have been also cancelled for paucity of fund by the INC ruling Govt. in power.And worst is accepted to come , a friend was saying if the present Govt. can`t govern should not they should exit out also?
                And so all is seen suffering here  and this must be for some power mongers who may have been earlier directly or indirectly seems to be against the divinity also, for trying to postulate Gandhi family as short of Greek god and goddesses in this poor and innocent place.And more so in my constituency where so far Christian political leader have been not even given chance to reach MLA lebel.
                     As how long the Human right and civil right can be abused probably making even the cable network owners to only relay the INC programme.Man this is not Arab country?The true Hindu who join BJP know this good principles of justice and equality and will surely do the good fight in the favor of the best/DHARMA  in the future Kurukshetra which seems to be all set to be waged in this State of mine in coming election.
           As oneday I will like to write the kind of injustice we had faced here in detail to prove it that - how it have become like Soddom Gomarrah which God in Holy Bible have said to have destroyed not only for sin but for injustice to Poor Peoples living their?As here in our State while in some village road have been made 2-3 times other have been kept in lurches.
                   See some who preach in God`s name have long life of sacrifice and dedication in thy name also.And so they can`t be as easily nullified also.As it’s a great risk to invoke His name also. Specially in politics for the person who use it for bad motive.For him also there is a certain fear even if one is successful tomorrow.
                 And believe it I had to also undertake 3 days fasting centre in Jipu prayer center to hear His command before previous election.The present Arunachal Pradesh leaders seems to be poised to doom in future for their whimsicalness and trying to use everything in their favour.And having said so unless you all pray for us we may not be also be different from them also,after all saying is more easier also.
          As the great man become great by respecting thy will alone.As God can alone do wonder and may make money also meaningless sometimes for His special loved ones also.Specially for those who have faced untold misery for Him and have story of great pain behind them.
                 Thus fear Him that can not only  save your party but can even harm your soul also, this stand same for any one howsoever powerful He is.Lately like Hon`ble C.M Delhi Arvind Kejriwalji I have also feeling that God is really active in our life this days for a greater cause.
            That is the reason for my earlier tryst with the destination and contesting MLA election amidst the odds.Though we have been temporarily cowed down.But hopefully we made a punctured in the bottom of the gigantic Ship in the first attempt itself,The whimsical leaders surely ready to be swallowed in the Tsunami called Narendra Modiji in next election.
                   May God still give senses to some and bless India for digesting my offbeat writing`s also.As my intentions to warn all of coming danger may be forgiven.As I can`t help loving all the Indian brothers of all safe and size`s who deserve better life.As all the spiritual power here have local limitations thus greater power seems need to be invoked now.
                  As perhaps time to come out from emotion and live in the world of practical.As by mingle with world alone we will gain. And religion is also manifestation of spiritual perfection e,i-good conduct already in man and in Indian society.As finally the great SANSKRIT AND HINDI language seems to give all answer regarding this spiritual confusion which have come from above.As see in Hindu ISHWAR means God.
             And the Christian which means enlightened one is surprisingly called as ISAI in Hindi language.As Lord Christ is also called as Isa thus this means Lord Christ.Thus there is seen to be natural answer to all the confusion if we see our past rich Indian writings and history from neutral point of view.
                   Even some critics doubt Shirdi Ka Baba –SAIBABA as first Christian missionery.As after SANDI  VICHED in SANSKRIT here also the word seems to be sounding ISAI BABA which means  Christian Baba.
            As the healing practice method of Sirdi Ka Sai Baba seems to be same as ancient Christian apostoles style.As in ancient time one of the 12 Apostoles St.Thomas is believed to have gospelled in India side also.Thus who knows unknowingly our god , godess and Apostles have intermingled here to give a unique Indian  custom.
                  The Constitution of India is gift of God and for any Indian citizen respecting this itself will be like worshipping His Lordship only.And though it alone most of our problems can be solved also.As this is embodiment of the perfect Godhoodness.
                  Thus this must be respected in a divine way specially after Hon`ble P.M have also appealed to do so.And thus for confused readers of my thesis this constitution of India may itself be alone seen as divine representation of the God in the Country.
                  And like the divine guidelines 10 Commandments given to  Mosses and Hammu Rabbis code of conduct.Till there is a personal calling to you from above and you become more vocal then me till then be a good citizen respect the Constitution of India.Writer have never claimed himself to be better man then you.
           As their will be always diverse view in human being as there are very less peace makers.And thus it may be also  time to even support the anti Cow slaughter rule of the Hindus.As in the great flood the common forefather Nua and all the animal must have been saved by the Cow milk in the Boat asked by the God to prepare.Thus even the Hindu sentiments can be catered by the story of the Holy Bible alone.
              And this great religion have been always their ready to pave the way for the coming of the spirit of the Lord and Saviour who can alone satisfy the soul.And for lack of which alone many Hindus may be seen making number of pilgrims.See the spirit of the God which is hovering over the person this non have the right to stop it to reach the human being.
                Today unfortunately  most of the demand of some religion follower  is seen to be out of emotion rather then real hunger for the spirit.Thus the true God and His will alone need to be searched.See what egoism and prejudice to come to real Him?When you know the Sashtra in fullness you will also have to accept that some of your god is god of devil also.
                   And as said earlier the character of your god and godess effect you thus this may be time to accept the weakness of a person and community and seek the true God, who can alone bless this country to become great and take all to long life and effuluence.
               And for this a new beginning have to be made to meet His Lordships choosen one.See for man like Swami Vivekananda what he said was good for him also but do you really need a Saviour?It is you to decide.
                See their can`t be my way or Highway in spirituality it is as He wish that alone will happen.And you like or not in the end you have to bow to Him.And all those angels,god and godess themselves will make it happen after all they are also fearful of Him and are His own creation only.
                  In fact their should have been no need of indirect method of telling about Him also.As the God is the master and His word is powerful and authorative and it itself  is the truth and you know the truth and it will liberate you thus said in the Holy Bible .
                   The man of small heart possessed by the evil spirit who want to be rooted to this world alone is seen standing in His way.And for them also this warning is needed list they harm  themselves,family and party for this audacity like the INC party have done in the previous election.
                 And  there are other best man whose prayer support may really matter for you in case you and your family is suffering.As the victory ultimately belong to God.My Immanuel Church in Kadi Village P.O/P.S-Basar West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh India pin-791101 is  always ready help you by prayer for any present and future problem, please do inform in times of crisis . May God bless India.                    

                                                               Sincerely your`s,
               ( For one who really mean business to make India and world great  their Donation will be meaningfully used)